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Jim and Teal delve into the weeds of movies and the film-going experience.

Jim and Teal delve into the weeds of movies and the film-going experience.


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Jim and Teal delve into the weeds of movies and the film-going experience.








Nightmare on Elm Street 3, Ghost Story, and Other Tales From the Original Dream Warrior, Craig Wasson.

Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors. Ghost Story. Body Double. These are a few of the iconic genre films from the 1980s people remember, and on part 2 of SWS's interview with Craig Wasson he tells us stories from all of three of them. And tune in to find out which host, James or Teal, had a crush on Heather Langenkamp.


Craig Wasson: Thank God for My Guitar

Craig Wasson is a name many will recognize from some key films in the 1980s, from Body Double to Ghost Story and Nightmare on Elm Street. Wasson was certainly a favorite of Both James and Teal, and through a bit of luck, and an introduction made by their friend Al, Wasson was kind enough to come on Stuff We've Seen. This is the first of two episodes featuring guest, Craig Wasson. In this episode Wasson talks about how he got started with acting, and you'll hear how some coincidences, luck,...


WW84, Midnight Sky, and Losey, Losey, Losey!

This first episode of 2021 starts off with a couple of streaming stinkers, WW84, and Midnight Sky. WW84 is HBOMax's much anticipated sequel to Wonder Woman, and it hits so far off the mark the movie left Jim wondering who green lit this thing? While Jim hated the Wonder Woman sequel, Teal found plenty to gripe about with George Clooney's Midnight Sky. All is not lost, dear listener. Bill from Queens stopped by the show to help Jim and Teal out with a discussion on film director, Joseph...


Mank: David Fincher's Technically Detailed Look at Hollywood's Past

Mank is one of the eagerly awaited year-end films from Netflix. Directed by David Fincher, Mank is about the writing of one of the most famous films of all time, Citizen Kane. How does one go about writing a fictionalized film loosely based on William Randolph Hearst? How does one tell a fictionalized story about the washed up Hollywood writer who would create a genuine script masterpiece? So far, the critical response to Mank is mixed. What were people expecting? Is Mank too much of an art...


Raising Cain: A Brian De Palma Triple Threat

Jim and Teal triple their money with this third installment of their look at the films of Brian De Palma. In part three they take a peek at some of Brian's later work, and they zero in on two films, Body Double and Raising Cain. Lots of interesting stories and tidbits for a listener to enjoy. So what are you waiting for? Go listen, and enjoy!


Jim and Teal Double Down on De Palma

With over 30 features to his credit, Brian De Palma can't be covered in one episode, so Jim and Teal give you part 2. And even Part 2 won't cut it, so there will be a third installment on the way. In this episode Jim and Teal talk Carrie, The Fury, Dressed to Kill, The Black Dahlia, and Casualties of War, plus sprinkings of his other work make it into the episode as well. Next week's episode will cover Body Double and Raising Cain, and some other De Palma stuff. Enjoy!


Brian De Palma: Jim and Teal Get Obsessed.

What began as a curiosity turns into a full-blown Brian De Palma obsession as Jim and Teal tackle the filmography of one of cinema's great genre technicians. This episode is just a starting point of discussion, and there will be several more episodes of De Palma to come. We're not just talking Scarface, Untouchables, and Carrie, people. We are going full rabbit hole with this director, and uncovering early work, late entries and everything in between. The hope here is, after listening to...


Death by Alogrithm: The Search for Movies with Style, Substance, and Soul

How did things go off the rails so quickly? Jim and Teal quickly find themselves down a rabbit hold of Robert Zemeckis' making, and the only way out of it is through the films of Yorgos Lanthimos. Teal finally watched Alps and Dogtooth, and he's all in with the daring Greek director's original filmic vision. But that then sends Teal into complaint mode, as he found himself watching two paint-by-numbers genre movies on Netflix that were so devoid of style and substance, he swears they were...


You Don't Know Jack! Nicholson Vs. The Academy

This week Jim and Teal tackle the new Sofia Coppola film, On the Rocks, plus they take a deep dive into the many roles of Jack Nicholson. All this plus Jim watches one more Criterion Horror film, The Vampire Lovers, and Teal examines 1BR.


Thrillers, Killers, Chillers, and Drillers: Criterion Horror Films of the 70s Continued.

Jim and Teal continue their exploration of the Criterion Channel's 1970s horror offerings from 1974 - 1979. Also, some bonus 80s horror films are discussed, with extra attention paid to Videodrome. Finally, director Richard Stanley is back with his new horror Sci fi film, Color Out of Space. This is a movie that lets Nic Cage rage, and that's some high praise.


Jim and Teal Scare You to Death

Jim and Teal go full-on Halloween with their look at Criterion Channel's 1970s Horror film lineup. With so many movies to tackle it will take two episodes to cover them all, but enjoy this first installment now and look for part 2 later in the week.


Joel Potrykus: A Writer/Director Doing it His Way.

Writer/Director, Joel Potrykus joins Jim and Teal for a lively interview. They discuss Potrykus' films, Ape, Buzzard, The Alchemist Cookbook, and Relaxer, and a whole lot more. And as an awesome bonus, Joel shares his encounter meeting one of his film icons, Malcolm McDowell.


Teal and Jim Give You the Feels

Need something to feel good about? Of course you do. Teal and Jim have you covered this week with their recommendations of My Octopus Teach (Netflix), Enola Holmes (Netflix), and Boyhood (Criterion Channel.)


#byNWR, Nicolas Winding Refn All the Time.

This week Jim and his guest, Bill Muir, tackle the filmography of Danish provocateur, Nicholas Winding Refn. It's all about the #byNWR in this laugh-filled romp through the dark and violent world of Refn, including an extended discussion about the merits of Amazon Prime's, Too Old to Die Young.


The Devil All The Time and The Cotton Club Gets an Encore.

Netflix surprised Jim with a new offering, The Devil All The Time. Filled to the rim with white English and Australian actors playing Souther white characters from the late 1950s through mid 1960s this Southern Gothic offers a lot. But what does Teal have to say? That is the question for you, the podcast listener. First up, though is Francis Ford Coppola's 1984 misfire, The Cotton Club, gets a new look thanks to a complete reworking done in 2019. Now available on Amazon Prime and other...


I'm Thinking of Ending Things: Charlie Kaufman's Manic Pixie Fixation.

On this week's episode Jim discusses the controversy surrounding the Netflix film, Cuties, and then Jim and Teal dissect Charlie Kaufman's, I'm Thinking of Ending Things. Things start to get spoiler-ish around the 32 minute mark, so if you haven't seen Thinking of Ending Things, and want to keep surprises and plot points in tact, don't listen past this point until you do. Listener be warned!


Slacker Films of the 90s and Jim Sees Tenet

Get ready for some Gen X excitement as Jim and Teal explore the very white and male genre (as they discover) about trying to make it in your 20s during the 1990s. Lots of titles to tackle, so get ready for a trip back to the time of flannel, grunge, and artistic dreams. And while Tenet has not turned out to be the lure back to the cinemas that film studios were hoping for, Jim found his way to the one theater open in Vermont, and caught an opening week screening. Hear his thoughts on the...


Beyond the Valley of the Dolls and Other Lurid Tales

Ultra camp! Road trips! Stories of a sordid nature! So much action and hilarity packed into one podcast we can barely stand it. Jim, or is it James now, and his guest Bill banter back and forth telling tales, and talking Russ Myer. What else could you want? And what's this about Ethan Hawke? You're just going to have to listen and find out.


An Interview with Galen Howard: Actor and Cult Movie Enthusiast.

This week take a listen to Jim's interview with character actor, Galen Howard. Galen's performed in numerous television, film, and video projects, and he's a lover of cult movies. Hear about his acting journey, and his love of those movie oddities.


All The Great Movies: Spotlight 1993.

Guess who's back? Teal joins Jim as they interview Eric Jason Gray. By day he's in finance. But at night Gray curates an Instagram page called AllTheGreatMovies. His quest? See all of the Oscar nominated, and critical darlings of a particular year. He'll post about them when he's seen them. Currently, Gray is putting the spotlight on 1993. Hear Jim and Teal talk to Gray about his project, and find out what else is he's planning on reviewing in the coming weeks.