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The Miami Guide captures the energy and vibes of Miami to let you feel what life is like in the magic city. Discover the best of Miami featuring inspiring entrepreneurs, innovators, and hustlers who are living the Miami lifestyle.

The Miami Guide captures the energy and vibes of Miami to let you feel what life is like in the magic city. Discover the best of Miami featuring inspiring entrepreneurs, innovators, and hustlers who are living the Miami lifestyle.


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The Miami Guide captures the energy and vibes of Miami to let you feel what life is like in the magic city. Discover the best of Miami featuring inspiring entrepreneurs, innovators, and hustlers who are living the Miami lifestyle.




Get your Social Media Channels in Shape for 2020 with Vicky Justiz

This week's episode features a well known Youtube influencer. She’s a fitness influencer from Miami with over 1 million followers on Youtube. Her name is Vicky Justiz and she shares how she got started on social media and YouTube and how she surpassed 1 MILLION subscribers. We talk all things content creation, influencer marketing, trends, and hacks to help you grow your following and how you can become a social media influencer. Vicky is all about happiness and the fitness lifestyle. She...


Spreading Good Vibes and The Fitness Lifestyle in Miami with Pablo and Cristina

We’re at South Pointe Park, one of my favorite areas in Miami Beach and the most magical place to watch the Miami sunsets. We're meeting up with two wonderful guests; Pablo and Cristina better known as @murdoc305 and @highonyoga on Instagram. Pablo is an Acrobatic Yoga instructor and Cristina well-known Yoga teacher. They are both amazing at Acro Yoga. We all know Miami is the place of party and nightlife, but people here are really getting into a healthier lifestyle. Here are just a few...


Exploring The Versace Mansion in Miami Beach Late Designer Gianni Versace Called Home

We’re on Ocean Drive at the iconic property that served as the home to late designer Gianni Versace. This is one of the 3rd most photographed places in the united states. Number one is the house of Elvis Graceland, second is the white house, and the third is the Versace Mansion in Miami Beach. Now a boutique hotel, Villa Casa Casuarina, Versace’s former home still reflects his glamorous designs and lifestyle. I’m meeting up with the General Manager of the hotel, Chauncey Copeland, for a...


How to Live The Miami Lifestyle with Banna Fakhoury

We’re at South of Fifth which is just minutes away from the touristic areas like Ocean Drive and Lincoln Road. South of Fifth is one of the most exclusive neighborhoods in Miami Beach and we're meeting up with a wonderful guest, Banna Fakhoury. Banna is a Miami Native and a Real Estate professional selling the city as a Sales Director for a Real Estate Management Agency. Here are just a few things we'll cover: ⭐️ How she got started in real estate. ⭐️ Where to find the best restaurants...


Life is Art, and Art is an Essential Part of Miami with Jessica de Vreeze

We’re at The Sagamore Hotel situated within the historic Miami Beach Art Deco District. The Sagamore is a place of Art since 1940 in Miami and we're meeting up with an amazing artist, Jessica de Vreeze. Jessica is a French American visual artist, born in Paris and now based in Miami. Her life has always revolved around Art but after spending years as a lawyer, she decided to listen to her Heart and switched careers to become the Visual Artist she has always been. Jessica is based in Miami...


Aliyyah Riley Finding Success as a Miami Beach Model

Aliyyah Riley speaks about life as a Miami Beach model. Aliyyah is a native New Yorker who moved to Miami to advance her modeling career. She now lives here in the magic city and she said that Miami has opened up many opportunities and ignited her career as a Miami Beach model. She has modeled for New York City Fashion Week, Miami Swim Week and has been Featured in well-known magazines like Ocean Drive Magazine. Aliyyah is here to share her story about how she got started in the fashion...


Why You Should Move To Miami with Marine Guadalpi

We’re in Miami Beach’s Sunset Harbour, meeting up with an amazing guest. Her name is Marine Guadalpi. I’m happy to have Marine on the podcast because she loves Miami and has lived in Miami for over 20 years. 🌴 Marine Guadalpi is a real estate professional specializing in Miami Beach Luxury Waterfront Properties. Her luxury 5-star hospitality background has brought her a wealth of knowledge when it comes to customer service relationship management. ✨ In this episode, Marine shares her...


How Wyncode is Creating a Gender Diverse Tech Ecosystem in Miami

We’re in Wynwood Miami, Meeting up with an amazing guest. Her name is Johanna Mikkola and she is the co-founder and CEO of Wyncode Academy Wyncode is a technical training school teaching software development and product design. Their mission is to empower people with the education and skillset needed to launch a career in technology. I’m happy to have Johanna on the podcast because she has built something amazing at Wyncode and help to drive the Miami Tech Industry forward. Johanna...


The Story of Miami's Graffiti Scene with Atomik

Adam and is a 100 percent Miami artist. He is known by his graffiti tag Atomik and is a big name in the Miami art scene. The graffiti legend has been painting the city for quite some time. While growing up in the emerging Miami graffiti scene of the ’80s, Atomik witnessed for himself at a young age what would later become his profession. He is Famous for his iconic orange character which emerged as a response to the demolition of the Miami Orange Bowl, While painting for almost 20 years,...


Life as a Model in Miami with Jessica Martin

Jessica Martin speaks about life as a Model and Influencer in Miami. Jessica is a well known Miami based model and Instagram influencer. Jessica grew up in Miami and really considers herself as a Miami person. She shares her story about how she got started in modeling and built a large online following becoming an IG influencer. Besides modeling, she is creating amazing content, from fashion, beauty, and even travel. Jessica shares the strategies she used to build a large online following...


The Evolution of Fine Dining Experience at Chotto Matte with Kurt Zdesar

We’re at Lincoln Road in Miami Beach to experience authentic Nikkei cuisine at Lincoln Road's hottest upscale eatery Chotto Matte. Meeting up with Kurt Zdesar, the is founder and owner of Chotto Matte, the most beautiful restaurant in Miami. Kurt is a seasoned veteran of the hospitality industry. He first started his career as the European Director for Michelin-starred Nobu restaurants, later opening his own Dim Sum concept called Ping Pong. Kurt is now focused on his Peruvian-Japanese...