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5: That Vessel Business: Dark Desires After Dusk

DEMONS ARE HERE! We’re talking Dark Desires After Dusk, starring Cadeon Woede (Prince of the Rage Demonarchy) and Holly, his human fated mate (SPOILER SHE ISN’T HUMAN, WHAT!). This one is the first in what we will end up calling the Demonarchy Duology — and we encourage you to read the next book in the series, Kiss of A Demon King as soon as you can after reading Dark Desires. Each book makes the other better. We’ll cover female rage, sex shaming, fast cars, food, feminism and…maybe a pot...


4.5: Curvy Heroines in Romance - Interstitial

Happy New Year, Fated Matesers (This isn’t a great name for us. We need a better name—someone name us)! We’re back, it’s 2019, new year, new us, and we’re starting as we mean to go on with Curvy Heroines, because, in the words of Julie Murphy, Every Body is a Swimsuit Body. Jen and I love a curvy heroine, and the men who love them, and so curvy romances are OUR FAVES. Next week, we’re getting into Demons! We’ve met Cade, the prince of Rothkalina (the Rage Demonarchy) and his brother...


4: A+, Would Risk Haunting: Dark Needs at Night's Edge

Book 4 is here and so are ghosts! We’re talking Dark Needs at Night's Edge, starring Conrad (the most tortured of the Wroth vampire brothers) and Néomi (the ghost trapped in the house where he’s held hostage while he dries out). We’ll cover heroines with agency, menstrual cycles, virgin heroes and the importance of family. Also, Jen is on about the moon again. Don’t forget to subscribe to the podcast in your favorite podcasting platform — and while you’re there, please leave us a like or a...


Horns, Claws, or Wolf Hologram: An AMA with Sarah & Jen

It’s the holidays, and whether you’re the type to hole up on the couch and read, or go for a long walk to escape, we’ve got you covered. Get ready; we’re talking about horns. Show Notes Thesetwo#onbrand booksThomas Madden's VeniceThe Great British Baking ShowPaul Hollywoodhand-raised piesglass jars full of...thingsYou can put your weed in thereGatsby's books are a symbolhow books are put togetherpages are cutAMAsRhubarbStrawberry Margarita pieHoustonNorthern...


3.5: Holiday Romances: Interstitial

It’s the Holiday Season™️, which means it’s time to talk about Holiday romances! Get ready because there are A WHOLE LOT of books in this show. Also, get ready, because next week, on December 26th, instead of releasing our Dark Needs at Night’s Edge episode, we’re releasing a bonus Ask-us-Anything episode as a special holiday present to you! Our official IAD reread will resume January 2nd, with Néomi (ghost) & Conrad (vampire) and we have so. many. feelings. SO MANY. Show Notes properly...


3: A Great Lay or All the Knowledge in the World: Wicked Deeds on a Winter's Night

We’re three books into IAD this week, and it is happening! We're joined by the brilliant Adriana Herrera to talk Wicked Deeds on a Winter's Night, starring Bowen (the werewolf trapped in a tunnel of fire) and Mariketa the Awaited (the witch who is going to run him ragged)! Adriana, Jen & Sarah cover everything from Snow White to trauma survivors, jungle warfare to May-December romances, sexism and Cardi B. And we still find time to fangirl over Kresley's heroines. Don’t forget to subscribe...


2.5: Best Friend's Sibling Romances - Interstitial

Next week we’re going to get into Werewolves and Witches with Wicked Deeds on a Winter’s Night, but this week, we’re so excited to talk best friend’s sibling/sibling’s best friend romances with one of our favorite people: Kate Clayborn! Show Notes Kate ClaybornthinkpiecesFrolicKate and Talia Hibbert talk IADThe Game Maker serieschastity beltBest of LuckAmazon's Best Romance of DecemberLuck of the DrawSarah's Best of 2018 list for the Washington Post.Sarah's twitter threadlove that...


2: The Best Led Zeppelin Song is by Pink Floyd: No Rest for the Wicked

We’re two books in this week, reading No Rest for the Wicked, starring Kaderin the Cold-hearted and Sebastian Wroth, participating in the Talisman Hie…Kresley’s version of The Amazing Race. Sarah & Jen cover everything from pop-culture in romance novels to the lengths we’ll go for the people we love, and the immense trust required when we fall in love…all while marveling at the way Kresley sets the stage for a series that will subvert tropes and genres again and again. Don’t forget to...


1.5: Escort Romances - Interstitial

We know you’re getting excited for No Rest for the Wicked, but before we talk about vampires and Valkyries, let’s talk about escort romances! Show Notes The Kiss QuotientThe Washington Postlive-tweeted his read of TQKEscortedNoelle AdamsVirginity is a construct80s movie classicCurio and the Curio VignettesCara McKennacompetence porn romancesSuddenly YouLisa KleypasTwitter threadThe Companion ContractSolace AmesBurn Down the NightThe DukeClaiming the CourtesanMelissa Gira Grantsex...


1: We're Gonna Come Back to Biting - A Hunger Like No Other

Sarah & Jen talk A Hunger Like No Other, why reading Alphas in 2018 is a tricky situation, how Kresley instantly changed the game with Lachlain MacRieve, and why Emma's bite sets the standard for the whole series. Don’t forget to subscribe to the podcast in your favorite podcasting platform — and while you’re there, a like would be awesome! Our next read (in two weeks) will be No Rest for the Wicked — the story of Sebastian Wroth (vampire) and Kaderin the Cold-Hearted (valkyrie), and the...


.5: Rock Star Romance - Interstitial

While you're reading A Hunger Like No Other, we're bringing you off-week romance recommendations, on themes! Join us this week for Rock Star Romances. Kristen CallihanIdolManagedFallEvernightKylie ScottLickPlayLeadDeepAnna ZaboSyncopationCounterpointJN WelshIn TuneGigolo All the WayErika Kelly’s Take Me Home Tonight


Intro: A Wolf Without A Foot

Welcome to Fated Mates! Author Sarah MacLean and critic Jen Prokop launch their fan podcast about Kresley Cole’s Internationally bestselling paranormal romance series, Immortals After Dark. Sarah and Jen introduce themselves and the series, and talk about its place in the romance genre. Topics include feminism, patriarchy, modernity and Moonstruck. Yes, the one with Cher. Also included, an introduction to the first book in the series, A Hunger Like No Other…the book they’ll be rereading for...