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Interviews with those silly beings from planet Earth about their lives and important social topics: economics, religion, sex, technology, and arts. Hosted by Simone Salis.

Interviews with those silly beings from planet Earth about their lives and important social topics: economics, religion, sex, technology, and arts. Hosted by Simone Salis.
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Chicago, IL


Interviews with those silly beings from planet Earth about their lives and important social topics: economics, religion, sex, technology, and arts. Hosted by Simone Salis.






Mark Larson: Focus on Your Process

Mark Larson is a writer, interviewer, educator, and curator of many oral history projects like American Stories Continuum and Ensemble, Chicago collecting and sharing conversations about contemporary life in the United States. Professor at National-Louis University, Mark also published two books: 'Making Conversations' and 'Situations' (co-authored with Betty Jane Wagner). Inspired by Studs Terkel's work, Mr. Larson's interviews are intimate portraits of subjective experiences in our...


Melissa McEwen: Find a Career That Makes You Happier

Melissa McEwen is a tech consultant and writer merging two passions and careers, publishing articles for Quartz, Submain, on Medium and more. You can check out her website and social media profiles by visiting


Tim Kazurinsky: Don't Give Up Your Soul

Tim Kazurinsky is an actor, screenwriter, Saturday Night Live alumnus, and performer from the Police Academy series as Officer Sweetchuck. In the early 80s, Mr. Kazurinsky played iconic characters on SNL, like Jack Badofsky on Weekend Update, Mr Landlord, Gandhi, Hitler, and even a chimp's husband in "I Married a Monkey". As a two times Jefferson Awards nominee, Tim's experience on live stages started with the Second City in Chicago and goes on to these days as the Wizard of Oz in Wicked's...


Scott Robin: Get Creative Through Restraints

Scott Robbin, web developer and co-creator with Naz Hamid of Vapid, an intentionally simple content management system to create websites. Starting in the late 90s, Mr. Robbin founded different companies like Halobrite and Songza, and also worked as lead developer and director for Cards Agains Humanity, Blackbox, and more. You can check out his projects on and learn more about Vapid, his latest creation, on


Cody Gough: Cultivate Your Curiosity

Cody Gough is a radio host, producer, and audio editor. For over a decade he worked as a producer and content creator with WGN Radio, GonnaGeek Network, and Mr. Gough's skills help shows to take shape and become even more successful while he works with hosts like Spike O'Dell, Brian Noonan, Nick Digilio, Steve King and Johnnie Putnam, Milt Rosenberg, and Pete McMurray. He hosts the award-winning, daily podcast and Game/Life Balance U.S., a lifestyle show.


Linnea Gandhi: Take Back Your Attention

Linnea Gandhi is adjunct professor of Behavioral Science at the University of Chicago Booth and founder of BehavioralSight—an advisory firm helping businesses to integrate insights and methodologies from behavioral science into their research and decision-making processes. Linnea also coaches leaders on ways to reduce error in their own everyday decisions. Her work has been published in Harvard Business Review. Prof. Gandhi has also written and spoken about topics such as noise in...


Jen Ellison: Challenge Your Authentic Self

Jen Ellison is an actor, writer, director, and professor focusing on comedy and theatre. Throughout her career, Ms. Ellison performed and directed at ComedySportz, Collaboraction, The Neo-Futurists, and The Second City, the legendary improv theater where Steve Carell, Tina Fey, Key and Peele, and Stephen Colbert first learned how to be be funny on stage. As a professor, she is the former lead of an Ethics in Gaming class, analyzing how we, as players, can become somebody else, living through...


Byron Reese: The Fourth Age

Byron Reese is an entrapreneur, public speaker and author, currently CEO and Publisher of GigaOM, a leading technology research company. As a technologist and futurist, Mr. Reese brings his passion for history and philosophy to the readers shining a light on social dilemmas that we already face, and will face, as humans. His most recent book, The Fourth Age, explores the essence of humanity through the lenses of philosophy applied to technological change, using an objective yet positive...


Ashley Ray: Set Higher Expectations for Yourself

Ashley Ray is a comedian, writer, and TV critic sharing her personal stories and ideas while touching important topics like gender, race, and sexuality. As a cultural critic, Ashley writes for The A.V. Club, Vice, and The Chicago Reader.


Dakota Conduct: Stop Complaining and Find Solutions

Dakota Conduct is a Supply Chain Analyst by the day, and drag queen by night. Living in the duality of corporate daytime professional and gender-bending drag queen in nightlife, she shows how knowledge can only further enhance her drag aesthetic.


Jake Shapiro: Inside RadioPublic's Strategy

RadioPublic's CEO and co-founder Jake Shapiro talks about RadioPublic's stragety, business model, and risks, discussing how to create a sustainable marketplace for podcast creators and listeners while contributing to the development of open standards and a decentralized ecosystem.


Ali Barthwell: Understand and Surprise Your Audience

Ali Barthwell is the co-founder of WakandaCon, a celebration of afro-futurism and black culture in a society that stripped african-americans of their past. She is a writer, performer and comedian teaching her students how to use sterotypes on gender, race, ethnicity, and sexual orientation as a tool of growth for themselves and their audiences.


Thomas Thorson: Cliff-Dwelling

Thomas Thorson is a landscape architect and urban designer interpreting the physical world to interconnect people in an urban environment. He serves on the Board of Directors at the Cliff Dwellers Club, an historic and iconic arts club in downtown Chicago. You can find more about Tom visiting


Neal Sàles-Griffin: Run for Mayor

Neal Sáles-Griffin is an entrapreneur, teacher, and an educational leader born and raised in the Chicago South Side, currently CEO of CodeNow, a national nonprofit teaching young people how to code in order to solve problems and become creators of their own future. Professor at Nortwhestern, University of Chicago Booth, and teacher for the Chicago Public Schools empowering high schoolers with skills from software development to business creation basics in the tech field, Mr. Sáles-Griffin is...


Anne Libera: Empower Through Comedy

Anne Libera is the creator of the first college degree in Comedy and Director of the Comedy Studies program at Columbia college Chicago, overseeing the B.A. in Comedy Writing and Performance. She has worked for over 32 years at The Second City, the legendary improv theater where Mike Myers, Steve Carell, Tina Fey, Key and Peele, and Stephen Colbert first cut their teeth. Public speaker for Recode, the Aspen Ideas Festival, and the Stanford Graduate School of Business, as a Director, writer,...


Nate DuFort: Be a One-Person Show

Nate DuFort is a writer, producer, and director who splits his time between Detroit and Chicago. Mr. Dufort is a consultant for The Second City, having previously served as Producer, Producing Director, and Producing Artistic Director there, overseeing projects in cooperation between the iconic comedy theater and the Lyric Opera of Chicago or Hubbard Street Dance Chicago, managing the partnership at sea between Second City and Norwegian Cruise Line and taking part in the annual Gilda’s Club...


Danielle Feiberg: Make the Best Movies Through Diversity (from Pixar)

Danielle Feinberg is a storyteller using light as her narrative tool. With over 2 decades of experience at Pixar Animation Studios, Ms. Feinberg inspires younger generations of all genders and communities to become artists through technology. Her work can be admired in Academy Award nominated movies, like Coco and Brave.


Dave Hoover: Learn Through Apprenticeship

Dave Hoover is a Code crafter formally trained in psychology and family therapy, Mr. Hoover is a software developer using the Ethereum blockchain and co-author of the book "Apprenticeship Patterns: Guidance for the Aspiring Software Craftsman". He also co-founded the dev bootcamp, to enable anyone to learn software development skills in a matter of weeks.


Adrian Danzig: Discover Infinite Beauty and Talent

Artistic Director of "500 Clown"—a physical theater company that uses clown and humor to get the audience's active attention—Adrian Danzig has performed at The Goodman theater, The Steppenwolf, The Second City, Berkeley Rep, and much more. A Brooklyn native, Adrian is an actor, director, teacher and alumnus of The School of the Art Institute Chicago, and also studied clown with world-famous physical theater performers like Philippe Gaulier and Dominique Jando. Through his work, Mr. Danzig...