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Welcome to Productivity Alchemy, a podcast on personal productivity for normal people.

Welcome to Productivity Alchemy, a podcast on personal productivity for normal people.
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Welcome to Productivity Alchemy, a podcast on personal productivity for normal people.








Episode 47 - Sick Days, Thomas Brandt

Hi everyone! Our Wombat Test Subject is not feeling well this week, and so I'll be talking about taking sick time to be sick and get better, and not pushing yourself to be productive. After that, I have an amazing discussion with Thomas Brandt, a schoolteacher in Germany. I hope you enjoy the discussion as much as I did. Links for this Episode: Thomas Brandt on TwitterThomas Brandt's Blog (German) The TimeTEX System-Schulplaner (School Planner)OmniFocusGetting Things DoneAuphonicReaper...


Episode 46 - May Letters

Hi everyone! It is the second week of the month, and that means it is time to read your letters and answer your questions! We had a great selection this month. We also have a giveaway! You can win a copy of Teresa Colon's new book "Seeing Ourselves Through God's Eyes" by following the instructions in the episode. I'd like to thank Teresa for the copy, and hope you enjoy this week's episode. Links for this Episode: Seeing Ourselves Through God's Eyes on AmazonDino Sarma's Depression...


Episode 45 - Trello, Elizabeth Bee

Hi everyone! This week the Wombat Test Subject (author Ursula Vernon) finally tried out Trello, and we'll have her thoughts on this tool. We also have brief overview of Zoho One, discuss the needs of a convention display, and wrap up with an interview with Friend of the Show Elizabeth Bee. Hope you all have a Productive week! Links for This Episode: TrelloTickTick You Need A Budget iMood Journal Habitica Headspace Unf*ck Your Habitat Pomodoro method The Life Changing Magic of Not...


Episode 44 - Recharge, Alicia Day

Setbacks are a thing that happens, and this week we'll talk to our Wombat Test Subject (Author Ursula Vernon) about her latest in the garden. We'll also talk about recharging and taking breaks, and wrap it all up with a discussion of how Park Ranger Alicia Day stays organized. Links For This Episode: Alicia Day on TwitterExtraordinary AdultingTrelloHappy PlannerGoogle CalendarThe Magic of not Giving a Fuck (video) The Life Changing Magic of Not Giving a Fuck (book)Hashimoto's...


Episode 43 - Kanban, Alan Wexelblat

After a great time at OpenSource 101 in Columbia SC, the Wombat Test Subject (author and illustrator Ursula Vernon) and I will talk about using Kanban boards. We also start to discuss burnout (which will be an ongoing discussion), and Kevin takes some time to talk to Alan Wexelblat about how he stays productive. Links for this Episode: Google CalendarBoomerang for GMailRoll20Obsidian PortalTrelloTED Talks on YouTubeTEDx Talks on Youtube


Episode 42 - Letters, Bags, Travel

It is the second week of the month, and so it is time to read your letters! We have a backlog, and will read a lot of them this month. We'll also check in with our Wombat Test Subject. Hope you enjoy it! Links for this Episode: OneNoteAgendio Customizable PlannersEagle Creek Pack-It Cube Sets (Ursula's favorites)Tilly Waxed Cotton Convertible Knapsack (Kevin's new favorite) Steal this PresentationPassion Planners Download this Episode


Episode 41 - Spring, Gardening, Nathaniel Vanderklok

Spring is Springing here in North Carolina, and so we will talk about one of the Wombat Test Subject's favorite subjects : Gardening. We'll also talk about how our moods are impacted by the change in season, touch on our urges to clean this Spring, and then wrap it all up with an great talk with our friend Nathaniel Vanderklok! Links for this Episode: Nate Vanderklock on TwitterThe Popish Plot on YouTube David Seah's Emergent Task PlannerHabiticaThe SunTouch Lamp Ursula Ownes and Should...


Episode 40 - Collaboration, Michelle Wexelblat

Hi everyone, this week we're talking about collaboration, and playing well with others. We'll also look at the letter sized TUL inserts vs the half/classic sized inserts. We'll wrap up with an interview with our friend Michelle Wexelblat. Links for this Episode : Michelle Wexelblat on TwitterMichelle Wexelblat on QuoraDay Timer The Five Stages of Change Procrastination as a Defense MechanismMind MappingTrelloUpdox


Episode 39 - Planner Reviews, Mary Thengvall

One thing I'm learning is that the people who use planners are often as passionate about them as I am. We'll talk about one such encounter from this past weekend's travels, as well as review one that the Wombat Test Subject picked up while she was out today. Finally, we'll wrap things up by talking to the always amazing Mary Thengvall! Links for This Episode: Mary Thengvall dot comMary Thengvall on TwitterMary's Medical Service Dog Ember on TwitterErin Condren...


Episode 38 - Overwork, Sarah Wendell

This week, the Wombat Test Subject is away so the Kevin will...well, work. We'll talk about one of the challenges of not having someone around to remind you to do the simple things like eat and sleep. And then we'll have a fantastic talk with Sarah Wendell of "Smart Bitches, Trashy Books." Apologies for the audio problems in the interview - but at least Sarah came out sounding amazing. Links for this Episode : Smart Bitches, Trashy BooksSmart Podcast, Trashy BooksThe MomAgendaSarah's...


Episode 37 - Moving, Letters

This episode we'll talk about actually using of the TUL Home planner pages. There is also a discussion of keeping organized when you move, and the impact of anxiety on productivity. Finally, we have some of your letters! Links for this Episode: Todoist David Allen's Getting Things DoneTickTickRemember The MilkHabiticaEmergent Task PlannerOneNote


Episode 36 - Cleaning, Chuck Wendig

This week we'll talk about doing some cleaning and letting go. And not just of stuff. We'll also consult with the Wombat Test Subject about some of the finer points of self-publishing, and then we have a chance to find out how Chuck Wendig stays organized. Links for this Episode: 'Getting to Done' on the Command LineChuck Wendig on TwitterTerribleMindsBlackbirds (Miriam Black Book 1) The Raptor and the Wren (Miriam Black Book 5)The Bonebox (Not a paid endorsement) Download this Episode


Episode 35 - Gardening, Archaeology, and Cassandra Khaw

Hi everyone! This week we have an interview with the amazing Cassandra Khaw! Most of the interview, really, as for whatever reason the recording had issues after she answered the Six Questions, and I'm REALLY sad you don't get to hear that part. We also check in with our Wombat Test Subject, and talk about Sysadmin Archaeology - that is, the practice of uncovering what all the Sysadmins did before you got there. Links for this Episode: Cassandra Khaw on AmazonCassandra Khaw on...


Episode 34 - Cleaning up, Kevin Hearne

This week we'll talk about cleaning up after someone else, that is the situation where you have taken over for someone else and for every thing you get done, you uncover two things that need to be fixed. We'll also check in with our Wombat Test Subject (author Ursula Vernon), and see if she is back on track. And then we talk with author Kevin Hearne, and find out how he keeps himself organized. Links for this Episode: Kevin Hearne's Official Website Hounded (Iron Druid Book One) on Amazon...


Episode 33 - Refills, Endings, and Letters

Kevin was in an office supply store alone and without a minder, and that means new things to review! In particular, the new line of TUL refills from Office Depot, and so we'll take a look at all four packs, as well as the stickers that go with them. And then we talk about the recent events in and around the Wombat Test Subject's "On Hold" status, meeting deadlines, and end-of-life care for relatives. Finally, we read some of your letters, and have the contest results! Links for this...


Episode 32 - Lilith Staintcrow

With our Wombat Test Subject on book tour, we're going to jump straight into the interview with Lilith St. Crow. Please excuse the bit where I get a call early on in the interview, and we might wonder around a bit, but this is a great discussion, and I hope you like it. Links for this Episode: Lilith Saintcrow HomepageLilith Staintcrow on Amazon Beast of Wonder on AmazonAfterwar Pre-Order on AmazonThe Daily Grind BlogLevenger CircaPalomino Blackwing PencilsThe Artist's Way


Episode 31 - Book Tour, Theresa Colon

Hi everyone! The Wombat Test Subject (Ursula Vernon) is on book tour this week, and so we are going to jump straight into the interview with Theresa Colon of Wounded Birds Ministry, and the very long conversation we had about how she keeps herself organized, coping mechanisms, and the role of spirituality in her own productivity. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Links for this episode: Don't Should On Me I Didn't Want to be a ChristianUncondemnedWounded Birds MinistryWounded Birds...


Episode 30 - Grooming, Lydean Kenzall

This episode we have some big news, which we will talk about first thing. Then we follow up with a discussion of how our Wombat Test Subject (aka Ursula Vernon) did with re-integrating to-do lists into her life. As a part of that, we'll talk about the value of task grooming and pruning, which is something we should all do every so often. Finally, we have an interview with Lydean Kenzall, who also has a giveaway for us this week! Links for this Episode: Lydean on TwitterA Heroic Moment...


Episode 29 - Starting Again, Letters

This week we talk about how Kevin stayed productive this past weekend at MAGFest, where he was part of the event Security crew. We will also talk to our Wombat Test Subject about where she is at in her productivity journey, and then we'll read some of your letters, with color commentary from special guest LizardBeth! Links for this Episode: Levenger Circa Steno Ruled NotepadMAGFestLizardBethTimeboxing


Episode 28 - Packing, K. C. Alexander

I am packing up to go to MAGFest, and so we talk a little about prep for the trip. We also touch on mind-maps, editing books. Then we launch into an interview with one of my favorite authors and a really cool person, K. C. Alexander. We had a lot of fun talking, and I hope you enjoy hearing it as much as we enjoyed recording it. Links for this Episode: K. C. Alexander HomepageK. C. Alexander PatronK. C. Alexander MastodonK. C. Alexander on AmazonK. C. Alexander's YouTube Video on her...


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