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Episode 224 Phil Sittner KD6RM

Phil Sittner, KD6RM, has a ham radio story that goes back over 50 years, from childhood. Still living in Northern California, Phil builds his own radios and test equipment, operates CW on 80 and 40 meters, using antennas optimized for his city lot in an HOA neighborhood where antennas are forbidden. We harness Phil’s extensive technical expertise and hear his ham radio story in this QSO Today.


Episode 223 Denny Berg WB9MSM

Denny Berg, WB9MSM, has a fascination for old rigs, including the Swan 500 HF transceiver, ham shack software that enhances his on the air user experience, and a love for just getting on HF and operating. One of the first to get DXCC operating FT8, Denny has a positive, “can-do”, attitude that brings success to both his personal, professional, and amateur radio life.


Episode 222 Greg Latta AA8V Revisited

In episode 33 of the QSO Today podcast, Dr. Greg Latta, AA8V, was described as a renaissance man, a master home-brewer who designs and builds the old tube rigs and fabricates the beautiful metal enclosures that encase them. Greg is also a college physics professor who says that vacuum tubes are one of the best ways to provide to students a visual representation electrons in motion. We reprise and update this QSO with AA8V.


Episode 221 Arnold Ziegel W2HDI

After running maritime mobile from his 40 foot sailboat for many years, Arnold Ziegel, W2HDI, switched to power boats and all of the challenges to amateur radio brought on by the new boat. Not deterred by these challenges, W2HDI discovered remote control operation, over the Internet, from his new boat. We dive deeper into Arnold’s ham radio story and remote operation in this QSO Today.


Episode 220 Mark Rosenberg 4X1KS

While exposed to amateur radio at an early age, it was not until Mark Rosenberg, 4X1KS, got his first license and upgraded quickly within a few short months, in Memphis, Tennessee. In Memphis, Robert Barbee, W4AMI, became Mark’s ham radio mentor driving Mark to satellite excellence. Now in Israel, Mark is active in just about every on-air activity, as well as being the consummate fixer and home-brewer. 4X1KS is my QSO today.


Episode 219 Ken Oelke VE6AFO

Ken Oelke, VE6AFO, stepped up to the plate for his local amateur radio club and ended up making leadership in local and national Canadian amateur radio organizations the major focus of his ham radio activity. Ken is now the president of the QCWA, the Quarter Century Wireless Association, when not operating both CW and SSB, or fixing one of his broken rigs. VE6AFO is my QSO Today.


Episode 218 Stephen Hicks N5AC

Stephen Hicks, N5AC, is vice president of engineering for Flex Radio, is deep in to SDR or software defined radio, likes to chase grid squares in his microwave rover, and observes the growth and trends in our amazing amateur radio hobby. From Steve’s position on the cutting edge of technology, he has a lot to say in this QSO Today.


Episode 217 Tom Wright NN2X

Tom Wright, NN2X, grew up in the sixties in the foster care system. Amateur radio provided a way out of the system and into the US Army and a career in satellite communications. Tom loves his family, the digital modes, especially the new FT8Call, and helping kids escape poverty by training them for careers in information technology. This QSO is packed with little jewels as NN2X shares his ham radio story.


Episode 216 Ray Poularas VK2GRP

In addition to his may hobbies and interests, Ray Poularas, VK2GRP, restores vintage military surplus radios back to new condition by carefully tearing down the chassis to the bare metal and rebuilding, sometimes remanufacturing the parts by casting, milling, or 3-D printing. Ray goes into great detail on his processes and also shares his time management tips that bring him success in all of his pursuits in this QSO Today.


Episode 215 Mike Bryce WB8VGE

Mike Bryce, WB8VGE, collects and restores the old Heathkit and Drake rigs that we remember from the 60s and 70s, works QRP on his favorite Ten-Tec transceivers, and has enough solar electric power to run everything. WB8VGE shares the background of all of these things and his current view of the state of ham radio in this QSO Today.


Episode 214 Bernie McClenny W3UR

As an eleven year old, watching his dad put pins in a World map while working DX, Bernie McClenny, W3UR, became hooked on ham radio and working his own DX. Bernie has made working DX, not only his hobby, but his profession as well. Bernie is the publisher of The Daily DX, and author of the monthly QST Magazine column, How’s DX. We will get into W3UR’s ham radio story and his unusual collaboration with his neighbor this QSO Today.


Episode 213 Kevin Parmenter KG5Q

Kevin Parmenter, KG5Q, caught my attention from an article that he published in QST Magazine, August 2017 about the Flightaware system. I was intrigued with the article that leverages our technical ability against a services that uses crowd sourced receivers, in private hands, Worldwide, to track commercial and military aircraft to display their location, speed, and altitude on Flightawares website. KG5Q joins be to discuss his ham radio story and the Flightaware system in this QSO Today.


Episode 212 Frank Brickle AB2KT

Frank Brickle, AB2KT, took a professional path to music composition at Princeton. He combined his musical composition skills with his technical knowledge of computer programming and background in amateur radio to develop the first software defined radio (SDR) software used first by the US government and later by private industry. Frank AB2KT is a noted classical music and opera composer and a pioneer in SDR technology.


Episode 211 Justin Johnson G0KSC

Justin Johnson, G0KSC, tells his ham radio story and how it led to the founding of his company, Innovantenna, and his approach to antenna designs, that maximize signal to noise rather than gain to produce amazing results. If you are re-considering your antenna system, then you will enjoy this QSO Today with G0KSC.


Episode 210 Tony Hutchison VK5ZAI

Tony Hutchison, VK5ZAI, who, from his interest in satellite communications, became an important backup communications link in South Australia for the NASA space shuttle missions, the Mir Space Station, and the International space station when crewed by amateur radio operators. Tony is a pioneer in this area of ham radio and has been recognized by NASA for his contributions. VK5ZAI is Eric’s QSO Today.


Episode 209 Jim Forkin WA3TFS

Jim Forkin, WA3TFS, started contributing to QST and Ham Radio Magazine as far back as 1983 with his series on A Modular Two Band Receiver. His QRZ page is loaded with pictures of his home brew rigs along with detailed descriptions. Jim shares his ham radio story and his incorporation of old and new technology including Arduino microcontrollers into his still evolving and complex projects in this QSO Today.


Episode 208 Ulrich Rohde N1UL

Dr. Ulrich Rohde, N1UL, is a pioneer in RF oscillator and receiver design. Over the last 40 years N1UL has authored over 60 articles for QST and QEX magazines, in addition to books, academic papers, and articles. Dr. Rohde has made significant scientific contributions to his family business, the Munich based Rohde and Schwarz test equipment company, and to amateur radio manufacturers including Icom. Ulrich, N1UL tells his ham radio story in this QSO Today.


Episode 207 Mike Mussler AI8Z

Mike Mussler, AI8Z, is one of the early pioneers in the 630 meter band experimental trials in 2007 that resulted in the band being opened for amateur radio exploration. AI8Z rebuilds old rigs, especially military surplus WW2 vintage radios that adorn his Cortez, Colorado ham shack. We start with Mike’s ham radio history in this QSO Today.


Episode 206 David Finell N7LRY

David Finell, N7LRY described himself to his future wife as a mad scientist, coming from a ham radio family that encouraged deep learning of the subjects that interested him. David shares his ham radio journey, his deep dive into electronics through a career in the US Air Force, his interest in antennas that led to his helix VHF antenna design, as well as his leverage of ham radio skills to his other hobbies. N7LRY is my QSO Today.


Episode 205 Rick Tavan N6XI

Rick Tavan, N6XI, is a Silicon Valley high-tech veteran who loves to contest from his two Northern California contest stations, one in the “valley” and the other in the Sierra Nevada mountains near Lake Tahoe. Rick shares his early beginnings in ham radio from 1961 to the present, his love of contesting, some tips on getting started, operating remotely over the Internet, and the challenges of setting up a proper station and antenna on volcanic soil.