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Episode 11: Behind The Scenes Of Creating Your Dreams

This episode is intended to give you some behind-the-scenes insights into what it takes to create your calling and wildest dreams. We are exploring the power of mindset work, messy action and miracles. You don’t have to be a perfect unicorn to create change in your life. If you want to know more about the practical side of doing the things you want to do, this is for you. Bliss Babes group coaching: https://elysesantilli.com/bliss-babes-group-coaching-program/


Episode 10: My Morning Routine For Alignment

This episode is intended to give you a fresh perspective on morning routines. I am sharing the number one thing that matters when it comes to creating your own morning ritual, some behind-the-scenes insights into how I get into alignment in the mornings, and how it relates to manifestation, mindfulness and living your best life.


Episode 9: Manifesting Weight Loss, New Friends, Travel and More

This episode is intended to provide you with 3 powerful tips that you can use to manifest your goals and desires. I am sharing my personal experiences of creating sustainable change when it comes to weight loss, how to meet new inspiring friends, and manifesting holidays and travel – but you can use these principles of mindset and embodiment to create whatever your heart desires. For more information about working with me: https://elysesantilli.com/work-with-me/


Episode 8: Being Unapologetic About Your Dreams And Happiness

Have you ever felt unworthy or selfish for wanting what you want? In this episode, I am sharing 3 powerful miracle mindset shifts to empower you to blossom into your best self and manifest your desires. We are exploring how your alignment gives you more to give, your authentic desires are from the Universe, and how together we can create a better world. I am also sharing a mantra to remind you that you are worthy of your wildest dreams. Bliss Babes group coaching:...


Episode 7: Using Affirmations For Manifesting and Reprogramming Your Beliefs

This episode is intended to give you new insights into affirmations and mantras, including how they can help you to manifest your desires, reprogram your core beliefs, take inspired action on your projects and dreams, and become more present. I share a personal story of how affirmations changed my mindset around dating and relationships, and some tips for making them work for you. Miracles in our mind create miracles in our life. Bliss Babes group coaching:...


Episode 6: How To Get Out Of Your Own Way

Do you have inspired ideas or juicy dreams, but you are letting self-doubt or perfectionism hold you back from taking aligned action? In this episode, I am sharing some mindset shifts you can make to help you get out of your own way, and get into momentum. The willingness to take scary messy imperfect action is one of the keys to success, and this episode will remind you that you are divinely guided and inspired.


Episode 5: The Truth About Self Love And Worthiness

Self love is about more than bubble baths – it's about the relationship you have with yourself and knowing your worthiness. In this episode, I am sharing some truths about self love and explaining how it can set the tone for our relationships, days and dreams. My intention for this episode is to provide you with some reminders and mindset shifts to inspire and empower you to get into alignment with your intuition or true nature.


Episode 4: What is Manifestation? An Introduction To The Law Of Attraction

This episode is intended to give you insight into the principles of mindset, manifestation and metaphysics. My intention is to empower you to co-create your desires and calling with more ease and grace. I am sharing 3 ways to understand or thinking about manifestation, why it is not just wishful thinking, how we are manifesting all the time, how getting in the flow can create more synchroncity and connection


Episode 3: How I Found My Passion and Manifested a Career Change

Something I get asked all the time is: How did you find your passion? How did you leave your corporate job and pursue your dreams? So I am sharing the story of how I gained clarity and confidence, made the leap from lawyer to life coach, and co-created my dream career and contribution. Whether you are seeking a career change, or simply seeking more, this episode will encourage you to follow your truth.


Episode 2: Ask For Your Wink From The Universe

Have you ever had moments of synchronicity and flow, where it feels like the whole Universe is conspiring in your favour? These moments of daily magic can help remind you of the truth... that you are you are connected to your intuition and co-creating your dreams. In this episode I am sharing my tips on how to add more synchronicity to your life, and some stories that will remind you to believe in magic.


Episode 1: Break Up With Normal and Create a Magical Life

This episode is about waking up to your worth, your calling and your dreams. International writer and life coach Elyse Santilli shares her personal story of breaking up with her good-on-paper but unfulfilling life, listening to her heart and intuition, and designing her dreams. She shares insights to help you throw out the rule book, align with your inner light, and believe in magic. Don’t settle for anything less than butterflies.