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The Mal & Johnny Show - Guy Masterson ‘The Shark Is Broken‘

Mal and Johnny chat to director Gus Masterson about his new West Show 'The Shark is Broken'. The play tells the behind the scenes story of the making of the film Jaws and the increasingly fractious relationship between 2 of the film's stars, Robert Shaw and Richard Dreyfus. The play is co-written by Ian Shaw, son of actor Robert Shaw. Ian also stars as his father in the play. Oh, and 'The shark is broken' refers to the mechanical shark form Jaws that had a habit of breaking down.


The Mal And Johnny Show - Elvis

Mal and Johnny chat about the life and career of Elvis Presley. Johnny explains how radical his music was and Mal recounts stories from his time with Elvis' friends and family in Tupelo and Memphis.


The Mal And Johnny Show - Kathy The Dancer

Mal and Johnny chat to Kathy Blyth Jenkins, the dancer who went to Monte Carlo with Johnny and who now lives in Spain


The Mal And Johnny Show - Malaga

Johnny has juts been for a short break in Malaga where he met up with a lot of old friends.


The Mal And Johnny Show - Gigs we have known

As the world opens up Mal and Johnny chat about some of the tough gigs and venues they have played over the years. And Johnny chats about a big celebration in London for Wyn Calvin, The Clown Prince of Wales.


The Mal And Johnny Show - Languages

Johnny Tudor speaks 3 languages. Mal and Johnny talk about the joy and challenges of working in different countries


The Mal And Johnny Show - The Joy of being a Granddad

This week Mal and Johnny Chat about the joy and challenges of being a granddad


The Mal & Johnny Show - Afghanistan. The story of a Welsh Woman living & working under the Taliban.

In this very unusual show, Mal & Johnny chat to Sian Nicholas about her time spent working in Afghanistan. Sian shares her experiences of life under the Taliban in the ancient city of Herat and how things changed dramatically after 911.


The Mal And Johnny Show - Ceri Stennett

Mal and Johnny chat to Ceri Stennett about his father Stan Stennett. Stan spent more than 60 years in show business and counted the likes of Eric Morecambe and Tommy Cooper as friends. From humbles beginnings, being cared for by grandparents, uncles and aunties, Stan rose to the top of his profession and stayed there for decades.


The Mal And Johnny Show - Steve Balsamo

Mal & Johnny Chat to Steve Balsamo about his life in the West End. From the pubs of South Wales to the title role of Jesus Christ Superstar.


The Mal And Johnny Show - In the garden

This week Johnny joins Mal from his garden because he's expecting the piano tuner. Johnny's just come back from a weekend in Brixham where he was asked for a selfie as he lay dying!!! You don't want to miss this one. The episode finishes with a sneak preview of Mal's new single 'Summer's Gone'.


The Mal And Johnny Show - Jackie Mason

Mal and Johnny chat about American comedian Jackie Mason who recently passed away. Johnny talks about the time he spent with Jackie in Cardiff including lunch taking him for lunch at the Fairwater Conservative Club! They are also joined by comedian Mike Doyle who performed with him at a Royal Variety Command Performance


The Mal And Johnny Show - Stifyn Parri

This week Mal and Johnny are joined by Mr Producer Stifyn Parri. From writing plays in school at the age of 3 to Brookside, The West End and some of the biggest concerts staged in Wales. You can be sure Stifyn will tell his story and he will be 'Out With It'.


The Mal And Johnny Show - Dressing Rooms

Mal did a gig at the Grand Pavilion in Porthcawl on Friday but couldn't escape Johnny Tudor who has his picture in the Johnny Tudor Dressing Room. It got them thinking about dressing rooms they have visited around the world.


The Mal And Johnny Show -National Theatre's Under Milkwood Review

This week Johnny Tudor and Olwen Rees went to the the National Theatre's production of Under Milkwood starring Michael Sheen and Sian Phillips. This is their review of the show.


The Mal And Johnny Show - Mal finds out he's got a real gig

Mal has just found out he has a gig in less than 2 weeks time at the Grand Pavilion in Porthcawl. What could possibly go wrong? For ticket information go to


The Mal And Johnny Show -Tin Pan Alley

Mal & Johnny Chat about some of the characters they met working in the music business during the days of Tin Pan Alley including Etric 'Monster Monster' Hall


The Mal And Johnny Show -Peg's Boys

Mal chats to Johnny about his latest book 'Peg's Boys'. How he came to write it, publish it and how much of the 'novel' is based on Johnny's real life experiences. Available now


The Mal And Johnny Show -Think About You

This week Mal and Johnny swap roles as Johnny is the one asking the questions.


The Mal And Johnny Show - Emily Squires Part 3 Living with Parkinsons

In this week's podcast Mal and Johnny are once again joined by Emily Squires. In our previous chats with Emilly we have concentrated on her life living with her Auntie Dorothy Squires. This week we talk to Emily about living with Parkinsons.