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How to Boost Facebook LIVE Engagement...

How to Boost Facebook LIVE Engagement - Tell Your Audience - Have Fun with It - Ask for People to Subscribe or a Call to Action - It is Alright to Pay to Get Additional Eyes on Your Video - Respond to Everyone


Interior Design & Marketing Podcast: Setup Easy Statistics

Today we talk about some simple tools for tracking your visitors to your blog. Social Media is tough to track but we break it down and make it east for you. Reference: 1. 2.


Interior Design & Marketing Podcast: Video vs Audio Podcasting

Video vs Audio Podcasting Today we talk podcasting and which method is the best for you. Audio podcasting has been a staple online for some time now but with the advances in video it makes it tough. I go over the pros and cons of both models and break it down for you to make the call.


Interior Design & Marketing Podcast: Blog Tips

Blog Tips to Live By Today I wanted to focus on some of the tips that have helped me create my blog. We are approaching 1 year and our numbers have exceeded expectations so I wanted to share. 1. Know Your Audience 2. Ask Your Audience 3. Create a Solid Newsletter 4. Write for Yourself First 5. Give Away Your Knowledge


Interior Design & Marketing Podcast: Instagram Pods

Instagram Pods Today I want to go over my 5 rules of Instagram Pods. These are rules that I have created to assist with people looking to grow their Instagram account. If you follow these 5 golden rules there is no telling how far you can go! Mark


Interior Design & Marketing Podcast: Explode Instagram...New Method

Explode Instagram Today I reveal my new method I have been using to gain at least 70 new followers a week on Instagram. These followers are clean and the best part is that it is easy.


Interior Design & Marketing Podcast: Find Your Happy Place

Find Your Happy Place Today we talk about how getting into a happy and relaxed state allows your blog, podcast and digital media to really get to the next level. Creativity is sometimes a hard thing to muster but if you can find a method to draw it out prior to your media creation it really pays off with clear and fun messages.


Interior Design & Marketing Podcast: Branding Ideas for Design

Designing Your Brand Easy Spend your coffee money on your brandFacebook marketing is the keyCombine marketing and branding effectively Testing is the key to making an impactFocus on then the end goals and not the short sale


Produced vs LIVE Videos

Today at the podcast we cover is going LIVE or producing you videos is best for your brand and audience. - You Can Have Your Own TV Channel - Produced Intro - No Sponsors on FB LIVE Videos...sort of - Make Millions with YouTube - LIVE is Scary but Worth It - Facebook LIVE Videos Get More Traffic - Buy Some Makeup and Get Pretty Fast


nterior Design & Marketing Podcast: Interior Design vs The World

Interior Design vs The World Today we discuss how to grow your audience past the design world. Create an audience that grows at the pace you set for it. – Expand Your Reach by Blogging with Related Topics – Plug New Topics in Your Email Newsletter – Use Facebook Ads to Target Similar Niches to Your Own - Why Travel Tuesday Makes Sense for Tastefully Inspired - It Is All About Bringing New People to Your Blog - Introduce People to Interior Design and Create Loyalty Learn how to...


Interior Design & Marketing Podcast: LIVE Videos the Right Way

LIVE Videos Today I talk about the proper setup, use and the best way to maximize your digital media in the LIVE video arena. - Proper Video Setup - Lighting Does Matter - We Still Love YouTube - How to Best Shoot a Facebook LIVE Video - Why LIVE Video is Here to Stay - Adding a Podcast to the Mix - Embed Video to Your Blog Interior Design and the entire design industry is changing and we want to stay ahead of the pack. Enjoy these tips so you and your business can as well.


Interior Design & Marketing Podcast: Videos Work

Today at the podcast I go into detail on the correct way to use video in marketing for interior design. The war between YouTube and Facebook rages on but I will show you the best way to maneuver to get the biggest buzz around your video marketing. • Size limits for both platforms • Why creating two different videos works the best • How to maximize exposure in both worlds • Quality matters • Take advantage of the storage YouTube and Facebook give you • How to market a video on...


Interior Design & Marketing Podcast: YouTube SEO

YouTube Videos Are Here Today we talk about Youtube and why it really matters: The episode centers around how and why to do videos and then how to be found by them. Enjoy and questions are always welcome! Mark


Interior Design & Marketing Podcast: Wikipedia Page Please

Interior Design & Wikipedia Credibility As everyone knows I love being on the first page of Google. Definitely not an easy task but worth it’s weight in gold. Traffic and quality content go hand-in-hand. The other thing that goes hand-in-hand is online credibility in Wikipedia. This free to add to encyclopedia dictates in many ways how we view a person or company. One of the first questions I ask any client. Is why don’t you have a Wikipedia page? Most look at me with a confused...


Interior Design & Marketing Podcast: Statistics Do Matter

I look over my stats twice a day once at the beginning of the day and then once at the end of the day. I then change what didn’t work and keep what did work. I gauge the traffic as to where it came from and where it went. These numbers can help you forecast so many things. We grew Tastefully Inspired to a blog that receives between 300-500 unique visitors per day in a matter of 6 months. Without using statistics to allow us to see what was working and improve on what was not we could not...


Interior Design & Home Decor Podcast: Kathleen Bandar & Deep Green Love

Here is Kathleen... Today I took a little break from interviews and wanted to spotlight one of our contributors Kathleen Bandaruk. Kathleen has been creating some amazing recipes and giving us the rundown on some travel destinations. We went LIVE of the Tastefully Inspired Podcast so that you could get to know Kathleen in a more personal way. At the end of the interview we also talked how to create the perfect set of #hashtags and explode your “Instagram Marketing”. Below are some...


Interior Design Podcast: Alissa Stuart and S&A Decor

Interior Design Podcast: Alissa Stuart and S&A Decor Today I had the pleasure of interviewing Toronto Interior Designer Alissa Stuart and S&A Decor. I love talking to some of the new breed of interior designers and Alissa is one of them. She gave me a glimpse into the design scene in Toronto and also a rundown of what she loves about design. Below are some of her designs and the basis of why I wanted to chat with her. Enjoy the pictures and the podcast. "S&A Decor offers a wide range...


Interior Design & Home Decor Business Podcast: Instagram Stories

A True Instagram Story I ran a fun little test with Instagram’s story feature and I want to share my ideas and results. No Room To Hide: It might be a little tougher to not edit your videos as much as images so it gets way more real. Embrace the change and you will get use to it I promise. So You Do Your Own Instagram: I love that through this medium we get to see who is really running some of these Instagram accounts. I love people who really post their own media. For me it...


Interior Design & Home Decor Business Podcast: Digital Media Audit

This week we talk about some of the news and events happening in the design world. Then we give some tips on doing a successful “Digital Marketing Audit”. Design News The Wayfair App and their new “View in Room” feature: Love this app and this feature only makes it better. “As we pioneer new emerging technologies such as virtual and augmented reality, we are simultaneously focused on bringing new solutions to market that will immediately benefit all of our customers,” said Wayfair...


Interior Design & Home Decor Business Podcast: The Facebook Pixel

Interior Design & Home Decor Business Podcast Our Favorite Friend Has a Sale: Courteney Cox Today we will be going over Courteney Cox’s Interior Design Sale at One Kings Lane. Actress Courteney Cox has an expert eye for interior design—and she’s filled her Malibu beach house with an enviable mix of Mid-Century Mod seating, sleek lighting, and bright global textiles. In the spirit of starting fresh, she’s offering up a few favorite pieces from her collection to you. Trust us: This is...