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Chalk it up to a Monday....

Drive Thru’s are evil, The Holy Grail comes to America, A Car goes whirrr, and more... Thanks for Listening to Overcrest: A Pretty Good Car Podcast Minneapolis has banned the drive thru... in return still expects you to find somewhere to park. RS6 Avant...maybe. Solar Roads proven to be just another Stupid environmentalist pipedream. Biohacking Tesla Model 3 Owner Implants Key Card Chip Into Her Arm If you’re really, really, really, really rich, Aston Martin will build you a...


Bumper Stumpers, Vanity, and Multi-million-dollar Price Tags - The License Plate

Kris recounts his trip to Houston, spending some quality time with a couple of GT2RSs; while Jake gives us a history lesson on the origins of the license plate and the crazy extent of custom vanity plates.


Does Harley Davidson Suck?

Kris rants on why Harley Davidson is a midlife crisis hillbilly fairy-tail. The guys also discuss news! Porsche Announces Carbon offset Program for US Tesla receives cease and Decist letter from the US Government. Golf R is....kinda dead in 2020. Found an engine for your “truck” Jake... Honda Accord Driver busted for Towing Enormous Stuffed Bear Lotus has a new logo...


World Sportscar Champion & Porsche Legend - Bob Garretson

Kris interviews Bob Garretson, racing driver and one time owner of Garretson Enterprises, the muscle behind some legendary Porsche 935's, on his history with cars, how the Apple Car came about, crashing at Le Mans, The Old Warhorse itself, and more.


Do you even vape bro?

Joel Feder joins Kris and Jake to talk Joel's history with cars, news, and current events. Notes: The Cannonball EV record has been broken twice... Lewis Hamilton is still a douche HLDI reveals most stolen vehicles list.... EU regulations are going to make cars boringer Dude still drving his model T What the F happened with Nissan? Volkswagen cuts warranty... Bad news. The Chevy Malibu is dead. Dodge knows whats up... Ford wants you to vape Thanks for listening to Overcrest: A...


Mr Wyn - Designer - DeTomaso, Apollo

Jowyn Wong of Wyn Design joins the podcast to talk about growing up, design theory, designing the P72, the Apollo, and the challenges involved in both projects. Kris leads in with a discussion about photography, and what you can do to make even your cell phone photos truly good.


"I'm sorry.... did someone just say tank!?"

Wyn Design gives us a response on the P72 Drama, Teslas are still a waste of time, there’s a new corvette, why F1 is boring and how to fix it, a couple listener topics and more... Teslas next gen supercharger can do 75 miles in 5 minutes. The well-reviewed Netflix docuseries "Formula 1: Drive to Survive" Clarkson explains whats wrong with F1 Corvette to have a manual...? Nah.... Road Legal McLaren F1 LM to come up at auction... Your tire could now generate...


Bone shakers, Penny-Farthings, and Outlaws

Jake takes us on a deep dive into the history of the Motorcycle. The guys talk about Kris' trip to Road America, and Jake tries on his wife's pants. Notes: Penny Farthing Race Thanks for listening to Overcrest: A Pretty Good Car Podcast


Michelle Gatting - LeMans Driver, Icon

Kris interviews Michelle Gatting, one of the Iron Dames, an all-female LeMans team racing for Kessel Racing. They discuss her history, hugely inspiring story on her way to racing at the legendary LeMans, and what its like to be, and race there. Follow Michelle on Instagram Check out Kessel Racing on Instagram Notes: Vanagon Guy


Ripoff Artists, RSR's, Luddites, and Appeals to Emotion

Joel Feder from Motor Authority joins Kris and Jake for a bunch of news, debates, and discussion... the new RSR is here.... BMW Reveals X7 Pickup Truck Mclaren Wagon Thing Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus is pissed DeTomaso P72 was unveiled last week... Its illegal to work on your car in California What we’re up against. - David Shill is a Shill Polaris dealers will teach you to drive stick for free


Guntherwerks, Scissors, and Rustic Roads

Peter Nam joins the guys to talk about the Guntherwerks 993.... the ultimate 993. The history of Rustic roads is discussed and listener questions wrap up the episode. guntherwerks.com https://www.instagram.com/guntherwerks/?hl=en Thanks for listening to Overcrest: A Pretty Good Car Podcast Support the show! patreon.com/overcrest


Sporterized, Illuminated, and Diluted

The guys talk news, and take a bunch of listener topics, one of which inspires a contentious debate between Kris and Jake. They also reveal Kris will be reading from his 000 article on the next Patreon Exclusive episode. Support us on patreon: https://www.patreon.com/overcrest Thanks for Listening to Overcrest: A Pretty Good Car Podcast Show Notes: Lee Iacoca dead, father of mustang, savior of Chrysler BMW Finally has an illuminated grille First hybrid cruise...


The Truck that Won the War - An American Icon

Jake and Kris celebrate Independence day by discussing the history of the "America's greatest contribution to modern warfare". They also talk about Alain De Cadenet, what makes a brand's name matter, and the upcoming Overcrest Rally... Thanks for listening to Overcrest: A Pretty Good Car Podcast


Monday News - Hummers and Tremors

In today's episode, the guys talk news, whats up with Kris' car overheating, read a letter and discuss a gift from one of the listeners. Thank's for listening to Overcrest: A Pretty Good Car Podcast Support the show!!!! patreon.com/overcrest Show Notes: So, I hope we didn't get Jim in Trouble... The Supreme court is out for Blood Widebody all the things... BMW’s new electric car sound to be....composed The Ferrari 250 GTO is a work of art.... Ford F250 gets....uh... a tremor...


Lemons, Nazis, and an Accumulatorsphere

From humble beginnings as the great-grandson of a lemon merchant, to mobilizing a nation, thwarting Nazis and advancing technologies ahead of their time (not to mention inadvertently saving the life of a president along the way), this is the story of an automotive icon you won't want to miss. The guys also talk to Adam Kern, from checkeditoutchicago to discuss the much-deserved emergence of the Midwest's Porsche culture. Thank's for listening to Overcrest: A Pretty Good Car...


Monday News 6-24-19

Jake and Kris talk news, and field listener questions, and debate superchargers and turbochargers in this weeks Monday episode. Thanks for listening to Overcrest: A Pretty Good Car Podcast Support the show, and get exclusive content: www.patreon.com/overcrest Show Notes: Jake, your dream has arrived Sobering...Davey Johnson Presumed Dead NBC New York Proclaims Modified Exhaust “Insane” and Could Cause Panic Aston Martin to take to the Ring with the...


Corvette Ride and Handling Engineer - Jim Mero

Jake and Kris interview Jim Mero, Corvette ride and handling engineer about his job, history, what it's like to drive the Nurburgring, the autobahn, and the future of the mid-engine Corvette. They also discuss an update on the Rally, and debate the sound of v16 and v12 engines. Thanks for listening to Overcrest: A Pretty Good Car Podcast Support the show, and get exclusive content: www.patreon.com/overcrest


What IS Cool anyways...?

Jake, Kris, and special guest Luis Fraguada tackle the toughest question of all, what makes for a cool car? Show notes: Schwienehaus Show - Minneapolis Porsche GTG Sunday, June 23rd Driver fined for throwing lit cigarette out window. Porsche will now wrap your Porsche from the factory Thanks for listening to Overcrest: A Pretty Good Car Podcast


Monday News with Joel Feder

Joel Feder from Motor Authority comes on the podcast for our new segment, Monday's News. We talk Tesla, Gorday Murray's new project, BMW, Jeep, and more. Check out the show notes below. Gordon Murray teases F1 Successor External Airbags are a thing. Monthly Elon Musk stupid statement of the month. BMW is out of control But, the M8 actually is pretty good. Lamborghini is developing an off road Huracan? Uber is your new Getaway Vehicle


An Interview with BBS Motorsport

Craig Donnelly, president of BBS USA and Eric Niconovich from BBS Motorsport join the podcast to talk about the history of BBS, BBS Motorsport, the origins of the 3 piece wheel, wheel engineering, casting, forging, and much, much more. The guys also chat about D-day and reveal the 2019 Overcrest Rally! https://www.bbs-usa.com/ Thanks for listening to Overcrest: A Pretty Good Car Podcast