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A podcast about being brown in America hosted by two friends, an Iranian and a Syrian, telling you what's up.

A podcast about being brown in America hosted by two friends, an Iranian and a Syrian, telling you what's up.
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A podcast about being brown in America hosted by two friends, an Iranian and a Syrian, telling you what's up.




We Are A Tasty Dessert

In episode 60, the girls catch up about their weeks, and then talk about the sanctions that are currently strangling Iran and it's economy, now China has started a detention camp for Muslim's in it's country, and on a much lighter note: tasty Middle Eastern desserts we grew up eating as kids. Woohoo! Buy our merch! Rate and review! 5 Stars, no less! FOOTNOTES: 1. Diaper Dilemma Grips Iranians As Economy, Currency Slide 2. Iran’s options to face down US oil sanctions 3. China Declared...


We Are Queens

In episode 58, the girls talk about their experiences at white weddings versus Middle Eastern weddings, the song Toto by Africa, the history of Queen Noor of Jordan, the UK's Labour Party adopting the IHRA's definition of anti-semitism but with some caveats that allows them to be critical of Israel, and more! FOOTNOTES: 1. Queen Noor of Jordan 2. Jordan's Queen Noor speaks of humanity for refugees at Elgin forum 3. WATCH: Queen Noor Of Jordan: Open Your Heart And Mind To Syrian Refugees...


We Are The Evil Eye

In episode 58, the girls are joined by Jewish-American comedian Alison Stevenson to talk about her experience growing up with an Israeli mother and going on to Israel to visit her family, why she avoids talking about politics in her comedy, how the evil eye has been a very prominent symbol in her life, and more! Also the three of them talk about Iran's Foreign Minister Javad Zarif's comments about the choices of Iranians, how France wants to boycott a Gap ad because of a girl in a hijab, a...


We Are Mitra Jouhari

In episode 57, the girls are joined by comedian Mitra Jouhari to talk about her upbringing in Ohio, how her father came to America, her experience finding her way to New York and starting to do comedy, her time spent in Iran, projects she is currently working on, and more! Great times! Very fun! Enjoyable! Big laughs! Heehee! FOOTNOTES: 1. A Fashion Improvisation With Three Busy Debras 2. F1 3. REDUCTRESS AUTHOR ARCHIVES FOR MITRA JOUHARI 4. Mitra Jouhari on Twitter 5. Mitra Jouhari on...


We Are Not A Cult

In episode 56, the girls get into the history of former Egyptian president Gamal Abdel Nassar and how he started the coup d'état trend in the Middle East, then the stories of Reza Aslan and Peter Beinart's interrogations by Shin Bet while trying to enter Israel. Plus they call Shereen's mama and hear some fascinating stories about her experience coming to America, meeting her husband, and trying to find where she belonged in this country. FOOTNOTES: 1. Reza Aslan Tells Haaretz His...


We Are Full Psycho

In episode 55, the girls break down all the drama that is going on with Saudi Arabia and Canada. Anna then talks about how she should be allowed to talk about being full psycho and not be made to feel any sort of way about it. Shereen talks about how people question her queerness. We're all dealing with stuff out here folks! Also they call Anna's mom and bug her to answer their questions. Woohoo! Footnotes are officially below. FOOTNOTES: 1. Why Saudi Arabia is waging diplomatic war on …...


We Are Daughters

In episode 54, the girls talk about Shereen's experience in New York screening her short film at MOMA! They they get into all the different casualties of the Syrian regime, the different religions that exist in the Middle East, and more. Then they talk about their mothers and how they're influenced by them and their personalities. Please rate and review if you love us!! Also merch is now available at Learn more about advertising on the...


We Are Rocky

In episode 53, the girls are in a hotel room in Philadelphia! Pardon any poor sound quality because of that! They talk about their time at Podcast Movement along with inviting their friend Sarah Nguyen on to talk a little about a project she is currently working on for archiving podcasts. Then they get into the Trump tweet tirade against Iran and what would happen if the US goes to war with Iran. They also get in to the senseless murder of Nia Wilson in Oakland, California and then end with...


We Are Uplifted

In episode 52, the girls talk about the Russia /US situation and Anna's intent on solving it with some red string, the hell hole that is Bari Weiss, the NY Times op-ed columnist and unapologetic spreader of Islamophobia, plus the numerous laws in Israel that blatantly discriminate against Palestinians, plus the girls call Shereen's dad, who has a lot to say - he also explains why he chose not to be an engineer in the United States. Thanks for listening and for all the nice reviews and...


We Are Fed Up

In episode 51, the girls start the show by discussing some things that have been bothering them lately, then Shereen tells the story of how her father and mother ended up in America and the routes they took to get here. Anna forgot to ask her dad about exact details of his arrival in America so instead she calls her dad to ask him to tell the story himself - it's got some twists and turns! His birthday was on the 11th so Happy Birthday Seyfollah! It's a fun time - next week they will call...


We Are Complete Garbage

In episode 50 the girls get into a bunch of stuff including talking about suicide to destigmatize it, their fourth of July activities, if Israel is on Bashar Al-Assad's side or not and how Russia is involved, how proud they are of Prince William for calling Jerusalem 'occupied territory,' the Swedish activist who walked to Palestine and then was denied entry, how the US wants other countries to stop importing Iranian oil, protests in Iran over lack of water and the failing economy, the Iran...


We Are Ismael Loutfi

In episode 49, the girls are joined by comedian and Syrian Ismael Loutfi. They talk about Ismael's upbringing as a devout Muslim in Florida, his entrance into comedy and the acts he looked up to most, his current relationship with religion, fasting for ramadan, what his parents are like, the correct pronunciation of 'Ismael,' and so much more! It's a great episode with a great guest and we aren't just saying that!! Follow Ismael on Twitter at @Ismaelian and on Instagram at...


We Are Migrants

In episode 48, the girls talk about foreign ideas that they couldn't translate into English for the longest times. They talk Middle Eastern spices like Sumac and Iranian dishes like Ghormeh Sabzi! Then Shereen gets into the situation in the US with the Trump administration separating immigrant parents from their kids along with his transparent executive order he signed. Anna then talks about Team Melli, the Iranian soccer team, competing in the World Cup and the lack of ability to get any...


We Are In Crisis

In episode 47, the girls talk about the deceased Palestinian medic who is being slandered by Israel, a break down of the Iranian hostage crisis of 1979, the work Anthony Bourdain did to humanize Middle Easterners and Palestinians on his television shows, traditional Syrian food, plus they go over five star reviews left by great fans! Also check out their article in Subvrt Magazine. Link in our footnotes, twitter, and Instagram bio! Learn more about advertising on the HowStuffWorks podcasts...


We Are Related

In episode 46, the girls start with catching up on some news (like a certain Saudi Arabian fashion show involving drones) then they get into their ancestry DNA results! The show starts off a little slow as they try and figure out how the website works - stick with us! They reveal all their origins to their listeners and then discuss their paternal and material extended families and how mental illness has into their blood through genetics. It's an interesting discussion about suicide, lack of...


We Are Not Aware of Israel's Nuclear Program

In episode 45, the girls break down the Israel's nuclear program - that's right, it exists! But the United States government doesn't want you to know they know about it. Does that make sense? No! It's the mother of all double standards. They also get in to the world of Mordechai Vanunu, an Israeli whistleblower who sure wanted us to know about the Israeli nuclear program! It's a crazy story that deserves to be its own movie. They girls also get personal at the end and talk about how they've...


We Are Summer Farah

In episode 44, the girls are joined by student and Palestinian poet Summer Farah to discuss her experiences growing up as a Palestinian-American in the USA. They also discuss her poetry and use of Arabic words in her work and how it has contributed to her art. A lot more is discussed and we really recommend you listen NOW! Find Summer Farah on Twitter at @summabis and on Instagram at @bordersbookstore. Yay! Learn more about advertising on the HowStuffWorks podcasts at...


We Are The Unibrower

In episode 43, the girls discuss Gaza a little, then get in to the Middle East fatigue they have been experiencing from everything going on, then they go on to talk about how they met and how the podcast came to be. Anna wants to know which Wild Wild Country character listeners think the are so tweet that in! It's a personal episode about personal things with discussions about Shereen's upcoming microblading appointment, their 23 and me results, and much more. Check out the twitter...


We Are Raj Desai

In episode 42, the girls are joined by comedian and television writer Raj Desai to talk about his upbringing, what got him into comedy, his law school years, his first writing gig, working with Sarah Silverman on 'I Love You, America,' his comedy influences, his experience writing for the White House Correspondents Dinner, and much, much more! Find him on Twitter at @_rajdesai and find more info at Learn more about advertising on the HowStuffWorks podcasts at...


We Are The Gaza Strip

In episode 41, the girls break down what they've learned about the Gaza Strip protests in Palestine/Israel. They start by discussing Michelle Wolf's White House Correspondents Dinner jokes, Netanyahu's new evidence that Iran is secretly building nuclear weapons, and then get in to the Great March of Return protests happening. They talk about what it stands for, who is involved, and why it's happening. It's all very complicated - who knew? Rate, review, and tell a friend! Learn more about...