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Welcome to Productivity Alchemy, a podcast on personal productivity for normal people.

Welcome to Productivity Alchemy, a podcast on personal productivity for normal people.
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Welcome to Productivity Alchemy, a podcast on personal productivity for normal people.








Episode 109 - Being Home, Cooking with Dino Part 3

This week, we wrap up our conversation with Dino on cooking. We talk about some easy prep stuff you can make ahead, tips on using it, and long talk about food security. We even discuss tea in China vs. tea in the US. I hope you've been enjoying the series as we wrap up this week. But before that Ursula and I talk about how we've been productive this past week. Content Warning: Poverty, U.S. Politics, Food Security, Corn, Preppers, Tibet Politics, Immigration, Christianity Links for...


Episode 108 - Sleep Schedule, Cooking with Dino Part 2

This week we have part 2 of our talk with Dino about cooking! We talk salt, hot peppers, how to avoid the fear of screwing up, and the society rules around hospitality. Before that, though, Ursula (the Wombat Co-Host) and I talk about working on-call, making word count, and her current sleep schedule. This is the longest of the three, so get ready for a heck of a ride! Content Warnings for the interview segment: bodily functions, the local nuclear plant, parasites, sex, poverty, politics,...


Episode 107 - Post-SDCC, Cooking with Dino Part 1

Dino's back to talk about cooking! While the conversation DOES meander, we talk about gear, prep, and timing. We also talk about cooking for children, meal planning, the culture behind family/group meals, and a lot more (that includes recipes). But before that, Ursula and I talk about the past weekend at SDCC, dinner decision fatigue, and give an update on the baby chickens. Links for this Episode: Comics for PeaceKevin's Instant Pot Pinterest Board 6-Qt Instant Pot (Amazon) Zojirushi...


Episode 106 - SDCC prep, Chris Kolakowski

This week we talk about chickens, working outside, and the prep for San Diego Comic-Con. We wrap it all up with an interview with the multi-talented musician Chris Kolakowski. Links for this Episode: Acoustic Mining Company (AMCO)AMCO FacebookAMCO YoutubeAMCO SoundcloudJessica Dye on YouTubeTickTickMerlin MannBack to Work43FoldersAirtableZapierTrelloFantasticalHunter Angler Gardener CookPaprika AppLords & LadlesSix Wakes by Mur LaffertyRedressed Peacock that Seems LivingThe Neapolitan...


Episode 105 - Logistics, Letters

We're back from AnthroCon, and so we discuss some of the logistics in preparing for a big event with a lot of moving parts. We follow this with your letters, which are, as always, awesome. Links for this Episode: Bullet Journals on Instagram Bullet Journals on PinterestInbox Zero definition Permission to Make Bad Art by UrsulaV


Episode 104 - AnthroCon, Dana Fraedrich

While we are working AnthroCon 2019, I have this amazing interview with Dana Fraedrich to share with you all. See you next week, and remember: Stay Productive! Links for this Episode : Words by DanaDana on TwitterDana's PatreonDana's Ko-FiBlackfish MovieMilwaukie Hand CartsRIDGID Tool Storage System (AKA Ursula's Con Kit)Candle ScienceDocument Node "On Writing" by Stephen King (Amazon)How It's MadeCGP Grey Youtube"Stet"ScrivinerAnthroCon 2019CloudHQA/B Testing DefinitionZombies Run


Episode 103 - New Tools, Star Picucci

This week, the Wombat co-host and I will discuss the new tools and techniques I am using to rebuild my good work habits. We also discuss the upcoming con, and then we sit down with long-time listener Star Picucci and find out how she stays productive. Links for this Episode : Star Picucci on InstagramLovecraft Cocktails on InstagramHappy PlannerMoleskine VoyageurRemember The MilkTodoistPomoDoneThingsHenge DockEvernoteMidnight Inbox "Latin Liver" from This American Life Ep 452 : Poultry...


Episode 102 - Learning, Michael Gray

This week we'll talk about what happens to me when Ursula travels. Hint : it is similar to what happens to her when I go out of town. We also talk about having a bad day, and wrap up by finding out how Assistant Professor Michael Gray stays productive! Links for this Episode : The Microlab (includes contact information)Big Rose StudiosThe Murderbot Diaries Lab Notebooks (Amazon link)Mis en PlaceSanebox (Kevin's Referal Link)Badge How-to


Episode 101 - Tactical Error, Letters

This week, we talk about not planning ahead properly, as Ursula has a new computer for her art - that isn't ready yet, and a deadline is looming. We also talk about volunteerism, and wrap it all up with your letters. Links for this Episode: Elastic CaresScrapbooking (Wikipedia) Basic Inventory Management with Square (OK, I know the list is short this week, but a lot of it references prior episodes, so....)


Episode 100 - Two Years Later, Kevin Sonney

This is it! Episode 100, and the 2nd anniversary of Productivity Alchemy! That means that Ursula (former Wombat Test Subject and now Wombat co-host) sits in the interviewer chair and Kevin gets to answer his own questions and we find out how things have changed since last year! Thank you ALL for the last two years! Kevin's Original Interview Kevin's Year One reviewKevin on TwitterThingsOmniFocus 3 How long it takes to make a habit


Episode 99 - Day One, Wade Foster

Hi folks! This week we discuss Kevin's First Day (and week) of his new job, Ursula (the Wombat Co-Host) discusses her issues with linear time, as well as both our strategies for taking the stress out of special gift-giving days like Birthdays and Holidays. Finally, we wrap up by talking to the CEO and co-founder of Zapier, Wade Foster! Links for this Episode: ZapierWade Foster on TwitterTodoistWunderlistThe Bone Box SubscriptionNative Seed SEARCH


Episode 98 - Getting Ready, Alicia (Day) Baker Update

This week, we talk about getting ready to cover things while Kevin is out of the loop, the new project Ursula is fiddling around with, filling fountain pens, and the double-edged sword of online community for those of us that word from home. We then get to catch up with Alicia (Day) Baker, who tells us how her productivity has changed since we spoke last year. Links for this Episode: Episode 44 with AliciaAlicia on TwitterExtraordinary AdultingContact Alicia Essential Planner (Amazon)...


Episode 97 - New Job, Jenett Silver

I got a new job! I am not going to talk too much about it (yet), since we're in the "hired-but-not-started" paperwork phase, but you can expect updates as things progress. In the mean time, we have a great talk with Jenett Silver! Enjoy it, and remember to Stay Productive! Links for this Episode: Jenett Silver SeekingCelia Lake books and storiesTodoistUysses for Mac Sample Google Sheet from JenettYearly Cycle ListSeek Knowledge Find Wisdom Productivity LinksRavelry Celestarium...


Episode 96 - Back from China, Letters

We're back! This week, we will talk about some of our experiences in Tibet, and the follow it up by reading your letters! Links for this Episode The Great Thangka Rongbuk MonasteryGoogle TripsMoleskine Voyager Notebook


Episode 95 - Emily Koehler-Platten

Hi folks! We are on an airplane headed home from China (if all has gone according to plan), and so this week we jump right into the interview with Emily Koehler-Platten. See you next week! Emily on TwitterThe University of Alaska Museum of the North Don't Break the Chain


Episode 94 - Anna James

Hi everyone! I hope you are having a productive month! If all is going according to the plan, we are currently travelling in Tibet! How awesome is that! While we do that, I have this incredible interview with Anna James for you! Links for this Episode: Anna James on TwitterFrom the Blanket Fort (Anna's Blog) 21 Tips to Keep Your Shit Together When You're Depressed Interactive Self Care Guide (For When You Feel Like Shit)Anna's Feel Better Pinterest Board Anna's Dissertation Dashboard...


Episode 93 -Augusta Scarlet

We're still in China! If all has gone according to plan, we are leaving the Valley of the Cats, and headed to Tibet! While we're off doing that, please enjoy this really great interview with Augusta Scarlet!


Episode 92 - V. Medina

Hi everyone! If all is going well, Ursula and I are on our way to the Valley of the Cats in China at this very moment. In the mean time, listen to this amazing interview with V. Medina. Links for this Episode : V. Medina on TwitterV. Medina on InstagramSEEDLING on Factor Four MagazineI Will Be There by Odessa (YouTube)The Valley of the Cats


Episode 91 - Frazzled, Laura Rivella

This week on Productivity Alchemy we talk about being frazzled and only being able to keep track of a few things big things happening. We also talk about one of those big things we did this week : making a will. We'll also briefly discuss the Wombat Co-Host's most recent Hugo Nomination, the upcoming shows for when we are in China, and then we wrap up by talking to listener Laura Rivella, about how she stays productive! Links for this Episode: Laura on InstagramLaura's BlogEmail Laura...


Episode 90 - Rooster Trade, Rachel Anson

This week we will be taking the time to discuss Kevin's Travel Planner and a lot of the prep work we are doing before we leave for China. We also check in with the state of the Wombat Co-Host, and explain why we are currently between roosters. After all that, we have a chat with Rachel Anson and how she stays productive! Links for this Episode: MYU A5 Planner (mochithings)MYU A5 String Tie Binder (mochithings)Silvopasture (Wikipedia)Silvopasture (USDA)Oak SavannaRachel Anson on...