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Welcome to Productivity Alchemy, a podcast on personal productivity for normal people.

Welcome to Productivity Alchemy, a podcast on personal productivity for normal people.
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Welcome to Productivity Alchemy, a podcast on personal productivity for normal people.








Episode 124 - Comparisons, V.M. Brasseur

This week my Wombat Co-host and I will discuss our productivity rates, and what happens when we compare ourselves to others. We also update you on ... Finally, we talk to this week's guest, the Open Source Superstar ond one of my favorite speakers at conferences, V. M. Brasseur! Links for this Episode: V. M. Brasseur on Twitter Forge Your Future With Open SourceSeagull ServicesRemember The MilkTrelloEvernoteMindnodeGitlabBikesheddingYak ShavingIRCCloud


Episode 123 - Deadline Driven, Keith Sutton

This week, we continue our discussion of my transition to a new team are work, as well as the Wombat Co-Host's perceived lack of productivity. We also discuss how SAD (Seasonal Affective Dissorder) can impact us, as well as review the 2020 OolaPlanner. Finally we chat with Keith Sutton about how he stays productive! Links for this Episode: Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)OolaPlannerEmacs Org ModeSpacemacsWaterfall MethodologyHabiticaOneNote


Episode 122 - Working Trips, Jenn Mercer

This week, Ursula and I discuss working trips, and the toll they take on us. We also have updates on our individual productivity, and wrap it up by talking to our friend Jenn Mercer about how she stays productive as a professional French-English translator! Links for this Episode: Jenn Mercer's Professional WebsiteJenn's TwitterJenn's InstagramRaveltyComicBookRealmAmerican Translator's AssociationSCL Trados StudioMemoQABBYY FineReaderScrivenerWordfastOmegaTGDPRThe Drunken Botanist by Amy...


Episode 121 - Foraging, Letters

Since I'm back home, I'll discuss some of what happened at the work event last week, and then we'll catch up with our Wombat Co-Host (Ursula Vernon) on how productive she has been, as well as where we are with the new tenant on Dogskull Patch. After that, we will read your letters! Links for this Episode: The Harp TwinsWindyConShepherd's PatreonK.B. Spanger SilvopastureNameless Sheep Comics (Twitter Thread)Gantt Charts


Episode 120 - Work Conference, Buddy Goodboy Esq.

Hi folks! I am at a work conference this week, so I'll do a quick intro so you can hear my amazing conversation with Buddy Goodboy, Esq. I hope you all have a productive week! Links for this Episode: Buddy Goodboy Esq on TwitterBullet JournalTrelloHIPAAMindhunter (TV)


Episode 119 - In Between, Jesse "Tango" Stringer

This week, the Wombat Co-host and I discuss the feeling of being in between projects, the work that goes into our current political activity, and the feeling of not working enough. After that we have our friend Jesse "Tango" Stringer on to talk to us about how he stays productive. Links for this Episode: Jesse on TwitterJesse on MastodonJesse on DreamwidthErsatz Echos of Eastfjord Harbor Podcast Colorado Style PizzaDorsai IrregularsMidwest FurFestHabiticaDungeons and Dragons 5e


Episode 118 - Filling Forms, Thomas Redeux

This week, we will talk about how many forms we need to fill out, when those forms are due, and our history with the financial aid form in particular. We will then follow up with Thomas Brandt and see what has changed since we last talked to him. Links for this episode: Episode 47 with Thomas BrandtChaos-media - Thomas Brandt's PodcastPodlove German Teacher's PlannerHabiticaDavid Allen's Getting Things DoneKanbanPomodoro TechniquePowerschoolOmnifocusWorkflowy Traffic Light Noise Monitor...


Episode 117 - Presentations, Letters

Hi folks! This week we will discuss the good and the bad in terms of our productivity this past week. From conference talk prep and presentation to bank errors and house guests, we talk about the impact it all had on our productivity. After that, we will read and respond to your letters! Links for this Episode: Star Trek: Bridge CommanderMorels: The HuntPacking Pro App Conservation BurialScribbles That Matter NotebookDingbats A5 NotebookAll Things Open Storytelling 101 BlurbRAICES Texas


Episode 116 - Exhausted, Elizabeth Crow

Hi folks. We had to deal with some stressful stuff today, and so don't have much to talk about. So instead we're just going to go right to our interview with Elizabeth Crow, and find out how she stays productive! Links for this Episode: Elizabeth Crow on TwitterSarah Whitten on TwitterLizardBethArt on TwitterLizardBeth's TwitchLet's Play ChannelUntitled Goose GameParkasaurusFactory TownKingdoms and CastlesMinecraft7 Days to DieMist SurvivalRimworldZoomStranded Deep


Episode 115 - New book, Elizabeth Bee update

This week we feature an update from past guest Elizabeth Bee, who has changed jobs, changed organizational systems, and had to make some adjustments to how she gets stuff done. Before that, though, the Wombat Co-Host (Ursula Vernon) and I will discuss her new book, the thrown ball, and the ups and downs of the past week. Links for this episode: Elizabeth Bee on Twitter Episode 45 with Elizabeth BeeGetting Things Done Microsoft OneNote Ravelry RavIt Cora AirTable Clue Skilcraft...


Episode 114 - Pitches, Michael Headley

This week, we will discuss the difficulty of working on a new team with the Wombat Co-Host, some review of the stages of team development, and what it's like to be adjusting your sleep schedule. We wrap it all up with an interview with Data Analyst, Author, and YouTuber Michael Headley! Links for this Episode: Michael on Twitter Michael on YouTubeBullet JournalLevenger TUL Disc NotebooksNirvana AppDavid Allen's Getting Things DoneTomato TimerProductivity Challenge Timer Casey Blair on...


Episode 113 - Completing Things, Jane Lindskold and Jim Moore

Hi folks! This week we will talk about completing a big project, and the feelings you get after it is done. We also have an update on one of the Wombat Co-Host's (Author Ursula Vernon) long-term goals, and finish up with the live show from Bubonicon with Jane Lindskold and Jim Moore! (Sadly, I cannot currently find a public copy of the quail photo mentioned in the show) Jane Lindskold's Official WebsiteJane Lindskold's BlogJane Lindskold on TwitterRoger ZelaznyWolf's Search (Firekeeper...


Episode 112 - Back in a Rut, Letters

Hi folks! It's a letter week, and we'll read and talk about your questions, comments, and feedback! We also talk about how the Wombat Co-Host (Ursula) did with her "sick day" last week, as well as Kevin's frustrations with apps and lack of interoperability. Links for this Episode: Colcannon recipe French Cooking in Ten Minutes: Adapting to the Rhythm of Modern Life Japanese Battleship Curry Celestial Tribute Tea Machine Learning for Fisheries3llo Trello Command Line...


Episode 111 - No Ideas, Sarah Hartman

What do you do when the well runs dry-ish, and you can't come up with new ideas? This week the Wombat Co-Host (Ursula Vernon) and I will talk about her sudden lack of ideas and how maybe a day off - a REAL day off - can help. After that we'll talk to Sarah Hartman about how they stay productive. Links for this Episode: Sarah Hartman on TwitterBrandeis UniversityCataloging EthicsRavelryRavelry Community GuidelinesMyNoiseHabitLabForest AppAsk a Manager


Episode 110 - Jet Lag, Patricia Pinto

Hi folks! We are currently recovering from jet lag and travel, so we're going to share the talk I did with Patricia Pinto about how she stays productive while we recover. Links for this Episode: Patricia Pinto's WebsiteBasecampThe Hidden AlmanacWelcome to Night ValeWordpress Gutenberg EditorNaNoWriMo Crazy Rich Asians (Amazon)What to Do When It's Nothing by Static by Cassandra Khaw (Apex Magazine)Pokemon GoJetpens Pilot PetitPilot Kakuno Preppy Pentel Hybrid Dual Metallic Gel Pen TUL Gel...


Episode 109 - Being Home, Cooking with Dino Part 3

This week, we wrap up our conversation with Dino on cooking. We talk about some easy prep stuff you can make ahead, tips on using it, and long talk about food security. We even discuss tea in China vs. tea in the US. I hope you've been enjoying the series as we wrap up this week. But before that Ursula and I talk about how we've been productive this past week. Content Warning: Poverty, U.S. Politics, Food Security, Corn, Preppers, Tibet Politics, Immigration, Christianity Links for this...


Episode 108 - Sleep Schedule, Cooking with Dino Part 2

This week we have part 2 of our talk with Dino about cooking! We talk salt, hot peppers, how to avoid the fear of screwing up, and the society rules around hospitality. Before that, though, Ursula (the Wombat Co-Host) and I talk about working on-call, making word count, and her current sleep schedule. This is the longest of the three, so get ready for a heck of a ride! Content Warnings for the interview segment: bodily functions, the local nuclear plant, parasites, sex, poverty, politics,...


Episode 107 - Post-SDCC, Cooking with Dino Part 1

Dino's back to talk about cooking! While the conversation DOES meander, we talk about gear, prep, and timing. We also talk about cooking for children, meal planning, the culture behind family/group meals, and a lot more (that includes recipes). But before that, Ursula and I talk about the past weekend at SDCC, dinner decision fatigue, and give an update on the baby chickens. Links for this Episode: Comics for PeaceKevin's Instant Pot Pinterest Board 6-Qt Instant Pot (Amazon) Zojirushi...


Episode 106 - SDCC prep, Chris Kolakowski

This week we talk about chickens, working outside, and the prep for San Diego Comic-Con. We wrap it all up with an interview with the multi-talented musician Chris Kolakowski. Links for this Episode: Acoustic Mining Company (AMCO)AMCO FacebookAMCO YoutubeAMCO SoundcloudJessica Dye on YouTubeTickTickMerlin MannBack to Work43FoldersAirtableZapierTrelloFantasticalHunter Angler Gardener CookPaprika AppLords & LadlesSix Wakes by Mur LaffertyRedressed Peacock that Seems LivingThe Neapolitan...


Episode 105 - Logistics, Letters

We're back from AnthroCon, and so we discuss some of the logistics in preparing for a big event with a lot of moving parts. We follow this with your letters, which are, as always, awesome. Links for this Episode: Bullet Journals on Instagram Bullet Journals on PinterestInbox Zero definition Permission to Make Bad Art by UrsulaV