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Discussion on society, sports, and pop culture.

Discussion on society, sports, and pop culture.
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Discussion on society, sports, and pop culture.




The Allyn St. Podcast Episode 18 "The BBC"

This episode the guys recap the week 1 beat down of the Browns. Tim Tebow comments on college athletes getting paid. Would you sign a autograph for a rival fan? The home of the Miami Heat may have a new name. Plus we talk about making Gay history mandatory in high school. We also discuss what major actor is up for a major Marvel movie role.


The Allyn St. Podcast Episode 17 "The C Word"

This episode the fells ponder what to do for your birthday once you get older? The talk the Antonio Brown saga and the fall out of it. Plus we talk about the racial slur Cracker vs N*gger. We talk HBCU you and top high school players. We get into the shortage of White Claws, a star emcee retires, and what to do with your tattoos once you die!


The Allyn St. Podcast Episode 16 "Sticks, Stones, and Championships"

The fellas deliver a PSA for going back to school and talk student supply list. They then talk about Dave Chapelle new comedy special and favorite comedians. They then talk the upcoming NFL season and their picks to make the playoffs and Super Bowl. Fantasy football season is here and one of the guys is reminding everyone of last season outcome.


The Allyn St. Podcast Episode 15 "Chicken Sandwich"

Back from vacation the Fells talk about the Poppeys Chicken Sandwich. Jay Z teams up with the NFL, but does that make him a sellout? Why does the NFL have to fix social issues? Reaction to Andrew Luck retiring and is it time for Young Jezzy to do the same? Review of Rapaody new Album "Eve". Plus we talk shopping local and black.


The Allyn St. Podcast Episode 14 "Top 5"

This episode the Fellas are joined by their first official guest T.J aka Teege to talk sports and hip hop. The talk on the NBA All Decade team and if they got it right? They cover the Rich Paul rule and tough love coaching. They dive into music with a review of Rick Ross latest album and discuss the Top 50 rapper list going around. The discuss then goes over the top 5 discographies in hip hop. Enjoy!


The Allyn St. Podcast Episode 13 "Dog Pedi"

This episode the fells talk about the sad mass shooting events and America issue with guns. They talk Lebron's AAU Dad Status. Is it cool for Adults to be at Disney? Would you get matching Pedi with you dog? Plus another segment of Grown Man Shit!


The Allyn St. Podcast Episode 12 " Worst Outcome"

This episode we start with the jokes as they talk about Diddy possible dating his son's Ex. We review Marvel's final phase four announcements and if we're really that excited. Plus we ask what happen if you pop the big questions and she says no?? Plus Zion shoe deal and do you lie more in or out of a relationship? And a new segment of Grown Man Shit!


The Allyn St. Podcast Episode 11 "Love It Or Leave It"

This episode the fellas discuss the current Love America or Leave America mentality going on in the political world. They also discuss the double standard in sports with punishment for off the field issues. The podcast goes to the movies with talk of the new James Bond, Spiderman 2 review, and future of Marvel movies.


The Allyn St. Podcast Episode 10 "Free The Aliens"

This episode Jason, Bryan, and Jeff talk new Music from Ed Sheeran and Big Krit. Jeff and Bryan issue an apology to Jason. The fellas go over JD comments on female hip hop and is Diddy really bring back making the band? The fellas go over the Russ to Houston trade, the word owner, and 18 NFL Games. The talk goes out of this world....Well to Area 51 and are Alien really there?? Plus we introduce a new segment Grown Adult Shit plus more.


The Allyn St. Podcast Episode 9 "Unsolicited Advice"

This episode Jason, Bryan, and Jeff talk about Kawhi big decision. Should the Cave go after Westbrook. USA Women score big in the Word Cup. Kevin Love awesome summer vacation. The guys also talk about Ice Cream Licking Bandit, black mermaids, and is it ever ok to give unsolicited parenting advice. Plus recap of the cookout.


The Allyn St. Podcast Episode 8 "The Guerrilla Back"

This Episode Jason, Bryan, and Jeff recap the BET Awards and Tyler Perry speech. They dive into the new music of the week and ask if there should be concern for Rick Ross. The fella dive into sports with Team USA world cup news and recap of the NBA free agency. They also talk worst jobs and women down for the free meal. Plus so much more.


Th Allyn St. Podcast Episode 7 "Finger Licking"

This episode the fella review new music from Lil Nas X, Rick Ross, Trina and more. They review the newly posted tracklist from Ed Sheeran on what songs they are looking forward to the most. Recap of the NBA draft and how the Cavs did. We also talk Lebron Big man, new car and Space Jam 2. Lavar Ball rightfully banned from ESPN? New segment of they need to quit. What food do you want to get paid for eating?


The Allyn St. Podcast Episode 6 "Curly Fries"

The fellas recap and discuss the fall out from the NBA Finals. Cavs historic coaching hire and upcoming draft night plans. We also discuss police video over a stolen doll. Black vs. White names. And JB vs TC!!!


The Allyn St. Podcast Episode 5 "It's Above Me Now"

The fella recap Jason paternal leave. They go over Jay Z becoming the newest member of the Billionaire's club. Will the Raptors close out the Warriors? New segment of "They need to quit." Baker vs Duke. Would you rather be paid or a winner? All that plus more.


The Allyn St. Podcast Episode 4 "Paid Leave"

The Fellas talk about Jason's Paid Parental Leave and why more companies don't offer better options. Recap of the NBA finals so far. New segment called "They Need To Quit", Browns OTA's and New Cards B. Also the Fellas talk about the disturbing trend of Female teachers sleeping with students.


Episode 3 | "What's Country???"

On this episode the fellas stand up for women's rights, ask if college is really worth it, and predict the NBA Finals. Also they ask what makes a country song...well country???


The Allyn St. Podcast EP.2 "Another One"

The fellas are back for round 2! This time they discuss the NBA Draft lottery results and is there hope for the Cavs? New music Friday takes a look at Dj Khaled and Meg Thee Stallion new albums. Also, Queen Bey gets to the Uber Bag, Big Bang Theory says good bye, and much more.


The Allyn St. Podcast "No Intro"

In this very first episode the fellas ( Jason, Jeff, Bryan) go over the Lakers new head coach and the NBA playoffs. Give their recap on Avengers End Game. Explore why cancel culture and the TV network are getting rid of Steve Harvey. And social media vs sleep.