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Ep 63: It's a High Intensity, Butt Kickin', Goal Crushing Culture of Excellence at Edina's Physical Culture(V)

Looking for an Edina workout that will "kick your butt?" Angie Bartness heads up an Edina fitness studio that will challenge your very core. It was built for athletes looking to challenge themselves - and they've met their match at Physical Culture(V)! Today on the Edina-SW Minneapolis Advice Givers(r) Podcast, you'll learn how Angie went from crafting fitness workouts at home, to building her very own studio from scratch -- a journey that had many bumps in the road. Physical Culture(V) is...


Ep 62: From Farm to Filament, Todd Pearsall Has Elevated Home Lighting To An Art Form

How did a 4-H farm boy go from milking cows to becoming the premiere light design expert in Minneapolis? A passion for sales, an instinct for design, and entrepreneurship in his blood has made Filament Lighting founder Todd Pearsall one of the most trusted light design experts in the region. He takes you beyond the big box stores to a virtual unlimited world of light design to show off your home and personality. In today's episode, you'll learn: How Todd's experience on the farm helped...


Ep 61: No Appointment Necessary To Get Professional & Impartial Advice On Skin Health & Care From Edina's Skin Sisters

Today we are at Zel Skin & Laser to speak with two of the top skin bloggers in the nation - the Skin Sisters. Real life sisters Brooke and Lauren who use their decade of professional dermatology experience to answer all questions about skin health. From acne, skin care cream, to the most effective skin care products, the Skin Sisters MN cover it all.


Ep 60: How Julie Burton's Modernwell became The First Shared Workspace For Women Looking to Connect, Create, Inspire and Change the World!

Welcome to Episode 60 of the Edina-SW Minneapolis Advice Givers Podcast. Today Tim is in the Yoga studio of Modernwell, the first shared workspace in MINNEAPOLIS for female entrepreneurs and creatives. Today, you'll learn what Modernwell is, who it serves, the benefits of a shared workspace and how the 2016 election pushed it from an idea, to a dream come true for Julie Burton. .


Ep 59: Answering Your Desire For Delicious Made with Simple Ingredients, JonnyPops Also Makes the World a Better Place For People Fighting For Their Lives

How did two guys go from creating frozen treats in their small college kitchen, to now being carried in thousand of stores nationwide? It's a combination is simple and kind. Simple - the ingredients in JonnyPops that have made them such a huge hit for people looking for simple and real, and kind for never forgetting their history and vowing to help those in the fight for their life. Today, Tim Murphy sits down with Connor Wray, co-founder of JonnyPops in Edina. Connor talks about the...


Ep58 Mortgage Expert Carrie Guarrero Explains the 20% Down Media Myth Intended to Shatter Dreams of Home Ownership

If your dream of owning a home has been crushed by a recent report claiming you need a full 20% down, you need to hear another voice. A voice from an expert that lives in the world of home financing every day. Mortgage expert Carrie Guarrero is fed up with misleading media reports that deter people from pursuing the dream of home ownership, from escaping high rent and little space. Do you have to put 20% down on a house? Carrie says you don't need 20%, in fact it's even possible, in some...


Ep 57: Connecting People with Nature Using American Creativity and Grit Is the 'Why' Behind WoodChuck USA

Some of the most amazing and successful products on the market today were invented by accident, and that applies to Ben VandenWymelenberg, founder of WOODCHUCK USA. It all started while he was a student at The U. He invented something that saved his iPhone. What he didn't anticipate was the reaction from friends over that simple accessory. That reaction drove Ben into a business that creates beautifully designed wood products hand-crafted in Minneapolis. Today Ben takes you through...


Ep 56: Working Tooth X Nail, How Employee turned Entrepreneur Nick Lundquist Created a Space For Serious Athletes Looking For Serious Fitness Apparel

For a decade Nick Lundquist was a project manager at a large corporate bank. But then something happened. He began to feel like the work of his team went underappreciated. "My team and I did great work. We saved the company a lot of money." He found it frustrating to go from one project to the next without feeling the benefits of the solutions they created. That's when he realized it was time to branch out on his own, to create, problem solve and ultimately feel the results of his work -...


Ep 55: How to Turn the Dream of Owning a Family Vacation Home Into Reality with Practical Advice from Carrie Guarrero

"I'm going to the cabin this weekend!" How many times have you heard that from a neighbor, a friend or a workmate and thought that dream of a 2nd home is out of reach for you. Think twice. Second homes are in reach for almost all of us. Mortgage expert Carrie Guarrero has created this dream many times over for her clients, and sits down with Tim Murphy to debunk the myths around what it takes to get into your dream getaway. In this episdoe, you'll learn: After this episode, you'll...


Ep 54: da BOMB Bath Fizzers - How Two Edina 'Sisterpreneurs" Turned Their Solution For a Boring Bath Into a Nationwide Frenzy Now Carried in 12,000 Stores

Teenage ‘sisterpreneurs’, Isabel and Caroline, share the story of how making 150 bath bombs in their basement for the Uptown Art Fair has exploded into a nationwide frenzy. They've gone from selling out at the Art Fair to now being carried in over 12,000 stores. Because of an ever increasing demand, da BOMB Bath Fizzers are locally produced by a crew of 150 in Edina. Additionally, they are supporting multiple causes around the world as a way of giving back. This episode teaches us that...


Ep 53: From Asking For a Helping Hand, to Providing a Helping Hand, Carrie Guarrero's Faith Inspired The Village

The Village in Waterville, MN, comes from the desire for one successful Twin Cities lender to return a favor she received years ago. Carrie Guarrero lived it. 22 years ago she was a single mom with little money for food. Her kids needed to eat, so she turned to a food shelf for help. She was grateful for the food, but will never forget how she was treated as she asked for help. 22 years later, Carrie and her husband have opened The Village, a place for community events and celebration,...


Ep 52: For Megan Pankratz, Healing Skin Care Means Unleashing Your Natural Beauty for Unshakable Confidence at Aesthetic Skin Studio

Megan Pankratz was sick of firing people. She had a high paying HR job she couldn't stand, a job that was not fulfilling, and a job she couldn't see her self doing long-term. So, with the support of her best friend (the hubby), she walked away from it, ventured into the unknown and followed her passion. It took a lot of hard work and hustle, but within four years Megan opened Aesthetic Skin Care Studio in Edina, providing high quality waxing services, results driven facials and massage...


Ep 51: When New Isn't For You, Rehab Loans Unleash Your Creativity and Turn Your Dream Home Into A Reality

As the local housing markets get tighter and tighter, today’s home buyers get frustrated with their limited options. With a historical low inventory but with normal buying demand, people are finding it hard to purchase a home that’s right for them. But don’t lose hope yet because our friend, Carrie Guarrero of Fairway Independent Mortgage, welcomes us in her home to share a mortgage hack that could be your ticket to a home in that perfect neighborhood! To Contact Carrie: NMLS...


Ep 50: How a Birthday Present Gave Edina Its First Brewery - Wooden Hill Brewing Company

How did a birthday gift bloom into Edina's First Brewery? Today brothers James and Sean Ewen share the story of how a 21st birthday beer brewing kit sparked not only a passion for the art of brewing, but the drive to turn it into Edina's first brewery.


Ep 49: Will Another Pill Really Solve Your Problems? Edina's Balanced Care Guides You Through a Natural Solution

Starting to get nervous about the medication you're told will solve the problem? What about the medication that's supposed to deal with the side effects of the first prescription? If you have had endless trips to the doctor, and have tried every prescription under the sun while making no progress with your health issues, then this episode is for you! Today you'll learn there's another way. A way to tackle your health issues, not by putting a band-aid over the symptoms, but by...


Ep 48: Why Veterans Deserve a Second Opinion When it Comes to VA Financing

On this episode of Advice Givers (r) Tim Murphy is in Waterville at the site of Saturday's Sakatah Challenge for the American Warrior Initiative. With a long family military history, Carrie Guarrero from Fairway Independent Mortgage not only chairs this race, but she's passionate about making sure veterans know their options and are treated fairly when it comes to home loans. On this episode you'll learn Special thanks to Carrie Guarerro for hosting us this week, and thank you for...


Ep 47: Callahan Framing Teaches You How To Put the Perfect Finishing Touch on Something Personal

Picture framing can be an after-thought, something secondary to the art being displayed, but to Cara Callahan at Callahan Framing on 44th street in Edina, it's an art form in itself. Framing not only compliments and protects the art, proper framing blends the art seamlessly into its surroundings. Cara is an expert framer, and she treats everything, from rare art worth thousands of dollars, to the pictures your child brings home from kindergarten, with museum quality care. In this episode,...


Ep 46: When Your Body is Not Keeping Up with Your Passion for Running - Performance Running Helps Push You to the Next Level

Need a workout designed around your need to run? Performance Running trains runners. Period. Mark Johnson, a stay at home dad for 10 years, decided to combine his excitement for running and training, and open a facility to help fellow runners take their passion to a whole new level of personal success. This is a for runners by runners, and nothing else. No fancy cafe, no pool, just equipment and training that helps runners cross the finish line strong. Learn the story behind Performance...


Ep 45: When Your Mortgage Provider is Also Like Your Mom Minus the Nagging

Welcome to episode 45 of the Edina-SW Minneapolis Advice Givers Podcast (r), today Tim Murphy sits down again with show partner, Carrie Guarrero. Carrie Guarrero is not only a top mortgage lender with the CG Home Loan Partners at Fairway Independent Mortgage, but also a top career coach with Fairway Ignite. She helps guide professionals and clients through the bumpiest roads to success as they define it. So how does "Mama C" handle all of this and 7 kids to boot? Listen to the episode and...


Ep 44: How Your Dream of Becoming a Graceful Ballroom Dancer, Taught By a Family of Champions, Will Come True at Dance With Us America

When done right, ballroom dancers look as if they are gliding across the floor. It is a sexy, seductive and challenging art form that is beautiful to watch. Thanks to Dancing with the Stars and other dance-style shows, ballroom has found acceptance in mainstream America, but it wasn't always that way. Gene Bersten of Dance With Us America at Soutdale Center in Edina, used to hide his passion for ballroom from his friends. He was afraid of the teasing that would follow if discovered. Now,...