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The ABC’s of Window Coverings with Guest Anne King

1. INTRO Every home in America needs some kind of window coverings and we are very honored to be an approved Hunter Douglas dealer. The choices are endless and very overwhelming for our clients so this is a great service we provide. With every design project we do with Hunter Douglas, we learn something new. So that we can all learn together, we thought we’d have Anne King who is our District Sales Manager come on the show. To us, she is the guru of HD! Welcome Anne! A. Background – Anne...


Why Buy Original Art?

1. INTRO We are big admirers of original art. Our goal is to incorporate at least one special piece in each of our projects as it really completes a custom design. To own an original piece of art is really an honor. We are going to talk about the misconceptions, benefits and what it means to own an original piece. We’ll also fill you in on our favorite artists. 2. MISCONCEPTIONS A. It is only for the wealthy i. There are so many emerging artists whose pieces are extremely reasonable....


HGTV’s Faces of Design

1. INTRO I’d be surprised to meet someone not familiar with HGTV in some way. HGTV has become quite a force in our American culture kicking off the DIY phenomenon, the urban farmhouse movement with Chip and Joanna Gaines, and the young, colorful, whimsical design aesthetic that HGTV is known for. Honestly, HGTV probably doesn’t have a lot of high end designer fans because of their not-so-realistic design transformations as it relates to the budget but we still appreciate HGTV for a lot of...


Your Questions Answered: Design or Non-Design Related

INTRO – We put it out there. Ask us ANY (appropriate) design or non-design related questions: Here’s what you asked:


Our Latest New Build Project

1. INTRO We just returned from spending three days at our exciting new construction project on Kiawah Island, South Carolina which is 45 minutes from Charleston. We first met with the architect a year ago and are finally making considerable progress. We thought we’d share our journey so far. For those of you familiar with Kiawah, this house is thru the 2 gate down by River Course. It is situated on the marsh with large oak trees draped in Spanish moss and incredible breezes. 2. OUR...


Why Is Branding So Important To Your Business

INTRO We are in the midst of coaching sessions and a lot of our discussions are centered around the importance of branding. Branding is a way of identifying your business. It is how your customers recognize and experience your business. A strong brand is more than just a logo; it's reflected in everything from your customer service, business cards, website, social media, marketing materials and advertising. As our coach Phil Pallen says “A personal brand isn’t a luxury, it’s a...


Coaching, Conferences and Classes

1. INTRO We are big advocates for staying ahead of the design curve as it relates to product, our skills as designers and our business acumen as entrepreneurs. To do this, we invest quite a bit of money, time and brain energy attending national conferences, conferences and hiring business coaches. For all of you new and old designers out there who don’t venture outside of your bubble for one reason or another, you might find this podcast very inspiring. 2. BUSINESS OF DESIGN CONFERENCE...


Our Favorite Home Décor Catalog Finds

When we design for our clients and commercial projects we source about 85% of products that we purchase wholesale. For the other 15% we are going to share with you a few of the catalogs we purchase from and our favorites from those catalogs. 1. FRONTGATE – A “luxury” catalog featuring many outdoor and resort products. Here are some of our favorite items. A. The resort towel collection i. Soft, durable and so many choices of colors/patterns B. The Door Mats i. Large sizes and available...


The Power of Organization

1. INTRO Today I’m running solo so I have a guest speaker I’m very excited about. Carrie Peeples is the Chief Organizing officer of NeatSmart. I am a self confessed Type A, OCD person who totally gets a kick out of this type of stuff. My house is organized and neat as a pin but I am always interested in improving. The home page of her website says it all: life is easier when you know what you have & where it goes. Your home should be a reflection of who you are and what you...


How to Get Published

We’ve worked hard to have our design projects published nationally and regionally many times over. To us, it’s a stamp of approval from the highest level of our peers – the editors of the magazines we covet. Our first national publication was a 6 page spread in Southern Lady Magazine. We were (and still are) so proud of that feature! Our next feature is coming up in August/September issue of Southern Cottage which is published by Engaged Media, Inc. To be totally honest though, we’ve...


Our Work In Guatemala

1. INTRO We’ve just returned from a week in Guatemala. We are exhausted and exhilarated all at the same time. Everywhere we go people inquire about our work in Guatemala and how we got started so we thought this was the perfect time to share. 2. KELLY'S FIRST TRIP TO GUATEMALA 3. CATALYST RESOURCES INTERNATIONAL A. Fontaine and Paulas’s Story B. Our partnership with CRI 4. THIS WEEK IN GUATEMALA A. The makeup of our team B. Building a House C. Shoe Drive D. House of Hope E....


Certified Kitchen and Bath Designer Guest

Kelly is on vacation visiting family in New York so Caren Danneman, an amazing certified and bath kitchen designer is joining Joann in the studio. Caren’s Bio: Caren Danneman, CKD, CBD Owner/Principal Designer – Danneman Designs, LLC Website: Serves the Southeastern states Caren is a Certified Kitchen & Bath Designer with over 20 years of experience. She is a winner of a NARI CotY Award for Baths in 2015. She has written many articles on Kitchen and Bath Trends and...


Tips to Designing a Great Home Office

An estimated 3 million Americans work from home. Many people who work from home claim to be more productive because they're not in a loud environment or distracted by co-workers. There are some obvious advantages of working from home: avoiding a nightmare commute and getting to work in your PJs. Employers see working from home as fewer sick days, employee retention, and less money spent on office space. 1. HOME OFFICES CAN BE USED FOR: A. Running a business B. A full time job C. An...


Listener Design Questions

1. INTRO We have always been big sharers of information, life and business lessons, sources, advice, etc. One day when we are tired of designing residential and commercial spaces, you will probably find us on the speaking/coaching circuit or writing a book. We got such great feedback on our last Listener call in episode, we thought we’d do it again. 2. LISTENER QUESTIONS A. Lisa – How to figure out a lighting plan in a large space B. Danny – How to make the most out of a galley...


Nightmare Clients

1. INTRO A. We have a wonderful client base, many that we have worked with for years, others who we may have done one project for, and some others who have been, let’s say “challenging”. B. We have an excellent qualifying system but every now and then, a crazy, whacko client slips through the cracks. 2. The RED FLAGS A. They’ve worked with multiple designers that “didn’t work out” B. They want you to meet on evenings or weekends (they don’t value your time or treat you like a...


How to be a Dream Client

1. INTRO Our clients come in all shapes and sizes with interesting histories and stories to tell. They come from all regions of the country with varied backgrounds and different budgets and goals. The ideal and most common residential client for Kandrac & Kole is a married couple, highly educated and traveled with corporate jobs and no time to make their home beautiful. We are lucky that our screening process is such that 90% of the time we end up with wonderful clients. We could tell you...


What's the Biggest Impact You Can Make in Your Home?

WE ASK OUR DESIGN COLLEAGUES ACROSS THE COUNTRY THIS QUESTION. HERE THEY JOIN US WITH THEIR ANSWERS: Kelli Ellis, (Los Angeles, Las Vegas) interior designer and lifelong traveler, represents the epitome of livable luxury, casual international style mixed with rock star glam. Her celebrity and discerning clientele benefit from her extensive world travels, adding dramatic artwork and unique accessories used to create havens You’ve likely seen Kelli as the featured designer on TLC’s Clean...


Repairing Unattractive Elements of an Older Home

1. Intro We all have certain things we dislike about our homes but when we make that purchase (if it’s not a new build) there may be a few things that are nagging. Here are some of those things and how to deal with them: 2. Popcorn ceilings A. They date a space – depending on time frame of home, get a sample tested for asbestos. i. Difficult to repair ii. Hard to Clean iii. Collect Dust B. Ways to remove i. Scrape – use a utility knife or drywall knife to chip away to create a smooth...


What We Are Working On Now

1. Intro As of today, we have (19) projects in the works all in different stages of completion. They range from an upcoming consultation, proposal stage, design phase, waiting on product phase, complete and waiting upcoming install phase. No day is the same at K&K so we thought we give you some insight and story lines behind a few of the projects we are currently working on. 2. A Color Happy Sunroom and Kitchen Refresh A. Our color crazy and pattern brave client wants to redesign her...


High Point Furniture Market - Spring 2018

1. Intro – What is the furniture market? A. The largest home furnishings trade show in the world. i. 10 million square feet ii. 2,000 Exhibitors iii. 180 Buildings iv. 75,000 attendees v. April and October vi. We walk about 15,000 – 20,000 steps per day! B. Who Attends i. Furniture store retailers ii. Interior Designers iii. Bloggers iv. Buyers v. Press 2. Social and educational Events A. Seminars – Color, what to charge, new product licensing, Instagram and Social Media for...