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Hosted by Petronella Lugemwa, the “I Am Multicultural” Podcast explores what it means to be multicultural by sharing stories of love of various interracial, multiracial, mixed, biracial, blended, interfaith couples, families & friends.

Hosted by Petronella Lugemwa, the “I Am Multicultural” Podcast explores what it means to be multicultural by sharing stories of love of various interracial, multiracial, mixed, biracial, blended, interfaith couples, families & friends.


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Hosted by Petronella Lugemwa, the “I Am Multicultural” Podcast explores what it means to be multicultural by sharing stories of love of various interracial, multiracial, mixed, biracial, blended, interfaith couples, families & friends.






042: Why 1 Family Traveled Halfway around the World To Adopt

When you’ve spent many months planning and preparing as part of an in depth international adoption process, what happens when you travel halfway around the world to meet your little girl? In episode 42, I talk to Beth Haff about her experience growing up in an all white community in Oklahoma and why her and her husband decided to adopt after having their first child. She candidly shares her family’s journey of adoption, how and why they decided to adopt a little girl from Nigeria and now...


041: How Blasian Couple Derik + Lauren Mix Fun, Fitness & Culture

How can a multicultural couple incorporate each other’s culture into their relationship? In episode 41, I talk to Derik + Lauren, a Filipino American blasian couple about how they grew up, met and seek ways to have fun through fitness and travel and how they intentionally incorporate each other’s culture in their relationship. Learn more about them here


040: How 1 Mom of 8 Gives Hope to Families in Uganda | Asher Singe

Why did 1 multicultural mom of 8 decide to move to Africa, raise a family and create an organization that gives hope to Ugandan families suffering from jiggers? In episode 40, I talk to Asher Singe, wife, mama of 8 and the owner of Sole Hope about growing up as a third culture kid, living and raising a blended family of 8 in Uganda & now her family’s transition to Oklahoma all while leading Sole Hope, an organization that gives hope to Ugandan families suffering from jiggers. Stay tuned.


039: How to Define Your Brand when you’re Multicultural | Nicole Yang

When you’re Americanized but your parents were born in another country, how do you define who you are & what your brand? In episode 39, I talk to Nicole Yang, a savvy entrepreneur, designer and branding expert about life growing up in the South, why she decided to explore her Vietnamese heritage by sharing her parent’s story and how to overcome stereotypes and define own’s brand as a person and as an interracial couple. Learn more about Nicole Yang here


038: Why this Immigrant Couple Helps Multicultural Couples Find Financial Security | Kate and Val

As an immigrant or multicultural couple, how can your upbringing and emotions impact how you live, spend and save money? In episode 38, I talk to Katie & Val a Chilean - Ukrainian married couple about how they immigrated from their home countries to Canada, met, fell in love and how despite coming from families where money was scarce, they figured out how to make their dreams come true financially by uncovering the emotions behind their spending and are now teaching financial concepts to...


037: Why this Filipino Mom Chose to be a Stay at Home Mom | Edil

When you’re a strong, independent Filipino woman who makes the intentional decision to be a stay at home, how do you find the support and community to feel empowered in your decision despite what others might think? In episode 37, I talk to Edil: mom, wife & founder of the SAHMxStories about how and why she decided to stay at home & raise her multicultural & interfaith Filipino - Jewish daughter June & why it’s important for her to help & inspire other women to empower & honor their...


036: How this Mixed Mom Stays Deeply Rooted in who she is | Vanessa of Sessa Photo

When you’ve grown up in a mixed household and are in a interracial relationship, how do you stay true to you are and your heritage despite how others might label you? In Episode 36, I talk to Vanessa of Sessa Photo, a mixed wife & mom of 2 about how she leverages her multicultural story to be a better mom, wife and emotive family, lifestyle and portrait photographer.


035: How this Multicultural Couple personalized their Wedding on their own terms | Lydia Isnanto + Doug

When you’ve been brought up in a culture with strong notions or expectations about one's wedding day and marriage, how do you create a wedding that’s all your own as a multicultural couple? In episode 35, I talk to Lydia and Doug, an Indonesian Chinese American White Caucasian couple & producer, Film Director & Dreampreneur about how they met, got married in a personalized wedding that honored their relationship first before their cultures & how they’ve created a marriage that fits their...


034: How this Interracial Couple uses music to connect people of different cultures | Adrien + Lizbet

How can music connect people of different cultures? In Episode 34, I talk to Adrien & Lizbet, an interracial American - Namibian couple about how they grew up, met, fell in love & formed an orchestral folk rock band that encourages conversation & connection between people of different backgrounds & cultures?


033: How Rachel Sawden Learned to Celebrate Her Biracial Heritage

What journey did 1 biracial woman go on to discover who she was and embrace all of herself? In episode 33, I talk to Rachel Sawden about her mixed race experience growing up Jamaican - British, living around the world & how travel helped her discover and embrace all of herself.


032: Why Adopting Outside her Race popped her “White Bubble” | Krysten

What is transracial adoption? Why is it important as a multiracial family to openly discuss visual differences with your kids and why does representation matter? In episode 32, I talked to Krysten about how and why adopting a child of a different race popped her "white bubble" by opening up her eyes to a deeper meaning of what it meant to have white privilege and how that realization drove her to write and create 2 children's books to celebrate her multiracial family.


031: How to answer the question “What are you?” as a Mixed Person | Sonia Smith-Kang

In Episode 31, I talk to Sonia Smith-Kang, a mom, speaker, writer, multicultural movement activist & CEO of Mixed Up Clothing about how she & her husband are raising & have created a very intentional home and public life that allows their their multiracial & multilingual Mexican, Korean, African-American children to fully celebrate their cultures, code switch seamlessly between different cultural worlds and make their own little box when asked “what are you?”


030: The 10% Talk + How to Relate to Your Lover's Culture | Chris + Monique

When you significant other's culture doesn't fit what's familiar and normal for you, how do you reconcile & gain respect with his or her family? In episode 30, I'm talking to Chris + Monique, a Jamaican - American couple about their journey to "I do," the cultural challenges they faced adjusting to each other's standards of dating and what they compromised to make their relationship work & gain the respect of their families.


029: How to Create Your Own Path without Forgetting Your Haitian Culture | Winnie Sabbat

When everyone in your family & cuture has allowed followed a certain path and way of life, how do you break free to create your own path without forgetting who you are or abandoning your cultural heritage? In episode 29, I’m talking to novelist Winnie Sabbat about what life was like growing up in Haiti with her mom & sister and her journey to pioneer her own path as a young Haitian - American woman by traveling around the world to find and create happiness her way.


028: How to Celebrate Your Heritage as a Multicultural Couple | Abbey Domond + Rafael Medina

How do you celebrate 2 different cultures as individuals and as a couple and family in episode 28, I talked to Abbey Domond and Raphael Medina an interracial couple living in Connecticut about how and why celebrating their cultures matters so much to them and why they want to pass on those same values to their granddaughter Ava. He's a gourmet chef and she's a rising photographer and we delve into life together as an interracial couple, why they work well together through life's ups and...


027: Why this Interracial Gay Couple isn't defined by Boxes

How do you stand up for who you are when other people might be quick to stereotype or label you? In season two, episode 27, I'm talking to Mike and Rashaan, 2 talented business savvy creatives with the popular instagram account, Mike and RJ about what their life looks like as a gay interracial "gayracial" couple living in New York. In this heartwarming episode, they candidly and beautifully share why they aren't defined by boxes, how they met and how they define family.


026: The Family Potluck | How to Trace Your Roots through Story with Chrislyn Choo

When you’ve grown up in a country other than your own, what happens when you return to live in your home country and explore your roots? What stories will you uncover about your identity and family’s multicultural heritage? In episode 26, I talk to Chrislyn Choo, multicultural storyteller and host of the Chrysalis Chronicles & a multimedia content officer at My China Roots about her inspiring and fascinating journey to trace her roots through story and Chinese history. Her story will...


025: How to Communicate Better with Your Spouse | Edit Vasadi + Adam

Communication in a relationship can be challenging when you speak the same language, but what happens when you're studying abroad in a country where you don't know the language and meet the love of your life, who speaks a completely different language. Edit Vasadi & Adam candidly share how they saved their marriage and learned to better communicate their needs, feelings and intentions in Episode 25. SEE Photos of Edit + Adam HERE



This week’s multicultural movie is Get Out, the American horror movie about a young black man Chris who goes away for the weekend to visit his white girlfriend Rose’s parent’s estate & during that weekend uncovers a disturbing secret. Watch the trailer HERE


024: How to Honor Your Heritage when you’re Westernized | Korie + Frank

When you’ve assimilated & relate better to your American or Western culture, what are some ways that you can still honor your parents and grandparents non-Western heritages? Korie + Frank's interview will give you some insights into the subtle nuances and ways one can connect with your native culture. SEE Photos of Korie + Frank HERE