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Episode 198 Jack Mandelman K1VT

Dr. Jack Mandelman is on the short list for holding the most patents, over 700 Worldwide, in the area of semiconductor physics, while at the same time a successful ham radio operator working DX and CW. Now in the middle of a QTH move, Jack is exploring satellite communications and DMR. K1VT shares his ham radio story and the period during the space race to the moon that led to the technology that we all enjoy in our QSO today.


Episode 197 Alex Grimberg PY1AHD

From his QTH in Rio De Janeiro, Alex Grimberg, PY1AHD, has mastered the art of the portable magnetic loop antennas for QRP use in the field. This interest, generated from his need for a light and portable antenna, has blossomed into the Alexloop antenna business. Now Alex travels the ham radio World showing off his Alex Loops and other accessories that make portable QRP field operations that much more enjoyable. PY1AHD is my QSO Today.


Episode 196 Jim Millner WB2REM

Jim Millner, WB2REM, has traveled and operated amateur radio in 72 countries including Cuba and Guantanamo Bay. He also operates his station by remote control, taking advantage of his prime Florida location with his excellent antenna arrays. Jim shares his amateur radio story and his remote control insight in this QSO Today.


Episode 195 Roberto Ramirez CE3CT

Roberto Ramirez, CE3CT, from Chile, is a well known South American DXer and Contester who began his ham radio story as a short wave listener. Now an electronic engineer responsible for the local cell phone company microwave links, CE3CT chases DX across with World from his contest station using beverage receive antennas pointed into the Northern hemisphere. CE3CT is my QSO Today.


Episode 194 Ryhor Greg Harbacheuski W3NW

Dr. Ryhor “Greg” Harbacheuski, W3NW, began his ham radio story in Belarus, a republic of the former Soviet Union. After immigrating to the United States to pursue his career, Greg is a successful orthopedic surgeon by day, and he enjoys melting solder, refurbishing Soviet receivers, and kit building by night. W3NW tells his ham radio story in this QSO Today.


Episode 192 Vjollca Belegu Z61VB

Out of the ashes of ten years of ethnic repression and the Kosovo War in 1998, the amateur radio service in Kosovo was reborn in 2012. Vjollca Belegu, Z61VB, Kosovo’s (Kosova) first YL ham radio operator, survived this dark period in Kosova’s history, and 25 years after ham radio was closed in Kosova is helping to re-birth the amateur radio service as the President of the Kosova Amateur Radio Association, in the new Republic of Kosova. Vjollca, Z61VB, tells this important story in this...


Episode 192 Fred Cady KE7X

Fred Cady, KE7X, took his love of radio and electronics as far as he could go - that was to a PHD in Electronic Engineering where he settled into teaching at Montana State University. Now retired, Fred is the author of fourteen books on using and operating the Elecraft transceivers and accessories. Fred is also an avid contest operator and DXer. We will dig into this and more on this QSO Today.


Episode 191 Mike Bohn KG7TR

Mike Bohn, KG7TR, has been building his own amateur radio equipment since he first entered the ham radio hobby over 50 years ago. Mike builds around the parts he has on hand creating beautiful vacuum tube transmitters, receivers, and high power amplifiers that rival the look and feel of early Collins radio equipment. We take a deep dive into the construction technique of KG7TR in this QSO Today.


Episode 190 DuWayne Schmidlkofer KV4QB

DuWayne Schmidlkofer, KV4QB, is one of the amazing creators of homebrew projects from conception to the finished package. He uses microcontrollers combined with RF circuitry to make some pretty cool and mostly inexpensive projects. His blog is a great read where he documents each of his projects from beginning to end. In this episode, we discuss construction techniques and his home brew projects. KV4QB is my QSO Today


Episode 189 Glen Popiel KW5GP Returns

Glen Popiel, KW5GP, author of two popular books on Arduino for amateur radio and a book on mesh networking for amateur radio joins QSO Today once again. Glen told his ham radio story in Episode 49, almost three years ago. We catch up with Glen to get an Arduino update and to hear about his current and future projects.


Episode 188 Richard Newstead G3CWI

Richard Newstead, G3CWI, as an avid outdoor radio enthusiast, co-founded SOTA or the Summits on the Air program. When he needed the right gear to take to the mountaintop, Richard had to create and import his own equipment, ultimately resulting in the creation of his company, Sotabeams, our new sponsor on QSO Today. Richard’s story includes operating from a research station in Antarctica during the Falklands war to the founding of Sotabeams our new QSO Today sponsor.


Episode 187 Rick Karlquist N6RK

Rick Karlquist, N6RK is a long time amateur radio operator who likes contests, DX, and over the years acquired a large square of property in California’s Central Valley to have enough room to build his antenna farm. In this episode we discuss building 90 foot vertical antennas with irrigation pipe, and using the falling derrick method to raise tall masts and towers. Rick has acquired a wide range of experience from his amateur radio and professional life, some of which he shares in this...


Episode 186 Bernie van der Walt ZS4TX

Bernie van der Walt, ZS4TX, is a South African ham for many years. He loves to contest on HF, and operates two remote control EME or Moon bounce stations on two and six meters away from the noise pollution of his residential neighborhood. We discuss these subjects and more on this episode of QSO Today.


Episode 185 Mitch Gill NA7US

Mitch Gill, NA7US is the New editor of QRP Quarterly Magazine, the official journal of the QRP Amateur Radio Club International and a former columnist for both Popular Communications and CQ VHF. Mitch has a love for all things amateur radio and is now retired from active military service where he operated at YI9TU in Iraq. Mitch tells this story and more in this QSO Today.


Episode 184 Tomas Hood NW7US

Tomas Hood, NW7US is the propagation editor of a number of shortwave and amateur radio magazines, and has a wide variety of websites, that grew out of his love for all things radio, and for listening on the bands to far off DX and commercial broadcast stations. Tomas shares his understanding of propagation and the lessons we can learn from listening, really listening to the QSOs and exchanges during contest operation.


Episode 183 Geoff Howard W0CG_PJ2DX

My guest this week is Geoff Howard, W0CG / PJ2DX, who operates along with his ham friends the P2JT contest station in a villa on a cliff overlooking the sea in Curacao. Geoff shares his ham radio story and the history of P2JT in this QSO Today.


Episode 182 Keith Hibbert WB2VUO

Keith Hibbert, WB2VUO, is the ARRL Technical Coordinator for Western NY State. In that capacity Keith serves as a resource and goto guy for technical questions by amateur radio operators. Keith and I had a great QSO on his areas of interest that include QRP Single Sideband, digital modes like FT-8, and Keith’s interest in both amateur HF and aircraft beacons. Keith shares his insights and some valuable resources in this QSO Today.


Episode 181 Shelby Ennis W8WN

One of the most unusual ham radio operating modes is meteor scatter or bouncing signals off the ionized trails left by space dust the the earth’s atmosphere. Shelby Ennis, W8WN has operated this mode for over 50 years, first on CW using tape recorders to send a high speed burst, then using the K1JT digital modes. We learn that meteor scatter is a reliable mode and much more in this QSO with W8WN.


Episode 180 Brian Machesney K1LI

Natural disasters, especially the most recent hurricanes, present us with opportunities to make a real difference if we step up to the plate. As part of this amateur radio story, Brian Machesney, K1LI, was presented his opportunity to make a difference on the Caribbean Island of Dominica after it was wiped out by Hurricane Maria in October 2017. Brian, his wife, and other hams came stepped up to the plate and provided relief with the Dominica Airlift as it was called by the press. This...


Episode 179 Steve Murphy N8NM

Steve Murphy, N8NM, builds most of his modern equipment using the Manhattan and “ugly” construction method, or he refurbishes old tube transmitters, receivers, and transceivers. Steve is not afraid to try a new design or component to further his love of home brewing. We follow the ham radio career of N8NM in this episode of QSO Today.


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