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A podcast where I get to the soul and drive of top performers in the entertainment industry.

A podcast where I get to the soul and drive of top performers in the entertainment industry.
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A podcast where I get to the soul and drive of top performers in the entertainment industry.




Producing, Pitches, And Permission - M.Sayibu shares what he has learned from the film industry and life.

M.Sayibu (IG:@emjeed)(TW:@emjeed)(msayibu.com) is a writer, director, and producer of films in hollywood and around the world. We have an eye opening conversation on Hollywood and everything in that town! He breaks down pitching ideas, to writing and dirceting films. We discuss his life from Africa to the USA and so much much more. Enjoy!!


Christiani Pitts: "To Those Whom Much Is Given, Much Is Required."

Christiani Pitts (IG:@christianiworld)(christianipitts.com) is an actress, singer, dancer, performer, and educator. You will be able to see her in kingkong at the Broadway Theatre starting October 5th. This conversation takes place at P.S. Kitchen on 48th street in MidTown Manhattan. We discuss her early inspirations to perform all the way to present day. I found there were many life lessons that could be taken away from this conversation and felt the chat to be quite relaxing. In the sense...


Nova Bergeron: The Cheat-Sheet To Over Coming Challenges And Enjoying True Happiness.

Nova Bergeron (IG:@yogawithnova) chats with me on the phone about challenges she has overcome. We cover A LOT in terms of her views on life and how she stays positive. This I am finding can be very important in regards to the self talk we have with ourselves. She shares it all and we can all grow from this wonderful conversation. Enjoy!


"You Are More Powerful Than You Will Ever Know" Tara Magalski: The woman with incredible character.

Tara Magalski (taramagalski.com)(IG:@taramagalski,@divinelifestyles,@letyourmessbeyourmessage) is an accomplished actress, model, creator, and spreader of love. She has created Let Your Mess Be Your Message which challenges you to speak your truth and grow from it. Our conversation is wide ranging and takes many twists and turns as we navigate her life and everything that has brought her to this moment. Truly a lovely conversation. I hope you enjoy!


Peter Gaffney Chats about MTV, A&E, The History Channel, Nostalgia as Medication on Television, and so much more!

Peter Gaffney (LinkedIn:@petergaffney) is head of multiplatform programming for MTV International. We cover a bunch of different topics ranging from his upbringing to nostalgia as medication. He talks about all the different shwos he has been a part of from The History Channel to MTV to A&E. Peter shares his process of writting his book with his brother. I hope you enjoy this episode!


"Opportunity" Tony Nation: Entrepreneur, Actor, Writer, President of Reproductions, and Partner at Actors Connection

Tony Nation (tonynation.com)(LinkedIn:@tonynation) is the President of Reproductions and Partner at Actorsconnection. He is also an Actor, Writer, and opportunity seeker. We chat about his life, how he came to own these companies, and what mind set keeps him moving forward. This is a fun chat about so many different topics. We discuss his writting ventures and so much more. I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I did!


"Life Is A Cabaret" The cast of CABARET discusses Show Themes, Life, Diet, Exercise, Happiness, Routine, and So Much More!

We sit down with Taylor Habershaw (IG:@taylorhabershaw), Jane Papageorge (IG:@janiepapageorge), Stephanie Israelson (IG:@stephyisraelson), Lauren Renahan (IG:@laurenrenahan), Delaney Love (IG:@delaneylovee), Mark Ryan Anderson (IG:@markryananderson), Steven Grant Douglas (IG:@stevengdouglas), and Josh Canfield (IG:@itsjoshcanfield). We chat about this show and the many messages it gives our audiences. We discuss the language in which you speak to yourself, their diets/exercise, and so much...


"Hope. Trust. Joy." Lizz Picini: The Woman Who Keeps On Keepin' On

Lizz Picini (IG:@lizzpicini)(lizzpicini.com) is a daner, singer, actress, choreographer, teacher, and lover of life. She chats with me about all of the paths that have brought her to this moment. We discuss her dreams growing up and how they have evolved. We talk about lessons and moments in life that she has really grown from. Lizz shares some great life advice for dancers, theatre professionals, and anyone pursuing their passion. I hope you learn from this as much as I did. Enjoy!


The Future of Broadway PART 2: Townsend Teague continues to share his wealth of valuable information behind the curtain of Broadway

Townsend Teague (Linkedin:@townsendteague) the Producer, Manager, and Consultant sits down with me a second time and furthers the conversation of the future of broadway. We start with his first investment.. wine and move into the Theatre. His focus is incredible and there is something we can all learn from his setting of goals AND having goal plans. HE really is moving "the needle" forward with live theatre. You WILL need a notebook for this episode. So Grab one and follow along. Enjoy!


"Be The Change You Wish To See In The World" Dale Noelle chats about the creation of True Model Management

Dale Noelle (IG - @dalenoelle_true) is the owner and creator of True Model Managment. We discuss her life path that brought her to the creation of a modeling agency and so much more. She shares her secrets to happiness and how she goes about creating new ventures. This is a lovely episode that is wide ranging and we had this conversation at True Model Managment in NYC. Enjoy!


"Love" Jonathan Groff: The man who shows up ready to play

Jonathan Groff (who has no social media!) shares a ton about his life! We talk about Spring Awakening, Hamilton, Frozen 1 and 2, Mindhunter, and his challenges with coming out (to name a few topics.) He has such a wonderful balance of "chill" yet "ready to work" and I feel many can learn from his work ethic! This was a very funny, enjoyable conversation with wonderful lessons learned. Enjoy!


"Serve The Tennis Ball" Ken Davenport discusses what drives him to serve up new ideas daily

Ken Davenport (theproducersperspective.com) (davenporttheatrical.com)(TW-kendavenport)(IG-kendavenportbway)shares what drives him everyday to keep creating. He breaks down some common misconceptions with money and producers. We talk about his youth and how that has translated into him created so many different projects. This conversation gave me a real drive to go and create more, to reach out to more people, and to continue to persist. Enjoy!!


"Know Your Worth" April Reign shares the power of standing up for yourself and knowing your worth

April Reign (reignofapril.com)(TW-ReignOfApril)(IG-reignofapril) chats with me on standing up for yourself. We discuss the tactics she has used for standing up for those who cannot stand up for themselves. She shares stories about her upbringing which led her to Fractured Atlas. We talk about really knowing your self worth and what you deserve. I loved this conversation. It energized me in so many ways. I hope you enjoy!


"May The Work I Do Speak For Me" - Antoine L. Smith discusses the lessons learned that have brought him to broadway

Antoine L. Smith (TW-alsmith3030)(IG-antoinelsmith32) discusses his lessons learned that have brought him to broadway. He was kind enough to sit down with me prior to a two show day and chat about how he keeps himself centered in life and moving forward. This is a wonderful conversation that at its core is filled with gratitude. I hope you feel it too! Enjoy.


"Time And Credit" Scott Guthrie chats about his life in theatre with a little bit of whiskey

Scott Guthrie (scott-guthrie.com)(IG-@scottwguthrie) is an Actor/Singer/Director. We chat about his path through theatre and the relationships that form in such a small industry. He was kind enough to share a bit of whiskey for this conversation which we sip throughout (and creates for some fun conversation the futher along we get.) Scott discusses the power of story telling and what that has done for him in his life. I hope you enjoy this episode!


Lieutenant Colonel Taylor Herron discusses his methods of leadership while maintaining trust with kindness in the United States Air Force

Lieutenant Colonel Taylor Herron was kind enough to invite me into his unit to discuss leadership. At the end of this episode I expand a bit more on the topic. After I shut off the recording equipment, him and I chatted for a short while on his various techniques and lessons learned from leading in the USAF. We were on a limited time schedule and as a result this episode will run noticeably shorter than previous episodes. Thank you Lt. Col. Herron for taking the time to chat with me, and...


"Be A Fountain, Not A Drain" David Atkinson the southern born Hollywood actor who gives out wonderful energy into this world and it gives plentifully

David Atkinson (IMDB:David Atkinson) chats with me on the phone about his life and what he has learned. We cover some amazing stories in Hollywood. David has this incrediblee outlook on life and it shows in every one of his interactions. He breaks down what he has witnessed on "ways of being" in regards to other actors and professionals he has worked with in this industry. This conversation covers a bunch of different topics and I didn't want it to end! I hope you enjoy!!


"You Are Free to Love, Express Your Full Colors" Karinna Karsten talks relationships, love, and compassion.

Karinna Karsten (lovetv.co) is a relationship and love expert. This conversation takes place on the phone (LA to NYC) and we cover many wide ranging topics with love. Karinna brings up some wonderful points in regards to giving yourself the permission to love and love freely. This is a beautiful chat that opened my mind up in many ways to true love. I hope you enjoy this conversation! LOVE!


Peter Flynn: "No Absolutes!!" The man who lives his life through flexibility, love, and gratitude.

Peter Flynn (TW:@peterflynn212)(peterflynndirector.com) is an accomplished director in NYC. He has worked on many projects all of which can be seen on his website. Peter and I have a wonderully candid conversation regarding work/life ethics. We cover his upbringing and what he learned from his youth all the way through current projects that teach him the most about himself. He lives in many mantra's two of them being "Try thank you" and "No absolutes." Both of these speak very loudly to me....


"To Be Or Not To Be" Luis Salgado: The man who lives truly in this present moment

Luis Salgado (IG:@salgadoprods)(TW:@LSalgadoART)(luissalgado.com) is a choreographer in the broadway community. Him and I discuss many of his previous projects that have brought him to where he is today. I love how truthful Luis is. His "full on" commitment to every project he works on is absolutely incredible including our conversation on this podcast. His works stretch world wide and continue to connect those to their feelings what they mean. I love this chat. Hope you do too!