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The Hub Systems Episode 35 - A Warcradle Christmas

We have a long conversation with Stuart Mackeness from Warcradle Studios to discuss the various Spartan IPs, with extended dips into Star Trek, Star Wars and other general wittering. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year everyone!


The Hub Systems Episode 34 - UKGE & 40k Dark Imperium

In this episode we take a brief look at the UKGE with my daughter Esther, followed by an extended preview of the new Warhammer 40k 2-player boxed set Dark Imperium, which heralds the arrival of 8th edition. Is it a Hit or Miss, and what does this mean for Games Workshop and other games companies out there?


The Hub Systems Episode 33 - Salute 2017 & The Drowned Earth

Join us to speak once again to James Baldwin about The Drowned Earth, this time on Kickstarter. We look at some Kharadron Overlords, Mantic's TerrainCrate Kickstarter and some of Spartan's recent releases in Hit or Miss. We also talk a little about Salute 2017 as our last recording on it was lost to the Ether! Apologies for some audio quality issues this episode from our side - we used the wrong microphone!! Enjoy!


The Hub Systems Episode 32 - Going Alone in the Gaming Business

Join Darryl Henson from The Lasercut Architect and Alex Bates from Forge of Ice on the Hub Systems for a look into the world of the gaming entrepreneur, striking out into the hobby world of business on their own. In addition, we look at Kharadron Overlords, sneak peeks from Adepticon and some dubious value 2-player battle boxes. Listen and Enjoy!


The Hub Systems Podcast Episode 31.mp3

In this episode we examine whether women are misrepresented in wargaming - so there are topics of a sensitive warned! We also look at the Eldar, aquarium terrain, underwater armies, space stations and the Walking Dead in Hit or Miss, plus a bunch of other random stuff. Listen & Enjoy!


The Hub Systems Episode 30 - 2017 Musings

In this brief episode after an extended break, I have a bit of a monologue on musings on the coming year in gaming - what it might bring for us all. Listen and Enjoy!


The Hub Systems Episode 29 - The Drowned Earth

Happy Christmas everyone! Join us for a look at the upcoming 28mm skirmish game The Drowned Earth with James Baldwin, plus our regular Hit & Miss session and listener poll....Enjoy!


The Hub Systems Episode 28 - Dropfleet Commander 2-Player Set Unboxing

In this episode we give a live unboxing and first impressions of the Dropfleet Commander 2-player boxed set, after a Hit and Miss section with shiny new (and silly) sound effects where we cover the Spartan Games DW Kickstarter, AoS releases and the Burning of Prospero set from GW. Listen & Enjoy!


The Hub Systems Episode 27 - Jaded Spartancast

Join us in this R-rated episode together with Lange and Nathan from the former Jaded Gamercast, where the pair share "brutal honesty" with a capital "F" regarding Spartan Games' recent flurry of manic activity after a long summer of little but HGC. Not for the faint hearted and definitely check with an adult before listening if you're a minor - Enjoy!


The Hub Systems Episode 26 - The Icarus Project

This time we are joined by Anto from Icarus Miniatures to talk about his upcoming 28/32/35mm (it'll make sense when you listen!) sci-fi skirmish game Kickstarter - The Icarus Project. Before that we talk a little bit about the recent Halo Ground Command upgrade boxes from Spartan, together with latest FFG X-Wing announcement and the usual GW fare in Hit or Miss. Anto's a great guy and we had a blast, so listen and enjoy!


The Hub Systems Episode 25 - Firestorm Armada Tactica: Relthoza

We return from holiday with the next in our Firestorm Armada Tactica series - The Relthoza! Have you got what it takes to direct the space-spiders to victory, or do you need a quick masterclass on how to win? Listen and (hopefully!) learn...!


The Hub Systems Episode 24 - Firestorm Armada Tactica: Sorylians

This episode we have guest host Fred Graves of the Firestorm Focus Group with us to impart his zen knowledge of the Soryians, their playstyle, strengths (and how to leverage them) and their weaknesses (and how to bridge them). Before we get into that, we have our Hit and Miss on GWs Death Masque and Shattered Realms basing kits, FFGs wave 10 announcements for X-Wing and the Dark Souls kickstarter. Listen and enjoy!


The Hub Systems Episode 23 - Shattered Void Kickstarter

We meet up with Alan & Mark from White Dragon Miniatures to talk about their Kickstarter campaign Shattered Void, a starfighter combat game with some really interesting mechanics. In Hit or Miss we discuss the Sylvaneth releases for AoS, and GW pricing strategies in general, together with X-Wing, Forgeworld and some really pretty dice! Listen & Enjoy!


The Hub Systems Episode 22 - 3D, or not 3D...that is the question!

This episode we take a look at some of the blurring lines between digital and hobby with 3D printing, and gaming and modelling. We also take a look at Arena Rex, Stormcloud Attack and the wave 9 releases for X-Wing from FFG. Enjoy!


The Hub Systems Episode 21 - Mega Hit or Miss

Matt joins us once again for a mega edition of Hit or Miss. We have a couple of audio issues (caused by Soundflower with Audacity and Skype - if anyone knows of a good alternative please let us know!). They don't last long, so please stick with it! Enjoy!


The Hub Systems Podcast Episode 20 - Back in Business!

Well we've been off the air for about a month due to exams, new jobs and kitchen refurbishment, but we're back now! This time we look at Omnidyne, Syndicate and Xelocians, and take a look at some big Halo: GC models in Hit or Miss. Enjoy!


The Hub Systems Podcast Episode 19 - Salute 2016

This episode we invite Spartan Vanguard Ian Duff, Warfare Firestorm organiser Chris Smith and Spiral Arm Studios Author Tomas Martin to talk about all things Salute 2016 related. Tomas gives us a perspective on a Kickstarter come to retail at the show, while we also discuss some of the new games present, including Spartan's recently announced Halo Ground Combat. Enjoy!


The Hub Systems Podcast Episode 18 - Adepticon 2016 & Polyversal

We join up with Josh, Matt & phil for a post-Adepticon roundup, and then turn to special guest Byron Collins (creator of the Polyversal system) to review his recent Kickstarter campaign, issues and some of the deeper aspects of the system. Enjoy!


The Hub Systems Podcast Episode 17 - Kickstarter

Matt, Oscar and I discuss the various pros and cons of Kickstarter, and some examples of good and bad projects...apologies once again for the lateness of this episode....


The Hub Systems Podcast Episode 16 - Firestorm stats for Taskforce ships!

A very belated episode, recorded on time but issues with editing, quitting my job, work on the new house etc have all added to the delays here. Apologies to co-hosts Matt, Josh & Fred who joined Oscar and I to talk for a long time about a lot of things!