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Finding your "lupeholes" and living life with Aleathea Dijon

Listen in as Aleathea describes her 7 Lupeholes...7 ways to live a normal, healthy life by removing the negative stressors. Her tips are universal and good for anyone who desires to look past their current situation. Find her on all social media sites: @AleatheaDijon


From Domestic Violence to Prison to a Business Owner...

Discover how this lady overcame all odds. She went from a domestic violence relationship to jail to business owner.


Honey Pot Podcast Ep 12 - Janelle Marie

Janelle Marie :58 Intro 3:02 Tell us about Ambitions of a Divs 1 & 2 4:28 Is there a teacher who inspired you 5:45 Deyshia Hargrave, Louisiana teacher arrested at school board meeting 11:12 Who is your favorite character in the book? 12:01 Did you feel like there would be a shift when you wrote the book? 13:02 #MeToo movement in the church Andy Savage and Jules Woodson 18:25 Allegations against Michael Douglas 21:07 How has being a previous business owner helped you in the business of...


Honey Pot Podcast - Episode 11 Cherie Barnes

See what happened in the pot! Cherie Barnes :16 Intro 2:45 How did you begin your journey as a writer? 5:04 which of the lessons in your book is your favorite? 6:36 Tell us about your background as a clinician and how you use that to help others in your writing? 8:12 Weather changes - California Mudslides. 13:50 H&M ad 19:54 Steve Alfred remarks about African-Americas genetics and character 27:23 Joe Arpaio running for office 28:39 How do you incorporate current events into your writing?...


Honey Pot Podcast Ep 10 Rosa Roberts

Rosa (Coco) Roberts :41 Sponsor - African Culture Love AfricanCultureLove.com :56 Intro of Rosa 3:14 How do you find Rosa? 4:00 Oprah’s speech at Golden globe 6:26 Natalie Portman’s statement on male dominated director category 7:33 Do you think the writing world is gender dominated? 8:00 When did you realize you wanted to be a writer? 8:45 What was the moment that made you decide to publish? 10:15 E. Lynn Harris 11:54 Zora Neale Hurston 12:41 CoCo’s writing genre 13:27 How to find Rosa’s...


Honey Pot Podcast Ep 9 - Nychelle Paige

Christmas Special :12 Intro 1:46 About Nychelle 3:17 Today’s topics 11:28 The day it all started…almost paralyzed 17:05 What brings out the best in you? 17:37 What are your next steps? 18:34 Christmas Traditions 25:00 What’s in the Honey Pot? 26:01 Nychelle’s last words 27:36 Carmenism


Honey Pot Podcast Ep 8 - Tonya Franklin

:42 Intro of Guest 2:39 Umar Burley and Brent Matthews, corruption in the police force, & Officer Friendly 10:07 Tell us about I Speak. To Empower. 12:02 How did your book “Good Customer Service Tips for Entrepreneurs” come about? 15:30 How did you begin writing Christian fiction? 16:05 What’s your favorite Christian piece? 17:06 Brianna Brochu not charged 22:11 What are your writing obstacles and what advice would you offer Jazzy? 25:21 What were your influences? 27:19 Every vote counts....


Honey Pot Podcast Ep 7 - Arica Quinn

Arica Quinn 3:00 Amtrak derailment Washington 6:01 In what genres do you write and which is your favorite? 7:47 How did you transition into Urban Fiction? 13:33 what are the techniques you use for your stories? 15:57 How did your first book change your writing process? 18:50 Thoughts on Carolina Panthers owner Jerry Richardson. 21:30 Trump and sexual assault allegations 27:00 black lives matter 28:30 fear of police in black community 33:09 Rupert Murdoch’s disparaging comments about...


Honey Pot Podcast Ep 6 - Rineta Phillips

:11 Intro :52 Sponsor: NuRenaissance.com 1:14 Intro of guest 4:09 How has your navy background helped you be better in your business? 6:09 Ayrton Little accepted into Harvard at 18 w/early admission 9:37 Omarosa leaves the White House 14:40 How important is it to have organization in order for business to be successful? 17:48 give 2 skills a person needs in order to be successful when running a business 19:41 Tavis Smiley on suspension with PBS 25:35 Roy Moore - white women voted for Roy...


Ep 5 - Sylvester Barzey

Ep 5 - Sylvester Barzey by HoneyPotPodcast


Honey Pot Podcast Ep 3

Fun-filled and informative interview with author Leah Forney. Join us as we discuss everything from Walter Scott to Michael Slager's sentencing, Warren Moon, Beyonce and Kaep, and the Russian Olympic ban. We talk about it all as we mix a little bit of honey and serve some "Tea" for sweet conversations! :09 Welcome :30 Sponsor African Culture Love :44 Intro of Leah 2:01 Carmenism 2:37 Michael Slager sentencing for the killing of Walter Scott 5:40 How has your activity in the community...