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The Kawaii-Fi Radio Podcast looks at all things Anime and Manga - from new releases and classic anime, to studios and animators. New episodes released fortnightly! Find us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/KawaiiFiRadio/

The Kawaii-Fi Radio Podcast looks at all things Anime and Manga - from new releases and classic anime, to studios and animators. New episodes released fortnightly! Find us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/KawaiiFiRadio/
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The Kawaii-Fi Radio Podcast looks at all things Anime and Manga - from new releases and classic anime, to studios and animators. New episodes released fortnightly! Find us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/KawaiiFiRadio/




Episode 21: Studio in Focus - Studio Ghibli

This episode, it’s our first ever studio in focus, and we’re talking about the first Japanese animation studio to ever win an Oscar – Studio Ghibli! The whole Ghibli back catalogue is heading to HBO’s Streaming service next year, so what better time to look at this historic studio’s origin and two of it’s most iconic films – My Neighbour Totoro and Princess Mononoke. (We did Spirited Away a few episodes ago >.> ) Episode segments: 00:09:00 – Anime news 00:17:58 – Studio in Focus:...


Episode 20.2 - Kawaii-Fi Xtra - Promare!

A special Kawaii-Fi Extra episode! Hot off the heels of watching PROMARE in cinema, the KFR team couldn't wait another week to share their reaction to Studio Triggers new film! And if you love the music from Promare as much as the KFR Team, it's now available to buy! Amazon CD: https://www.amazon.com/Promare-Ost-PROMARE-OST/dp/B07PZX91SC Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/4Ee1rcBJyWduTqbVexfY7U iTunes: http://tiny.cc/iTunesPromarehttp://tiny.cc/iTunesPromare


Episode 20: Halloween, Vampires and Japan

Pumpkins and creepy decorations are filling the shops again and that means Halloween is on the horizon! Japan might not celebrate Halloween in the same way as the US does, but many of the unique occult characters we associate with hallows end have become a part of the anime scene. For this Halloween special we’re talking one of the most well-known tropes in anime – Vampires! Episode segments 00:11:10 – Anime News 00:17:45 – AniHistory: Vampires in Anime 00:38:05 – Back Catalogue: Lunar...


Episode 19: Autumn Anime Part 2 - Returning Shows, OVA's and Movies

The Autumn/Fall anime season is upon us and it’s a deluge of new shows! And because it's so jammed pack this week’s episode is in two parts - and this is Part 2! Find out what's coming back, what's getting OVA's and what you can see on the big screen over the next 3 months right here! Episode segments: 00:00:50 – Autumn Anime Season – Sequels 00:02:27 – Boku No Hero Academia Season 4 00:05:34 – Bokuben – We Never Learn – Season 2 00:08:54 – Chihayafuru – Season 3 00:11:50 – Fairy...


Episode 19: Autumn Anime Part 1 - New Shows

The Autumn/Fall anime season is upon us and it’s a deluge of new shows – so much so that this week’s episode is in two parts! Part 2 will be out 48 hours later, to give us time to recover! Episode segments: 00:07:23 – Anime News 00:13:38 – Autumn Anime Season – Short Form Anime 00:15:08 – Africa no Salaryman 00:18:21 – Ani ni Tsukeru Kusuri wa Nai! 3 00:20:39 – Doll’s Frontline: Iyashi-hen 00:22:40 – Tenka Hyakken: Welcome to Meiji Hall! 00:24:51 – Autumn Anime Season – New Anime...


Episode 18: Summer Season Review!

It’s the last week of the summer season and that means one thing – it’s season in review time! From the shows that pulled at the heartstrings to the ones which were over looked, we’re looking back at this seasons big hitters and there’s a lot to talk about – Plus some amazing covers of this season OP’s! Episode segments: 00:08:54 – Anime news 00:12:13 – Season in Review: The Dropped and Forgotten 00:33:41 – Track 1: Inferno by Romi 00:37:43 – Season in Review: The Revisits 00:53:48 –...


Episode 17: What is Isekai?

This episode is all about Isekai – a popular genre of anime where a character is teleported to another world! If you’ve ever wondered where this story idea came from – tune in! We’ve done the digging and have some answers. We’ll also be looking back at two stand-out examples from the Isekai genre: The first captured hearts around the world with its amazing storytelling - it's none other than Studio Ghibli’s Spirited Away. The other is squarely aimed at anime fans who are familiar with...


Episode 16: Makoto Shinkai

With Weathering with You breaking records in Japanese cinemas, this episode is all about the man behind the film. Labelled a visionary and ‘the next Miyazaki’ by the media, writer/artist/director/Film-maker Makoto Shinkai is the creator of hit films such as Your Name and The Garden of Words. Episode segments: 00:10:36 – Anime News 00:19:32 – Now Featuring: Makoto Shinkai 00:32:53 – Cinema Club: Voices of a Distant Star 00:43:40 – Cinema Club: Your Name


Episode 15: 80's Anime

This episode we’re dropping back into the 1980’s, when cyberpunk made its debut, big hair was in and anime began to be make it’s way west. From the humble origins of Studio Ghibli to trope building animes, 80’s animation made a big mark on the industry and helped open it to a new audience. Episode segments: 00:08:25 – Anime News 00:18:58 – Cinema Club: Akira 00:40:26 – Retro Classics: Ranma ½ 00:57:57 – Miyazaki: Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind


Episode 14: Anime & Music

Following the horrible attack on Kyoto Animation, there’s now a few ways you can help the families of the victims. From donations to sharing artwork, all the options to help have been compiled by Crunchyroll at the following link: https://www.crunchyroll.com/anime-news/2019/07/19/here-is-how-you-can-help-kyoto-animation This episode, it’s all about the music of anime – from connection with Japans music industry to animes that focus on music. We’ll be looking at how the anime and music...


Episode 13: Summer Anime Preview

It’s another bumper episode because the summer anime season is here! From Isekai streamers to coming of age dramas, there’s a wide range on show for everyone’s tastes, and that means a LOT to talk about. If you want to skip to a certain section, check the time stamps below! Episode segments: 00:04:23 – Anime News 00:13:30 – Summer Season – Part 1 00:14:08 – Are we Lost 00:17:14 – Magical Sempai 00:20:21 – Arifureta 00:26:36 – Astra Lost in Space 00:32:04 – Cop Craft 00:37:52 –...


Episode 12: Neon Genesis and Spring Season in Review

With the spring season done and dusted on our screens, it’s that time again – Time for a season review. From returning franchises to short form series, we’re looking at the shows we’ve caught this season and what we thought while watching them. We’ve once again asked some amazing Youtubers – including the incredible Romi and Robyn Ardery– to share some amazing covers of this seasons music! We won’t be able to cover everything that’s aired but we’ll give a good cross section of this...


Episode 11: Mecha Anime

This episode we’re looking at one of Anime’s most unique genres – Giant robot animes, more commonly referred to as Mecha. Alongside the countless series of Gundam, we’ve seen live action films, animated features and - of course - hundreds of series in this genre. We’ll be taking a deep dive into the history of Mecha anime – It’s origins and cultural significance, before we look at two examples of the genres most well known Franchise – Gundam. We’ll also be looking at a more unique entry...


Episode 10: Godzilla and Kaiju Anime

This episode we’re looking at the biggest and baddest villains of Japanese media – The giant monster! With the new Godzilla film out in cinemas, we thought it’s a great time to have a look back at where this love for giant destructive beings came from, where it’s the King of the Monsters himself or something from outer space! We’ll be talking about the recent animated Godzilla films on Netflix, and two other series that have been influenced by giant monsters – Knights of Sidonia and Attack...


Episode 9: East Meets West - Cultures Collide

This episode we’re looking at how anime and western culture have collided, from traditional artists to modern animation. We look back at the first places you could watch English translated anime and the impact Japan’s manga culture has had on the West. In Back Catalogue, we look at the fascinating crossover between Marvel comics and Japanese animation and one of the anime series that hit it big in the West during the Gameboy Era – Pokémon! And in our first East Meets West segment, we’ll...


Episode 8.1: Kawaii-Fi Extra!

The First episode of Kawaii-Fi Extra! Due to our studio move and all the rewiring, we have had to push back episode 9 by a week - but we didn't want to leave you all in the lurch with nothing to listen to on Monday! So here's our new short form show - Kawaii-Fi Extra! KFX will appear every now and again when there's something we just have to talk about or we want to give you an update on something about the podcast! This time it's all about the studio move, Sonic the Hedgehog, Detective...


Episode 8: Monkey Punch and Lupin the 3rd

This episode we’re taking a special look at an incredible figure in the Japanese manga and anime industry – Kazuhiko Katō, also known by his pen name Monkey Punch. Kato worked on a range of manga over his years but he’s best known for his longest running series – Lupin the 3. He unfortunately passed away on April 11 at the age of 81 due to Neumonia. This episode we’ll be looking at who Money Punch was and the influence he had on the manga and anime industry! Episode segments: 00:07:06 –...


Episode 7: Spring Anime Preview

A new anime season is upon us, which means jumping down the rabbit hole to find out what’s on and what’s good! The Spring Anime Season is chock full of strange and unique shows, with some big hitters returning to our screens. Along with them come a flurry of interesting short form shows and plenty of questions: Where have all these game adaptations come from? Why are there 3 baseball shows at once? Who is the best kazooist? Find out this episode! Episode segments: 00:05:41 – Anime...


Episode 6: Hot Springs and Season Review with Music! (Extended)

This EXTENDED episode is all about hot springs, the beach and the end of the winter season! In anime history, where did the fan service episode come from and why does it appear in the middle of a typical season? And then it’s the big turn of the season: The 2019 Winter Anime Review, featuring covers of the opening and closing themes by a group of incredibly talented YouTube stars! We need to thank the following incredible musicians for contributing tothis episode with their music: Romi...


Episode 5: Anime food and Good Cabbages

This episode we’re talking Anime food, looking at Japanese food culture and its place in anime and manga. We speak with Associate Professor Rebecca Suter from Sydney University on the importance of food in Japanese culture. In Manga-Kai we look at 3 food focused mangas, with Dagashi Kashi, Miss Koizuki loves Ramen Noodles and Dungeon Meshi on the menu. Then it’s delving into one of the foodiest of all the animes – the sometimes-confronting Shokugeki no Soma AKA Food Wars. In our first...