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Editorial, opinionated photography discussions.

Editorial, opinionated photography discussions.
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Editorial, opinionated photography discussions.




Episode 199 »» Photography Chat with Ian MacDonald - Shutter Time With Sid & Mac

Good ol’ Canadian We had the pleasure of chatting with Vancouver-based Fujifilm X-Photographer photographer and educator, Ian MacDonald. Ian has such an interesting background that led him to the world of photography and we were thrilled he was willing to share his photography journey with us. Please join us as we sit down for a fascinating,... Read More


Episode 198 »» Is It Worth Learning Different Styles of Photography? - Shutter Time With Sid & Mac

We Missed Him. Hey @daveszweduik … since we both missed out on Friday's jam, are you free this Friday? ?? — Sid and Mac (@ShuttertimeShow) June 5, 2018 Podcast Junkie? Dare I say our awesome gal pal of the show, Laurie (a.k.a. @HaveTeaCup) is turning into a photography podcast junkie? We of course love... Read More


Episode 197 »» The Black Couch Sessions - Shutter Time With Sid & Mac

When Sid is Away The chaps get real. Deep. Therapeutic even. Welcome to the black couch sessions. While these black couch sessions are nothing new to Shutter Time and we have been doing this for years, we thought we would take to the mics once again after a series of tweets, comments and posts from... Read More


Episode 196 »» Visual Communication Breakthroughs - Shutter Time With Sid & Mac

F is for Fuji At times, you just need to chat about gear! Fujifilm has announced their latest body, the Fujifilm X-T100. It’s small, relatively inexpensive and isn’t part of their X-Trans sensor lineup, which should make some Lightroom users happy. One Word. Intrigued by a short and simple article from Moose Peterson where he... Read More


Episode 195 »» Different Sides of Inspiration - Shutter Time With Sid & Mac

Still Inspired by Darkness? Our follow-up to episode 193 is finally here. We had received a number of messages asking for further clarification about how someone can be inspired after viewing a photograph telling a story of tragedy and darkness. Please join us as we tackle this tricky subject! Thanks to our listeners who chimed... Read More


Episode 194 »» Visions of Grandeur - Shutter Time With Sid & Mac

Inspired by Darkness? We received a number of questions / messages and even a recording about our last episode, Episode 193 »» Pulitzer Prize Photographs with Antonio M. Rosario, asking for further explanation about finding inspiration in these often dark, award-winning images. While we do not discuss this any further in this episode, you can expect... Read More


Episode 193 »» Pulitzer Prize Photographs with Antonio M. Rosario - Shutter Time With Sid & Mac

Winning Moments Every time he is back on Shutter Time, this is a winning moment for us. Of course, I am talking about our brother from another mother, the ridiculously cool photographer and podcaster hailing from Brooklyn, New York, Antonio M. Rosario. Inspired by the incredible award-winning images in the latest version of the book, Moments:... Read More


Episode 192 »» Smugs, Sidnados and Voices with Dave Szweduik - Shutter Time With Sid & Mac

@daveszweduik — Sid and Mac (@ShuttertimeShow) April 26, 2018 Sidnado With @supercellsid as my Twitter handle, it wasn’t too surprising I went nuts over this new series from our listener and good friend of the show, Laurie (@haveteacup). We will let her tell the full story on her blog, but she has been starting... Read More


Episode 191 »» Photography Everything with Antonio M. Rosario - Shutter Time With Sid & Mac

Cannot Get Enough Perhaps there is something in the air, but these days we cannot get enough of our brother from another mother, the devastatingly cool New Yorker, long-time photographer and great friend of the show, Antonio M. Rosario. We had to bring him on the show, so Mac sent out the signal and another... Read More


Episode 190 »» Travel Photography with Mitch Stringer - Shutter Time With Sid & Mac

Triple Threat To say the least. We were happy to have long-time listener and friend to the show, Maryland photographer Mitch Stringer, on for a great chat about travel photography, which is a genre so many of us enjoy and do ourselves. We also touched on his sports, wildlife and other photography adventures. Please join... Read More


Episode 189 »» Boys Night with Bryan Minear and Usually Happy Dave - Shutter Time With Sid & Mac

You Asked. We Listened. Laurie, better known as our Honorary Shutter Time Topic Executive Producer, tweeted she wanted to know more behind one of the images Bryan had tweeted, saying it was his most meaningful image made to date. Of course, we were thrilled to have another reason to get our great friend, Bryan Minear, back... Read More


Episode 188 »» The Art of Creating Crap? - Shutter Time With Sid & Mac

Rubbish Inspired by an article written by Eric Kim, we started to wonder when it comes to making images, is it better to create rubbish work or not to create anything at all? We couldn’t seem to agree on this top as per our usual Shutter Time style and history, so we took to the... Read More


Episode 187 »» Is Art Disappearing? - Shutter Time With Sid & Mac

Let’s Talk Ethics Our good friend of the show, Bart Busschots, released the latest episode of his Let’s Talk Photography podcast which was partially inspired by our recent episode about ethical photography with Antonio M. Rosario, episode 184. It is another great episode by Bart, so please check it out! Thanks for the shout-out, Bart! Social Media... Read More


Episode 186 »» Finding Masha Ivashintsova - Shutter Time With Sid & Mac

The End of an Era Our brothers from another mother, the power duo known as Antonio and Tom from Switch to Manual, made a big announcement on their latest episode of Street Shots, episode 69. Please join us as we talk about Street Shots, Masha Ivashintsova, and more! Ep. 69 of Street Shots is up! “All... Read More


Episode 185 »» Socializing Photography With Dave Szweduik - Shutter Time With Sid & Mac

Batman Rises Once Again So, @daveszweduik … tonight, right? ??? — Sid and Mac (@ShuttertimeShow) March 7, 2018 Canon Forever? Canon U.S.A. is a recipient of the prestigious Public Alliance Corporate Stewardship award for their partnership and support of Yellowstone Forever and their commitment to wildlife conservation. So, Who’s in Control Here? With the news... Read More


Episode 184 »» Ethical Photography with Antonio M. Rosario - Shutter Time With Sid & Mac

You Can’t Stop Him He’s back once again! Okay, this is because we keep bringing him back on the show as we love talking all things photography with him. You may know him as our brother from another mother, one-half of the ultra good-looking duo of the Street Shots podcast, Antonio M. Rosario from Switch to... Read More


Episode 183 »» World Press Photo with Trevor Robb - Shutter Time With Sid & Mac

The Big Six Breaking away from tradition, World Press Photo has announced the six finalists for the highly coveted World Press Photo of the Year award for 2018 instead of announcing the sole winner for this category. Looking at the work from the finalists, it left us wondering if we were becoming desensitized to the images... Read More


Episode 182 »» Confidence and Olaf’s Visual Risks - Shutter Time With Sid & Mac

X This The latest Fuji camera has been announced and instead of discussing the details, we talk about an article written about the future of X cameras à la Olaf Sztaba. Godfather Our inspiration from our great friend of the show, Olaf, continues as we discuss the meaning behind a recent blog post on confidence in... Read More


Episode 181 »» It’s Over | The Unsplash Trilogy with Antonio M. Rosario - Shutter Time With Sid & Mac

Giving Back While there has been buzz about a free-for-all photography site such as Unsplash for several years, one we have recently covered twice here on the show, it has been the two recent videos from Zack Arias that have really caught the attention of photographers. In a curious and well thought out manner, he talks about... Read More


Episode 180 »» Boy Night! Film Chat with Dom + Clay - Shutter Time With Sid & Mac

When Sid is Away … the Chaps Will Play? You’ve seen the hashtags all over social media for years now: #filmisnotdead and #ibelieveinfilm … Two of our very good friends of the show, Dom and Clay, join Mac for some good old fashioned filmy goodness. We all know film is as popular as ever these days,... Read More