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Not so much about what we drink...but rather why.

Not so much about what we drink...but rather why.
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Not so much about what we drink...but rather why.








Pairs With Bubbles, Vasectomies and The Hit List

With half a bottle of Yao Ming Napa Valley Brut Sparkling Wine left, we decide to keep the mics live and just spew out whatever is on our mind on a Saturday night. Strangely, that turns out to be JT's bizarre vasectomy story and the celebrities with whom we get a Free Pass For Sex. It's not only an adult conversation, it's proof positive why adults shouldn't be allowed to drink. We're live on YouTube! Well, not exactly Live-live, but our recorded episodes are available for streaming on our...


Pairs With Yao Ming Brut and Dating Before & After Marriage

What's the difference between dating before you get married and dating after divorce? Do you need to "sow your oats" and get all the crazy out before saying "I do," or does the real crazy not even start until after you've said "I don't anymore?" And for that matter, is dating better when you're not even looking to get married anymore? We pop open a bottle of the 2016 Yao Ming Napa Valley Brut Sparkling Wine and let the bubbles and the conversation flow, from Christine's change of heart...


Pairs With Wine You Can Get For A Nickel

A nickel spent on a crappy bottle of wine is still a nickel wasted, so we decided to head out to BevMo for their annual "5 Cent Sale" and create a Buyer's Guide of our Top 5 Choices. We found some of our favorite varietals - Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon and Sauvignon Blanc - from some of our favorite areas: Napa, Sonoma, Paso Robles and Russian River Valley. So join us as we each choose our Top 5 and explain why we find so much joy in a bottle of wine under $15 bucks (and strangely, it...


Pairs With Joel Gott Sauvignon Blanc and Finding Your Fire

We all have passions...or do we? Is it better to live a safe and comfortable life or to find the spark that sets you on fire? But not, like, the literal fire that burns the flesh off your skin in excruciating horror. That choice would be kinda obvious, and then we wouldn't have a podcast. We are joined on the podcast - like it or not - by Jazzy, JT's cat, whose single-minded determination to knock over microphones and rip apart Christine's cashmere sweater is evident in all the background...


Pairs With Hall Cabernet and Uncomfortable Sex Talks With The Spawn

Drinking a smooth glass of Napa Cabernet is easy. Talking to your 16-year-old about having sex in the house is not. But we know this: it's a lot easier after that second glass. Or bottle. Opinions run the spectrum like Usain Bolt, from "I'm locking my kid in the closet until she's 30" to "I trust my child and she can get all kinds of nasty in her own home." Do we have the answers? Of course we do. All of them. That's why you listen.* Join us in the conversation here and on our Facebook...


Pairs With Raki and True Crime, Part 2

In the concluding episode of our whopping 2-part series on True Crime, Christine reveals some skeletons that should probably be left in the family closet. Because the Greek Merlot we tried to pair with the last episode would make an elephant barf, we switched to the moonshine of Christine's people: Raki, a grappa-like drink that'll fry your nose hairs but make you dance like Zorba. It's mystery! It's murder! It's the last time you'll hear JT's Keith Morrison impersonation! Mark your...


Pairs With Pear Valley Aglianico and Dealbreakers

It's about 1:15AM and JT & Christine are corking their third bottle and rolling tape (Google it, kids). After a few sips of Pear Valley Aglianico from Paso Robles, the subject turns to Dealbreakers: all the things that bring a date to a screeching halt, be it big ticket items like politics and parenting philosophies, to the smaller but sometimes more annoying shit like smoking and criminal activity. Pour a glass and have a listen as we share all the quirks that make the second date a no-go,...


Pairs With Don Julio 1942 and True Crime, Part 1

In a blatant attempt for better ratings, we totally appropriate the True Crime podcast fad and reveal dark, murderous secrets from our families' past. In Part 1, JT tells the story of his great grandmother, left home alone one night with a revolver and a bad attitude. And speaking of bad (and criminal thoughts), there's a reason we had to turn to tequila for this episode...and it's not just because hard alcohol best pairs with MURRRRRDERRRRR... Let's get social! Follow The Pairs With Life...


Pairs With Atrevida Chardonnay and The Myth Of The Cool Parent

Is it cool to let your underage kids drink with their friends as long as you're supervising? Or are "cool parents" just idiots with children? Parenting question are hard, and we're here to make it just a liiiiiiitle bit harder for you, even though we bring the tasty unoaked chardonnay. Our first LIVE event is coming in May! Stay tuned for a big announcement about our live podcast and storytelling event at JaM Cellars in Napa. Subscribe to our mailing list for more information


Pairs With Charismatic Fool Sparkling Rose and The Winemaker-Musician Bromance

Ian Devereux White, wine writer, musician and co-founder of Smith Devereux Wines, joins the podcast at JaM Cellars in Napa to discuss...well, writing, wine and music. And creating charity wines for rock stars. And threesomes. Smith Devereux Wines are awesome and you should buy some (and we weren't even paid to say that). You can find their wines and join their wine club here. Our closing music for this episode is from Ian's band, High Noon. You can learn more about the band and download...


Pairs With Jeff Cohn Petite Sirah and The New Boyfriend Moving In With The Ex

Single-parenting gets an unknown twist when JT's ex has her boyfriend move in...but how unknown is it when you've been divorced twice? Some parenting decisions require more than one bottle, even when it's the delicious 2015 Jeff Cohn Cellars Sweetwater Spring Petite Sirah. It's Our Blatantly Whorish Giveaway! Follow us on any of our social media channels and when we hit 500 Followers, we'll give away five Swag Packages, including our awesome "Wine: It's Why I Don't Smack You"...


Pairs With Tempranillo Rose and Gender Inequality In The Wine Business

Amybess Cook, founder of Women Owned Wineries of Sonoma and Imbibe Magazine's 2019 Wine Person of The Year joins us on the podcast to discuss her personal journey and observations on gender inequality in the wine business. Mad props to Passaggio Wines for hosting the podcast at their Sonoma tasting room! Click here to learn more about the Women-Owned Wineries directory. Do you follow us on Instagram yet or is your life still horrible?


Pairs With Cotes du Rhone & Whoring Around After Divorce

Getting back to getting on your back after 20 years of monogamy; Christine Womansplains Bumble to JT; Christopher Walken makes a guest appearance...sort of. Subscribe to our Newsletter and we'll send you a million dollars!* *We will not send you a million dollars.


Pairs With DICO Cabernet & Disaster-Inspired Life Choices

Wine's creator and host, Monique Soltani, discusses the stunning event that lead her to wine journalism; the quest for the perfect opening theme takes a death metal twist. Check Out Our Social Media Facebook: Instagram: Website:


Pairs With Cheap Wine & Dick Pics

John & Christine take a trip to Grocery Outlet to score cheap wine like a couple of degenerates. Four bottles in, the confessions come out... Check Out Our Social Media Facebook: Instagram: Website:


Pairs With Champagne, Tacos and First Base

It's the debut episode of the Pairs With Life Podcast! Time to bust open the champagne, smash a few tacos and work through that first date awkwardness. Have you subscribed yet? Don't expect to get to first base if you haven't... Check Out Our Social Media Facebook: Instagram: Website:


Pairs With Life - Season 1 Teaser

Coming in February 2019! Pairs With Life is more than a podcast about what we drink: it’s a series of candid, funny and insightful conversations about why we drink. John Taylor, creator of the Pairs With Life blog, is joined by Napa insider and lifestyle brand guru Christine Trice, to focus on stories of life, love, parenting, adulting and sex…and the wines that pair with all of it. With new episodes each Monday and Thursday, John and Christine bring you commentary and perspective along...