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TOTLB S22 Jorja Fox

One of our upcoming #popcultureclassic's is the 2000 psychological thriller, Memento! In this movie, Jorja Fox, plays Catherine Shelby, Leonard's wife. We had the opportunity to speak with Jorja Fox about her role in this movie, plus some of her upcoming projects. In Memento Jorja plays a pivotal role in the actions of Leonard, and is one of the biggest reasons for the plot as a whole! We do get to speak about Roll With Me on Netflix. It is an amazing documentary of a gentleman in a...


TOTLB 100 John Clyde Still

Well folks, it's finally here. We have finally hit our most momentous episode. Episode 100 is live now. It's been more than 4 years in the making. We have done a lot of tremendous things in our time as a team. We have interviewed some of the coolest people, not only in the comic book industry, but in the entertainment industry at large. This episode is the culmination of all of those interviews, those years, early mornings, etc. This episode we do a lot of looking back. Looking back on the...


TOTLB S21 Legion M

Are you ready for a bonus episode!! We spoke with Paul Scanlan, co-founder of Legion M!! Legion M is the world FIRST, fan owned entertainment company!! You, as a fan, can buy shares of the company. You will have a say in what the company invests in, through polls, or scouting, or various other programs!! Paul spoke to us about how Legion M came to be, and what their goals are. He tells us a story of wanting to unite 1 million fans together, into an unstoppable force in the entertainment...


TOTLB 099 Not At This Table Z2

Holy crap, we are at episode 99!! This is the calm before the storm that will be our season finale next time!! In this episode, our pop culture classic is the 2005 James McTeigue movie, V For Vendetta! We talk about the similarities from the themes in the movie, to the climate that we see in society today. We also delve into the Alan Moore and Grant Morrison feud, and how they've changed the world with their magic....... We also speak with Ryan North, who has worked on other projects...


TOTLB 098 HOJ Moves

Two episodes until our 100th episode, season 1 finale! It has been a long time coming, and a lot of years in the making, but we are finally closer and closer to an awesome milestone! But for now, onto episode 98! No interviews, for this episode, just pure hilarity!! We are at the Hall of Justice Comics and Collectibles, for what ended up being one of it's final days! As, during the episode, we learned that Jon was picking up, and moving his shop to a bigger location! It's only a few seconds...


TOTLB 097 The Three Amigos

Three episodes away from the magical 100th episode and we are having a blast getting there!! Episode 97 is back to normal form, discussing all of the best in entertainment news. Though this episode does take a darker tone, as we do discuss a couple of controversial topics! PLUS we have two amazing interviews! DJ Bryant joins the show to speak about his book, Unreal City! Unreal city contains five different stories about relationships; Echoes Into Eternity, Evelyn Dalton-Hoyt, The Yellow...


TOTLB 096 Can You Find It

We are FINALLY back at our home base!! Through comic con season, and getting back to our roots!! On this episode, we did a LOT of catching up on Marvel television. We gave ourselves two weeks to catch up on all of the Marvel TV that we could, and we did our best to speak about their latest season, and give them reviews. It's not everything, but hey, we tried! Allison O'Toole has now been on the show, I believe four times (I could be wrong). Well Allison is back with "Called Into Being: A...


TOTLB 095 Colorado Springs Comic Con 2018

And one more Colorado Springs Comic Con has come and gone! After the last two comic cons earlier in the year, Colorado Springs was a refreshing change of pace!! Much more relaxed, AND we did mostly coverage of panels, which is new to us! BUT, first things first, we have an interview to start off the show! We spoke with Russell Nohelty from the upcoming anthology, Cthulhu Is Hard To Spell! You KNOW that we (especially Gabe) are HUGE fans of books like this, and we think you all will get a...


TOTLB 094 Sho Nuff

After a long trip back home, our heroes sit down for a post Comic Con International episode of the show!! Just like always, we try to bring you the best in the entertainment world, with our funny spin! The long awaited return of our #popcultureclassic segment is here!! This episode we speak about 1985 film, The Last Dragon! Do you remember the movie? Is it as great as the boys think it is? Let us know!! PLUS we have an awesome interview with the creative team behind HexComix! You'll hear...


TOTLB S20 The O’Halloran Experience

That first picture, was the end of what might go down in history, as the best (or one of the best) episodes that Thinking Outside the Longbox has done! We started off the day at Colorado Springs Comic Con, not being invited (or forgotten if you ask Frankie) to a low key house party. Once we were invited (after a pity invite), our friend Jack "Smitty" Smith told us that he would be bringing along famed Clerks star Brian O'Halloran! Of course, we're big fans: Upon arrival, Smitty introduced...


TOTLB S19 YouTube Originals – Origin

Before making our trip down to Comic Con International, very little was known about the Youtube Originals show, Origin. This trailer debuted while we were there! The show follows Lana & Logan, played by Natalia Tena and Tom Felton! Not much is still known about this show, but it follows a group of people who are stranded on a space ship, heading towards a far planet!! You witness everyone trying to cope and help with the situation, while also finding out that one of the passengers is...


TOTLB S18 Youtube Original – Impulse

I started watching the Youtube "Original," TV show, Impulse, a little bit before we headed out to Comic Con International! What a crazy cool idea!! The very first scene in the pilot, sucks you in, without really knowing what is going on!! Two guys fighting, and teleporting, between what seems like an iceberg in the middle of nowhere, and a crowded subway car. It always peaks my interest when the action starts the movie, and every move from then on, represents a step towards knowing what the...


TOTLB 093 Where Are We Going

AND we're back!! Here is episode 93!! This is the small bit of recording that we did during San Diego Comic Con! Mostly you'll hear Gabe and Jonthan giving me directions, while being absolutely hilarious all at the same time!! Gabe and Jon watch some random guy clean his whole car with paper towels, and Jon critiques a mural on a wall!! There are also these awesome floor interviews, with these awesome people: Ray Chou - Skies of Fire Colin & Joseph - Spirits: The Soul Collector Our featured...


TOTLB S17 Fanbase Press

Because we couldn't go through Comic Con International without dropping in on our friends from Fanbase Press!! We spent a little bit of time catching up with Barbra and Bryant! We do speak a little bit about what they have been up too, since the last time that we spoke. Their awesome team behind Quince, was nominated for an Eisner Award, in the Best Digital Comic category. They are doing wonders with that amazing book!! Come catch up with Fanbase Press with us! If you haven't already, make...


TOTLB S16 Prop Store Collectibles

Stephen Lane is the CEO of Prop Store! This year is Prop Store's 20th anniversary!! In 1998 Stephen took his love of movies, and turned it into something magical! For those of us that also love movies, and are collectors in our own right, Prop Store is definitely the place to keep your eyes glued to! With offices in London, and LA, and over thirty employee's, Prop Store has amassed more than 25,000 square feet of props and costumes! Stephen tells a little bit about his story. Why and how he...


TOTLB S16 Joe Casey Image Comics

We had the awesome opportunity to speak with Joe Casey from Image Comics while we were at Comic Con International 2018! Joe has been working on comic books for over 20 years, and he is a super interesting guy to speak with!! We had the pleasure of speaking to him about New Lieutenants of Metal and MCMLXXV during this interview! Issue one of New Lieutenants of Metal hit comic book stores July 4th, of 2018! This is the "most kick ass head banging heroes ever assembled." They are ready to...


TOTLB S15 Mego Returns Comic Con International

The Mego Corporation was founded in 1954, but turned to doing license action figures in 1971! One of the first action figures was NFL Hall of Famer, Joe Namath. But they didn't stop there, as they would include characters from the Planet of the Apes, Star Trek, Micronauts, and so much more, boasting over $100 million at its peak!! Unfortunately, in 1983 Mego closed down, bringing an end to what once was one of the greatest action figures makers in existence!! The great news is, that in 2018,...


TOTLB S14 The Man In The High Castle Isa and Daniel

Man In The High Castle debuted back in January of 2015!! Based on the 1962 novel, bearing the same name, by Philip K. Dick. Man In The High Castle is a dystopian story about an alternate reality. In this alternate reality the Axis powers won World War II and divided the United States into the Greater Nazi Reich, with the Japanese Pacific States to the west. The show follows characters, whose lives not begin to intersect with each other, when they watch a series of propaganda videos, that...


TOTLB S13 Rick Remender

At Comic Con International 2018, we had the amazing opportunity to speak with Rick Remender! Deadly Class is a comic book that Rick Remender, the writer/creator, debuted in 2014! The comic book revolves around Marcus Lopez, a guy living on the streets, trying to transition into a school of assassins! Up until his decision to enroll in the school of assassins, Marcus has lived a pretty rough life! His parents died in a horrific accident, he was placed in a grueling orphanage, and he has done...


TOTLB 092 Knights At the Rectangle Table

I KNOW that everyone has been waiting for a normal episode to hit!! Trying to get all of our Comic Con International coverage out to you, but I did also want to make sure that I put a regular episode out, in the middle of it all!! Episode 92 takes place BEFORE Comic Con International! We all get together at Jon's comic book shop, Hall of Justice, and, as you know, things get rowdy!! We talk about the spoiler that came of Batman's wedding, plus all of the things we were excited for, about...