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Earth 718, Issue # 10: The Immortal Iron Review (Drunken Defenders Review)

On this new issue of Earth 718, we all become the Immortal Iron Fist, protector of Kunlun and bottle of whiskey. Join us as we give an in depth review of Netflix's The Defenders series. Fists will be thrown, bottles chugged, and ninjas will be defeated.


Earth 718, Issue #9: Can we all just get along?

Don't cross the streams...or do for another issue of Earth 718! In this new conversation we discuss the history of crossover comics and the impact they can have on an audience.


Earth 718, Issue #8: Diversity in Comics

Issue 8 is hot of the presses. On this episode we discuss an issue that could not be more important to us: Diversity. Diversity is something that has always been needed in comics and is slowly growing, so we discuss how the Big Three can work better to be more inclusive, what they else they can do to help, and what problems they can tackle in the comic book industry.


Earth 718, Issue #6: Is There a Doctor in the House? (Rebirth Part 2)

Welcome to Part 2 of our Rebirth conversation. Previously we talked about our thoughts on Watchmen entering the DC universe fold. Now, we turn out attention to the future of DC Comics and what Watchmen will someday mean to the multiverse.


Earth 718, Issue #5: The Doctor is in (Rebirth Part 1)

Tying into last weeks conversation about Multiverses is Part 1 of our conversation on DC's Rebirth. Talking about rebirth lead us into a discussion focusing on Watchmen and the plan to make them canonical to the DC universe.


Earth 718, Issue #4: One Multiverse to Rule Them All

You are now entering Issue #4 of the Earth 718 Podcast. Brace for impact as we get blasted and talk about the importance of timeline changes and multiverse development, such as DC's Rebirth and the inclusion of the Doomsday Clock event.


Earth 718, Issue #3: Looking out for the Little Guys

Alert! Alert! Who's going to save Detroit from a super threat!? Welcome to Issue Three of our drunk comics podcast. In this new chapter we talk about the large need for local heroes in places such as Detroit and Chicago. Proper representation in these cities could help a lot of struggle kids get the role models they've been in need of. Everyone needs heroine or hero to look up to, especially drunk nerds like us.


Earth 718, Issue #1: Pride on Infinite Earths

Welcome to Issue One of the Earth 718 Podcast. In this issue we discuss the importance of representation for the LGBTQ+ community in comics. Lack of expansive inclusion of all people has left a dent in the comics industry, but some companies like Marvel and Image comics are making moves to help fix this crisis. Give a listen to our drunken rant on a topic that truly matters to us.