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EP.17 | Introducing The Kani Show

Sorry for the long hiatus since my last recording, this 10 minute sound bite is just a quick update about the changes that are being made to this show. To get a good idea about what this show is about and the vibe, you can listen to the last prerecorded episodes on this show. I feel very passionate about this move, and closing the chapter to "The Sanford Podcast" was a bit overdue. Thank you all who support me. Lol. There will be no more changes moving forward. Look out for upcoming...


EP.16 | A 2nd Golden Era? PT.2

I hope you truly enjoy the 2nd half of this episode. And the discussion just got better. Feel free to leave your feedback in the comments or you can email us with your questions or requests to Rez: @CallMe_Rez_ Kaycee: @__KrownMeKing__ Kani: @SanfordPodcast The mailing list for the upcoming newsletter.


EP.16 | A 2nd Golden Era?

In the first half of this episode we discuss: Lil Wayne, and The Carter 5. The State of The Culture Does music reflect what is going on with the Culture Guest: Rez Kaycee- IG @__KrownMeKing__ We want your questions and your thoughts. You can leave them at @sanfordpodcast (IG/Twitter) or Enjoy...


EP.15 | The Birth of a Golden Era

If you have any questions or you would like to give your feedback about the show feel free to email us at: Website: Where you can find us: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Youtube:


EP. 14 | "I AM" pt.2 ft Esther

Hey wassup, Family?! We are back with part 2 of this episode. I hope you enjoy it every second of it, this is some of what we had covered The triumphs of the modern-day attention span. Why I believe people consume music so fast. People don't really sit down and listen to certain projects. Our thoughts about album reviews and more.... And last our thoughts about black people in space. (This question was inspired by the first spacecraft that can take you from earth to the moon and...


EP. 14 | "I AM" pt.1 ft. Esther

We are back with another dope episode, hope you enjoyed the last one. This episode I bring back Esther of @Queenevisuals. We sit down and discuss some things and a little obessesion that I have for tech. lol. Well I hope you enjoy the first part of this episode. If you have any questions or you would like to give your feedback about the show feel free to email us at: Website: Where you can find us: Instagram:...


EP.13 | #4TheCULTURE (pt. 2 of 2)

Hey EVERYBODY! We are back with a dope episode after a very long necessary hiatus. It has been over a month, and we are back with a full house episode with guests Esther, Hamza, and Bryan. This is a continuation from the first half, if you didn't listen to it, then you are definitely lackin. We discussed in this second half: The effects of Social Media.. (Continuation from PT.1) Could there ever be another Golden Era of Hip-Hop? Are Mumble Rappers really Mumbling? Cardi B vs Nicki...


EP.13 | 4TheCulture (pt.1 of 2)

After a long hiatus, The Sanford Podcast is back with its 13th episode. In this two-part episode, we get into discussing a few matters when it came to CUlTURE. Thinking this should probably become a theme that we touch on. We bring up real shit and try to resolve them by discussing solutions. There are things that need to be addressed, and there are things that need to be changed if the culture is going to continue or grow in the future. What are we going to look like in the Future? Does...


EP.12 | Artist Discipline

A short sound bite for your earbuds. There really isntany need for show notes, because everything you need to know you can get in 18 minutes. LMAO. ENJOY! Don't 4Get to subscribe to our emailing list. To keep up with all the latest developments for artist and entrepreneurs who are bridging the gap. Website: Social Media Platforms: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Youtube:...


EP. 11 | Ready.Set.Build ft. BeThePoet

This episode on The Sanford Podcast, I bring on a special guest. Her name is Robyn, but to the rest of the world she is known as "Be THE POET". She is behind the movement, which she is the founder of which is called Ready. Set. Build." Unfortunately we were recording in a hot studio, and it affected the quality of the episode I wanted you to listen to. If you would like a part 2 to this episode feel free to message The Sanford Podcast on our website or Instagram/Twitter. The next...


EP. 10 | Pens Over Swords ft. Rav_Jules

In this episode we get into talking about many things in film. The importance of film, and the effects they have on culture. We also talk about other stuff. Tune in when you have that downtime or your on that commute. Let us know your thoughts, and enjoy the show. Instagram of Rav_Jules: Website: Social Media Platforms Instagram: Facebook: Twitter:...


July 4th Weekend

ENJOY YOUR JULY 4th. Celebrate your independence, and the path that you must take to reach that goal. Not only do it for yourself. Do it for your family, your ancestors, and your god(s). Website: Social Media Platforms Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Youtube:


EP. 9 | Sides of Creativity ft. Fatima

In this episode we dive into talking about the death of XXXtentacion, we cover other topics of Culture. Also, we are joined by Fatima. A beaded jeweler out of Brooklyn. She gives us her story and tells us the importance behind her craft and her driving force. We hope you enjoy the episode. If you want to stay informed about the Sanford Podcast be sure to subscribe to our emailing list. Be sure to check out our IGTV channel. We have some great footage on the way. You can find Fatima on...


EP. 8 | To Create or Not Create

In this episode Gemini.The.Leo and Kani explore different ideas of creation. When do they find the time and space to create meaningful art. Create something because you actually want to put something together that is the closest product/service that comes close to expressing what you are passionate about. Enjoy the episode... Website: Social Media Platforms: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter:


EP. 7 | A Voice of Art Ft. Three Feathers Light

This was a great sit down. I usually don't get a chance to sit down with somebody who has inspired me in life through her creativity. I was born around art, and I lived around it. Enjoy the episode as much as I had pleasure in recording it, and let me know what your thoughts are. Artfromtheplanet is a handmade home decor/personal fashion and accessories family business putting their fingerprint on ART. They can be reached at: Website: Email:...


EP. 6 | What is G.O.O.D Music?

What is G.O.O.D Music? I asked myself this question as I learned about the backstory behind Pusha T's "Daytona" album cover. What I found was shocking, and disturbing...but nobody seems to be talking about, what is G.O.O.D Music? Website: Social Platforms Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Youtube: " The Sanford Podcast" (In...


EP.5 Culture Vultures ft. Gemini.The.Leo

In this episode I dive into the importance of honing in on your craft. I am not an expert only a student of the process. However, there were some good words spoken, and great laughs exchanged. Let me know your thoughts of the episode. Website: Social Platforms Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Youtube: " The Sanford Podcast" (In the...


EP 4. Creation over Consumtpion

This episode is about the importance of Creation over Consumption. Email: Website: IG: Twitter:


EP.3 | No 1 Give's & Fxck!

In this episode I dived right into it with my homie Self_Lord. Just go ahead and push play. Leave your comments here or you can leave them on Instagram or Twitter @SanfordPodcast. Enjoy the Episode.


EP.2 | No Permission

Thank you to all who have been so patient! Still new to the podcasting world, doing my best not to get intimidated by the learning curve. This episode is simply about No Permission. I felt the episode went very well, and its been a while since I just took to the mic and just have a vent, and an informative with you. So again thank you for your time, and your patience. I hope you enjoy the episode and don't forget to leave your thoughts.