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This is a travel Podcast about getting out of your house, off your smart phone and enjoying all the world has to offer.

This is a travel Podcast about getting out of your house, off your smart phone and enjoying all the world has to offer.
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This is a travel Podcast about getting out of your house, off your smart phone and enjoying all the world has to offer.






The Skoolie Episode with Chris Travels

On today's show we talk to Indiana's Own Chris Penn who is known on his YouTube channels as Chris Travels. Chris travels full time in his converted school bus. Chris tells us about how he progressed from a "soccer mom" van to his current school bus. We talk about the controversy of converting Bureau of Land Management (BLM Land) to private industry. We discuss weather we should house homeless people in tiny house communities. Chris tells us about his favorite place to camp (Alaska) and his...


Traveling with Dan and Jenny

Today we talk with Jenny and Dan, a traveling couple. They share information on their very first trip and how they survived. Dan tells us about his Podcasts. We learn about some great "HIDDEN GEM"s and a couple "DON’T DO THAT"s. Find out what happened when Jenny and Dan ended up on a 12 mile hike with no food or water, scared they might see a bear. Jenny and Dan explain how to plan trips as a couple and what they learned about each other through travel. Music by : Tristan...


Choose your own Episode Contest Announcement!

Happy Thanksgiving! We at The Nomadic Traveler Podcast are thankful for you the listeners! To show you just how thankful we are we are choosing the winners today! This is the announcement for the winners of the Contest to choose your own Podcast episode! If you have been chosen, please be sure to Private message or email us your address so we can send your Prize Packs!


Expedition Travel with Thom Pollard

Climbing Mt. Everest doesn’t seem like a very obtainable task to many people, but today’s guest, Thom Pollard, is an exception to the norm. We hear all about Thom’s climb and why he chose to take this journey. Thom tells us how he found work on the road in order to make his expedition dreams come true. Listen to find out what WORLD FAMOUS discovery Thom's team made when hiking up Mt. Everest. We learn what it takes to go after what makes you happy and how to maintain your dreams. You won’t...


BONUS EPISODE - We get our dreams interpreted!

BONUS EPISODE! Today we have a wonderful Dream Interpretation episode. Teresa, the excellent guest you heard on the budget travel episode, is a dream interpreter. Why learn why is Nicole laying in the middle of the street and why Jason may dream about losing teeth? What does it mean if you paralyzed in your dreams? Find out more about what they mean and what Teresa makes of this. If you find this as interesting as we do, check out Teresa's webpage at: Have...


The Budget Traveler with Teresa Ward

Have you ever wanted to go to Europe for the weekend? Do you want to go to Hawaii for $20/night? What about Mexico for 12.50 a night? Today’s podcast we get some AMAZING budget travel tips and tricks from travel expert Teresa Ward. Teresa tells us how hostels work and where to find some amazing hostel deals. We learn about how to meet people when traveling alone through single travel groups. We also get some great tips on how to get free and/or cheap excursions during travel to keep your...


How to travel with a Big Group

Today’s episode is about GROUP travel. Have you ever been on a trip with a group that did not turn out like you wanted? Well today’s episode can help. Whether you are planning the finances, airfare, accommodations, or excursions, we have the best group travel tips for you in this episode. We tell you about many apps that you can use to make your group trip a breeze. Be sure to listen for Nicole’s Don’t do that. With Thanksgiving and other family holidays coming up this episode will be sure...


Do I really need to Winterize my camper?

Is it that time of year again? Yes, time to winterize your camper! In today’s episode, we give you everything you need to know in order to keep your camper safe this year. There is more to winterization than just making sure that your pipes don't freeze. You do not want to miss the best tips for keeping mice and other rodents out of your camper. Have you heard the age-old Irish Spring tip for deterring mice? Well today we debunk that and some other myths in our “Don’t Do That” segment....


The Nomadic Traveler Podcast gets Roadschooled

Today, we learn about road schooling! We interview author, singer, songwriter, Pinterest designer, and laughter yoga instructor, Kelsey Henry. Kelsey tells us about how growing up on the road in an RV and being roadschooled was for her as a child. Kelsey gives us valuable advice for both parents and children who are thinking about going full time on the road in an RV. She shares exciting stories from her book “Growing Up Road Schooled”, which is available on Amazon or her personal online...


NASA Part 3 KSC Public Tours and where to Stay on your trip to NASA

Have you listened to the last 2 episodes and decided your now ready to pull the trigger and plan your trip to NASA? Well this episode is for you. We go over what to expect at Kennedy Space Center and where you can stay in your camper if you want to watch a shuttle launch from your campsite. We also go over beaches where you can swim in the ocean while watching a shuttle launch. How many of you wanted to be an astronaut when you grew up? Well, on today’s episode we explore the Kennedy Space...


NASA Part 2 The Private Tour

Welcome to the NASA episode part 2! Today we get insider information from NASA engineers working on the crawler about their daily operations and how the rockets make it to the launch pad. We learn how the crawler engineers prepare for each launch and the average timeline for the day of the launch. Find out if there will ever be a new and improved crawler in the future. How do your think they start the crawler? Listen to hear whether there is a giant crawler key. We reveal what two items the...


NASA Behind the Scenes Part 1

Have you ever wondered what happens behind the scenes at NASA? Jason got a first hand experience. He got to meet with engineers and employees on a private tour of the NASA compound. In today’s episode we are going to share some expert interviews and information from the ground level at NASA. We meet retired electrical engineer Lamar Russell who shares what it was like working as an engineer during the Apollo missions, how to make risk assessments, lunar orbits, and the top virtues it takes...


The Nomadic Traveler Podcast gets weird in South Florida

Today, we meet three-time regional Emmy award winning TV producer, Mia Laurenzo. Mia produces a podcast called SoFlo Weird Florida. The show outlines weird travel opportunities in Southern Florida. Find out about Coral Castle, a limestone structure built mysteriously during the night by a single man. Find out what makes Florida so weird and how to explore Florida for more than just it’s beaches. Learn about Florida’s most famous roadside fruit stand called, “Robert is here.” Today’s hidden...


Where to stay in you RV at Disney!

We had been thinking about it, and we realized we didn't cover where to stay when your in your RV at Walt Disney World. So if your an RV traveler, this is your guide for where to stay at on your Walt Disney World Trip. We profile the Top 6 RV Parks near Walt Disney World. How close they are, the costs to stay there, amenities offered, activities available and much more. Music by : Tristan Nelson Facebook: iTunes:...


Disney for Families

Todays podcast is an add on to last weeks podcast. This week is Disney tips for families. This episode is packed with tips I wish I would have known the first few times I made Disney trips. We share some behind the scenes tours you can go on with your families. Find out how you can go on an adventure with Captain Hook and get your very own pirate name. Nicole and Jason give each other pirate names find out if they would be worthy of Captain Jack Sparrow's approval. Learn how you can listen...


Disney for Adults

Today we outline some of the best aspects of Disney for adults. Find out about our swamp room experience. Jason and Nicole explain best Disney options for staying off the property and getting the best perks at the Hilton Lake Buena Vista Hotel. We outline the Dine in the Sky progressive dinner experience at Disney and how you can enjoy a private view of the Magic Kingdom fireworks from under the monorail at the Contemporary. We check out the Behind the Seeds Tour at Epcot which offers a...


Solo Travel with Jess Part 2

PART TWO OF SOLO TRAVEL WITH JESS. Find out why you might need to bring a spatula for tropical solo travel. Find out what Jess wishes she knew before solo traveling. Does Jess ever get lonely during her solo trips and if so, what does she do? Jess must leave the Airbnb during her second solo trip we find out why. Jess gives one of the best Airbnb tips on how to stay safe during your Airbnb experience. We find out how to avoid unwanted attention during a solo trip. Hot yoga helps Jess meet...


Solo Travel with Jess

Today we have solo travel specialist Jess Lindgren. With a low vacation balance and a smaller than desired salary, Jess moved toward a freelance lifestyle to explore some of her first solo trips. Her first solo trip included a unique “unofficial hostel like” Airbnb experience with a drum circle and a boudoir photo shoot. We get goosebumps hearing about Jess's one of a kind view of the Statue of Liberty. The YELP app can be a life saver during solo travel trips, find out how. We explore how...


Bonus Episode

We share what we have been up to the last 2 weeks, and why there haven't been new episodes posted. We plug this friday's show and some of the new and exciting things to come on The Nomadic Traveler Podcast. Big things are coming! Music by : Tristan Nelson Facebook: iTunes:


What is Eco-Tourism Anyways?

What is Ecotourism? Nicole thinks it is an engineer who helps the environment. HINT: Nicole is wrong. Learn about the three main principles of Ecotourism. Jason wants Nicole to run from bears in Alaska. Find out what YOU can gain from becoming an ecotourist. Find out where you can go to help baby turtles swim towards the ocean for the first time. We explore volunteer ecotourism and how you can get involved. We examine arguments against ecotourism including greenwashing and local economics....