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#38 - "Lean Startup" Filmmaking Excerpt w/Kristjan Knigge

Bonus episode - Kristjan Knigge talks about his experiences with his first feature film


#37 - Seattle Film Festival Programmer J. Brad Wilke

Brad Wilke (@jbwilke) is an award-winning filmmaker, produced feature-length screenwriter, and film programmer for the Seattle International Film Festival. At his company Smarthouse Creative, Brad designs and executes digital and social media strategies for films and filmmakers, as well as film festivals and brands. In this episode I talk with Brad about about his passion for discovering new talent and we answer some burning filmmaker questions about the film selection process at the...


#36 - No Budget Film School Creator Mark Stolaroff’s Crowdfunding Strategy

Veteran filmmaker, teacher, and fundraiser Mark Stolaroff takes a pause in the middle of the Kickstarter campaign for his new film “DriverX” to reflect on his filmmaking career and the psychology of asking friends and strangers for money. Mark is the creator of the "No Budget Film School” seminars and a role model to many indie filmmakers. See the show notes here:


#35 - “Festival Rights” - What You Should Know About The Music In Your Film

Are you being offered the "festival rights" to the music in your film at a discount? It's a trap! Find out why the deal you're being offered might not be the best option for you.


#33 - Filmmaker Career Building at Film Festivals

Excerpted from their online course “Film Festival Hacks,” Alex Ferrari (Indie Film Hustle) and host Chris Holland talk about the career building and networking opportunities to be found at film festivals.


#28 - How can I pick the right festivals from the thousands of possible choices?

Some quick tips on narrowing the field of possible festival choices down to the film fests that are right for your film. See for more on this topic.


#22 - Emily Best, founder of Seed & Spark

Since meeting filmmaker and startup founder Emily Best in November I've wanted to get her on the podcast to talk about her company Seed and Spark, which reimagines crowdfunding from the perspective of an indie filmmaker and takes the experience way past fundraising into audience building and distribution. In this episode you'll hear Emily tell the story of how the company got started and her vision for making it a touchstone of the indie filmmaker experience. We'll even talk about how to...

#21 - Biagio Messina on Comedy and Kickstarter

Biagio Messina, co-producer and director of "Dying to Do Letterman" and the Producing Unscripted podcast, joins Chris Holland and guest co-host Charles Judson (former creative director of the Atlanta Film Festival) for a conversation about Kickstarter, marketing, and the funny side of cancer. This episode has some of the best crowdfunding and film marketing advice I've ever encountered — I'm just sorry it took this long to release it. (Recorded in November 2013.)

#19 - Social Media Charm School with King is a Fink

Guests: When Julie Keck & Jessica King (collectively known as "King is a Fink") tell you that they are social media experts, they can do so with straight faces. These filmmakers and writers just released a new book, Social Media Charm School (now available at Chris asks them to speak in sentences with fewer than 140 characters as they talk about the interplay of social media with audience building, crowdfunding, and celebrity encounters on Twitter. (File updated on Nov 21 2014...

#17 - Phoebe's Birthday Cheeseburger (Will Lennon interview)

Filmmaker & Cinema Eye Awards producer Will Lennon joins Chris on the show to discuss why “small” films can do better on the festival circuit than their bigger-budget cousins. Also: how many calories in a McDonald’s cheeseburger?

#15 - Crowdfunding with Sundance Institute's Joseph Beyer

Episode #15, in which Chris Holland talks crowdfunding with Joseph Beyer, Director of Digital Initiatives for the Sundance Film Festival & Institute. As one of the founders of Sundance's Artist Services program, Beyer has worked with Kickstarter on the successful funding of more than 90 crowdfunding campaigns, raising more than 2.8 million dollars since 2011. Joe now faces his biggest challenge in his first personal crowdfunding campaign — and because of the nature of the project, he can't...

#13 - Will your short film make festival programmers happy?

Episode #13, featuring Charles Judson and Christina Humphrey, programmers I work with at the Atlanta Film Festival. Humphrey deals exclusively with short films and shares with us the emotional roller coaster of wading through thousands of submissions. If you've made a short film or you're just thinking about it, you want to listen. Some of the resources we discuss in this episode: Short of the Week Sundance Shorts on YouTube Vimeo Staff Picks

#12 - 3 Questions To Ask Yourself About Your Film's Distribution

Episode #12, featuring Sheri Candler, Director of Digital Marketing Strategy for The Film Collaborative. Sheri shares the three questions that filmmakers should be asking themselves about their films – and usually don't – as they begin to contemplate that picture's distribution.

#10 - Perils of Programming the Atlanta Film Festival

Chris sits down with Charles Judson, head programmer for the Atlanta Film Festival. Topics discussed: women in filmmaking, the finer points of festival programming, and "disease docs."


#8 - Dallas International Film Festival, the jury process, meeting your idols, more.

People and things mentioned in this episode: Cannes, Pete Docter from Pixar, the Dallas International Film Festival, Tex Avery, Universal Soldier IV, Bill Hicks, Gayby, and more.


#6 - In line for MacGruber at SXSW 2010

In this episode Jesse Trussell and I are joined by filmmaker Mark Potts and a surprise guest or two while waiting to see MacGruber at SXSW 2010. This was a really fun episode to record.


#5 - SXSW and AFI Dall -- uh, Dallas International Film Fest.

South by SouthWest is just days away and we're all fired up. Learn about the ups and downs of being included in a local film spotlight. Also, there's another big Texas fest around the corner, if only we can remember its name correctly.


#4 - A New Hope

Sundance! Oxford Film Fest! South by Southwest! A smorgasbord of film festival delights. Plus, some pointless Star Wars references brought on by the phrase "episode four."


# 1 - Kansas City Film Fest

Interview with Fred Andrews, president of the KC Jubilee Film Festival, which will combine with KCFilmFest to create a new festival this coming Spring. Fred talks about the kinds of films they're looking for and what you can expect from the new festival.