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#3.12: An interview with Armin Vit

Armin Vit has established himself as an influential figure in the logo design space through his fantastic logo and brand identity reviews under the umbrella of Brand New, which now receives over 1.8 million page views each month. But how did he get started, how does he approach his reviews and what lessons has he learned along the way? In this interview, Ian Paget discovers how Armin got his job with Pentagram in the New York Office, the lessons he learned from Micheal Beirut, how he...


#3.11: How a new mum built a design agency - An interview with Rebecca Heinemann

Following a successful design career, and the birth of her son, Rebecca Heinemann built her own design agency CraftWell so that she could have a better work/life balance. In this episode Ian Paget interviews Rebecca to discuss her background, the reason why she built her own business, the steps she took to get it up and running and the challenges and fears faced along the way. We also discuss why we both feel it’s important to work within agencies before considering building your own...


#3.10: An interview with Louise Fili

On this weeks episode Ian Paget interviews Louise Fili, an Italian-American graphic designer who’s specialised in brand development for food packaging and restaurants for the past 30 years. We discuss how she discovered her niche, her logo design process, typography design, her incredible books and so much more. Louise Fili is a member of the Art Directors Hall of Fame, and has received the medal for Lifetime Achievement from the AIGA and the Type Directors Club. Show notes and a full...


#3.9: Sports Branding & Successful Content Creation - An interview with Michael Raisch

Having worked on the design of sports logos and brand identity design for over 15 years, Michael Raisch has developed a deep understanding of designing for sports clubs. In this episode we dive into the differences you need to consider when working on the design of sports logos and brand identities, and some of the stories behind where the ideas were formed. Michael is also a very talented content creator, so we also discuss how he’s able to create engaging and relevant content which has...


#3.8: Getting your dream design job - An interview with Charli Prangley

If you’re looking for a design job it can often be hard to find an opportunity, even if you’re the most talented designer. But if you get your CV and portfolio right, and put yourself out there too you’re more likely to get the job you’ve always dreamed of. To help with this, on this weeks podcast Ian Paget speaks with Charli Prangley to discuss job application tips, portfolio, CV and job interview advice, and also how she found her dream job through networking, public speaking, YouTube...


#3.7: The Fundamentals of Typography - An Interview With Michael Stinson

Typography is a core component of logo design, but so many designers lack the essential knowledge needed to use fonts correctly. To solve that, this week Ian interviews Michael Stinson to talk about the fundamentals of type, choosing and managing fonts, licensing, book recommendations and more. Michael is the typography instructor at Laguna College of Art + Design, and is also the founder and lead Instructor at TypeEd, an educational platform that teach designers about the fundamental...


#3.6: Discover your personal brand - An Interview with Radim Malinic

Are you struggling to work out who you are as a designer? Working out your purpose and personal brand? In this weeks episode Ian talks with Radim Malinic to learn how he discovered his passion for design, and the journey he took to establish his personal brand. We also find out how he's been able to attract big clients, and more about his latest book, ‘Book of Ideas: Volume 2’. Radim Malinic is an award winning freelance creative director, graphic designer and keynote speaker based in...


#3.5: An interview with George Bokhua

In this episode Ian Paget speaks to George Bokhua, a truly talented graphic designer, who’s worked with companies including Disney, New Balance, NFL and Wired Magazine. Having followed his work for years, Ian describes George as one of the best practicing logo designers in the world today, so this interview dives into his life as a designer, his logo design process, idea generation, using grid systems, using social media, pricing a logo and so much more. It’s an insightful interview with a...


#3.4: Qualifying Leads & Turning them into Clients - An Interview with Emily Cohen

Finding potential logo design leads can be a challenge, but once they contact you how do you convert them to clients? How do you know if they will be good to work work with? What should you send them? On this weeks episode Ian Paget talks with Emily Cohen to learn more about qualifying clients, then creating proposals and contracts to convert your prospects into clients. Emily is a brutally honest consultant who provides strategic business advice to creative firms, and is the author of the...


#3.3: Value Based Pricing - An Interview With Blair Enns

Value Based Pricing is a term that frequently comes up when people talk about service based businesses, but exactly how it works is often a mystery to us designers. In this episode Ian Paget speaks to Blair Enns to learn what value based pricing is, and how it can be used to build a profitable business whilst also providing the best service possible to your clients. Blair Enns is the author of the highly acclaimed book The Win Without Pitching Manifesto, and Pricing Creativity: a guide to...


#3.2: Saying No to Clients - An interview with Sagi Haviv

Logo design is often a collaborative process between designer and client, but from time to time in order to provide the best possible service you need to say ‘no’. But how do you do that without damaging the client relationship? In this episode Ian Paget interviews Sagi Haviv to learn the techniques he uses to gain credibility and provide confidence so that when the time comes… they can say no without damaging the client relationship, allowing them to stay in control of the design...


#3.1: Creative Strategy and the Business of Design with Douglas Davis

To be a successful designer, freelancer, or small business owner you need to understand strategy and business, so to kick off season 3 Ian Paget chats with Douglas Davis, the author of the hugely popular book “Creative Strategy and the Business of Design” to discuss the importance of understanding business, and using a strategic approach when working as a designer. Douglas is the associate professor within the Communication Design department at New York City College of Technology in...


#2.10: Talking Logo Design with Tom Geismar

In this interview Ian Paget speaks with Tom Geismar, one of the most highly acclaimed designers in the industry. We discuss logo design, including the process before computers, presenting to the client, working in black and white, mistakes to avoid, pricing big projects, launching a new identity, a beautiful tribute to Ivan Chermayeff and more. Tom is a founding partner of design agency Chermayeff & Geismar & Haviv, where he worked on iconic logos from brands including Mobil Oil, Xerox,...


#2.9: Logos & Type Design for Comic Books with Rian Hughes

In this episode of the Logo Geek Podcast Ian chats with Rian Hughes, a British graphic designer, illustrator, writer and comic book artist. Rian is best known for his work in the British and American comic book industry, having created many logo designs for Marvel and DC including Batman and Robin, Bat Girl, Spider-Man, The X-Men, Captain America, Wolverine, The Script, The Invisibles… the list goes on! In this episode we talk about Rians approach to logo and type design, as well as his new...


#2.8: Growing an Instagram Following to 600k with Jonathan Rudolph

Instagram has become a popular method for designers to find inspiration for logo design, however, did you know that by being active on the platform you can also attract clients? But what do you need to do to increase engagement on Instagram? How do you grow your following to attract potential clients? What tools can you use? How do you use hashtags? So many questions! In this episode Ian Paget chats with the founder of Logo Inspirations, Jonathan Rudolph to find out what’s been successful...


#2.7: Building a Life in Identity Design. An interview with Ben Loiz

In this interview Ian Paget speaks with Identity designer Ben Loiz to learn from his 18 years experience. We speak about Bens early life that lead him to start his own studio, his hands-on logo design process, the files he sends, the importance of work life balance (with tips), how he networks to attract big named clients such as Nike and CocaCola, and how he’s able to use photography to present and elevate the quality of his identity design work. Show notes for this episode can be found...


#2.7 Building a Life in Identity Design. An interview with Ben Loiz

In this interview Ian Paget speaks with Identity designer Ben Loiz to learn from his 18 years experience. We speak about Bens early life that lead him to start his own studio, his hands-on logo design process, the files he sends, the importance of work life balance (with tips), how he networks to attract big named clients such as Nike and CocaCola, and how he’s able to use photography to present and elevate the quality of his identity design work. Show notes for this episode can be found...


#2.6: How to Create & Use Mood Boards with Mariah Althoff

What is a mood board, how do you create one and how can they be used to improve your logo design process and client communication? In this podcast, Ian Paget chats with Mariah Althoff, a freelance brand identity designer, to find out. We also learn how Mariah started her business, and how she’s created a number of clever sales funnels that include Training Courses, Pinterest and Email Marketing. Show notes for this episode can be found at https://logogeek.uk/2.6 I’d like to thank...


#2.5: Creating a Personal Brand with Jacob Cass

As a designer you need a personal brand. But what name should you use? How do you design your own logo? Do you need a website and what should be on it? In this episode Ian Paget of Logo Geek chats with Jacob Cass to find out. We learn how Jacobs been able to travel the world whilst working as a freelance designer, how he designs a logo, and how he makes a passive income from affiliate marketing. Jacob Cass is a logo, brand and web designer best known for his blog and business, Just...


#2.4: YouTube, Lettering & Logos with Will Paterson

Can sharing tips and tutorials on YouTube attract logo design clients? Yes. In this weeks podcast Ian Paget chats with Will Paterson who has been able to just that. We learn how Will started his YouTube channel, the tools and software used, and how he’s able to manage his time to create consistent content, whilst also taking on client design projects too. We also deep dive into his logo design and hand lettering process. Will Paterson is a well-known logo designer and hand lettering artist...