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Welcome to Productivity Alchemy, a podcast on personal productivity for normal people.

Welcome to Productivity Alchemy, a podcast on personal productivity for normal people.
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Welcome to Productivity Alchemy, a podcast on personal productivity for normal people.








Episode 66 - Unfortunate Advertisements, Letters

This week, talk about Kevin's new routine, Ursula's successes, and why the Teen Test Subject gets the week off. We will wrap up by reading letters and comments from you, the listeners! Links for this Episode: Fighter's Block!code on githubIntuit Mint Hoki One One Bondi 6 shoesAdobe SparkThe Noun Project


Episode 65 - New Boots, Clair A. Miller

In our typical manner, what started as a discussion about what we did this week worked it's way around to the impact of foot health on our productivity, followed by a discussion of how Ursula isn't REALLY celebrating the completion of her newest book. After all that, I talk to Clair A. Miller, who is a librarian and crafter, and has some really cool things to share. Links for this Episode: Clair's BlogPlanner Presentation by Claire and CoriEmergent Task PlannerPost It Notes Pilot Dr....


Episode 64 - Unemployed, Malka Older

This week, we will discuss how one handles being suddenly unemployed, and what I'm doing to cope with it. We will also check in with the Teen Test Subject, and wrap up by talking to author Malka Older. Updated 09-28-2018: Added a link to Born to the Blade and Arisia 2019. Malka Older WebsiteMalka Older on AmazonMalka Older on TwitterInfomocracy on Amazon (special Price through Sept 30)Flyleaf BooksArisia 2019 (Malka Older is an Author GoH)Born to the Blade on SerialBox Download this...


Episode 63 - Distractions, Dylan Wilbanks Returns

This week, we will be talking about the distractions we've had this last week, and how we've dealt with them. We also have some gifts from listeners we'll talk about, and finally we'll do a check-in interview with Dylan Wilbanks, who was on last year, to see how his methods have changed. Links for this Episode: PA Episode 15 with Dylan WilbanksDylan Wilbanks's TwitterDylan Wilbanks on MediumThe End-of-Interview HandshakeNaomi Osaka The Rule of Three ( Hurricane Relief...


Episode 62 - Disaster Prep, Letters

This week, we'll talk about preparing for a disaster. In . our case, it is Hurricane Florence, but it could be any number of things. We talk about online backups, password vaults, and the difference between "helpful" and "helpy." And then we will read and respond to your letters. Links for this Episode: Bullet Journaling as a Fantasy WriterBad Art Permission SlipHurricane Prep from ready.govPC Magazine's 2018 Best Online Backup ServicesDropboxSyncThingRemember the Milk Download this Episode


Episode 61 - Labor Day, Bill and Laura Pearson

The focus of this week is on the AMAZING interview I did with my friends Bill and Laura. I do take a moment to discuss taking a day off since I recorded this one on Labor Day here in the US, and have given both the Wombat Co-Host and the Teenage Test Subject the week off. Quack Quack Honk DesignsQuack Quack Honk Designs PatreonQuack Quack Honk Designs YoutubeQuack Quack Honk Designs on TwitterGalaxy Quest "Never Give Up..."ToxoplasmosisThe History of Labor Day Download this Episode


Episode 60 - Catching up, Jim C. Hines

After a refreshing break, we return this week with our status on catching up post-con. We'll also talk about how Kevin is using his Bullet Journal and the challenges around having one person use a digital calendar and the other using paper. We'll check in with the Teen Test Subject, and then talk to Jim C. Hines on how he stays productive! Links for this Episode: Jim C. HinesJim C. Hines on TwitterJim C. Hines on AmazonHabiticaKobayashi MaruBullet Journal


Episode 59 - New Test Subject, Lynne M. & Michael Damian Thomas

The time has come, the wombat said, to introduce a new test subject. The Wombat Test Subject won't be going anywhere (I suppose she is now the Wombat Co-Host?), but we will be starting to work with the Teenage Test Subject, my son Jacob, who is starting his Junior year of High School. After that, we have an interview with the Space Unicorns themselves, Lynne M. & Michael Damian Thomas, publisher and editor of Uncanny Magazine! Links for this Episode: Uncanny Magazine Uncanny Magazine Year 5...


Episode 58 - Joining the Cult, Letters

We spend a lot of time this week talking about talking - or rather, talking about speaking in public - since WorldCon is just around the corner and the Wombat Test Subject (author Ursula Vernon) has to prep not one, but two speeches she probably won't have to give. We follow that up with Kevin's initial foray into Bullet Journalling, and wrap it all up with your letters and comments! Links for this Episode : Toastmasters InternationalTime & ToDo PlannerBullet Journal Leonardo Da Vinci's To...


Episode 57 - Disconnecting (Again), Cori Large

This week we will discuss the pros and cons of "disconnecting" as we are about to head off to a short get-away that will have spotty to no internet access. We also talk about balancing out productive and non-productive days. Finally, we have an interview with friend of the show and long-time listener Cori Large, to find out how she stays organized. Links for this Episode: Tales from a Polk County Girl BlogTales from a Polk County Girl YouTubeTales from a Polk County Girl FacebookCrafts By...


Episode 56 - Games, Susan Anderson

This week we talk a little more about why and when we play video games, and how it is important for us (and many others) as part of our self-care routines. We'll also catch up on the Wombat Test Subject's productivity, and top it off by talking to my cousin Susan Anderson about how she stays productive. Links for this Episode: Susan Anderson on InstagramTime and Todo PlannerOneNoteGoogle CalendarEmergent Task PlannerButterscotch ShenanigansCrashlandsWunderlist Warhammer 40,000: Gladius -...


Episode 55 - Recovery, Letters

We are home from AnthroCon, and we'll talk about the stresses and organizational hurdles we encountered while we were there. And then, since it is the second show of the month, we have answers to your letters! Links for this Episode: Picniic AppGoogle KeepErin Condran PlannersOmniFocusBullet JournalExOfficioSantiago de CompostelaSuperBetter


Episode 54 - Packing, Jennifer Askey

We are at AnthroCon this weekend, and we are looking forward to meeting everyone of our listeners who is able to come. In the mean time, we have a really good interview with Dr. Jennifer Askey, an Academic and Career Coach. Links for this Episode: Energized AcademicJennifer Askey on Twitter Bullet JournalGoogle CalendarGoogle KeepHuawei WatchBlair Braverman TwitterKonmariDaylioTwsbi Fountain PensBella_Boodle Download this Episode


Episode 53 - Convention Prep, Diana Harlan Stein

One week to go until AnthroCon, and we are both in Convention Prep Mode. While I work out better ways to keep the Security team organized and display useful information, the Wombat Test Subject is working on her table display, art, and a whole bunch of other stuff. We will also talk to Diana Harlan Stein, three-time Hugo nominee and fantasy artist. Links for this Episode: Naiad StudiosDiana Harlan Stein on DeviantArtLechtturm1791 NotebooksRubber Stamp ChampsAnderware Masterplan Visconti...


Episode 52 - Stickers, Pinch-Hitter, K. B. Spangler

Hi everyone! We're here this week with a discussion of better living through chemistry, the Wombat Test Subject Ursula Vernon's new Sitting Ball chair, convention prep, and how presentation matters when selling things. We also have an interview with Cartoonist and Author K. B. Spangler! Links for this Episode: K.B. Spangler websiteA Girl and Her Fed WebcomicK.B. Spangler PatreonK.B. Spangler on TwitterMarvel Puzzle QuestQuire.ioVivora Luno Sitting BallKid Lit Says No Kids In CagesThe...


Episode 51 - Dream Project, Letters

The first episode of Year Two falls on the second week of the month, so it is time to read your letters and answer listener questions. We will also check in with our Wombat Test Subject, and discover that the new setup needs a pop filter, while the old setup didn't. Links for This Episode: Zoho ProjectsQuireClearbags.comFailing performed by Susan Cahill (Futility Closet) Kelly McGonigal: How to Make Stress Your Friend Jane McGonigal: The game that can give you 10 extra years of...


Episode 50 - One Year Later, Kevin Sonney

So here it is, Episode 50. This week, we will discuss some of the challenges of no longer being tied to an office schedule, our Wombat Test Subject (Ursula Vernon) discusses the realization that she likely has ADD, and we'll put Kevin in the hot-seat to answer the seven questions (which he has never done). Links for this episode: Kevin Sonney on TwitterKevin Sonney on Instagram (Mostly Chickens) Episode 1 of Productivity Alchemy TUL Weekly/Monthly Refill pagesDoodleActiveInboxSaneBox...


Episode 49 - Owning Up, Finding Toads, Seanan McGuire

today I had a major miss at work, and have spent the day recovering for it, so we'll talk a little bit about owning up to our mistakes and then making it right. We'll also talk to our Wombat Test Subject about her adventures today with special guest Seanan McGuire, who was kind enough to sit down with me and talk about how she stays productive. Links for this Episode: Seanan McGuire's HomepageSeanan on TwitterSeanan's TumblerSeanan on PatreonFranklin-Covey PlannersEvil Supply Company4 the...


Episode 48 - Processing Email, Will Frank

This week we will be talking about email. Recently I've been working with two products to help me with my email sorting and processing. Then we'll check in with the recovering Wombat Test Subject, who is between projects right now. After that we'll talk with friend of the show Will Frank about how he stays productive. Links for this Episode: Will Frank on TwitterForce Visions : Revisiting the Star Wars Expanded UniverseActiveInboxSaneBoxGoogle InboxGoogle KeepOutlook.comMicrosoft...


Episode 47 - Sick Days, Thomas Brandt

Hi everyone! Our Wombat Test Subject is not feeling well this week, and so I'll be talking about taking sick time to be sick and get better, and not pushing yourself to be productive. After that, I have an amazing discussion with Thomas Brandt, a schoolteacher in Germany. I hope you enjoy the discussion as much as I did. Links for this Episode: Thomas Brandt on TwitterThomas Brandt's Blog (German) The TimeTEX System-Schulplaner (School Planner)OmniFocusGetting Things DoneAuphonicReaper...