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TDL152 The Timeless Creative Mind

Read this week's Sunday Letters; Become a patron; In this chapter, we will explore the nature and function of time as it influences the creative mind, and why you, the artist, must find the space to create independently from it. In separation from the idea of time, we allow ourselves the mental capacity to make great things without restriction. This process happens for some creative people entirely automatically, but...


TDL151 Carrauntoohil, Work & Creativity

Read me at follow me @larrygmaguire Become a patron at In this episode of The Daily Larb im talking about the merits for young people in engaging in manual labour at a young age and its creative benefit to them in problem solving and innovation. Im also sharing what I learned while descending Carrauntoohil on Saturday afternoon


TDL150 Will We Ever Be Wealthy?

Read me at follow me @larrygmaguire Become a patron at Can craftspeople, artists, tradespeople and creatives really be wealthy? Does wealth matter? How much money is enough? Can our work bring us a comfortable living or even a little more? Are these even the questions we should be asking? Today on The Daily Larb, I'm asking these questions in attempt to tease out an age old struggle that creative and labour focused solo workers have continually...


TDL149 Content Marketing For Creatives

Get your FREE ticket to the Content Marketing Summit and listen to my conversation with Liam Austin on repurposing content and avoiding the hypnotic nature of metrics. Today on the show I want to share with you the nature of the 30 minute discussion I had with Liam Austin of Entrepreneurs HQ for their Content Marketing Summit going live this month. Grab your free ticket;


TDL148 #AudioMo Day 1 Episode

Read more or subscribe to Larry's work here: Follow Larry @larrygmaguire on Twitter. If you enjoy this episode, please help spread the word and offer a review on iTunes. Today on The Daily Larb I'm dedicating the content to #AudioMo challenge. I'm talking podcasting, micropodcasting, socialising. Check it out


TDL147 Convenience: A Fool's Gold

Read more or subscribe to Larry's work here: Follow Larry @larrygmaguire on Twitter. If you enjoy this episode, please help spread the word and offer a review on iTunes. In today's episode of The Daily Larb Podcast, I'm taking a look at how our pursuit of Convenience may be a major contributing factor to our stress and anxiety, and how this pursuit of Convenience is actually robbing us of the ability to deal with stressful conditions. I'm using food as an...


TDL145 Fuck: Linguistic Taboo Or Legitimate Expressive Word?

Read more or subscribe to Larry's work here: Follow Larry @larrygmaguire on Twitter. If you enjoy this episode, please help spread the word and offer a review on iTunes. The word "fuck" is emotive. Associations people hold with the word often mean it causes an affront to their morality and ethical ideas around the proper use of language. I heard it said that writers who use fuck in their work have little inherent ability. They use it to make up for their lack...


TDL145 Life Always Finds A Way

This evening as the sun sets casting a milky orange hue over my local park, as I run I think about the finite nature of our existence and if the abortion vote on Friday really matters.


TDL144 More On Deliberate Practice

I've got a little more to add to yesterday's episode on Deliberate Practice. In particular I wanted to take a look at the role of reward and outside influence on our creative endeavors. Anders Ericsson says "we claim that deliberate practice requires effort and is not inherently enjoyable" well I beg to differ. What do you think?


TDL143 The Power of Deliberate Practice

In today's episode, I'm discussing the power of deliberate practice and introduce you to the work of Anders Ericsson, psychologist at Florida State University, on the psychological nature of expertise and human performance. We creatives already know the benefits of the intense, deliberate practice of our work. However, there are many distractions vying for our attention with which you and I must contend. Without cultivating the ability to shut...


TDL142 Why Shortcuts Fail

In today's episode I'm discussing Why Shortcuts Fail. We all take shortcuts. We take them in the naive belief that somehow we will get where we wish to be, or fulfill a desire or relieve our fears of some future event. we pursue shortcuts because this fulfillment we believe will somehow make us whole. We think we are not enough here and now and the quicker we get to that future better version of life, the better. But it never gets here and so we perpetuate our anxiety by the pursuit. So...


TDL141 Is All Marketing Manipulation?

In today's episode of the show, I'm joined by Paul O'Mahony, poet and business storyteller. In essence, Paul is a marketer and so I asked him to enter a discussion with me on the idea that all marketing is manipulation. In many respects, it seems that it is. In some it appears not. Some businesses do seem to go out of their way to convince you and me to buy things we don't need. But in the belief that we do need those things, then we need them and so there is someone there to give it to...


TDL140 Thoughts On Collaboration

Today on the show I'd like to share some thoughts on collaboration. It can be very tricky working with other people, however, often we find ourselves having to bite our lip and simply get on with it. As a solo artist in whatever medium you happen to operate, there is more of a choice available. There's no doubting the benefit of collaboration, but at the same time, if everyone is not aligned in that collaboration the results can be detrimental. But here's the dichotomy; even in that...


TDL139 Embracing Solitude

Read the article here: There’s something special about the quiet, isn’t there? Most people, craving the constant short-term gratification that worldly stimulation brings, run away from the silence of their own company as fast as possible. But we don’t, we run towards it. I didn’t always call myself a writer. Only in the last 12 months since penning my first serious piece of writing have I begun to do so. That short piece of work I called The...


TDL138 The Abortion Question

In today's episode of The Daily Larb, I'm discussing the abortion question with former ecclesiastical conscript turned singer-songwriter, Ray Heffernan. Ray and I discuss the prospects of a yes or no vote in the upcoming Irish referendum on abortion. On the 25th May the Irish people will go to the polls to vote on the replacement of the existing article 40.3.3 which upholds the right to life of the unborn, with the provision in law for the regulation of termination of pregnancy. It's an...


TDL137 The Writer's Giveaway

Read all about The Writer's Giveaway; If you’re a regular reader here you’ll know that later this month is the launch of The Artist’s Manifesto… …the book that encourages you to make your stuff for the sake of it – without the need for applause. And as part of the lead-up to the launch, I figured I’d build some additional value for you all. Whether you’re new to the content here or you’ve been reading for a while, this Giveaway has been built...


TDL136 Applause & Criticism

In today's episode of The Daily Larb Podcast, I'm discussing the challenge of managing Applause & Criticism of our work. I'm in two minds you see. One part of me wants to connect with other people through the work I do, I want to bring about change and be a positive influence. There is a part of me that wants to be relevant. Then there is the other part that doesn't care. One is deep and quiet, it likes to be alone and unbothered by others, and the other wants to be heard. It's a strange...


TDL135 Choosing First Thought

Welcome to today's episode of The Daily Larb Podcast. Today I want to talk about First Thought and why it is invariably the best choice for us, but we doubt it.


TDL134 Sunday Letters: Poetry

Today I'd like to share some poetry with you. I have four poems that follow a particular theme.


TDL133 Lost In Time Consciousness

Please support the show: Today on the show I'm discussing the nature of the human mind and it's adherence to the concept of time. Long story short, there is no time, all there is is Now. An ever lasting moment where there exists constant change. People confuse change for time, but time is an arbitrary concept. It's a tool like a hammer or a measuring tape and when we are done with it we should put it back on the shelf. But instead we believe in it. We...