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Life discussions through film






MoP 41: Dance, Myth, Adventure and Chaos: Escapist Cinema for the COVID Blues

The last several months have delivered an overwhelming dose of hard knocks and brutal reality. With COVID-19 dominating our every social interaction many people including the Preverts crew have been turning to the films that promise some kind of respite from the stress-filled anxiety of our everyday lives. With special guests Ishmael and Omar Majeed we each pick a few films that help make life just a little bit brighter including Spirited Away, The Life Aquatic, Duck Soup and Singin' in the...


MoP 040: Beautiful Blondes & Neurotic Cowboys: 10 Underappreciated Westerns

Like the screwball comedy and the musical, The Western would seem to be a dead genre. While every so often we get a "revisionist" take, like The Coen Brothers' True Grit or Tarantino's Hateful 8, still the western seems to belong to a by-gone era. However, the Western being the quintessential American genre, depicting the very origins of American identity, it arguably has more relevancy today than at any other time. In this episode, Azed and Jay sift through the annals of film history and...


MoP 039: Bare Feet and Bad Motherf***ers - The Cinema of Quentin Tarantino (Part Two)

As promised this episode is Part Two of our Tarantino retrospective where we tackle some of the most important questions in the history of the podcast. Will Azed let Jay get a word in edgewise? Will Jay start a race war by agreeing too much with Kieran and not enough with Omar and Azed? Will Tarantino get one of us to use the "n word"? And is Kieran Dick his real name? The answers; no, maybe, yes (Omar) and he'll probably kill me for even divulging the possibility of such a thing (at the...


MoP 038: Bare Feet and Bad Motherf***ers - The Cinema of Quentin Tarantino (Part One)

Welcome back to another episode of Mutiny of Preverts where we scratch that preverted itch for all you cinema lovers out there! In this episode we brought back two of our favourite guests in Omar Majeed and Kieran Dick to break down the career of Quentin Tarantino. We get into some heated debates regarding the merit and intentionality behind some of his biggest hits. Is he a straight forward revisionist or is he engaging in the rich history of uchronia, a kind of speculative fiction that...


MoP 037: The OG American Psycho-Nicolas Cage and Vampire's Kiss

Pandemic Shmandemic! MoP will courageously continue to do our show as a way of giving back to the 70-80 listeners who continue to support us. So here it is, the long-awaited Nicolas Cage episode, focusing on his "infamous" performance in the much maligned 1988 film Vampire's Kiss (dir. Robert Bierman). Azed and Jay enthusiastically defend the film as deeper than merely highly meme-able kitsch, while our guest Brooklyn filmmaker and bon vivant, Keiran Dick declares, "it's not a good movie,...


MoP 036: 2020 Oscar Bitch Fest!

The Academy Awards caused a stir on the twitter sphere by awarding South Korean film, Parasite with Oscars in 4 major categories ( Best Picture, Best Director, Best Original Screenplay, and Best International Feature Film). Usually, we at MoP love to spew vitriol and general 'bitch-iness" at the Oscars, but this year our sneering contempt was tempered by this show of authentic "wokeness". On this episode, Azed and Jay are joined by guest critic, Tom Alexander, Director of Theatrical...


MoP 35: Best Films of the 2010s

After a substantial hiatus the Preverts are back! And we've founded a brand new awards ceremony called The Preversions with all the prestige of the East Tampa Film Critics Association and the popularity of the Films for Incels subreddit. Some of the many categories include; Most Crypto-Fascist Film, Best Film That Made You Skip Pornhub That Day, Most Indelible Image, Most Depressing Film, Best Film You Don't Understand and a whole bunch more! We also get into larger discussions about trends...


MoP 034: REPEAT BROADCAST- The Obligatory Christmas Episosde

We will back with a new episode in early 2020. Meantime, here's our Christmas movies episode from last year with special guest, director Sean Cisterna, currently killing it with his latest film, From the Vine ( Enjoy and happy whatever you do! Why are so many Christmas movies about suicide, despair, poverty and criminality? Isn't it supposed to be all about peace, love and...


MoP 033: REPEAT BROADCAST! A Formidable Woman: The Films of Elaine May

Azed and Jay are busy makin' a movie, and haven't had time to do a new episode, but with the recent news that the mercurial and alluring Elaine May is set to direct her 5th feature film at the age of 87, we are re-posting our tribute to the formidable Ms.May from last year. We'll be back in December with a new episode. “Elaine was formidable…. one of the most intelligent, beautiful and witty women I had ever met. I hoped I would never see her again.” —Richard Burton One of the most...



MoP is on a bit of a break, and will be back in December with a new episode! In the meantime, and just in time for Halloween, we're re-releasing our infamous "Heuristics of Horror" episode from last year. Enjoy! In this episode of MoP, we look beyond the horror canon and unearth obscure, international and arty horror films that make us pee our pants (Although Jay pees his pants on every episode. I have urged him to see a urologist but he's stuck in his ways). Some of the horror gems...


MoP 031: Underappreciated Film Noir and the Fantasy of the Femme Fatale

In a creepy occurrence of synchronicity Jay and Azed choose a couple of noir films that compliment each other a little too well. To the point where doctors have mandated a period of separation for the mental health of both to avoid a potentially catastrophic merging of their identities. But before the state got involved and surgically separated the two hosts and lucky for you listeners the pair managed to record this podcast on Otto Preminger's Angel Face and John M. Stahl's Leave Her to...


MoP 030: "I've seen things you people wouldn't believe": The Resentment of White Power in Blade Runner

Blade Runner is an undeniable sci-fi classic, but is it also a white nationalist dog whistle cloaked in super cool, neo-noir set design? Azed & Jay dive deep into the whole Blade Runner phenomenon and both find a lot they hadn't seen in previous viewings. From Kierkegaard's concept of ressentiment to why Hitler would have been the best Pokeman Go player, we cover it all. Also, Azed's son, Ishmael, gives us his take on our Twin Peaks episode and geeks out with a Twin Peaks/Lord of the Rings...


MoP 029: The Exquisitely Inscrutable Twin Peaks

David Lynch and Mark Frost's Twin Peaks marks a high point in television history. The merging of Lynch's experimental film background with the more conventional TV landscape created a mesmerizing series that continues to defy any attempt at a simple interpretation. Azed & Jay and returning guest Omar Majeed welcome special guest philosopher/author Tamler Sommers from the popular podcast Very Bad Wizards to take a deep dive into the world of Twin Peaks. Note: no mention of poop or vomit in...


MoP 028: Adventures in Margaritaville - Harmony Korine's The Beach Bum

On episode 28 Azed and Jay discuss Harmony Korine's latest film The Beach Bum and in a rare show of discord have somewhat divergent takes. Is Korine using the character of Moondog to tell his own story as an artist living a charmed life or is he more of a perceptive imposter, using the lives of the freaks and outsiders in his films as a way to give his films a credibility he otherwise lacks? They also have another edition of Films You Are Ashamed You Haven't Seen. Jay reveals that he has...


MoP 027: Tear Down the Institutions! Alan Arkin's Little Murders

Another in our continuing series of "criminally forgotten" films, Little Murders (1970) directed by actor Alan Arkin and starring Elliot Gould contains a deep political statement buried in a somewhat surrealist, trenchantly black comedy. Written by political cartoonist and screenwriter Jules Feiffer, Little Murders is remarkably prescient about the correlation of the rise of violence in society and the loss of faith in institutions, but is paradoxically very critical of those institutions at...


MoP 026: Underappreciated Comedies of the 2000s

In an unprecedented episode for Mutiny of Preverts Azed and Jay invite not one, but two guests to join us on this episode about the most underappreciated comedies of the 2000s. We each make a list of five films that we think has been overlooked and deserves just a little more love. Our guests, Mongrel Media director of theatrical releasing Tom Alexander and MoP favourite Omar Majeed, are pitted against each other in a film podcast duel to the death. Tune in to find out which of them wins...


MoP 025: Live! Johnny Guitar & Toxic Masculinity

MoP co-creator Azed Majeed is part of a collective in Toronto called TALKIES. What is TALKIES? In a casual atmosphere, we screen a film, listen to an informal talk about it by an engaging and informed speaker, and then have an open Q&A and discussion. Originally started back in 2009, TALKIES ran for a couple of years and then took a long hiatus while lives, families, careers forged on. And now we are back. For our relaunch, we screened Nicholas Ray’s 1954 classic, Johnny Guitar, and...


MoP 024: The Radical Schlock of Larry Cohen

The world of cinema has lost some true giants with the deaths of Stanley Donen, Agnes Varda and actor Seymour Cassel in the past few months. But Larry Cohen, one of the most overlooked filmmakers of his generation, also passed away recently. Aside from a few outlier critical voices like Robin Wood, Cohen's work has had a great deal less critical analysis than it deserves. Jay, Azed and guest host Omar Majeed try to do their own small part to rectify this oversight giving particular...


MoP 023: Chaplin's Monsieur Verdoux

Charlie Chaplin was, perhaps, the most beloved comic artist of all time. His Little Tramp character in the silent era was known from the US to the Far East. That's why it was so courageous of him to star in and direct this film about a "Bluebeard" killer. Set in the aftermath of the depression and just before the rise of Fascism, Chaplin's Verdoux preys on woman for their money in a coldly calculating manner stating that it's "just business". Cerebral and nihilistic, Monsieur Verdoux was a...


Mutiny of Preverts - Episode 022 - Alex Cox and Repo Man

Alex Cox emerged in the 80s as one of the great hopes for counter cultural cinema and faded into obscurity almost as quickly. Azed and Jay talk about how his rise and fall mirrored many of the themes that recur throughout much of his filmography, but are also present in maybe their most fully realized form in his debut film Repo Man. Cox's films explored the punk movement, self-mythologizing, and the commodification of the counter-culture as plainly and with as much insight as any filmmaker...