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715: The Art of Compelling Conversations

In this episode, AJ and Johnny share stories of how they’ve built connections with others and improved upon them — then explore them from a scientific perspective. In their quest to reach the perfect balance, they talk about how vital opening up the door of introduction is without prying into someone’s life or personal space. AJ and Johnny explain the power of the invite, creating an emotional connection and ultimately helping us all understand the kind of person we’re interested in. As...


714: The Art of the Pitch With Oren Klaff

On today’s episode of The Art of Charm we are speaking with investor, venture capitalist, and author—Oren Klaff. Oren has raised over $2 billion by understanding the prehistoric part of our brain (the “croc-brain”). Tune in to this episode to hear Oren explain how this applies to your social skills and sales pitch, and why what’s required in the boardroom is no different than what’s required in real life. Talkspace has over 2,000 licensed therapists who are experienced in addressing life...


711: The Art of Talking to Strangers

“There are no strangers here, only friends you haven’t met yet.” – William Butler Think about it – at one point in time everyone in our lives was a stranger – even our closest friend. Whether we are trying to strike up a conversation at a networking event, meeting someone at a bar, or just talking to your barista, the art of talking to strangers comes alive every day. On today’s episode, we aren’t just discussing how to talk to strangers, but why doing so can improve our lives and...


710: The Art of Breaking the Ice

This episode kicks off The Art of Charm’s series on Breaking the Ice. After learning The Art of the First Impression - it’s time to dig into how to start engaging conversations that genuinely capture the other person’s interest. AJ and Johnny walk us through how to devise a strategic plan to break the ice that we can practice and quiet self-doubt and anxious thoughts. Beyond the social science, you’ll get to hear how AJ broke the ice with his girlfriend Amy, and how Johnny’s father broke...


709: Q&A: The Art of Style

This week’s Q&A Episode wraps up our series on first impressions, and dive into conversation about style and the art of the first impression with two style experts. LA Based fashion expert and stylist Melissa Chataigne & Real Men Real Style Founder - Antonio Centeno. We also answer YOUR questions on first impressions. CHEAT SHEET reflect your personal brandincrease your confidencepowerful first impression online take the stress out of shopping PLEASE SCROLL DOWN FOR FULL SHOW NOTES...


708: The Art of Living - With Jesse Itzler

On today’s episode The Art of Charm is honored to welcome back Jesse Itzler. His first podcast ever was The Art of Charm - and in today’s episode we catch up with him to learn what he’s added to his “life resumé” since we saw him last. Some of our favorite life highlights include: signing a record deal, co-founding a private jet company, a beverage company, he wrote a New York Times Best Seller and he’s just released his latest book, Living With The Monks: What Turning Off My Phone Taught...


707: The 5 Signals of Body Language

Whether we’re meeting someone for the first time or trying to elevate ourselves to that next level—body language plays an integral part in our presentation of self. Listen to this episode to learn the importance of body language in our social interactions, and five simple signals you can focus on to improve your first impression. The Cheat Sheet 5 signals of body language environment choose our body language body language doesn’t aligncontrol our emotions Full show notes at...


706: The Art of the First Impression

We’re not sure why people aren’t responding to us. We think we’re good at reading people. On today’s episode, we are discussing how to make the best first impression. Whether you’re a CEO trying to better connect with your employees, an introvert wishing to project a bit more confidence, or maybe you judge people the second you see them coming (ps., they see you too) this conversation will provide insights you can apply to your goal. The Cheat Sheet 4 layers of first...


705: AoC Podcast | Don’t Try To Be Funny: The Art of Improv

Life is improv. There is no script, no directors, no instruction manual for how to be successful. It’s all improvised. So to be good at life, you have to be good at improv. Erin and Suzanne are professional comedic improvisers here in Los Angeles and coaches at The Art of Charm. Listen to today’s episode to hear how they approach the art of improvisation, ]and how we can inject these principles into our day-to-day lives! The Cheat Sheet: improvisational comedyperfectionistscontrol...


704: AoC Podcast | The Bad House Guest: Cognitive Distortions

Our perception of reality is dependent on our thoughts. So if our thoughts are infected, then our lives will be too. That’s why on today’s episode of The Art of Charm we are discussing the 10 most common “cognitive distortions”; those irrational and often untrue thoughts that heavily influence our beliefs, decision-making and happiness. Tune in to today’s episode to learn the defense you can implement to avoid your mind’s tricks. The Cheat Sheet wall you off from discomfort?...


703: AoC Podcast | The Power of Accountability

We all have goals and aspirations, but how many of us take the time to share and vocalize those goals or support our friends as they try to achieve their goals? On today’s episode, we are discussing the importance of accountability. We, at The Art of Charm, often call accountability the “cheat code to self-development.” When you start to integrate others into your personal journey, the social pressure hacks your motivation centers, sending you on the fast track to achieving your...


702: AoC Podcast | Brutal Truths Part 2

On last week’s episode, we dove deep into life’s most brutal truths. This week, we are continuing the conversation with Part 2, where we examine more of the complicated truths we run away from. Here is what we cover: The Cheat Sheet: emotional reactivityfailure?valuetimerelationships?hamster wheel of achievementdeathbed regrets?celebrating the small winsachieve the big victories? Full show notes at...


701: AoC Podcast | Brutal Truths Part 1

We all want attention, approval, and acceptance. But we can’t expect others to give us that if we don’t approve of ourselves. Most often, the reason we struggle with self-acceptance is because we are running away from the brutal truths of life. In today’s episode of The Art of Charm, we run the other way, towards those these uncomfortable facts, to unpack and examine them. From understanding that nobody actually cares about you to accepting the finality of death, this episode leaves no...


700: AoC Podcast | The Myth of Perfectionism

Are you a perfectionist? Or, are you just using that term to justify inaction? Tune into this episode of The Art of Charm to learn what’s at the root of perfectionism, and why we use a myth to cover up our fear of failure. The Cheat Sheet: the definition of perfectionismprocrastinationperfectionismperfectionism as a badge of honor?smartphonesreward perfectionism?failureexcitingperfectionism Full show notes at...


699: AoC Podcast | Johnny Interviews AJ

Last week we learned all about AoC co-host Johnny Dzubak (@dzubak). This week, we’re turning the spotlight around to hear the life story of AJ. How did he go from science wiz to football player? And then from cancer biologist to Art of Charm co-founder? Tune in to this episode to hear the story behind your co-host’s unique trajectory. The Cheat Sheet: Who isAJ Harbinger?How did navigating difficultfamily dynamicsshape AJ’semotional fingerprint?What didfacing rejectionfrom girls teach AJ...


698: AoC Podcast | AJ Interviews Johnny

Johnny Dzubak (@dzubak) grew up in Greensburg, PA, honed his musical chops in Chapel Hill, NC, and now runs The Art of Charm in Los Angeles, CA with AJ. But how did he get from there to here? Listen while Johnny shares his story. The Cheat Sheet: Who is Johnny Dzubak?The Rust Belt Scowlmusical aspirationssocial dynamicsHow did Johnny and AJ meetintrovertextrovert Full show notes at https://theartofcharm.com/podcast-episodes/aoc-podcast-aj-interviews-johnny-episode-698/ Acuity...


697: AoC Toolbox | High Value Conflict Resolution

There's a fine line between pushy and pushover. In this toolbox episode, we learn 10 ways to maintain resolve and stay high value in personal and professional conflict situations. "Let us never negotiate out of fear. But let us never fear to negotiate." -John F. Kennedy The Cheat Sheet: Avoiding conflictwin/winthree criteria for effective negotiation10 ways to maintain high value in conflict resolutionlens and empathy Full show notes at ...