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Each week we interview authors who have made it in the self-publishing world. Through these interviews we aim to provide actionable advice and inspiration for those who want to self publish. It should also be fun for readers looking to get an insight into the world of their favorite writers!

Each week we interview authors who have made it in the self-publishing world. Through these interviews we aim to provide actionable advice and inspiration for those who want to self publish. It should also be fun for readers looking to get an insight into the world of their favorite writers!
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Each week we interview authors who have made it in the self-publishing world. Through these interviews we aim to provide actionable advice and inspiration for those who want to self publish. It should also be fun for readers looking to get an insight into the world of their favorite writers!




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The team at the wildly popular TodayIFoundOut YouTube channel discuss a variety of fascinating topics to help you feed your brain- everything from interesting history and science, to more practical knowledge like how to build and grow a YouTube channel and business, the ins and outs of copyright law, etc.


Episode#182 - The Power of Good Organisation

When we first met thriller author Jim Heskett two years ago, he already had an impressive six titles out. Since then, Jim has been turning out books at a lightning-fast pace (20+ titles and counting!) all while juggling family, friends, and a full-time job. This week I catch up with Jim to find out how he does it.


181 - Starting from Zero? with Michelle Spiva

Michelle Spiva has been a full-time self-published romance author since 2014, but when a beginner author challenged her to find success as a new author in science fiction, she said, CHALLENGE ACCEPTED. 18 months later, under her new pen name Mychal Daniels, she's published her 10th novel and doing just fine. :)


180 - Writing Point of View with Alida W

Alida Winternheimer, our favorite editing and writing coach, is back this week to discuss point of view, how too much showing can strangle your narrative, and her new upcoming book The Story Works Guide to Writing Point of View.


179 - Mastering Collaborations with J. Thorn

This week we welcome return guest and inspired collaborator J. Thorn to talk about his many collaborative projects, including his recent collaboration in his American Demon Hunters series with three other authors on a train ride from Chicago to New Orleans; The Author Copilot, his new coaching service for authors; and his two new podcasts!


178 - What Makes a Book Successful

We first met T. Ellery Hodges back in 2015 here on RSP to talk about the amazing success of his first book The Never Hero. This week he returns to talk about the recent release of his second book, how he built his beta reader team, and the wild success of his first audiobook.


177 - Having a Game Plan with Amy J. Murphy

Science fiction author Amy J. Murphy joins us this week to talk about her heroine-led space opera series Allies & Enemies, how she Kickstarted her indie publishing career, and productivity strategies she uses as a writer with ADD.


176 - On the Road with Kevin Tumlinson

When I first spoke with Kevin Tumlinson a year ago here on RSP, he had just launched his book 30-Day Author and was preparing for life on the road in an RV. Not only is Kevin now toodling around the country in a 38-foot RV with his wife, he has since published another eight new titles (at least), added a fourth show to his podcast repertoire, and joined the awesome author-centric team at Draft2Digital. This week I follow up with Kevin to find out how life on the road is treating him, how...


175 - The Importance of Feedback with J. S.

We first spoke to fantasy author Jefferson Smith back in Episode #155 about his Immerse or Die Report, a three-strike rating system designed to identify which indie-published books can keep him walking on his treadmill the longest. Since then, the IOD community has grown with a second anthology in the works, expansion onto the YouTube platform with 5-Minute Immersion Lab videos, and the competitive style Page Fight!


174 - Write a Book a Month with Jacqueline G.

It’s been 18 months since we first met Jacqueline Garlick in Episode #109, a month before Amazon imprint Skyscape was scheduled to launch the re-release of her first book Lumière, followed closely by the new release of its sequel Noir. This week Jacqueline returns to talk about her experience as an Amazon-published author and update us on her latest projects, including her non-fiction books for writers.


173 - The 5 Day Novel with Scott King

Meet Scott King, a middle-grade fiction, thriller, and nonfiction author, as well as screenwriter, game board photographer, and fellow podcaster. This week I sit down with Scott to talk about his recent book The 5 Day Novel, in which he breaks down the process he used to write his own thriller Ameriguns in just 5 days.


172 - Success Through Community with Barry H.

Barry Hutchison began his writing career with a flying leap into screenplay options at the age of 17, followed by 80+ traditionally published children’s books, before deciding to self-publish his adult fiction. He had a bit of a stumble with his first series, but followed up immediately with a second series that did very well, all within one year. This week, I talk to Barry about the things he learned from that first series and how community helped him turn the second one into success....


171 - Simple Steps to Success with Michal S.

Michal Stawicki is a personal development author from Poland. This week he joins us to talk about how he learned from established authors in his field to write and publish 15 books in four years, how to use Quora to drive traffic and affect Amazon’s algorithms, how he’s making Amazon Marketing Services ads work for him, and the importance of persistence.


170-Youtube for Authors with Michael La Ronn

Science fiction and fantasy author Michael La Ronn published his first book in 2014. Just a scant two years into his writing career, Michael has published over a dozen novels in five different series, including a collaboration, along with non-fiction, poetry, and an Italian translation! This week, I chat with Michael about his Decision Select books (Choose-Your-Own-Adventure stories for adult readers), how he learned to dictate clean first drafts of his books, and his YouTube Channel,...


169 - Getting Book Reviews as a New Author

We last talked to medieval western and fantasy author Derek Alan Siddoway in Episode #100 about PR and networking strategies for authors. This week we catch up with Derek and find out how things have been going for him the past 18 months.


168 - A Book as a Business Card with Rachel S

This week’s guest is Rachel Smets, a nonfiction writer based in the Netherlands. Rachel is the author of Awaken Your Confidence, and in this interview, we find out how researching successful people for her book helped lead her to her own success.


167 - Diversifying Your Income with Rachael H

Popular return guest Rachael Herron has left her day job! This week I catch up with Rachael to learn how she has successfully transitioned to full-time writing and the creative ways she’s diversified her income since going full-time.


166 - Superhero Adventure with Percival C.

This week'€™s guest is Percival Constantine, superhero superfan and author of the superhero adventure series Vanguard. This week I chat with Perry about his journey to self-publishing, how publishing’s changed since 2008, and his upcoming crime fiction series set in Japan.


165-Creating Effective Characters with Alida

We first welcomed author, editor, writing coach, and consultant Alida Winternheimer to the show over two years ago in Episode #58. This week she’s back to give us an update on her career and talk about the most important element of your story: your characters.


164-Tattooed Writer on Writing Tools and Tips

The Tattooed Writer first appeared on RSP over two years ago to discuss how he was selling 1,000 books a day under pen names. That episode remains one of our most downloaded episodes. This week, TW returns to give us an update on his career and why he decided to finally write a series under his own name.