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754: Why Craving Pain Is Human

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) is one of the most effective methods to increase psychological flexibility - but what exactly is ACT, how can it decrease the suffering in your life, and why is it so crucial to leading a happy and fulfilling life, especially in this day and age? What to Listen For bus driver metaphorACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy)why something is important to youfull range of emotionsappreciate negative feelingsnegative feelings (like anxiety)infused with...


753: Love, Money and Relationships

In a world of seemingly limitless options, how can you know if a person is THE person for you, what questions can you ask yourself to determine if you’re even ready for a relationship, and how do you stop money from driving you two apart the way it does for countless relationships and marriages? What to Listen For who to settle down withif you’re with the right personeither one of you to changecomplete picture of someonechange your mindsetready for a relationshiprelationship with...


752: Essential Tools for Navigating Everyday Uncertainty

Uncertainty is an unavoidable part of life, and for many, it can feel overwhelming - but what important lessons can your relationship with uncertainty teach you, how can you improve the relationship with uncertainty, and what are some real-world examples of handling uncertainty in a positive way? What to Listen For overcome and push through uncertaintydeal with anxiety and uncertaintyindecisiveness impact the feeling of uncertaintybest advice for someone entering a leadership rolewhat tips...


751: Less Stress, More Happiness with David Henzel | Q&A

Your habits and systems determine how successful you can become, but what habits and systems can you implement in your professional life and personal life to reduce unnecessary stress and frustration while creating more space in your calendar and your mind to focus on the important things? What to Listen For habits and systemsbalance life and workdefinition of happinesstake the pressure off of you in situationsbuild trust with someone you care aboutrecognize toxic behavior in yourselfharsh...


750: Overcoming Self-Doubt with Jay Shetty

If you want to pursue your own happiness and fulfillment you are bound to make decisions that confuse or disappoint the people around you, which can lead to doubt and uncertainty in your own head, so what can you do to stay focused on your goals, how do you handle the mixed emotions of those around you, and why can trying to live up to the expectations of others lead to a life of endless regret? What to Listen For Jay Shetty give credit to Eminembecome a monk at such a young agesuccessful...


749: How to Handle Toxic Relationships

How can toxic people make you feel like you are losing your mind, what can they do to turn your coworkers and friends against you, and what is the best way to deal with them before the damage gets out of control, potentially leading you to lose a job, a relationship, or even your friends. What to Listen For remove toxic peopletwo proven waysdoubt your decisionfriends and coworkersgas lightingsigns you can look fordealing with toxic family membersdeal with toxic coworkers It’s one thing to...


748: 7 Signs of a Toxic Relationship

Toxic relationships exist in all of our lives in varying degrees, but defines a toxic relationship, how can you identify toxic relationships in your life, and what can you do if you find out you are exhibiting toxic behavior? What to Listen For definition of toxicwhen a relationship is toxic7 surefire ways of identifying a toxic personyou are the toxic half of a relationship2 simple questionstoxic relationshipshigh value3 high values behaviorsexhibit cooperative behavior Toxic individuals...


747: Living Boldly with Gia Helena

We’ve all heard the phrase, “Fortune favors the bold” right? But what does it mean to live your life with boldness, how is it related to fear and the overcoming of fear, and in what ways is it different from simply having confidence? What to Listen For in order to be boldpractice boldnessdevelop strength and boldness bringing boldnessdamage your relationshipstime spent trying to improve toxic relationshipsmore authentic in your relationshipsfacing a lossneed a break from socializingtruly...


746: The Kobe Bryant Episode

We all go through various acts in our lives, and each act carries with it its own challenges and relationships, so how can you take the experience, battle scars, and lessons you learned in one act as you transition into the next? What to Listen For Kobe Bryant’s relationship with Phil Jacksonembrace the adversity in life biggest life lessonssign of weaknesschange you as a personfear of failurepeople you can trustwhat is his Mt Everest nowKobe Bryant’s mentors Life is a journey, not a...


745: Positive Psychology & the Science of Well-Being w/ Rob Mack

Positive psychology is a relatively new area of study and it’s garnered a ton of attention over the last few years - but what exactly is positive psychology, how is it connected to the relationships we have, and what can you start doing today to find more fulfillment, happiness, and success in life? What to Listen For core teachings of positive psychologyidentifying yourself with work or hobbies or relationshipscognitive agility and emotional regulationunhealthy to perceive relationships...


744: Dating Done Right With Evan Marc Katz

Chemistry is often cited by many as the defining factor in what they look for when venturing into the world of dating - but is it the most important factor when it comes to the success of long term relationships, and what can you do to maximize the chances of finding the one while ensuring you waste as little time as possible? What to Listen For establishing good connectionswomen’s preferences differ from men’stake them into accountadvantages and disadvantages of online datingcompatibility...


743: Relationship Goals: Love, Friends & Work

Smartphones and the apps that exist on them have blown the doors wide open when it comes to creating options in your dating life as well as giving you the (sometimes false) perception of keeping in touch with friends. But what are the drawbacks of relying on all these algorithms to meet new people, how can you ensure you’re actually nurturing the personal and professional relationships you already have, and what does the science tell us about the current state of our social lives? What to...


742: The Hidden Power of Relationships

Filtering the right people into your life is a skill that can set you on the path to success if you can do it well, and failure if you do it poorly - but how do other people have such a strong influence on your life and what can you do to make sure the people in your life aren’t leading you down a road to failure and discontent? What to Listen For impact your ability to be happythe friends of friends you don’t even know“value vampires”high value individualset them apart from others“friend...


741: Train Your "Happy" | Q&A w/ Christoph Schnedlitz of hiMoment

Happiness is not a destination, but what does it mean to enjoy the journey, especially when the journey is bound to have rough patches, and what daily habit can you start doing now to make the journey a happy one? What to Listen For journaling improve your overall happinesslittle to no impact on our overall happinesshappy people and unhappy peoplemaximize that choicefriends, family, and coworkersmitigate the pain and sadnesswrong reasonsmisinformation about happinessendless potential...


740: How Defined Values Lead to Long-term Happiness | w/ Russ Harris

Happiness is not meant to be a permanent state you exist in, but if you’re not meant to just feel good all the time, what is the end goal of creating our happiness and how do we approach the inevitable pain and suffering we all face in life? What to Listen For negative emotions be your best friendpopular myths about happinesslead you to be miserablemeaning and purposerich and meaningful lifecomfortable and accepting of “negative” emotionsvalues, virtues, and moralsdefine your...


739: The Key to Happiness? Quality Relationships

Happiness is one of those ideas that has an endless number of quotes about where it comes from (and where it does not). We’ve heard many of them so many times we just wave them off and roll our eyes before jumping back on the hamster wheel and chasing the next piece of cheese, completely unaware of the trap we put ourselves in, but what does science say about what makes us happy, what do you need to start focusing on today in order to achieve your happiness, and what must you be aware of in...


738: What Defines Happiness

It’s fair to say that happiness is one of the most important goals we can pursue in life because not much else matters if you’re not deriving some happiness from this journey we are all on - but how do we define happiness, what can we do to improve our overall happiness, and how might we be sabotaging ourselves in the pursuit of it? What to Listen For definition of happinessdifference between contentment and pleasuremeaning in your lifesignificance of being presentthree primary influencing...


737: Your Favorite Interviews from 2018

You asked and we answered! We took the three highest rated interviews from 2018 and put them into a special New Years Eve episode just for you! We kick it off with the powerhouse David Goggins, the former Navy SEAL, ultramarathon runner, and author of “Can’t Hurt Me.” We think he’s the best voice to listen to when you can’t get your ass out of bed. He has a lot to say about committing to yourself. Next up is our interview with Dr. Steven Hayes, the leading clinical psychologist in...


736: How to Rewire your Brain for Success | w/ Lisa Wimberger

Building new habits is typically not as simple as doing something different each day - sometimes we need to rewrite the stories we tell ourselves, and that’s where neurosculpting comes in, but what is neurosculpting? how can we use it to our advantage? and what can we start doing today to begin removing the barriers in our minds that stop us from developing the habits for the success? What to Listen For her experience with seizuresneurosculptingdevelop healthy habits and rewrite the...


735: The Best Ways to Rewrite Bad Habits w/ Charles Duhigg

Building a new habit can be difficult if you approach it with the wrong tools and misinformation, but what does the science tell us about forming new habits, what are the right tools you need when it comes to successful habit building, and what can you start doing today to make sure you’re not getting in your own way? What to Listen For community you surround yourselfdevelopment of new habitsperpetuation of bad onesstandard to-do lists are terriblehabit loopchange any habit you wantscience...