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The Masters of Geek-Fu, covering all aspects of Geek Culture

The Masters of Geek-Fu, covering all aspects of Geek Culture
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The Masters of Geek-Fu, covering all aspects of Geek Culture




Episode #72 -- Masterpiece Venoms III

The Nerdy Venoms are in mourning following the recent re-demise of MoviePass. In their place we present another highlight compilation episode. We thank you for your patronage.


Episode #71 -- "Bustin' Out the Black Rod"

This week the Nerdy Venoms make a very bad business decision by discussing bad business decisions! (lol see what I did there?) Whether it be underpaying your best writer, getting stuck in a PR nightmare over possible but not really racism, or just making your movie too darn long! We'll talking about it with some help from special guest star Nicole Franklin from #Blerddating! Plus reviews of the three hour nightmare that is It Chapter 2 and the news of this week's Parliamentary Nerdy...


Episode #70 -- "Labor Days of Topics Flaccid"

Well this episode was a blur. With no news, we plow through topics of sex, violence, disappointment, and the usual cringe we provide. Oh of Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance, Carnival Row, and Carole and Tuesday too. Enjoy! THIS WEEK's THEME MUSIC: The London Symphony Orchestra conducted by Marcus Dodds -- "The Dark Crystal (Finale)" (T. Jones)


Episode #69 -- "Another D-lightful Episode!"

This week on The Nerdy Venoms, we celebrate our recent pickup by iHeartMedia by going all in on D+ again! D23 announced a D-load of D-Shows and we're going to D-cuss all of it! Also on the show we discuss bad comedy!...because why not, after that first half! Plus the news on this week's hurricane nuking edition of the Nerdy Venoms! Scorpions -- "Rock You Like a Hurricane" (R. Schenker/K. Meine/H. Rarebell)


Episode #68 -- "The Great Chicken Sandwich Fail 2019"

Tonight's episode is brought to you by Sony Pictures. Sony! We hate money! So yeah...we're pissed. Lets talk about battles and fried chicken. Also belated unnecessary sequels. Also reviews of some crappy animated stuff and Invader Zim. News. Nerdy Venoms. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRGH! THIS WEEK'S THEME SONG: Cypress Hill -- "Roll It Up, Light It Up, Smoke It Up" (L. Muggerud, L. Freese)


Episode #67 -- "Chii-sed Off"

This week on the Nerdy Venoms a candid conversation about Disney's live action remakes having to...yes...remake their late 90s DTV cheapquels....yikes. Also... for the first time ever... a sports topic! We discuss the future of sports as technological enhancements make those cyberpunk movies look more like reality with every passing moment. PLUS, has Hollywood made anything decent with Martial Arts in it in the last 30 years? We pose the question and get...answers? Maybe? Plus reviews of...


Episode #66 -- "The Wheel of Embarassment Eats France!"

Tonight on The Nerdy Venoms, Jon is out of town so we have to stumble through a hastily assembled episode with no topic and no structure!...seriously it takes 30 minutes just to get to the news. However as a free bonus its the return of Wheel of Embarrassment!...yay? Plus some quick reviews of Hobbs & Shaw and the (rather late) news on this week's Nerdy Venoms! THIS WEEK'S THEME MUSIC: John Cage - "4'33"


Episode #65 -- "Shakin' Yo Nintendo Stick!"

A variety of topics on display tonight on The Nerdy Venoms. First we talk about attempts by minorities to reclaim certain words that were used to slander them. NEXT: Esports! Why its a colossal waste of time and money! THEN: Millennials! Why are they ruining Walt Disney World for the Over-70 Golf Course Crowd?!? AND FINALLY reviews of Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, The Boys, and Anonther Life plus the news as always on this week's culturally sensitive edition of The Nerdy Venoms! THIS...


Episode #64 -- "SDCC Mumblecore Extravaganza! OR: Not Feeling The Love Tonight"

A variety of emotionally charged topics this week on The Nerdy Venoms Podcast! First, with the recent tragedy involving the "House That Feels Built" Kyoto Animation still smoldering in our eyes and minds, we discuss the extemities of overzealous fandom and where do we draw a redline when actual lives are at stake. NEXT a rundown of the SDCC festivities and how Marvel Studios now rules the universe. And, of course, a review of the "...well...they tried" pseudo-live action/photo realistic...


Episode #63 -- "Dad Jokes for Millenials"

This week we finally discuss Stranger Things 3! But not before a candid array of topics including Twitter morons storming Area 88, the hottest nerd vacation spots, and the Emmys. Plus the news and a variety of embarrassing names to give your first born on this week's Nerdy Venoms Podcast! THIS WEEK'S THEME MUSIC -- S U R V I VE ftr. Gaten Matarazzo and Gabriella Pizzolo: "Never Ending Story" (G. Moroder/K. Folsey)


Episode #62 -- "A Bunch of Things That Aren't Stranger Things"

SPOILERS: We don't talk about Stranger Things Season 3 this week. Tune in instead for discussion of race flipping in genre films AGAIN because this controversy just wont die, whether or not the sad remains of Cineplex Odeon should screen that awful anti-abortion propaganda flick from a couple months ago, and reviews of Spider-man from the white guys who didn't see it last week. Plus the news on this week's rather controversial Nerdy Venoms! THIS WEEK'S THEME SONG: Michael Stein & Kyle Dixon...


Episode #61 -- "Fourth of July Open Mic Trainwreck"

This episode is a trainwreck. We have no topics but do have a bunch of jokes. Plus reviews of Annabelle, The Dead Don't Die, and Spider-Man. Enjoy?


Episode #60 -- "Rebooty Call"

This week on the Nerdy Venoms, in honor (?) of the new version of Child's Play, we talk about what constitutes a Reboot or a Remake of a popular film franchise. BUT NOT BEFORE WE TACKLE SOMETHING FAR MORE IMPORTANT...Tifa's Package. ...that, reviews of a certain other movie involving creepy dolls, and the news on this week's Nerdy Venoms! THIS WEEK'S THEME MUSIC: Shirley Walker and the London Symphony Orchestra -- "Batman Theme (reprise)" (D. Elfman)


Episode #59 -- "Shafted"

Tonight its the kind of nonintellectual nonsense you normally expect from the Nerdy Venoms as we discuss the lack of intellectualism on television or at least what we perceive to be intellectualism on television....whatever the hell that means. BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE! We also discuss Galen Mattarazzo's awful new prank show and how Netflix could totally be putting that money to good world peace or something. Plus reviews of a pair of flops in MIB: International and Shaft and the...


Episode #58 -- "Off Brand Avengers"

Its our E3 show!...Yeah nothing happened at E3 this year. We recap the panels and the load of nothing until Nintendo began to feast on the innocent. Speaking of nothing... Dark Phoenix also came out. Expect some reviews plus a discussion of how Fox could have spent the money they lost on this turkey in a far more constructive way. Plus the news on this week's Squeenix botch job that is The Nerdy Venoms. THIS WEEK'S THEME MUSIC: Michael Kiwanuka -- "Cold Little Heart" (M. Kiwanuka)


Episode #57 -- "Gojira X.Za Narude Benamusu: Daikaiju Kusocasuto"

This week its Godzilla, Godzilla, and....yes...more Godzilla as the Nerdy Venoms talk about the new film "Godzilla King of the Monsters" and whether it is or isn't an exciting time to be a G-Fan at the moment. We also shove in some reviews of Ma and quick tv talk in there because timing. Plus the news on this week's city smashing Nerdy Venoms! THIS WEEK'S THEME MUSIC: Neil Norman and his Cosmic Orchestra -- "Godzilla Theme" (A.Ifukube/N.Norman)


Epsiode #56 -- "The Real House-Pac's of Mobile, Alabama."

This week, we're flying by the seat of our pants on the Nerdy Venoms which means the podcast is about take some strange detours in the name of lulz. Listen as Open Topic Night turns into a strange tale about the sordid love affair of Mr. and Mrs. Pacman. If that doesn't tickle your fancy we have reviews of Aladdin and Brightburn for your listening enjoyment. Plus the news on this week's scintilating TNV! THIS WEEK'S THEME MUSIC: "Friend Like Me" (A.Menkan/H.Ashman)


Episode #55 -- "Our Watch is Ended"

In an episode of the Nerdy Venoms that might rival Lily Proxon, the Nerdy Venoms discuss an episode of Game of Thrones that did NOT rival Lily Proxon. But before that!...we talk finales we liked and finales we hated (yes the Dinosaurs ending is in there) before we play what could be the best game we have done on the show to date. Plus reviews of John Wick 3 and the news on this week's Nerdy Venoms!


Episode #54 -- "We Chose... Poorly"

Its a grabbag of topics this week on the Nerdy Venoms! Let's talk first about some geeky mothers because Mother's Day. Then a topic we were supposed to have but didn't... Disappointing Video Games! Final a review of some Monster in my Pocket movie and the news on this week's edition of the Nerdy Venoms! THIS WEEK'S THEME MUSIC: Scott Bradlee and Friends Feat. Sara Niemietz -- "Pokemon Theme (as Jazz)" (J.Siegler/J.Loeffler/S.Bradlee, arr.)


Episode #53 -- "Shaking The Stanford Tree"

Welcome friends to the start of our second year on the air! Our "New 52" if you will...hur hur hur *coughs blood* This week, The Nerdy Venoms run through what's left of the rather bland and forgettable summer movie season of 2019 now that Avengers has sucked up all the money. Other topics include unpopular opinions we hold as nerds, a candid exploration of sex in video games, and all the Action News that's fit to print. Another quality episode from The Nerdy Venoms!