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A podcast about home brewing and the people that brew beer. Craft beer and home brew news, tastings and interviews with some of the top brewers at home and at work.

A podcast about home brewing and the people that brew beer. Craft beer and home brew news, tastings and interviews with some of the top brewers at home and at work.
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A podcast about home brewing and the people that brew beer. Craft beer and home brew news, tastings and interviews with some of the top brewers at home and at work.




E46 Beer Pairings NHL - NBA Finals

If you're fave NBA or NHL team is still in the finals, then we've got the best beer pairings for you. Just about any beer would probably be good during a pro basketball or hockey playoff game (especially home brew), but these should be readily available for the homers and fun to seek out for this special occasion. We also review some beer pairings for NBA & NHL teams from Victoria Pratt of Porchdrinking.com, Lee Breslouer of Thrillist, a Milwaukee Bucks drinking game from Matt Mueller of...


E45 G5 Brewing Collaboration

Collaborations with breweries are a home brewers dream event. It's a day that home brew clubs get to learn from the big boys, and in this case, learn what different yeasts (listed below) can do to a common wort. The feeling can be , and should be mutual for the brewery, as well. That's what the Forest City Brewers did with G5 Brewing in Beloit, WI. The outcomes were enlightening as this podcast will surely reveal. First and foremost, a special thanks needs to be sent our to G5 Brewing and...


E43 History of 420 and 420 IPA tasting

Podcast: The 420 Small Batch episode covering the history of 420, Sweetwater 420 beer tastings, an epic 420 ad fail and a music from Weed. Another small batch podcast from Home Brew Rock Stars takes a hard hit on the history of 420, with a great 70's story about a group of high school stoners called the Waldos, who frequent an after school adventure into the local Point Reyes Forest in a never-ending search for a secret weed field. They never find their wild bud orchard, but their code word...


E42 10 Beers in 30 Minutes, Don Felder

Podcast: We drink 10 beers in 30 minutes and match each style with the proper glassware! Beer list is below: On tap this episode is a whirlwind of beer tasting as the crew bucks it's normal format to tackle drinking 10 beers in 30 minutes. After each beer, we make a case for the proper glassware for that particular style, although the line-up is so good, almost any vessel would suffice. Maybe for our upcoming 4/20 episode, we'll utilize this same format again...why not! Victory at Sea -...


E41 Small Batch: Wine Beer Hybrids

PODCAST: The crew explores wine beer hybrids, harvesting 130 year-old shipwrecked yeast, beer "only" lent and Marcus King Band. Wine beers ... they're not new, but the interest to create them from American craft brewers is growing. The idea of combining grapes and malt is not that far fetched. We have seen a few ales in the past that have been aged in a wine barrel, with the results being a pleasant surprise. The newest trend called Brut ales are an example, although they do not use grapes...


E40 Small Batch: Drink Your Edibles - Cannabis Beverages

Podcast: Small Batch episode about cannabis beverages are the feature topic, with beer tastings from DarkHorse and Pig Minds, plus music of Rival Sons Another small batch podcast from Home Brew Rock Stars delves into the fast growing industry of cannabis beverages. With cannabis laws becoming more relaxed and more states (Illinois sounds like the next state) passing legislation for recreational cannabis, the time has come. Infusing cannabis in beverages is only the tip of the iceberg...


E39 Papazian Relaxation Homebrew Credo

PODCAST: Salute to Charlie Papazian, the godfather of homebrewing, with craft beer tastings and news It's another small batch podcast from Home Brew Rock Stars where we dive in short form and discuss the Papazian influence on home brewing and celebrate Charlie's retirement! It wasn’t just Papazian’s expertise that he had honed since that first homebrewing experience in in 1970, that resonated with readers. It was also his light and humorous tone, making learning about homebrewing fun,...


E38 Small Batch: Clone Beer Recipes & Bottle Carbonation

Download Episode! PODCAST: 2019 A.H.A. Craft Beer Clone Recipes List and Tips for Better Bottle Carbonation for Home Brewers Looking for some good clone beer recipes? Greetings and welcome to another "small batch" podcast episode where we talk about some the 2019 AHA Craft Beer Clone Recipes (each year the American Homebrews Association picks one craft beer from each state for their list) that includes a Brut IPA, New England IPA, Grisette, Histotical Beer, Sour Farmhouse and pretty much...


E37 Small Batch: Government Shutdown - Naming Home Brews

Download Episode! PODCAST: The Government Shutdown chokes small breweries, and how to name your home brew beers. Welcome to our new "Small Batch" format (approx. 30 minutes) that features a shorter show where we talk about craft beer and home brewing news, beer related events, home brewing tips, new music and we taste some new beers, of course! Yes, as we post this podcast, the knuckleheads in Washington DC have opened the government for 3 weeks, but the longest partial...


#35 Home Brewing Back, Here and Beyond - 2018 Recap

Download Episode! PODCAST: The End of Year Recap of 19 Home Brewing Episodes and a Sneak Peek at 2019 HAPPY NEW YEAR!! This episode takes a look back at our interviews with the home brewers, brew masters, rock stars and brewing topics we covered throughout the 2018 podcast season. After 19 episodes, more than 20 guests, 40 interviews and 100 beer tastings, it's time to reminisce the highlights of an awesome year. We also imbibe in a slurry of incredible beer tastings that include a new...


E34 Rock-n-Roll Beers on the Tundras

PODCAST: Tundras talk Rock-n-Roll Beers and why craft beer melds well with music. This episode goes untraditional for the Home Brew Rock Stars crew while perhaps getting to the root of the podcast's namesake, as we feature Brian Mastrangeli and Cory Wicklund from TUNDRAS, a progressive Midwest band with a passion for well-made craft beer. Tundras talk about their musical beginnings, influences and tales of keeping a band relevant. They also share some musings regarding their introduction to...


E32 Off Kilter Brewing - Palate Fatigue

PODCAST: The Curious Phenom of Palate Fatigue with Off Kilter Brewing Founder Jim Goecks This episode features a focus on palate fatigue with no better way to approach the subject than a fun interview with Off Kilter Brewing founder/brewer Jim Goecks. This up-and-coming brewery was born out of a passion for home brewing at Jim's home in South Beloit, IL. Jim shares his knowledge and purposed techniques for brewing malt forward craft beer without the harsh bitterness that has dominated the...


E31 Couples Brewing - Takes Two To Tango

Podcast: A rare look at couples brewing from a husband and wife new to all-grain home-brewing. This episode features fellow home brewers Hayley Dickinson and David Setiawan, a happily married dynamic duo that brews together, as well as many other fun activities. As Hayley filled us in, she takes the assistant brewer role voluntarily and let's David do the heavy lifting, but they both contribute to the process creating an atmosphere of collaboration and passion that anyone would hope for...


E30 Beards & Beers in the Urban Forest

Podcast: Bearded brewers from the new Urban Forest Craft Brewing are featured, plus craft beer tastings from the taproom! This episode features Alex Cando And Heath Meyers from Urban Forest Craft Brewing as the swing by the bat-cave for an hour of education, fun and full bearded revelry. These brewers are o the cusp of starting the next phase of their careers in making commercially available craft beer, and if the beer list below isn't enough, the excitement from an already exuberant fan...


E29 Screw City Beer Fest 2018: Mustache Bash

Podcast: Interviews and Mustaches collide at this year's Screw City Beer Fest 2018 It was perhaps the best Screw City Beer Fest yet with a new location on the rock River in rockford, IL with an excellent performance by founders Aaron Sleger and Chris Wachowiak. The festival featured 15 new breweries (more than 50 total), delish local food, 2 hop companies (sharing hoppiness), one home brew club (that served more than 100 gallons of beer brewed by locals), a beer podcast (complete with free...


E28 Pre: Screw City Beer Fest 2018 w/Aaron Sleger

>>Download<< Podcast: Aaron Sleger pours on about the upcoming Screw City Beer Fest 2018 In this podcast episode the boys bring back Aaron Sleger for an annual preview of Screw City Beer Fest 2018. with a Top 10 list of "Festiquettes" and Aaron shares all the important ingredients for this 8th annual beer tasting event, including details about the new location and 15 screw city rookie brewery attendees (at the time of this recording their were 54 total breweries and one home-brew club that...


E27 Adjunct Brewing and Ryan Brewing One-Barrel Startup

Podcast: Adjuncts are on review with guest Todd Ryan from Ryan Brewing In this podcast episode we delve into adjunct brewing with Ryan Brewing master brewer, Todd Ryan. The crew discusses the craft beer craze of adjunct brewing in detail. We'll talk about Todd's new start-up one-barrel craft beer system and visit his brewing past from explorations in Europe to Wyoming home-brew roots to the now 2-month opened for public consumption, Ryan Brewing in Roscoe, IL. And of course, we do some beer...


E26 Great Taste of the Midwest Pre-Fest Podcast 2018

>>Download<< Podcast: A preview of 2018 Great Taste of the Midwest Beer Festival with guest Corey Kuczynski It's August, it's hot, and time for prime beer festival season. On this podcast the boys review the history, do a retrospective and make predictions for this year's Great Taste of the Midwest. We've invited one of our brew buds and GTMW veteran, Corey Kuczynski, to break it all down as we prepare for this year's extravaganza of trending, traditional and tasty craft beer available for...


E25 Best Day Drinking Beers and Brews

Podcast: Best Day Drinking Beers and tips for home brewing them are reviewed It's summer, it's hot, and you don't wanna get too filled up in the heat. This podcast reviews the best day drinking beers, tips for drinking light during the day and some ideas for home brewing your own lawn-mower beers! Pucker up as we re-taste Pig Minds Farmango kettle-soured farmhouse ale with and sip on Genesee Cream Ale (New York's oldest brewery). Then we pucker more with Brent's home brew called Pound of...