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A podcast about home brewing and the people that brew beer. Craft beer and home brew news, tastings and interviews with some of the top brewers at home and at work.

A podcast about home brewing and the people that brew beer. Craft beer and home brew news, tastings and interviews with some of the top brewers at home and at work.
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A podcast about home brewing and the people that brew beer. Craft beer and home brew news, tastings and interviews with some of the top brewers at home and at work.




E21 Carson Souza - A Midwest Craft Brewing Soundtrack

Podcast: Craft brewing chatter from Carson Souza at Pig Minds This episode features a remote podcast with Pig Minds Brewing head brewer Carson Souza. We do our best to extract his beginnings and discover out he's been brewing to his own soundtrack, and then some! It's a wild ride through some deep conversation from a bright and rising star in the craft brewing scene. We also do some tasting of his newest beer called Juicy Minds, a clear and clean version of the New England IPA...or perhaps,...


E20 March Madness Beer: Cinderella, DMS, Holy City

Podcast: It's a March Madness Beer Tasting featuring Cinderella Brews, DMS clues and a trip to the Holy City This home brew podcast episode features Mike's interview with Holy City brewer Chris Brown and his most famous patron (Pete!). bChris tells us a little bit about how he got into brewing and what's going down at the Holy City brew scene in Charleston, SC. We also partake in some tastings of some very under-rated beers, including Sparkling Princess from Holy City (Sour IPA), Barroom...


E19 St. Patrick's Day Beers and Prairie Street Brewing Co

Podcast: Steve Lenox & Shawn Steiner from Prairie Street talk St. Patrick's Day Beers and What's Next for Them This podcast episode features head brewer Steve Lenox from Prairie St. Brewing Co. and his assistant brewer Shawn Steiner, talking about what's next for this young brewery. We also imbibe some Irish style beer, a little St. Patrick's Day history and indulge in some local music from Havana Honey. Tastings feature Central Water Ouisconsing Red Ale, Prairie St. Irish Stout and...


e18 Brewery Startups & Hiccups - Brian Endl of Pig Minds

Podcast: Beer Startups, Brewery Disasters, Pig Minds New England IPA and Jon James This podcast episode features brewery founder Brian Endl from Pig Minds Brewing Co., covering a gamut of brewery startup topics, and a little history on some brewery disasters. We also do craft beer tastings from the Pig Minds featuring their Dirty Souls New England IPA, their tasty Friends, Family & Forever Belgian Tripel, plus a Bourbon Barrel QUAD from Boulevard and a home brew gusher brewed with gobs of...


e17 Taxes, Casks, Beer News - Revolution, Hopslam, Home Brew

Podcast: Beer News, Brewery Taxes, Inert vs. Living Ale and Revolution DB VSOD ... 17% ABV This podcast episode explores the latest beer new with fellow home brewer guest, Matt Berthiaume, covering a gamut of short discussions with recent beer and brewery news, a history of brewing related taxes and a wrangle about real ale. We also do craft beer tastings from the Revolution Deep Wood Series (Double Barrel VSOD-Very Special Old Deth, Ryeway to Heaven and Straight Jacket), Bell's (HopSlam...


E16 Beer Fitness, Health, Resolutions - Two Brothers, Surly, Founders

Podcast: Beer Tips for your new year's fitness, health, resolutions and brewery This podcast episode explodes with 2018 new year's beer resolutions from Beer Advocate forums community, plus brewers fitness tips (equipment) and beer health facts. We also review beer from Two Brothers (In the Flesh), Surly (Hell), Pig Minds (Joe Daddy) and Founders (Blushing Monk-2015). Who knew beer could be so damn good for you? The show features pre-release tunes from Blue collar punk rock band Go Go...


E15 Holiday Hangover: Best of 2017, Founders, Begyle, WarPigs Lazurite

New Year's podcast with a 2017 brew review, beer tastings and radical holiday hangover remedies! This podcast episode focuses on "Best of Brewing in 2017" and a historical look at hangovers and rumored panacea. We also tap into tastings from Founders (Backwoods Bastard), Begyle (Hophazardly), 3 Floyds/Mikkeller (WarPigs Lazurite), Pig Minds (Idol the Lil "Agave" Braggot) + Kent's super-delicious Chipotle Porter home brew. #yummy Home Brew Rock Stars' very own Kent Runte gives us a rundown...


E14 Meads and Toga Parties w/Mike Bohn, B. Nektar

NEW format - This home brew podcast features a long overdue chat with accomplished home brewer Mike Bohn, as we dive into making meads, brew-in-a-bag and Mike's infamous mead-infused Toga Parties. We also do a tasting of Pig Minds' kettle sour, Tart Life and finish it all off with a yummy tasting of B. Nektar - Kill all the Golfers ... that live in a van down by the river. Mr. Bohn gives us some insight to his thoughtful brewing process, as well as sharing 4 tasty meads during this home...


E13 Octoberfest Beer and Soundbites via Screw City Beer Fest

Ahhh, Octoberfest Beer, that delicious malty sweetness shared once a year. This podcast we taste test 7 different Octoberfest beers from a variety of craft brewers around the USA (see list below). We put Pig Minds' Briieetkraut to the test (an Oktoberfest German Marzen style Lager) with a sound bite from master brewer Carson Souza. ...AND we "talk-over" a bunch of HILARIOUS unedited short interviews with home brewers and craft brewers and beer festival fans...they get a much better...


E12 Home Brew Clubs w/Mike Sears, 3 Floyds, Toppling Goliath, Pig Minds

This podcast episode is all about Home Brew Clubs with an intimate interview with Mike Sears, President and veteran home brewer with the Forest City Brewers. We cover our "Real or Fake" segment with Home Brew Club Names (how good are you?) and drink some tasty craft beers from the likes of 3 Floyds, Toppling Goliath and Pig Minds Brewing Co., as well as a special home brews from a 3 year old barrel-aged home brew collaboration and a haze-bent New England IPA. Eric Jonson sits in to lead...


E11 Screw City Beer Fest Preview, Mikerphone, Pipeworks

This podcast episode features the creators of the Screw City Beer Fest, Aaron Sleger and Chris Wachowiak. We preview the their 7th fest which is happening on Sep. 9, 2017 which features 55 breweries, Forest City Brewers and their 16 home brews, and food, music and fun, We also dip back in time to find out how this popular event (it sold out in 22 minutes) got its start and what it took to make it work...and keep it in-demand. The show also includes awesome discussion and tastings of some...


E10 Beer Festivals w/Scott Freeman, Urban Chestnut and Liquid Soul

Special Beer Festivals Podcast featuring Scott Freeman This podcast episode focuses on "Festival Pours with Scott Freeman", craft beer expert at Rural On Tap and creator of the Rocktown Brewdown Beer Festival. We tap into Scott's world as a former Miller Brewing Rep and craft beer marketer, as well as taste some top shelf beers from festival standout breweries like Maplewood (Lemon Drop), Firestone Walker (Parabola, Bravo), Pig Minds (South Bitch Slap). Home-brew Rockstars also break out...


E09 Sours Power - Tim Lundquist, Lagunitas, ODell

Flanders Red Sours, Big Reds and Old School Funk A RED (white and blue) Home Brew Podcast featuring Tim Lundquist, his Flanders Red Merlot Barrel-Aged project and a look into the mind that operates a "big" home brew setup. Plus we do craft beer tastings of Lagunitas Lucky 13, ODell Flemish Giant, New Glarus Raspberry Tart, Pig Minds Southy Bitch Slap and flurry of sour home brews. HomeBrew RockStars dive into brewing traditional Belgian Sours. Guest home brewer Tim Lundquist has a ton of...


E08 Tappin Craft Beer w/Zak Rotello + Anchor, Revolution and Miles Nielsen

Special #FathersDay Podcast featuring Zak Rotello, resident craft beer authority at the Olympic Tavern, who shares his generational tract in this 72 year old family restaurant business. Plus we take on an Anchor/Revolution Collaboration called Fist of Liberty and listen to trap from the latest Miles Nielsen offering, Heavy Metal. HomeBrew RockStars dive into the craft beer industry, brewery rankings , its survival vs. larger breweries and what it all means to beer drinkers. We also talk 72...


E07 Radical Brewing w/Cory Ellis, Pig Minds, 3 Floyds

Podcast features "outside-the-box" approach to brewing, the craziest beer ingredients ever, Pig Minds and Three Floyds tastings ... and a listen to Name the Moon Cory Ellis (Forest City Brewers) takes center stage as Brent, Mike and Kent explore the mind of a forward thinking home brewer, while sampling Cory's well-aged Olive Ale and his all-Oats brew. Tasty stuff, indeed! The show spins around the book from beer science guru Randy Mosher, Radical Brewing, and that process to brewing beer...


e06 - National HomeBrew Day - Big Brew 2017

Big Brew 2017 – Forest City Brewers gather to brew some big beers HomeBrewRockStars hits the road for a May Brewers Guild at Steve Anthony's with the Forest City Brewers for National Home Brew Day...aka #BIGBREW2017. This podcast episode follows Steve on his awesome all grain system, Jerry Machula brewing a 5 gallon brew-in-a-bag (w/high-tech setup) and Mike Coisman & Tim Lundquist pushing the Brew Master system to the max while cloning Pliny the Younger. What a day for brewing beer and...


E-05 Honey Sucklin w/Mike Gifford, Beekeeping and Belgian Ales

An #EarthDay podcasts featuring Honey Bees, Pig Minds, Ommegang Game of Thrones, Rochefort 10 ... and 5 Yard Load meets The Last Vegas Listen in on Brent, Mike and Kent as they spend some time with Mike Gifford (Forest City Brewers) talking beekeeping, brewing (and tasting) Belgian style ales and discussing why there's so many varieties of honey (even marijuana honey). The show delves into earthy subjects as the boys taste an assortment of well-aged Belgian beers from the likes of...



New England IPA, Maplewood, Heist, Pig Minds, Billy Gibbons and more w/guest brewer Blake Aper Follow Brent and Mike during an exclusive "get-toknow" with BLAKE APER (Forest City Brewers) to explore his #homebrew process on the PICOBrew Zymatic system (also used by Denny Conn and many other home-brew rock stars), as well as other insights from Blake as we prod his head on just how he creates his award-winning beers. Along with sidekick Kent Runte, this episode also features a tasting of...


E.03 SMaSH'n with Joe Mongan - PseudoSue Tasting

SMaSH Beer, Toppling Goliath, Two Brothers Coffee, Black Country Communion...and more! Join Brent and Mike for a fun chat with JOE MONGAN (Forest City Brewers) about his #homebrew process and other thoughts, like adding Two Brothers Coffee to a soured barrel-aged brown...tasty!!!! Along with guest Kent Runte and a tasting of the Toppling Goliath single hop SMaSH beer called PseudoSue (generous helping of Citra hops), we tackle our "Beer News: Real or Fake?", "Drunk Debates: Juicy...


E.02 Brewers Guild - Maibock Feb17

Brewers Guild - Maibock at Curt Meyers (Forest City Brewers) HomeBrewRockStars hits the road for a February Brewers Guild at Curt Meyers (Forest City Brewers). This podcast episode checks out Curt's unique All Grain electric #homebrew system as he brews a special Maibock and gives the club a rundown on how his custom automated system works. The well attended Brewers Guild featured some tasty home-brew samples, as well as various private stashes of hard-to-find craft beers, including Surly...


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