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UI Breakfast: UI/UX Design and Product Strategy

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Join us for exciting conversations about UI/UX design, SaaS products, marketing, and so much more. My awesome guests are industry experts who share actionable knowledge — so that you can apply it in your business today.

Join us for exciting conversations about UI/UX design, SaaS products, marketing, and so much more. My awesome guests are industry experts who share actionable knowledge — so that you can apply it in your business today.
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Join us for exciting conversations about UI/UX design, SaaS products, marketing, and so much more. My awesome guests are industry experts who share actionable knowledge — so that you can apply it in your business today.




Episode 128: Writing Great Product Specs with Janna Bastow

What kind of product specs are the best to work with? How do you document your vision? Our guest today is Janna Bastow — co-founder and CEO of ProdPad, co-founder of Mind the Product, and product person at heart. You'll learn why product specs are always a work in progress, how to deal with deadlines, document your goals and tasks, and iterate based on customer feedback.


Episode 127: Content Strategy with Chris Huylebroeck

How do you structure website content based on user needs? How do you make the most important things easy to find? Our guest today is Chris Huylebroeck, a famous information architect and content strategist. We dive into the four steps of creating a content strategy: figuring out what information is needed (and why), auditing existing materials, structuring content, and presenting it to your audience.


Episode 126: Company Values Done Right with Haraldur Thorleifsson

How do you stay true to yourself when your company grows and changes? How do you document the principles for your communication and decision-making? Our guest today is Haraldur Thorleifsson, the founder & CEO of Ueno — an award-winning digital agency. We talk about his unique personal story and how it translates into their company values, tying together people in four offices around the world.


Episode 125: Defining & Building New Features with Emily Tate

What features should you build next? Will your product be ever "done"? How to avoid "building yourself into the corner"? Our guest today is the awesome Emily Tate, US General Manager at Mind the Product. You'll learn how to prioritize new features, create roadmaps based on user research, and ignore "squeaky wheals" while focusing on truly important product work.


Episode 124: Deciphering GDPR with Aleth Gueguen

The avalanche of GDPR updates has passed, but regulations are here to stay. Can you sleep well? Our guest today is Aleth Gueguen, an independent software consultant focusing on privacy regulations. You'll learn about the philosophy behind GDRP, the key terms, and what compliance means for you and your customers.


Episode 123: Bridging the Execution Gap in Digital Strategy with Jonathon Hensley

According to research, 84% of digital transformation projects fail. How can we fix that? Who is responsible — the leadership or the execution team? Our guest today is Jonathon Hensley, founder & CEO of Emerge Interactive. You'll learn how to define (and document) your vision as a product owner, build the best team possible, and drive digital projects to the desired outcome.


Episode 122: Starting New Projects with David Kadavy

How do you find motivation and energy to create something new, something you've been dreaming of? Our guest today is David Kadavy, the famous author of Design for Hackers, and we talk about his latest book — The Heart to Start. You'll learn how to effectively start new projects, combat procrastination, find an audience, and fuel your creativity.


Episode 121: Managing Customer Feedback with Sofia Quintero

Listening to customer feedback is one of the best ways to improve your product (and your marketing). But it can get so overwhelming! Our guest today is Sofia Quintero, the founder of NomNom. You'll learn how to deal with massive amounts of customer feedback, get quantitative and qualitative results, document your insights, and apply them in your product development process.


Episode 120: Web Design Equation with Sean Doran

Wouldn't it be great to have a logical approach to creative disciplines? Today we talk about "the web design equation" — a system similar to atomic design which uses mathematical principles. Our guest is Sean Doran, Head of Design at Wiretap. You'll learn how to think systematically about constants, variables, constraints, maximums, and minimums — concepts that we face daily in our design projects.


Episode 119: Emotional Targeting with Talia Wolf

We want to be smart and rational, but emotions are the biggest drivers for every decision we make — both in B2B and B2C. Today our guest is the amazing Talia Wolf, a conversion optimization specialist, trainer, and speaker. You'll learn why people buy things, how to figure out the pains and emotions of your website visitors, and boost conversions using her famous "emotional targeting" method.


Episode 118: Customer Top Tasks with Gerry McGovern

Before designing anything, how do you figure out what your users need in the first place? Today we're diving into Top Tasks Management framework developed by Gerry McGovern, a famous UI/UX expert and author of six books on customer experience. You'll learn why addressing the top tasks is a key to customer success, and how to define and manage them for your project.


Episode 117: Best Practices for SaaS Pricing Pages with Rob Turlinckx

Deciding how much to charge for your SaaS is hard, but presenting these decisions on your pricing page is an art in itself. Today our guest is Rob Turlinckx, a digital product designer and co-founder of SaaS Resources. We talk about best design practices for SaaS pricing pages, how to communicate value, overcome objections, and optimize your pricing page for conversions.


Episode 116: Segmenting Your Users with Val Geisler

Every user is unique, yet we need reliable ways to group them into segments — so that we can understand them better and personalize their experience. Today our guest again is the lovely Val Geisler, an email onboarding copywriter and strategist. You'll learn why segmentation is so important for SaaS companies, how to implement it, and how to target your segments via email and other channels.


Episode 115: The Psychology of Addictive Products with Jeff Davidson

We should make products useful, no doubt. But what if we could also make them addictive — so that the customers keep coming back? Our guest today is Jeff Davidson, a solo product designer and writer. You'll learn key psychological principles behind popular apps, why making a product addictive should never be a goal by itself, and how to design product features that satisfy the user's seeking system.


Episode 114: Product Demos Done Right with Aaron Krall

What makes a perfect product demo? How do you engage and convert a potential customer instead of boring them to death with a monotonous screenshare? Today our guest is Aaron Krall, a SaaS enterprise sales coach. You'll learn when SaaS demos are a good fit, how to organize and structure your call, and how to move the sale forward by making it all about the user.


Episode 113: Designing Messaging Systems with Kostya Gorskiy

Chats and messengers represent a huge design challenge: there's always room for innovation, but the users are deeply attached to existing UX patterns (think of the latest Skype update). Our guest today is Kostya Gorskiy, Design Lead at Intercom. We talk about their recent messenger redesign, peculiarities of popular chat platforms, and how to design a messaging interface for your own product.


Episode 112: Optimizing SaaS Trials with Alli Blum

Optimizing the trial-to-paid conversion rate is one the most effective ways to improve any SaaS business. Our guest today is Alli Blum, a SaaS onboarding optimization consultant. You'll learn how to define the user's path to success (and their common roadblocks), write onboarding emails based on research data, segment your users, and A/B test every step in your onboarding funnel.


Episode 111: Effective Website Navigation with Els Aerts

We've been building websites for decades, yet each project imposes new challenges when it comes to navigatin. Our guest today is Els Aerts — a famous usability expert, speaker, and co-founder of AGConsult. We talk about the core principles behind effective navigation, how to figure out what information deserves the spotlight, and how to avoid common pitfalls. You'll also learn how to deal with navigation challenges in different industries: government websites, ecommerce, and SaaS.


Episode 110: What Makes an Awesome Product Strategy with Zack Naylor

What is a product strategy? More importantly, what makes a good one? Our guest today is Zack Naylor, co-founder and CEO at Aurelius. We talk about product strategy vs tactics, the objectives and key results framework, the elusive product-market fit, and customer research as the foundation for all of the above.


Episode 109: Mastering Google Analytics with Jeff Sauer

According to research, 70–80% of all websites in the world have Google Analytics installed. But only a fraction of them use it well! Our guest today is Jeff Sauer, founder and lead instructor of Jeffalytics. You'll learn why Google Analytics can be so frustrating, how to approach your data, what tools can help, and how to get yourself up to speed in the topic.