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The Podcast for Conductors and Students Please visit PodiumTimePod.wordpress.com to view our show notes and blog posts.

The Podcast for Conductors and Students Please visit PodiumTimePod.wordpress.com to view our show notes and blog posts.
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The Podcast for Conductors and Students Please visit PodiumTimePod.wordpress.com to view our show notes and blog posts.




PT57: Conducting Petrushka, with Larry Rachleff

When I say incredible, I don't just mean every-day incredible. This recording is absolutely incredible. Larry Rachleff walks us through the first two parts of Petrushka at the 2019 International Conducting Workshop and Festival in Sofia, Bulgaria. He goes in to every detail of what it takes to conduct and rehearse and what's going to go wrong with whom and when, and then how to fix it. It's our longest and most valuable episode yet! Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram at...


PT46: From Sofia, Bulgaria! The 2019 International Conducting Workshop and Festival

We've got something different for you this week! I spent the past 2 weeks at the 2019 ICWF workshop in Sofia Bulgaria helping out and meeting 35 fantastic conducting students and teachers.


PT55: "The Most Positive Impact," with Alexandra Enyart

This week we talk with Alexandra Enyart about why you should meet everybody, how we can tell more stories, and making the most positive impact. Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram at @PodiumTimePod and find out more about supporting the podcast at Patreon.com/PodiumTimePod.


PT:54 "Don't Shout at the Orchestra," with Christopher Zimmerman

We talk with Christopher Zimmerman about the drawbacks of having too many rehearsals, what to do when you think you know a piece, and what you can ruin by tuning chords. Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and find out more about supporting the podcast at Patreon.com/PodiumTimePod.


PT53: "The Greatest Joy of Conducting is Not Conducting," with Mark Cedel

This week we talk with Mark Cedel about why he doesn’t like performing a work for the 2nd time, what you can learn from a bad teacher, and why he fears the Copland Clarinet Concerto. Full show notes at PodiumTimePod.Wordpress.com Become a Patron on our Patreon page at Patreon.com/PodiumTimePod This week we discuss:


PT52: "To be a Servant," with Erin Freeman

This week we talk with Erin Freeman about what to avoid when writing a pre-concert lecture, what it means to be a servant, and why you must make form charts. This week we discuss: Find this and all other episodes at PodiumTimePod.Wordpress.com. Subscribe and download Podium Time on your favorite podcast player and connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. If you’d like to support the podcast and get bonus content, consider joining our Patreon community at...


PT51: “Building Audiences and Orchestras,” with Harvey Felder

This week we talk with Harvey Felder about developing a relationship with your audiences, one reason that you should walk away from an interview, and why you need to eat your vegetables! Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and find out more about supporting the podcast at Patreon.com/PodiumTimePod.


PT50: "Through the Score," with Paul McShee

This week we talk with Paul McShee about how to force yourself into leading efficient rehearsals, the advice and issues that Marin Alsop focuses on her with her students, and how every step of Paul’s score study process helps demystify the score. Find us in your favorite podcast player or at PodiumTimePod.Wordpress.com Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram at @PodiumTimePod and find out more about supporting the podcast at Patreon.com/PodiumTimePod.


PT49: "Keys to a Successful Rehearsal," with Donald Schleicher

Today we discuss: Creating a Positive Rehearsal Environment, how to use your conducting to encourage listening within the ensemble, and the question you should ask yourself before every rehearsal. As we gathered for our first discussion with Maestro Schleicher at last month’s ICI workshop in Boulder, we expected a general Q&A over many topics. How surprised were we when he pulled out his briefcase and read us a list of prepared presentations he’s made at workshops around the world! They...


PT48: "Study Scores!" with Ching-Chun Lai

From Gunther Schuller and Frank Battisti, Ching-Chun Lai learned how to approach scores as a composer and identify style and architecture. Today we speak about that and more as Ching-Chun walks us through her score study process, building the most important foundations of a conducting education, and making the most of your resources as a student. Plus, we talk about some of the drawbacks of getting a job right out of school and how to prepare for effective rehearsals. This week we...


Patreon Announcement

It's finally here! We are so excited to be starting this Patreon page and being able to offer you fine listeners some incredible extra content. You'll hear me mention how I've wanted to do many things for a long time, and so many of them are finally coming together today! Give it a listen below, or head over to Patreon.com/PodiumTimePod to sign up!


PT47: "Listening is the Most Important Thing We Do," with Kenneth Kiesler

We’ve been excited to talk with Maestro Kiesler for a while, and this interview is everything that Luke and I hoped that it could be. Friends have told us all about the Conductors Retreat at Medomak and Kiesler’s view and style of score study, and we dig deep into both of those things in this episode. And before we continue, do know that as of this episode they are still taking participants for the 2019 summer session, so sign up! In this episode, we talk about the culture at the retreat,...


PT46: "We are the Interpreters, not the Creators," with William LaRue Jones

What’s the greatest problem with how we’re educating our educators? This week, Luke and I sit down with William LaRue Jones to dig into reasons you shouldn’t go to graduate school, what Juilliard students conducted every year, and why you need to practice conducting. This week we discuss: -The steep learning curve of teaching -Conducting is the only thing that includes every area of your musical education -Relate everything to the score -The great problems when we train music...


PT45: "Music is about Art, not Correctness," with Charles Latshaw

I had so many different titles that I wanted to put on this episode. We talked about building your library of lessons and teachers and experiences, the art of music, and how to hack your microwave. It was so hard to pick just one. A big part of what we discuss in this episode is exactly what we’re doing with Podium Time: learning from as many teachers as we can. Charles’s revelation about music while studying in Vienna really hit me as something that I’d been hearing all over but have had...


PT44: "Focus on the Big Picture," with Foster Beyers

This week we discuss:


Season 3 Intro

Welcome to Season 3 of Podium Time!


PT43: "Imperfection is Required," with Christopher Koch

Today we sit down for a fantastic in-person discussion with a long-time friend, Dr. Christopher Koch. We were so glad to get this opportunity while Jeremy was in Missouri for Christmas, and the results do not disappoint! Get the new year started with this incredible interview.


PT42: "Kick-Ass Score Study," with Kevin Noe

Kick-Ass doesn’t even begin to describe Kevin Noe. Actor, writer, conductor, and lover of fine headphones, Kevin is our most-requested guest on the podcast yet, and today he walks us through his exploration of Mozart 40, the celebration of dissonance, and an awesome opportunity for mixing music and wine this summer.


PT41: Jeremy's Favorite Podcasts and Books

It turns out that conductors are pretty busy during the holidays. Who knew! So, since everybody's busy with performances of the Nutcracker, Jeremy is going solo today and sharing some of my favorite podcasts and books for all you conductors and students out there.


PT40: "Your Musical Opinion," with Michael Mapp

Today, Luke and Alex lead our first interview with a Band Director, Dr. Michael Mapp, and it does not disappoint in the slightest. His answer to Luke’s question about what our education is lacking hits home in more than one way. What are you bringing to the music that you conduct and how are you leading your ensembles? We cover directing different age groups, the experience of score study, and what our education is lacking.