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084: Adding Production Value to Your Shows to Increase Your Fees with Terry Magelssen

Terry Magelssen explains how to add production value to your show to increase your fees. He talks about how to include elements such as lighting and sound, how to explain your show requirements to technicians, and describes how to most effectively sell your show. Terry is a theatrically trained stage magician, director, author and lecturer based out of Kansas City Missouri. He started his professional career in 1985 entertaining audiences in theaters, resorts and corporate events. His...


083: A Venue Owner's Perspective on Producing Shows with Gogo Incognito

Gogo Incognito talks about producing shows from a venue owner's perspective. She explains how to approach a venue, the different types of agreements that you can make, and how to work with a venue to make your shows a success. Gogo is a co-owner of Corsair Distillery which has been a leader of American Craft Distilling for over 10 years. Gogo studied at Columbia University and is a former branding professional. She has performed professionally for 20 years and loves to bring her brand of...


082: Decentralizing Your Business for Growth with Art Grueneberger

Art Grueneberger talks about how he decentralized his puppetry business. He discusses how he increased his revenue, how he systematized his sales, and explains how he trains puppeteers to perform his shows. Art is a Director, Producer, and Puppeteer. Art became fascinated by puppetry while pursuing a degree in teaching. In his last year of college, he took a puppetry course that took him off teaching path and onto a successful career as a puppeteer. He mentored under master puppeteer...


081: Selling Your Show to Specialty Markets with Cody Clark

Cody Clark explains how to sell your show to specialty markets. He discusses how to get into fringe festivals, how to build relationships with organizations, how to get onto TV, and how to build a show that your audience wants to see. Cody is a 25 year old professional magician and autistic self-advocate from Louisville, KY. He was diagnosed as autistic at 15 months and his parents were told he’d never walk, talk, get married, or have a job. Instead, he had a wonderful childhood and at...


080: Starting a Business as a Puppeteer with Connor Asher

Connor Asher discusses how to start a business as a puppeteer. He talks about why he decided to start his own business and the different ways that he makes money through his puppet shows, teaching classes, and working on commercials. He also explains how he creates custom puppets and shares his design questionnaire that he sends to clients. Be sure to download it in the show notes at the bottom of this episode. For 8 years, Connor has been delighting audiences with his humorous puppet...


079: Planning for Retirement as an Entertainer with Billy Guan

Billy Guan talks about how to start planning for retirement. He discusses why you should start investing, how much you should invest, and explains popular investment strategies. Billy is a Magician and a Senior Financial Consultant and Retirement Planner. He specializes in helping people get educated on asset protection principles and wealth building strategies. He has been a Magician for over 10 years and saw a need for financial literacy in the entertainment industry. He knows that...


078: How to Turn Ticket Buyers into Repeat Patrons with Dan Meagher

Dan Meagher discusses how to turn ticket buyers into repeat patrons. He explains his Re|action program which includes how to contact lapsed ticket buyers, the types of offers to create to get them to come back, and how to make your patrons feel special. Download the handout in the show notes to get examples of offers and emails that Dan sends to Diablo Ballet patrons. Dan has successfully marketed performing arts organizations for over 10 years. At Diablo Ballet, he created the...


077: How to Price Your Shows and Make $100,000 a Year with Gary Berg

Gary Berg discusses how to price your shows and make $100,000 a year. We talk about 8 factors that play a role in pricing, the formula to make $100,000, and we discuss the benefits of working with an agent. Gary founded G.L. Berg Entertainment in 1989, and today, the company is one of the largest entertainment providers across the country, contracting over 4,000 worldwide shows and events annually. Gary holds a BA in English and an MA in Higher Education Administration, and his previous...


076: How to Use Comedy in Your Marketing with Dan Holzman

Dan Holzman explains how to use comedy in your marketing. He talks about the three important factors for effective comedy, his framework for developing routines from the ground up, and how you can be clever with your marketing. Dan has been called a Juggling Genius because of his unique and entertaining twist on the 2000 year old art of juggling. His clever one-of-a-kind stunts have earned him two Guinness Book World Records and four appearances on The Tonight Show. During his 30 year...


075: 7 Hidden Gems Found in the WellAttended Podcast with RJ Lynch

RJ Lynch discusses the 7 hidden gems he found in the WellAttended Podcast that have helped make his shows a success. He talks about how to create a unique event, how to find a venue, how to get press, and much more. Download the handout in the show notes at the bottom of this episode. RJ is a 21 year old Communications student by day and professional magician by night. He is based in Appleton, Wisconsin which is the hometown of Houdini. He’s performed for Fortune 500 companies like...


074: How to Organize Your Sales with a CRM with Peter Boie

Peter Boie explains how to organize your sales with a CRM. He talks about why you need a CRM, what you can do with it, how it can help increase sales, and the features you should look for when choosing one. Peter travels nationwide performing his award winning show Magician for Non-Believers. His show is one of the top booked college acts in the country, and he was nominated for "Entertainer of the Year " from Campus Activities Magazine. He also recently showcased his talents on national...


073: 7 Lessons Learned from Getting Kicked Off TripAdvisor with Joe Diamond

Joe Diamond explains the 7 lessons he learned from getting kicked off TripAdvisor. He talks about why he got removed, how to keep this from happening to you, and how to properly use TripAdvisor to promote your business. Joe may look like a normal guy, but he has turned his fascination for the strange and mysterious into a full time career! In 2010, Joe became a World Record Holder for Solving the World's Largest Maze while BLINDFOLDED! Since then, he has also found hidden objects in...


072: How to Use Print Marketing as Merchandise in Back of Room Sales with Thom Britton

Thom Britton talks about how to use print marketing as merchandise in back of room sales. He explains what to sell, how to price the merchandise, where to put your table, and how to make the most money selling your products. You can follow along with this episode by downloading the presentation in the show notes. Thom is a fire eater, a classically trained Chef, and a director and producer of circus shows. He has worked for Master Chef Rick Bayless, opened for Green Day, and has won...


071: How to Use Print Marketing in Social Media and Beyond with Thom Britton

Thom Britton talks about how to use your print marketing in social media and beyond. He explains the different image formats, how social media images are unique, and how to write a call to action. Follow along with this episode by downloading the presentation in the show notes. Thom is a fire eater, a classically trained Chef, and a director and producer of circus shows. He has worked for Master Chef Rick Bayless, opened for Green Day, and has won acclaim for his one-man show, "FreakShow...


070: How to Use Print Marketing to Sell More Tickets with Thom Britton

Thom Britton talks about how to use print marketing to sell more tickets. He explains how to choose a design, select a designer, set your budget, and distribute your print marketing materials. You can follow along with this episode by downloading the presentation in the show notes. Thom is a fire eater, a classically trained Chef, and a director and producer of circus shows. He has worked for Master Chef Rick Bayless, opened for Green Day, and has won acclaim for his one-man show,...


069: How to Create a Marketing Plan with Philip Peredo

Philip Peredo explains how to create a marketing plan. He talks about why it's important to have a plan, how he uses a marketing calendar, and the types of marketing that he includes on the calendar. Download the calendar and marketing checklist that's in the show notes to follow along with this episode. Philip is the owner of TickleMe Entertainment - a show production, talent management and show marketing firm in Las Vegas. He is also a professional stand-up comedian. Prior to entering the...


068: How to Get Sponsors for Your Shows with Stan Renard

Stan Renard explains how to get sponsors for your shows. He talks about the different types of sponsorships, the best ways to contact individuals and companies, and how to ask for sponsorships. He also gives examples of the types of sponsorships he receives as a touring musician and for Music Biz Day. Stan is the Assistant Professor and Coordinator of the Music Marketing Program at the University of Texas at San Antonio. He is also a recording artist, violinist, violist, conductor, and the...


067: How to Create a Rider with Jeff and Tessa Evason

Jeff and Tessa Evason explain how to create a rider for your shows. They talk about why you need a rider, how to use it, and what you should include. You can follow along with us by downloading their rider which you can find in the show notes. The Evasons are one of very few couples in history who have mastered the unusual talent known as Second Sight. They have been performing together since 1983. They’ve traveled around the globe to perform at corporate events, casino showrooms, theaters,...


066: The 5 Steps to Producing a Show with Allyson Morgan

Allyson Morgan explains the 5 steps to producing a show. She talks about how to select the work, create a budget, secure a venue, hire a team, and promote the show. She also gives advice on how to make additional revenue from patrons and how to acknowledge people's contributions to the show. Allyson is an actress, writer, producer, and graduate of Ohio State University. She is the founder and Executive Director of the award-winning film and theatre collective F*It Club. Allyson has also...


065: How to Break into the College Market Without an Agent with Amy Oestreicher

Amy Oestreicher discusses how to get booked at colleges without an agent. She talks about the opportunities for performers, the types of shows colleges are looking for, and she shares her exact marketing strategy to get booked. Amy is a PTSD peer-to-peer specialist, writer for Huffington Post, speaker for TEDx and RAINN, and is an award-winning actress and playwright. She has performed her one-woman, autobiographical musical, "Gutless & Grateful," in theaters and colleges nationwide. To...