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A podcast about being brown in America hosted by two friends, an Iranian and a Syrian, telling you what's up.

A podcast about being brown in America hosted by two friends, an Iranian and a Syrian, telling you what's up.
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A podcast about being brown in America hosted by two friends, an Iranian and a Syrian, telling you what's up.




I Am Caitlin Stasy

On this week's bonus episode, Shereen is joined by the one and only Caitlin Stasey. After Shereen finishes gushing about how much she respects Caitlin and the work she does, we talk about her work as a feminist, actor, and creative, and how she utilizes her social media platforms to speak out and lift others up, including being the founder of We also get real and personal, talking about queerness, sexuality, our (often critical) relationships with our bodies, and ultimately...


We Are Free Women

In episode 72, the girls catch up about what it means to be "extremely hot." They also get into the women's commune in Syria, Freddie Mercury's background and the film Bohemian Rhapsody, and more! Keep listening to our bonus episodes - also tweet at us if y'all think the girls should interview each other! FOOTNOTES: 1. Women in Syria Have Created a Feminist Commune Free of Patriarchy and Capitalism 2. Welcome to Jinwar, a women-only village in Syria that wants to smash the patriarchy 3....


I Am Asif Ali

In this bonus episode, Anna is joined by comedian and actor Asif Ali of Goatface comedy. They talk about the Goatface special that just dropped on Comedy Central. Then they get into his experiences working on the show, how his family felt about his comedy, his collaboration with his brothers, the current White House administration, and much more! Follow Asif on twitter and Instagram at @AliComedy. Also go watch the Goatface comedy special on Comedy Central now! Learn more about advertising...


We Are Descendants Of Hamsters

In episode 71, the girls get into their Thanksgiving experiences, how most of the hamsters in America descend from Syria, the ancient Syrian history in the Roman Empire that no one knows about, and more! They also read some reviews and emails! Is Mohammad Morsi actually Eugene Levy?? We don't know and need you to email us back and explain, Noura. FOOTNOTES: 1. Golden hamster 2. Domestication of the Syrian hamster 3. Julia Domna 4. Julia Domna 2 5. Septimius Severus 6. Septimius...


I Am Charlene deGuzman

Introducing our first bonus episode! Shereen is joined by the very loveable writer and actor Charlene deGuzman! We talk about how she made her inspiring and intimate debut feature film, Unlovable, as well as her relationship with herself, the emotional detachment of immigrant families, and overcoming sex and love addiction. We’re so excited to introduce her to our Ethnically Ambiguous fam! Make sure to follow her in everything she does, including hilarious tweets at @charstarlene! Learn...


We Are Hungry

In episode 70, the girls get into FOOD! That's right, food! They break down all the different Persian food stew, rice and kabob dishes and then all the different types of Syrian food dishes! And they didn't eat before recording so everyone is out of their mind and very hungry! It's a yummy, yummy time! FOOTNOTES: 1. Iranian cuisine 2. Ethnically Ambiguous Merch on Tee Public Learn more about advertising on the HowStuffWorks podcasts at And to learn...


We Are Kareem

In episode 69, (hehehehehehe) the girls talk about Kareem Abdul Jabbar's career and an essay he wrote on why he decided to convert to Islam and then they get into information about how sanctions are hurting every day Iranian citizens. They also read some reviews from fans! WE LOVE YOU FANS!! Buy our new merch designs! FOOTNOTES: 1. Iranians Fear Medicine Shortages as U.S. Tightens Sanctions 2. U.S. not concerned by Europe's idea for Iran trade as companies moving out 3. Tomato squeeze:...


We Are Other

In episode 68, the girls are joined by their friend Lloyd Galbraith to break down all the midterm election results, the wonderful women of color who won in the elections, read an email from a listener and give some advice on white friends fetishizing your culture, body dysmorphia, and so much more! Buy our new merch on the Tee Public site! FOOTNOTES: 1. Proposition 10: California’s proposal to strengthen rent control defeated at the polls 2. Senate Election Results: Republicans Keep...


We Are Spy Lords

In episode 67, the girls talk about Shereen's sister's engagement party, the Saudi official and more sketchy figures who met with the Trump administration over a year ago do discuss taking down the regime in Iran, Lena Dunham's uninformed decisions to take on the Syrian refugee story, and more! Buy our new "I'm With The Banned" merch! Woohoo! FOOTNOTES: 1. Saudi Spy Met With Team Trump About Taking Down Iran 2. Khashoggi case: All previous updates 3. Trump Jr. and Other Aides Met With...


We Are The Crying Emoji

In episode 66, the girls get straight to it! They do a part two for all the Jamal Khashoggi murder information that dropped since the last episode (a lot!) and then get into how many Syrians have been displaced since the start of the Syrian conflict in 2011. They also talk about middle eastern get togethers and Shereen's sister upcoming engagement party. Rate and review if you love us! Tell a friend! Hug a friend! And vote!!!! FOOTNOTES: 1. Jamal Khashoggi case: All the latest updates 2....


We Are Never Going To Saudi Arabia

In episode 65, the girls are back on their news game! They start by talking about blatant racism in the work place, abnormal uterine bleeding, and then get into Israel detaining students who participate in the BDS movement, the killing of a Palestinian woman by illegal Israeli settlers, the aftermath of boycotting a Lorde concert in Tel Aviv, an article about terrifying American mercenaries who are hired to kill in the Middle East, a break down of the killing of Saudi journalist Jamal...


We Are The Temple Fires

In episode 64, the girls are joined by activist and actor Behzad Dabu to discuss his families background as Zoroastrians in India, a break down of the religion and how it works, his activism through the non-profit he co-found (The Chicago Inclusion Project), his experience acting on stage (Disgraced) versus television (The Chi, How To Get Away With Murder), his parents encouraging his artistic endeavors, and much more! Follow Behzad on Twitter and Instagram at @BehzadDabu. Learn more about...


We Are Vibing

In episode 63, the girls are joined by comedian/performer/writer/producer/creative executive and host of the Kinda Dating Podcast Natasha Chandel to discuss her experiences growing up in Canada with Indian parents. She talks about what got her to New York and a job at MTV News along with all her struggles with her traditional parents along the way. The girls all viiiiiiiibe about their lives growing up with immigrant parents and the roller coaster it can be at times. Also buy our merch on...


We Are The New Tork Times

It's episode 62 and the girls are blessed to be joined by New York Times video producer and Iranian Tork Nilo Tabrizy to talk about her upbringing in Vancouver, Canada, to her interest in journalism, her work at Vice, Al Jazeera, and what brought her to the New York Times, and more! They even cover her love of poetry and the book she is working on. They also break down with it means to 'work' in Iran and where the word comes from. It's a fun time and we really recommend it! (duh!) Also buy...


We Are Tinder Soldiers

In episode 61, the girls have a less conventional episode where they discuss tattoo's and cultural appropriation, an email from a listener who has some mixed feelings about a questionable man that she dated, and another email from a listener in Israel who breaks down daily life for us. Give it a listen! Also give us a five star rating (no less) and a nice review! Happy ketosis! FOOTNOTES: 1. The Story Behind Madonna's Silver Horns At The VMAs 2. Kamil’s tattoo says “Kamil The Polish” in...


We Are A Tasty Dessert

In episode 60, the girls catch up about their weeks, and then talk about the sanctions that are currently strangling Iran and it's economy, now China has started a detention camp for Muslim's in it's country, and on a much lighter note: tasty Middle Eastern desserts we grew up eating as kids. Woohoo! Buy our merch! Rate and review! 5 Stars, no less! FOOTNOTES: 1. Diaper Dilemma Grips Iranians As Economy, Currency Slide 2. Iran’s options to face down US oil sanctions 3. China Declared...


We Are Queens

In episode 58, the girls talk about their experiences at white weddings versus Middle Eastern weddings, the song Toto by Africa, the history of Queen Noor of Jordan, the UK's Labour Party adopting the IHRA's definition of anti-semitism but with some caveats that allows them to be critical of Israel, and more! FOOTNOTES: 1. Queen Noor of Jordan 2. Jordan's Queen Noor speaks of humanity for refugees at Elgin forum 3. WATCH: Queen Noor Of Jordan: Open Your Heart And Mind To Syrian Refugees...


We Are The Evil Eye

In episode 58, the girls are joined by Jewish-American comedian Alison Stevenson to talk about her experience growing up with an Israeli mother and going on to Israel to visit her family, why she avoids talking about politics in her comedy, how the evil eye has been a very prominent symbol in her life, and more! Also the three of them talk about Iran's Foreign Minister Javad Zarif's comments about the choices of Iranians, how France wants to boycott a Gap ad because of a girl in a hijab, a...


We Are Mitra Jouhari

In episode 57, the girls are joined by comedian Mitra Jouhari to talk about her upbringing in Ohio, how her father came to America, her experience finding her way to New York and starting to do comedy, her time spent in Iran, projects she is currently working on, and more! Great times! Very fun! Enjoyable! Big laughs! Heehee! FOOTNOTES: 1. A Fashion Improvisation With Three Busy Debras 2. F1 3. REDUCTRESS AUTHOR ARCHIVES FOR MITRA JOUHARI 4. Mitra Jouhari on Twitter 5. Mitra Jouhari on...


We Are Not A Cult

In episode 56, the girls get into the history of former Egyptian president Gamal Abdel Nassar and how he started the coup d'état trend in the Middle East, then the stories of Reza Aslan and Peter Beinart's interrogations by Shin Bet while trying to enter Israel. Plus they call Shereen's mama and hear some fascinating stories about her experience coming to America, meeting her husband, and trying to find where she belonged in this country. FOOTNOTES: 1. Reza Aslan Tells Haaretz His...