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Top experts and fascinating advice in a fun and entertaining podcast.

Top experts and fascinating advice in a fun and entertaining podcast.
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Top experts and fascinating advice in a fun and entertaining podcast.






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The Fascinating Role Music Plays in Your Life & How to Harness the New Power of Online Communities

No one likes getting a shot at the doctor’s office. But there is something you can do to ease the pain. We begin this episode with a little strategy that can cut the pain in half. But you have to do it just right. ( Music plays an important role in our lives – but why? We don’t need it to survive yet every culture on the planet has music of some sort. John Powell, author of the books Why You...


The Art and Benefits of Wasting Time & 45 Billionaires Share Their Secrets to Success

You know what is one of the most common decorating mistakes people make? It is hanging art on the walls incorrectly – usually too high. I’ll explain a simple rule that art galleries and museums use and you should too. ( Imagine asking 45 successful, billionaire entrepreneurs what made them successful. That’s exactly what Robert Jordan did for his groundbreaking book, How They Did It: Billionaire Insights from the Heart of America...


Fascinating Science of Food and Cooking & What May Be Wrong with Your Mouth and Teeth

When you have a meeting it is usually sitting down in an office at a table. That just may be one of the worst ways to conduct a meeting and maybe it is why nothing much gets accomplished. There is a better way and it is something Barack Obama, Mark Zuckerberg and others do. I’ll explain what that is as we begin this episode. ( If you cook, you are a scientist. Food science is fascinating...


How to Stop Being Too Nice Without Being a Jerk & Your Relationship with Television

What is the stronger motivator – reward or punishment? In other words, does hurt more to lose something than it feels good to gain something? We start this episode t with a look at some interesting research into this. ( Some people are just way too nice. They sacrifice their own needs for the needs of others. They are so worried about what other people think of them that always...


Should You Start Your Own Business? & The Dangers of Medical Myths & Health Misinformation

What color lipstick makes a woman most attractive? Do women prefer a beard on a man or not? What can anyone do to make themselves more attractive? We begin this episode by exploring this. ( Entrepreneurship is alive and well. So should you start a business? Maybe you already have. When you think about it, people who drive for Uber or rent out a room in their house on Airbnb are being entrepreneurial. So...


What Your Stuff Reveals About You & How Your Gut Affects Your Mood

The more decisions you make during the day, the worse you get at it. It’s called “decision fatigue” and everyone gets it. Listen as we begin this episode and discover just how it happens and what you can do about it. ( What does your stuff say about you? Tons, according to my first guest, Sam Gosling. Sam sent investigators and scientists to snoop around people’s homes and offices to discover what can be learned by their belongings. The...


Why Time Seems to Fly & The Secrets of How Great Teams Work Together

In my house, whenever we turn on the microwave oven in the kitchen – it screws up the Wi-Fi. Why is that? And is there anything you can do to prevent that? We start this episode by exploring the microwave/Wi-Fi conflict. ( Time sure flies when you are having fun. We’ve all had that experience but have you ever wondered why that is? Why should time seem to travel faster at one time and slower at other times...


How You Can Be More Powerful & Elastic Thinking: A Better Way to Solve Problems

When you go grocery shopping it is hard to resist the urge to buy things you know you shouldn’t. Temptation is down every aisle! So what can you do? There is a simple yet very effective technique that will help you resist those urges. ( You probably know someone you would consider powerful. So how did they get their power? Where did it come from? And can you be more powerful? Listen to Jeffrey Pfeffer is a professor of Organizational...


How to Be a Better Risk Taker & Mysteries of Science That Affect Your Life

One way to blow your credibility in any conversation or in anything you write is to misuse or mispronounce words or phrases. So this episodes starts with some commonly misused words and phrases to make sure you are using them correctly. ( Taking risks can be good – or bad. It’s all in how you approach the risk and it also seems to depend on how old you are. Kayt Sukel, author of the...


How to Sleep Much Better & The Ways Virtual Reality Will Change Your Life

Of course you know better than to talk on your phone while driving – but you should also tell other people in the car to stay off their phones as well. This episode starts with a discussion on why passenger’s phone conversation can be trouble for the driver. ( How well do you sleep? Before you answer you should know that you may not HAVE the answer. So many people sleep so poorly, they don’t even...


How to Create Excellence & An Easier Way to Financial Independence

Passengers get kicked off airline flights a lot more than they used to. Do airlines have the right to just give people the boot for any reason? This episode begins by explaining why you can get kicked off any flight for almost any reason. ( The idea of “creating excellence” really became popular back in 1982 with the publication of the huge, best-selling book, In Search of Excellence...


How Things Do (and Don’t) Become Popular & How to Navigate Difficult Social Situations With Ease

“Eat your veggies – they’re good for you!” Every parent has said that to a child and yet, as a parent, you probably shouldn’t. I start this episode of the podcast with some fascinating research about what to tell kids about healthy foods. ( What if I told you that nothing really goes viral? You’d probably say, “Of course it does – cat videos, songs, lots of things go viral.” Well, not according to Derek Thompson,...


How Your Money Actually Works & How to Rewire Your Brain for Happiness

I recently appeared on a different podcast to talk about the evolution and success of Something You Should Know. To listen to my appearance on "On Mic with Jordan Rich," follow this link: Confident people just have a way about them. The way they act and talk draws people to them. So how can you be (and appear) more confident? I begin this episode with some expert advice on how to project confidence. ( How...


The 5 People Who Will Ruin Your Life (If You Let Them) & How to Make Motivation Work For You

Could some freaked-out passenger actually open the door on an airplane in the middle of the flight? There have been news reports of attempts to do so – but is it possible? That is one of the things I discuss regarding how things work on commercial airliners to begin this episode. ( There are five types of people who can ruin your life. All five are what you would call “high-conflict” types of...


Real Truth Vs Fake Truth: How to Tell the Difference & The Science of Failure: Why Things Go Wrong

We have a lot of devices – cellphones, tablets, laptops – and they all need to be charged up constantly. How much does that cost? And how much does it cost to run a television, light bulb or a Tesla every year? Listen to discover the answers. ( It seems as if the truth has taken a beating in recent years. Your truth may not be my truth and then, of course, there is alternative truth. Huh? It’s time we take a closer look at...


5 Ways Your Phone Screws Up Your Life & What to Do When Your Whole World Falls Apart

If you have a big decision to make, wait until you have to go to the bathroom. I begin this episode by explaining why a full bladder helps make better decisions. ( Do you control your phone or does your phone control you? It seems we can’t live without a cellphone for more than a few minutes. But what if you actually tried? What if it actually made things better? Catherine Price has taken a critical look at our relationship to...


Secrets of Peak Performance We Can All Use & Fascinating Math You've Always Wondered About

Your homeowner’s insurance (and renter’s insurance if you have it) covers much more than you probably realize – and it is worth knowing. For example, if you receive counterfeit money – your homeowner’s insurance may likely cover you for the loss. Who knew? And that’s only one thing we will discuss that your insurance probably covers. ( How do peak performers get to the top of their field? And...


Best of SYSK Volume 3

A few times every year I like to shine a spotlight on some of the best moments from past episodes you may have missed. This time, it’s moments from the last few months of 2017. It’s a busy time of year, so in case you missed some moments, here are a few really great ones.. The links below will take you back to the original episodes from which these segments are taken so you can listen to the complete interviews if you wish. Topics and Links in this Episode Why Those Special Moments in...


Why Life is Better Than You Think & Why We Swear

Everyone has a blood type right? Well, not really. Some people have no blood type – not to be confused with people who have a universal blood type. Do you know if you are type A, B, AB or 0? Why do you have a blood type anyway? That’s the first topic of conversation today. ( To hear tell, the world is going to hell. Watch the news and it seems as if we are on the road to self-destruction. But we are not. In fact we are living in an...


How to Craft a Luckier Life & Why You Tell Yourself Stories That Aren’t True

People hate unsolicited advice – and they seldom follow it. Still, that doesn’t stop us from dishing it out to those we are trying to help. Well maybe there is a better and more effective way to influence people other than just telling them what we think they should do. I’ll tell you what it is. ( Some people have all the luck. But why? Why are some people luckier than others? Can you...


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