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Editorial, opinionated photography discussions.

Editorial, opinionated photography discussions.
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Editorial, opinionated photography discussions.




Episode 213 »» Alfred Stieglitz and promoting the work of others - Shutter Time With Sid & Mac | Photography Podcast

Alfred was a big promoter of photography, and creator of the first photography magazine “camera work” His celebrated portrait of Georgia O’Keeffe (1997.61.19) was one of his chief occupations between 1917 and 1925, during which time he made several hundred photographs of the painter (who became his wife in 1924). His refusal to encapsulate […]


Episode 212 »» How photography could be used for social change - Shutter Time With Sid & Mac | Photography Podcast

Lewis Hine: Colorized versions of his child labor images. Changes the feel entirely: Library of Congress Collection: Child labor in the early 20th century:...


Episode 208 »» Moonrise Over Brooklyn with Ward and Antonio - Shutter Time With Sid & Mac | Photography Podcast

Moonrise Over Brooklyn We have been discussing photography books on and off the show for years, however, it was during Antonio’s deep dive (thanks to Ward for the description) of Irving Penn that shifted our conversation with one of our listeners and great friend of the show, Ward Rosin. Thanks to his wonderful insight on... Read More


Episode 207 »» Are We Being Wasteful With Our Photography? - Shutter Time With Sid & Mac | Photography Podcast

Wasted. Being wasteful in photography – is this such a thing? Do we waste our time, our resources and our chances / opportunities? As per classic Shutter Time style, we have differing opinions on this topic. Please join us as we hit the mics to debate this and more. Beautiful. While we have discussed this […]


Episode 206 »» What’s more important photograph or experience - Shutter Time With Sid & Mac | Photography Podcast

Missing Sid! Sometimes we forget experience, because we focus too much on photography. Where is the magic line that would let us experience and photograph at the same time. Antonio M. Rosario from Street Shots, joins me today to discuss this topic, as Sid unfortunately is dealing with issues. We missed her today. Join the […]


Episode 205 »» Finding the Meaning in Your Photography - Shutter Time With Sid & Mac | Photography Podcast

What Does It Mean? Does our photography have to mean something to us when we make the click? Please join us as we discuss the meaning of our photography and more! Join the Convo What are your thoughts on the meaning of your photography? How aware of this are you when you are making the […]


Episode 204 »» Street Photography with Rob Johnson and Antonio M. Rosario - Shutter Time With Sid & Mac | Photography Podcast

Edmonton vs. Brooklyn? While it may not be a battle of the hoods exactly, street photographers, Rob Johnson (making his podcast debut) and our brother from another mother, Antonio M. Rosario, join us to discuss the challenges of street photography with Rob’s unique approach and delivery and Antonio’s classic style! Join the Convo Are you […]


Episode 203 »» Podcast Mashup with Switch to Manual (Street Shots) - Shutter Time With Sid & Mac | Photography Podcast

Street Shots Mashup Returns Ooh! It’s been a while since we hung out with Street Shots for the sole purpose of a mashup, yeah! We are so happy to have our brother from another mother, the uber talented and cool chap, Antonio M. Rosario, rock the mics with us! Step by Step This isn’t just […]


Episode 202 »» The Rules: Photography Isn’t a Sport, Is It? - Shutter Time With Sid & Mac | Photography Podcast

Tin Man Photography rules … we all hear about these rules we are supposed to follow, however as our good friend of the show, Mark Reierson, had pointed out – photography is not a sport. So, why do we need to follow all the rules? In classic Shutter Time style, we take this a bit further and discuss […]


Episode 201 »» What Can Photography Bring Us with Bryan and Dave - Shutter Time With Sid & Mac | Photography Podcast

New Podcast Our great friend and fellow podcaster, Clay, has started another podcast – this time it’s a solo adventure, on his thoughts on photography: Through My Lens with Clay Daly. This show is definitely worth adding to your favourite podcatcher! Tweet This A couple months ago, our great friend, Bryan Minear, had tweeted a wonderful […]


Episode 200 »» Shutter Time Hits 200 | Our Bicentennial - Shutter Time With Sid & Mac | Photography Podcast

The Canadian Heaton? Thanks to a tip from one of our listeners, Chris, we are now happily aware of landscape photographer and vlogger, Adam Gibbs, aka Canadian Thomas Heaton (links below!). Thanks for the 411, Chris! Damn, We’re Old It took us a while, but we finally made it to 200 full-length episodes. Yee-haw! In […]


Episode 199 »» Photography Chat with Ian MacDonald - Shutter Time With Sid & Mac | Photography Podcast

Good ol’ Canadian We had the pleasure of chatting with Vancouver-based Fujifilm X-Photographer photographer and educator, Ian MacDonald. Ian has such an interesting background that led him to the world of photography and we were thrilled he was willing to share his photography journey with us. Please join us as we sit down for a fascinating, […]


Episode 198 »» Is It Worth Learning Different Styles of Photography? - Shutter Time With Sid & Mac | Photography Podcast

We Missed Him. Hey @daveszweduik … since we both missed out on Friday's jam, are you free this Friday? ?? — Sid and Mac (@ShuttertimeShow) June 5, 2018 Podcast Junkie? Dare I say our awesome gal pal of the show, Laurie (a.k.a. @HaveTeaCup) is turning into a photography podcast junkie? We of course love […]


Episode 197 »» The Black Couch Sessions - Shutter Time With Sid & Mac | Photography Podcast

When Sid is Away The chaps get real. Deep. Therapeutic even. Welcome to the black couch sessions. While these black couch sessions are nothing new to Shutter Time and we have been doing this for years, we thought we would take to the mics once again after a series of tweets, comments and posts from […]


Episode 196 »» Visual Communication Breakthroughs - Shutter Time With Sid & Mac | Photography Podcast

F is for Fuji At times, you just need to chat about gear! Fujifilm has announced their latest body, the Fujifilm X-T100. It’s small, relatively inexpensive and isn’t part of their X-Trans sensor lineup, which should make some Lightroom users happy. One Word. Intrigued by a short and simple article from Moose Peterson where he […]


Episode 195 »» Different Sides of Inspiration - Shutter Time With Sid & Mac | Photography Podcast

Still Inspired by Darkness? Our follow-up to episode 193 is finally here. We had received a number of messages asking for further clarification about how someone can be inspired after viewing a photograph telling a story of tragedy and darkness. Please join us as we tackle this tricky subject! Thanks to our listeners who chimed […]


Episode 194 »» Visions of Grandeur - Shutter Time With Sid & Mac | Photography Podcast

Inspired by Darkness? We received a number of questions / messages and even a recording about our last episode, Episode 193 »» Pulitzer Prize Photographs with Antonio M. Rosario, asking for further explanation about finding inspiration in these often dark, award-winning images. While we do not discuss this any further in this episode, you can expect […]