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2014's Biggest Moments In Music And Social Media

It's that time of year again and this year is a little more special. Off the Record is celebrating its five year anniversary and what better way to do it then to have our yearly roundtable discussion on what set 2014 off in music and social media (i.e. Rihanna back on IG, Elevatorgate with Solange and Jay Z, Mike Brown and Eric Garner protests throughout the country). We'll also be making our 2015 projections. My guests are feisty and know their sh*t. Tune in and I'll let you be the judge....


PREV.AIRED: Kali Uchis On Her Style, Music, & Colombian Roots

With roots from the streets of Colombia all the way to the state of Virginia, my next guest is an artist you didn’t see coming and she likes it that way. Doing whatever she wants, 19 year old singer, rapper, and director, Kali Uchis, gives off a fearless yet rebellious IDGAF approach to her style and we like it. Currently working on new music under the Hollafame label imprint, Kali’s buzz continues to grow as she readies a fall release. The singer stops by to chat her upcoming EP, major...


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Living Dreams, Building Communities - Dec 21,2011

“Spread love, it's the Brooklyn Way” is how youth counselor and basketball coach, Randy Millard, lives his life. Growing up in the Brownsville neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York, Randy saw a lot of things growing up as a kid that would've lead him down a different path. Knowing that most people don't look back when they leave their ‘hood, Randy took the path less traveled. He obtained a bachelor's degree from Norfolk State University in Virginia, came back and started building a foundation...


Killer Boombox Life...running the digital space - Dec 14,2011

What is the Killer Boombox life you say? Based on the content, it's more than music, it's a lifestyle. Fresh perspectives on news and entertainment, brash and bold writing, and just a different way to document urban music culture outside of the gossip rags and salacious stories. The mastermind of business operations, Brandon Matthews, and the editor-in-chief, G Valentino Ball, stop by to discuss the concept behind Killer Boombox, why he needed to create this outlet, and how they plan on...


Artist Spotlight Series with PURE - Dec 07,2011

Newark, New Jersey native, Pure, has been buzzing since first releasing his mixtape in 2010, titled I Am Pure. Not confining himself to any genre, his diverse musical influences can be heard his latest singles The Stars and club banger Touch It, Bring It. Both have been well received from major NYC radio stations including Hot 97, Power 105, and Kiss 98.7. Growing up in the Brick City, dominated by gangs, drugs, and gun violence, music was Pure's outlet and motivation to stay above that....


Overindulgence of Social Media...Face Time Anyone? - Dec 06,2011

Due to social media, our attention spans have become shorter and communication reduced to 140 characters, facebook wall posts, emails, and text messages. It makes me wonder does anyone crave human interaction anymore? Has talking on the phone or seeing someone in person become obsolete? Are these new forms here to stay? Hear what my guests have to say about the evolution of communication, how it affects our personal/romantic relationships, and the privacy issues associated with it. Check...


Artist Spotlight Series with TRACY CRUZ - Nov 15,2011

Deemed the moniker Little Woman with the Big Voice, Tracy Cruz's music speaks a universal language. She doesn't just sing from her soul, she gives you her soul through melodic accentuations and lyrical distinctiveness. Growing up in the Philippines, Tracy developed her vocal abilities and songwriting styles from her Filipino roots. With a second full length album out called Universoul Symphony, Tracy Cruz joins me to discuss her goals as an upcoming artist, the inspiration for musical...


Artist Spotlight Series part 2 with ESNAVI - Nov 08,2011

Last year when we spoke, Esnavi took us through her journey musically, birthing her album Exit E. Songwriting, performing, and bearing her soul, she hasn't let up since. Her latest single, “Unexpected Love” is now a top 40 hit on the urban adult contemporary (AC) charts. Making some noise overseas, Esnavi joins me for a part 2 discussion to let us know what she's been up to the past 12 months, how she plans on getting more of the world's attention, and if she got the distribution deal yet...


Artist Spotlight Series with CHARLIE VOX - Oct 25,2011

Singer and songwriter from Philadelphia, Charlie Vox has already worked with notable producers and artists. Gearing up for her debut album release in February, shes already buzzing with her first single Lie Instead. She stops by to discuss her new album Things I Never Said, the songwriting process, and how she gets in the songwriting zone. Listen to her new single here.charlie vox | siri music group | artist spotlight series | Things I Never Said | Lie Instead


How to eat and live holistically - Jul 27,2011

Coined the title, Organic Soul Chef, Madea pursued her passion in food, health, and healing. Providing education through empowerment, she teaches culinary instruction in the public and private sectors. She cooks cuisines heavily influenced by the African Diaspora and creates an integrative nutritional plan for her clients. She joins us to offer her personalized roadmap to health according to our unique needs, lifestyle, and goals.holistic living | organic soul chef | organic eating |...


Artist Spotlight Series with CHRIS TURNER - Jul 20,2011

You may have heard and seen him on tour as Bilals background singer but Chris Turner is more than just that. Songwriter and soulful vocalist, Chris has been making headway on his personal music including Liquid Love, Sticky Green, and his own renditions of songs by Sade and Stevie Wonder. He joins me to discuss his life working with one of musics respected artists, how he wants people to receive his music, and what he enjoys most when hes not singing, writing, or touring. chris turner |...


Artist Spotlight Series Part 2 with D. JULIEN - Jul 06,2011

Last summer, D. Julien was buzzing on the scene with his mixtape Live, Love, Learn, offering a fresh perspective at the tender age of 18. Still not letting up musically, D. Julien is back with his follow up mixtape called Ready for Tomorrow. He stops by to catch us up on his past year since we last spoke, his latest project, and what influenced the absence of profanity and racially charged lyrics in his music.d julien | ready for tomorrow mixtape | hip hop music | brn skn speaks radio | d...


Black Men and the Prison Industrial Complex - Apr 09,2011

There are more black men in jail than in colleges. Statistics show that 50% of black men wouldve served time in prison or a juvenile detention center by the age of 30. The incarceration rates of black men are higher compared to their white male counterparts. Why the disproportionate rate of black men in prison? What about effective programs that help them re-enter society? My guest Reverend Henry Price, a once convicted felon turned social activist and pastor, joins me to discuss his take...


Voguing with Jaynelle Clarke - Apr 07,2011

Actor and model, Jaynelle Clarke (aka lovjay), is a force to be seen in the fashion world. From the runways at New York Fashion Week to appearances in feature films and TV series such as Gossip Girl, CSI, and more, Miss Clarke has accomplished more than most people can fathom career wise. A defining woman of her generation, she stops by to share her views on the haute couture world, some of her favorite designers, and how to stay true to yourself in a conforming industry. Get to know her on...


Women's History Month Series: Up Close and Personal with Jasmine Solano - M

DJ and rapper, Jasmine Solano continues to rep strong for the ladies. Having interviewed her on tour as Wiz Khalifas DJ, shes been working on her own music too. The video for her single "Thats Not It" (produced by DJ Wonder and directed by Vashtie Cola) can be seen on mtvU. Still touring, rhyming, deejaying, and such, Jasmine Solano stops by to get up close and personal with her life as an artist, DJ, and MC in this male dominated industry. jasmine solano | womens history month | shameless...


Women's History Month Series: Waiting for SuperWoman - Mar 11,2011

As we celebrate Women's History Month, this particular proverb came to mind, "to educate a man is to educate a educate a woman is to educate a nation." Women have always been the backbones of families and have made significant contributions to society, including the education of "our" children in the homes as well as the classrooms. Focusing on the importance of teaching our youth and what is currently lacking in the school system, three guests (two being women and one being...


Black History Month Series: Living/Dating with a STD...THE FEMALE PERSPECTI

Would you date someone living with a STD (sexually transmitted disease)? What if you didn't know they had one? A man or woman close to you is probably living with one of these dis-eases, herpes, HIV/AIDS, or HPV. Unfortunately, these STDs are very common amongst African Americans. Two of my guests are living with two of the three STDs mentioned above. They join me to share their stories, how they're educating others on breaking down the stigma, and why you shouldn't be so quick to judge. Do...


Black History Month Series: Mental Health Issues, Taboo in Black America? -

Mental health issues in the black community are often times ignored and seen as taboo. According to data from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Adminstration (SAMHSA), "in 2008, six percent of African Americans aged 18-25 had a mental health illness in the past year." Most of these cases go undiagnosed and untreated due to various reasons including "mistrust of health professionals, cultural barriers, and socioeconomic differences (via Mental Health America [MHA])." My guests...


Black History Month Series: It Takes A Village - Feb 23,2011

The African proverb "it takes a village to raise a child" has almost become non-existent in today's generation. More children are being raised by children and/or in single parent households. Corey Howard, a project manager for the Department of Defense and an active mentor for the youth for over 15 years, joins me to discuss community building, the importance of mentoring, and raising our youth together. Listen all February as I continue to celebrate Black History Month bringing awareness to...