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Ep 48: Why Veterans Deserve a Second Opinion When it Comes to VA Financing

On this episode of Advice Givers (r) Tim Murphy is in Waterville at the site of Saturday's Sakatah Challenge for the American Warrior Initiative. With a long family military history, Carrie Guarrero from Fairway Independent Mortgage not only chairs this race, but she's passionate about making sure veterans know their options and are treated fairly when it comes to home loans. On this episode you'll learn Special thanks to Carrie Guarerro for hosting us this week, and thank you for...


Ep 47: Callahan Framing Teaches You How To Put the Perfect Finishing Touch on Something Personal

Picture framing can be an after-thought, something secondary to the art being displayed, but to Cara Callahan at Callahan Framing on 44th street in Edina, it's an art form in itself. Framing not only compliments and protects the art, proper framing blends the art seamlessly into its surroundings. Cara is an expert framer, and she treats everything, from rare art worth thousands of dollars, to the pictures your child brings home from kindergarten, with museum quality care. In this episode,...


Ep 46: When Your Body is Not Keeping Up with Your Passion for Running - Performance Running Helps Push You to the Next Level

Need a workout designed around your need to run? Performance Running trains runners. Period. Mark Johnson, a stay at home dad for 10 years, decided to combine his excitement for running and training, and open a facility to help fellow runners take their passion to a whole new level of personal success. This is a for runners by runners, and nothing else. No fancy cafe, no pool, just equipment and training that helps runners cross the finish line strong. Learn the story behind Performance...


Ep 45: When Your Mortgage Provider is Also Like Your Mom Minus the Nagging

Welcome to episode 45 of the Edina-SW Minneapolis Advice Givers Podcast (r), today Tim Murphy sits down again with show partner, Carrie Guarrero. Carrie Guarrero is not only a top mortgage lender with the CG Home Loan Partners at Fairway Independent Mortgage, but also a top career coach with Fairway Ignite. She helps guide professionals and clients through the bumpiest roads to success as they define it. So how does "Mama C" handle all of this and 7 kids to boot? Listen to the episode and...


Ep 44: How Your Dream of Becoming a Graceful Ballroom Dancer, Taught By a Family of Champions, Will Come True at Dance With Us America

When done right, ballroom dancers look as if they are gliding across the floor. It is a sexy, seductive and challenging art form that is beautiful to watch. Thanks to Dancing with the Stars and other dance-style shows, ballroom has found acceptance in mainstream America, but it wasn't always that way. Gene Bersten of Dance With Us America at Soutdale Center in Edina, used to hide his passion for ballroom from his friends. He was afraid of the teasing that would follow if discovered. Now,...


Ep 43: Scared Your Dream Vacation Planned Through a Travel Website Will Be a Disaster? The Experts at A1 Travel Deliver Peace of Mind

Tim Murphy talks to an Edina travel agent about why travel websites may prove the be the worst planner for your next vacation. A1 Travel in Edina doesn't talk the talk, they personally walk the beaches, eat the food, and scope out the accommodations at some of the world's hottest destinations so you get the best advice for your dream vacation. From family travel to cruise travel, A1 can handle it all -- except for time travel. They're still working on that one. Close, though! To learn more...


Ep 42: Learn How to Reduce Pain and Inflammation Without a Needle and Medication at Halo CryotherapyGivers Halo Cryotherapy

It's the secret weapon for professional athletes in the Twin Cities -- Cryotherapy. In fact, it's where athletes on all levels go to freeze away their pain. Halo Cryotherapy just celebrated their one-year anniversary in Edina and today you'll learn about what cryotherapy is, what it's for, and exactly what you'll feel once you climb into a Cryospa from Halo Cryotherapy's Jack Younggren. To learn more about Jack Younggren and Halo Cryotherapy, head here, or call (612) 425-1715. Make sure...


Ep 41: Home Finance Expert Carrie Guarrero Explains Why New Home Construction is Not For Everybody

Considering a new construction home? With spring around the corner, and the annual Parade of Homes open for business, it's hard not to be tempted by the thought of starting from the ground up. But is it for everybody? Certainly not, according to home finance expert Carrie Guarrero from Fairway Independent Mortgage. Today Carrie passes along some real-world advice about the top two things to expect when dealing with new construction. She says if you can deal with two obstacles, then you...


Ep 40: How To Comfort Your College Student's Loneliness by Sending Some Love from the Nest

Welcome to episode 40 of the Edina SW Minneapolis Advice Givers (R) Podcast! Is your college student feeling homesick? The excitement from moving out of the home can quickly be replaced by anxiety and loneliness. Today we're inside the studios of Love from the Nest, a new Edina company that creates college care packages centered around the comforts of home, sent with love and support by the people that miss them most. Today you'll learn how growing up on a farm provided valuable lessons in...


Ep 39: The Biggest Landscaping Trend for 2018 will Calm, Relax and Become the Center of Attention thanks to Urban Landworks

Welcome to episode 39 of the Edina-SW Minneapolis Advice Givers Podcast, today we are at Urban Landworks to talk with co-owner Mike Bollinger about this year's most popular landscaping trend in Edina and SW Minneapolis, a trend that will keep the kids outside and make your backyard the envy of the neighborhood. Be careful, though, it can become addictive. In fact, Mike has 7 of them! Learn about that and the history of Urban Landworks, and the reasons why Mike and his crew love what they...


Ep 38: Lifelong Relief from Pain is the Driving Force Behind LIV Chiropractic

Today Tim Murphy is at Edina's newest Chiropractic clinic, LIV Chiropractic on France Ave in Edina. Scott Hawkins opened LIV Chiropractic in November of 2017 with a new attitude and approach to health care. Of course LIV Chiropractic is about treatment, but it's mostly about prevention. It's about the patient stepping in front of his/her health care issues before they begin by knowing what causes them in the first place. His energy and passion are infectious and you'll hear it come through...


Ep 37: How Edina High School Became a Nationally Recognized Model of Success, and What that Means for Your Family

There is no doubt that most families move to Edina for one thing -- and it's where Tim Murphy is today -- Edina High School. Very few high schools in the state or nation hold as many accolades as EHS, and today we're taking you inside to find out why. Jonathan Buckley, a teacher of 18 years, can tell you exactly why Edina High School has been able to maintain a level of excellence few can match, and what new parents can expect when their children become Hornets. Welcome to episode 37 of...


Ep 36: Title Boxing Club is Your Safe Zone to Punch Out Stress, Clear Your Mind, Feel Empowered and Achieve Full Body Fitness

Steven Coopersmith, a successful New York corporate marketer, moved to Minneapolis with every intention of moving back home within a few years. 22 years later, he now calls Minneapolis home with no plans for leaving. In episode 36 of Advice Givers (r), Tim Murphy sits down with Steven Coopersmith to find out why he quit his safe corporate job and take over Title Boxing Club in Edina (and Minneapolis), a fitness facility with boxing inspired workouts that provide stress relief while...


Ep 35: Filthy Lawn? Filthy Shoes? ScoopyPoo Dog Poo Removal Gives Dog Owners a Chance to Enjoy the Best out of their Dog, While They Take Care of the Worst.

Sonja Tengdin was a bond trader and busy mother of two before venturing into the world of dog poo in 2001. Finding it impossible to convince the kids to pick up after their dogs (without getting paid), she stumbled on an idea. An idea that was popular where she grew up in California, but not here. So she took a chance, and ScoopyPoo DoggyDoo Pickup was born. She has a great sense of humor, but even though she jokes about the task ScoopyPoo performs, she isn't shy about saying that it's a...


Ep 34.5 A Special Holiday Message from Tim Murphy

As we close out 2017 and the first year of the Edina-SW Minneapolis Advice Givers Podcast, we want to thank each and every guest that agreed to be on our podcast. Here's a special holiday message from Advice Giver's (r) host Tim Murphy. MUSIC: Artist: Nicolai Heidlas Title: Santa Claus Is Coming To Town Swing/Jazz Version


Episode 34: From First Lesson to Becoming Famous, Brad McLemore's House of Music Provides Aspiring Musicians the Tools and Confidence to Step On Any Stage

Brad McLemore started his rock journey at an early age, a journey that went from garage bands to the Tonight Show stage. He saw it all. The good, bad and the deadly. His lifelong passion for music is now concentrated into his two House of Music locations, Lake Harriet and Linden Hills. Brad is an amazing mentor to those that not only want to learn the art of music, but take that art and turn it into a career. Who were Brad's earliest inspirations? How did education save his life? How did...


Ep 33: Jennifer Adam and the Edina Historical Society Need You to Keep Edina's Rich History Alive for Generations to Come

Tim Murphy sits across from Edina Historical Society Executive Director Jennifer Adam to talk about this city's significant history, and how they are stepping outside of the museum to teach it. From camps, tours and exhibits, to sledding hills and hot chocolate, this museum has found new energy. Listen to the exciting project they're in the middle of now, and plans for the future, as well.


Ep 32: Quenching Edina's Thirst for Amazing Craft Beer, Pete Rifakes Brings 20 Years of Experience to Town Hall Station

Pete Rifakes quickly learned that sitting in a cubicle at Northwest Airlines was not where he wanted to be, so he took his expertise in finance, and his love for craft beer, and created a chain of bars and restaurants known as Town Hall. There is Town Hall Brewery, Town Hall Tap, Town Hall Lanes, and his latest creation, Town Hall Station. It's a Town Hall housed inside the old Walley's Service Station on Valley View Road, and it's a restaurant and bar just for Edina. Rifakes has poured...


Ep 31: Your Pet is Family So When Illness Strikes, Westgate Pet Clinic Provides the Answers and Care You Need

Tim Murphy is inside Westgate Pet Clinic for a chat with Dr. Teresa Hershey. She'll walk through the fascinating history of Westgate, history that goes back to the Civil War! Plus, you'll learn about the most important qualities in a good veterinarian, how to take care of older pets, and the effectiveness of acupuncture on pets. It's pet that dates back to the late 1800's. There's a passion for animals that is deep and caring, and you'll hear why in episode 31 of Advice Givers (r). To...


Ep 29: When Lice Take Over, the MN Lice Lady Takes Over to Give Your Kids Instant Relief and You Peace of Mind

Tim Murphy sits down with the famous Minnesota Lice Lady, Gonne Asser to talk about head lice and the unnecessary stress it brings to the family. In this episode you'll learn how Lice is actually transmitted, how to deal with it at home, when you need a professional, and why lice does NOT mean your life is out of control. Not only will you walk away from this interview an instant expert on lice, but you'll also hear how a woman, who never considered herself an entreprenuer, now runs two...


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