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Seeking answers and exploring controversial topics with an open mind.

Seeking answers and exploring controversial topics with an open mind.
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Seeking answers and exploring controversial topics with an open mind.






5: Flatties vs. Roundies: Part 2 & More

One episode 5 of Makes Me Wonder Dakota, Adam, and their two guests turn back time to a not so distant past to explore even more speculation and theories surrounding Flat Earth, military bases in Antarctica and so much more. WE WANT TO KNOW WHAT MAKES YOU WONDER. So If you can find the time out of your day, please hit us with comments, DMs, E-mails and/or like & rate us at: Twitter @ MMWonderpodcast...


4: Malaysia Flight 370: What Happened?

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 is known as one of the biggest aviation mysteries in history, leaving families and the public without answers since it's disappearance in March of 2014\. Listen to Adam and Dakota as they discuss several of the theories surrounding the vanishing of the aircraft as well as what we believe may have happened. Episode 4 also marks the first episode having a guest on board! Show us some love and don't be afraid to contact us to discuss current and future topics as...


3: Round vs. Flat: The debate hear 'round the world

This is it, everybody.. The the debate heard **‘round** the world. Flatties versus roundies. Sit tight as we represent both sides of the argument (Including conjecture from celebrities such as Shaq and B.o.B) with Dakota being the driving force for the roundies, and Adam taking on common teachings by reinforcing flatty logic. We love to hear you opinions so, as always, if you've got any questions, comments, concerns, want to recommend a topic for us to cover, or want to further discuss an...


2: Life is a simulation?!

Is this real life? Are we living in a simulation? Listen as Adam and Dakota exchange views on the simulation theory, the odds of us being mere computer code, and whether or not life as we know it is NOTHING BUT A **LIE!** But seriously, give us a listen. You can find us on the following: iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, Podbean, AudioBoom, and more. If you'd like to suggest a topic or have any further comments regarding our topics, you can E-mail us at: ****, or like...


1: Space exploration & the future of humanity

Makes Me Wonder is based around current and past controversial topics as well as conspiracy theories we find interesting. Listen to us cover space travel, space exploration, the colonization and terraforming of Mars, as well as what our future may hold on a technological front. Also listen to Dakota try to pronounce the word "celestial". We'd love to reach 100 likes on our facebook page , so if you've got the time and interest to like our page and/or share this post, we'd appreciate it!...