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Episode 80 - Shop Talk!

It's another Jibba Jabba episode: Mike returns from Iceland, Zack returns from the wilds of Kickstarter anxiety and printing deadlines, and our Party Floor creaks back into gear! Lots of discussion about what it means to actually finish a big project, transitioning from GO GO GO mode to "what now?" mode, and much more.


Episode 79 - Columbus Scene Report!

It's an all Jibba-Jabba Extravaganza! Mike & Zack have had a few very busy weeks and catch up in this episode. Zack's Kickstarter is over (thank god)! Mike has a new comic coming out soon! That guy Mike was stumping for in New Jersey lost the race! And Zack went to Columbus, OH! A large part of the episode is dedicated to a Columbus scene report of sorts, as it's quietly becoming one of the great American cartooning cities! What's up with the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum? Is it...


Episode 78 - Dustin Weaver!

Please welcome Dustin Weaver to the party floor! Dustin is the co-creator of the recent S.H.I.E.L.D. series with writer Jonathan Hickman, and writer/artist on multiple other Marvel comics, as well as some stints on TMNT & Star Wars properties. We definitely talk about all of that stuff, and do a deep dive on his time at Marvel in particular. Mike & Zack have a lot of questions about how the sausage gets made! But the main reason we're here is to talk about his recent one-man anthology at...


Episode 77 - A. Degen!

The one and only Twitter Funny Man Alex Degen has joined us on the party floor! Perhaps you didn't know that in addition to being funny on the internet, he's also a wicked awesome cartoonist with multiple ineffable books and mini comics out there in the world? The author of Area CC, Mighty Star, and his new book Soft X-Ray/Mindhunters talks to us about all kinds of stuff, from his time as a youthful layabout, formative schooling and world travels, connections to the Magic Schoolbus empire,...


Episode 76 - Michael Kupperman!

Welcome the creator of Snake N’ Bacon’s Cartoon Cabaret, Tales Designed to Thrizzle, Mark Twain’s Autobiography, & his new memoir All The Answers–Michael Kupperman! Joel Kupperman was an early child star who met wild fame early in life as a “Quiz Kid,” but that fame haunted him much of his life. Michael tells all about his new book, and about growing up with a formerly famous dad. What was it like moving into memoir from absurdist humor strips? And of course plenty of process talk about...


Ready Process One

Woo hoo! The Party Boys are back with another full-on jibba-jabba episode. First up: what's the deal with the Patreon? Well, we take just a minute or two to lay out the new status quo there, but it's only a short jump from there to talkin' 'bout trains (real and otherwise), making fun of Ready Player One (spoiler warnings, sort of), nerd culture, Zack is super close to being done inking his book, the two talk about what that feels like, kickstarter nerves, the New Jersey congressional...


Episode 72 - Sloane Leong!

Please welcome creator of the new Image series Prism Stalker and the upcoming :01 book A Map To The Sun, Sloane Leong! Sloane and the boys discuss Prism Stalker at length and in depth. Sci-Fi, colonialism, gender representation, comics creation workflow, writing and drawing process talk, this one has it all! Plus: Changes are afoot at the Patreon, Mike is continuously getting surprised by his kid's school schedules, and Zack reads a pertinent passage from Tips From Top Cartoonists (1982,...


Episode 71 - Box Brown!

Please welcome Box Brown, founder of Retrofit Comics and the author of Is This Guy For Real: The Unbelievable Andy Kaufman, Tetris: The Games People Play, Andre The Giant: Life & Legend, & many many more! We talk andy Kaufman, fiction vs biography, childhood heroes, and lots and lots of wrestling talk! Plus: Mike took sleepy pills before they recorded! Cry for help or just bad idea? And: Zack talks reducing clutter, and his own personal JLA.



We're back (again)! Mike went to Hawaii, got crazy jetlag, and Zack went to Emerald City Comicon, and got con-lag. But now we're more or less back to normal. First up, the boys talk about their various adventures and generally knock the rust and dust off their talking machines. ECCC turned out to be a bit of a roller coaster, and Mike may not have wanted to come back from his island paradise, but here we are, none the worse for wear. Happily, we also return with ECCC interviews with Doc...


Episode 62 - (Our) year in review!

2017, what a year! What a horrible, beautiful year. Mike & Zack take a look back at the year in review on a personal and professional level (ie we don't spend a ton of time griping about Trump). We look back at our goals and expectations for the year, assess how we met or didn't meet those goals, do a final page count for the year, talk about our strategies and how we might change the way we work in the future. What does 2018 hold for your humble hosts? Plus: who's inspired us in 2017?...


Episode 61 - Jeffrey Brown!

From stories about boners, loneliness and bad sex to kids comics and the Star Wars universe - That's one heck of a career trajectory! We get into it with Jeffrey Brown, author of Clumsy, Unlikely, Darth Vader & Son/Vader's Little Princess/Goodnight Darth Vader, the Jedi Academy series, and his new series for kids Lucy & Andy Neanderthal (among many many more)! PLUS: Zack & Mike talk about the recent problems with Patreon's fairly random fee restructuring, what that means for creators, and...


Episode 60 - Comics Journalism Roundtable

Recorded live at the PULP Culture Comics Arts Festival & Symposium on October 21st in Burlington Vermont, this Comics Journalism roundtable brings Joe Sacco, Sophie Yanow, Iona Fox and the Party Boy himself, Mike Dawson to the stage to talk about their work specifically through the lens of journalism. Moderated by Andy Kolovos, and featuring James Kochalka and Glynnis Fawkes, this was a fun conversational chat, that was very illuminating. Thankyou to the organizers of the PULP festival for...


Episode 59 - Sarah Glidden!

Sarah Glidden is the author of How To Understand Israel in 60 Days Or Less, multiple short form comics, and her newest book Rolling Blackouts. Rolling Blackouts is about Sarah's travels through Syria and Iraq with a group of reporters, and what she learns about those places, the people that live in them, and the fundamental philosophies and processes of journalism. We talk about her travels, her writing and editing process, journalism vs fiction, and her larger goals as a cartoonist. But...


Episode 53 - One Year of Process Party!

Join us for a Very Special Episode of Process Party: It's our Birthday! (aww) Mike and Zack got together and posted the first episode 1 year ago this week, and forgive us but we get a little misty thinking about it. That doesn't mean we spend the whole episode patting ourselves on the back, but we do take the opportunity to have a bit of the patented jibba jabba you know and hopefully love. We also took some questions from our listeners to spice things up this time! Topics include: Whither...