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EP178 Creativity with Johnny Helleland

Read Larry here; Support the show; The Larb Podcast and all articles on the blog are accessible for free. It takes a lot of time to produce but do it because I like to. If you'd like to support the show, head over to and buy me a pint 🍺. In this midweek episode, you can check out chats I had last Friday on The Larb Livestream with Johnny Helleland . We discussed creativity and...


EP177 Letting It Happen

Read it here; Support the show; Today’s Sunday Letters article is an extract from The Artist’s Manifesto chapter three and looks at the contrast between letting it happen versus making it happen. The popular advice and resultant often unchallenged perceptions are that if something is to materialise in our experience then we’ve got to make it happen. It’s as if our precise detailing and planning are paramount and...


EP176 Too Much Data

Read me here; Support the show; Is it that there is too much data vying for our attention or is it perhaps that there’s too much of our attention competing for all that data? It’s an interesting consideration because you see, certain populist commentary can lead us to believe that everything out there is the problem – there are too many advertisers, marketers and media outlets who want to sell us on their idea or...


EP175 The Anthesis Of Goal Setting

Read me here: Watch the rerun here: In this the first live episode of The Larb, I'm discussing the antithesis of goal setting. The overwhelming thrust of success advice being carried on the digital airwaves this time of year leans heavily towards goal setting and New-Year New-You Resolutions. It's where gurus and "influencers" attempt to convince you to take a generally fruitless and self defeating route to a...


EP174 Reading: Preface The Artist's Manifesto

Download the new FREE version of The Artist's Manifesto; Today's episode is the second from final episode of 2018 and I'm reading from the preface to the book due for release in January '19. It was late. Joanne and the kids were asleep. As I sat at the kitchen table, at odds with myself and the work I was in, I began to write the first words of what I would later call The Artist’s Manifesto. I had recently taken a project management role with an engineering firm as...


EP173 Creative Isolation (Oh, and Happy Christmas!)

I've been off the airwaves for about 10 weeks or so - taking a break and considering the direction of the show. So before 2018 expires I wanted to get one more show out and share some stuff happening in 2019. Read the article here;


EP172 Political Cybernetic Organisms

Read Larry here; Support the show here; I flicked on Twitter this morning and I watched a short video of a US politician running for election to the House of Representatives being interviewed about a comment she made about something or other. It was controversial and the reporter latched on to it. He pressed her for an answer but she maintained a robotic political response and it made me think. Political responses allow us to align with the...


EP171 React On Impulse Or Keep Your Mouth Shut?

I want to talk to you; This week on the show I'd like to tell you a little about a new series I'm starting in January 2019. For the next 8 or 9 weeks, I'll be hooking up with people like you, people engaged in work that engages them and featuring these discussions on the podcast. So if you'd like to get involved just fill out the Google Form at the link above. Also this week, I'm discussing the rights and wrongs of reacting on impulse. Should you fly...


EP170 What Is An Artist?

Read the article; Support the show; What is an artist? What is art? How is an artist defined and who exactly gets to set the definition? Is everyone an artist like Picasso said or is it that creative genius is reserved for those fortunate enough to be blessed with talent at birth as the ancient Greeks and Romans believed? Some ideas of what constitutes art, and as a consequence, the artist, are narrow and elitist. Some, such as...


EP169 The Iron Skillet

Read me here; Support the show here; About 4 years ago I bought an iron skillet. It's heavy and solid and it cooks food something great, especially steaks. As I looked at the iron skillet earlier today, it reminded me of something important that I think is usually lost on most of us. I want to share that with you now.


EP168 How To Create Order From Chaos

Read the article here; Support the show here; In today’s Sunday Letters, I’m taking a look at how we can create order from chaos. I’m staying with The Artist’s Manifesto until publication on October 15th, and This article is part two of chapter eight, titled; The Creative Self. Many of us in western industrialised society do not believe ourselves to be creative. We assign creativity to those we see as having natural talent,...


EP167 The Creative Self: Who's Doing The Making?

📖 Read it here; 🍺 Buy me a pint here; Do know who you are? Are you consistent and steady in your daily creative endeavours, confident in the face of the sometimes harsh responses to your work? Or maybe there is silence, nobody pays attention. How does that affect you, the you that you think you are? In this chapter, we will explore the nature of the self from the perspective of creativity. We will look at influences to our...


EP 166 The Paradox Of Work

Read the article here; Support the show here; In today’s Sunday Letters article, I’m taking a look at the paradox of work. We need it but we seem to resent it. Given the choice, if the need for money was not the prime mover, we might not even do what we do. We can’t wait to get away from it. We look forward to Fridays and dread Monday mornings. There is the belief in us that somewhere in the future it will get better, we’ll have...


EP165 The Book Launch Date

Read the article here; Support the show here; After a considerable amount of time chin scratching, I have finally set a date for The Artist’s Manifesto Launch. My previous date for publication came and went due to other commitments. The completion of the new studio/office took precedence, and oh I must not forget that little detail of needing to fund that project. Other commitments came into play there too. So...


EP164 The Artist's Manifesto News

Read Larry here; Support the show here; Thanks for tuning in today. In this episode of The Larb I'm discussing new about the launch of The Artist's Manifesto on 15th Oct 2018. Its a creative philosophy for life and work and I want to reach as many creative people with it as possible


EP163 When To Give Up

Read the article here; Support the show here; Giving up, quitting on something is kind of frowned upon, isn't it? I mean, there seems to be this popular notion in western industrialised society that to kill something that's not working is a terrible thing. It seems there's virtue in keeping something alive that's dying. It might bring you to your knees but by Jasus, you'd better keep trying to make it work as long as there's a breath in your body...


EP162 Saying Sorry: When Nothing Is Achieved From Apologies

Read the article; Support the show: In today’s Sunday Letters I am taking a look at “saying sorry”, and what I see as a retrogression, a perpetuation of victimhood in so many of us. Some of you will steadfastly disagree with the thrust of my argument, highlighting the moral necessity of recognising when we inflict hurt. Others of you I hope will see the validity of it. Whatever your interpretation, it is my firmly held view that to...


EP161 Artistic Temperament And The Challenge Working With Others

Read the article here; Support the show; I’m gonna let you in on something… sometimes I don’t work well with other people. Maybe it’s my artistic temperament or maybe I’m just an asshole. I have a tendency at times you see to get under people’s skin, make them uncomfortable, frustrated, upset or even worse, angry. When I lead a project I have an idea of how the end result and the route to that result should look. In the...


TDL160 Does It Make You Happy?

Read today's article here; Support the show here; Does it make you happy? Work I mean. Are you content with your lot? Our western industrialised culture says that you shouldn’t be. To be content, to be happy where you are equals lack of ambition and stagnation. “Become a better version of you!” The 30-something internet self-development man says. To be ambitious in the modern sense is to believe in a future where life is...


TDL159 Eddie Doherty: Handweaver

Read more from Larry here; Help keep the show advert free; This week on Sunday Letters I'm in conversation with Eddie Doherty from Adara, Co. Donegal. Eddie is a handweaver in the town over 60 years and weaves his tweed from the loom in the back of the shop and from another in the back of the family pub. Eddie and I get chatting about his work, about Gaelic Football and where a man might get a good breakfast in the town.