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Former cast member of MTV’s Road Rules host Susie Meister covers the latest in pop culture, current events and literature with her characteristic wit and irreverence.

Former cast member of MTV’s Road Rules host Susie Meister covers the latest in pop culture, current events and literature with her characteristic wit and irreverence.
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Former cast member of MTV’s Road Rules host Susie Meister covers the latest in pop culture, current events and literature with her characteristic wit and irreverence.




EP263: Cat Grooming, Weed 101, & Service w/ a Smile

Today is one of those episodes you can't miss. Sarah talks about grooming cat butts & why she's afraid of car washs. Hear why movie theaters are getting super fancy. Susie talks about a woman who found pot in her Graze box, & Sarah tries to teach Susie about weed. It didn't go well. Find out about a service that will upload your brain, but will kill you. We learn why the service industry is unfair to women, & how a lady lost an eye at a golf event.


EP262: Identical Strangers, Most Shocking Story Ever, & Smog Rings

Today we discuss the documentary Three Identical Strangers (and we try not to spoil anything), & why it's a must-see film. We hear about a boy raised as a girl after a botched circumcision. We talk about the new emojis, a fire caused by a gender reveal party, & a loft designed for you to take pics in. Hear about a ring made out of pollution, & why it's actually cool. Find out why smog is making umpires bad at their jobs, why Sarah wore one of those medical masks to the grocery store, & why...


EP261: Psychopath Test, DIY Halloween, & Scandals

Today begins with Sarah venting about Halloween stores, & how they're ruining the fun of the holiday. Susie rants about football anthems being sexist. Sarah shares a crazy story about goats being airlifted out of national parks. We talk about how the Tylenol scandal in the 80s changed the ways businesses handle controversies. We discuss the strawberry needle scare going on & find out how psychopaths see the world.


EP260: Spicy Nightmare, Dumpster Professor, & Global Hygiene

Today we celebrate the fact that millennials are lowering the divorce rate. Sarah discusses an intriguing show that got her thinking about reality TV. Susie talks about showering around the world. We learn why it might be good for you to throw away your child's "art". Plus we debate "mommy culture." Sarah gets worked up about a professor who lives in a dumpster. Susie reveals why buying experiences is much better than buying things. Plus, hear what ailment roller coasters can cure.


EP259: Hip Hop Shakespeare, Female Anatomy, & Survival Tips

Today we celebrate the Fall season & get basic w/ a discussion on Pumpkin Spice Lattes. We find out that college students aren't absentee voting for the craziest reason ever. We learn why city life is making animals smarter. Sarah blows our mind w/ science about the Nile river & Egypt's pyramids. Find out which hip hop artists have bigger vocabularies than Shakespeare. Plus, find out the disturbing reason doctors might not always know how to diagnose women.


EP258: Dolphin Erotica, Breakfast Buffets, & Wine Diet

Today we find out why people of color don't wear sunscreen, why they should, & why the industry needs to do better. We discuss the viral video of the man shaving on the subway. Susie talks about a woman who had a sexual relationship with a dolphin & why it's not as rare as you'd think. Susie reveals the history of breakfast, & Sarah talks about her passion for a breakfast buffet. We find out about a diet in the 70s that is right up our alley. Plus, we hear why people are keeping tigers as...


EP257: Dr. Death, Drag Queens, & Double Standards

Today we're talking about people on phone calls in public, & why it annoys us so bad. Sarah describes her latest podcast obsession, Dr. Death, & we're reminded that you gotta be smarter than your doctor. We debate whether it's cultural appropriation to use drag queen vernacular. We laugh about a fish monger who tried to fake out customers & got caught. We discuss the Serena Williams controversy, find out about a KFC baby-naming contest, & why the famous "marshmallow" study might be flawed.


EP256: Hangman, Love on an Airplane, & Brad Pitt Psychoanalysis

Today we celebrate the comeback of Michael Jackson's white Thriller suit, we find out about a stupid burglar, and we learn how to teach kids sharing (& it's not how you might think). We find out about the case of the missing insects, hear about how Brad Pitt dresses like his lovers (& we naturally psychoanalyze him). Plus, Susie tells the history of the sneaker, Sarah tells why they're banning street food in Italy, and we learn the horrible history of the game Hangman.


EP255: Kindergarten Pole-Dancer, Mystery Flavors, & Witchy Women

Today we discuss the latest fashion trends, & why Balenciega has Sarah all worked up. She describes a fire-related premonition she had, & why she was mad at the man at her "new moon party." We hear about a McDonald's poster prank, a pole-dancer at a kindergarten, & why geo-tracking might be Susie's next adventure. Plus, Susie shares the history of mystery flavors & Sarah talks about the science of the tennis grunt.


EP254: Don't Call It A Comeback, Bee Cops, & Feminist Barbie

Today's episode includes an awesome story about an Etsy seller who is changing her products to inspire girls. We find out that Barbie is now a woke women with a vlog inspiring girls to stop saying sorry. We find out about the bee cops in NYC. We find out why your childhood gym class experience determines how much you workout. We find out the interesting name trend that Facebook is causing. Plus, we hear why Susie is making a big career change.


EP253: Dine & Dash Justice, Science of Fear, & Sarah's Bungee Ban

Today we hear about squirrel population being solved w/ birth control. Susie is psyched about Olive Garden's Pasta Pass. We discuss patriarchy of the thermostat. Susie explains the science of fear, & why we like scary stuff. Sarah explains why she'll never go bungee-jumping. They learn about ants being put into manicures, an Uber "vomit fraud," and the sad story of Cabbage Patch Kids. Plus, we celebrate the capture of the Dine & Dash guy & debate whether to call it "ethnic" or "textured"...


EP252: Love Island, Hometown Discrimination, & Close-up Magic

Today we find out why where you were born affects how much you'll earn--even if you don't live there anymore. We hear about a Swedish preschool that reverses how boys & girls are treated, & how it affects the students. We debate whether trans people should be portrayed in movies by trans people. We find out why your Instagram pics are probably copying other people's. We discuss the latest reality tv craze. Sarah talks about magic, & we learn about the ways magic has changed over the years.


EP251: Love Masters & Disasters, Alpaca Doritos, & Farting Security Guard

Today we hear about a "catastrophic failure" at a fertility clinic, which gets us down, but then we hear a white wine emoji might be on the horizon. Susie describes the 2 kind of relationships there are. We learn that psychics might actually be psychic. Sarah talks about the alpaca that died from overeating and the security guard who was fired for farting. We learn why people are into Tough Mudder competitions and why manicures can kill you. What?!


EP250: Trivial Pursuit, Tinder Scam, & Tupperware

Today we discuss the change to the animal cracker packaging, & why people were outraged. We discuss a Tinder scam, & debate whether it was empowering for women or just gross. Hear about a toy made for "girls & some boys," & we're obviously outraged. Susie tells us why Tupperware's lid changed the kitchen game. Sarah finds out why gypsies is not ok to say (but she says it 50 more times). We learn why Amazon is creating hoarders, the history of the announcer voice, & how many trees are in the...


EP249: Celebrity Urban Legends, Promiscuous Penguins, & Tantric Sex

Today we realize we're super old, and would rather be in bed early than go to the VMAs. We debate the virtues of Cardi B, learn about penguins at the zoo who need paternity testing, & talk about how women are excluded from video game fame. Susie reveals why she did a Facebook purge & some disturbing things she learned about herself. We hear about a strange trend in therapy, find out why Sarah is not qualified to teach yoga, learn why psychics might really be psychic, celebrity urban legends...


EP248: Four Loco, Cheerleader Effect, & Disney Princess Science

Today we discuss the science of why Disney Princesses started looking more like babies over time, & why other cartoon characters have adopted the same look. Sarah rants about her latest emoji problem, & offers theories on why emojis look the way they do. We learn the science behind why people look more attractive in groups aka the "cheerleader effect." Susie gives an oral history of Four Loco. Plus, we interview America For Beginners author Leah Franqui about her book, road trips, & Indian...


EP247: Sarah's Scare, Dating Trends, & Airport Outlets

Today Sarah is finally back from Italy and shares some stories from her journey. One story involves a very scary incident in a bad neighborhood, & why she has regrets about how she handled it. We discuss a prank being played in airports, Sarah's lobster trivia, and disturbing stats about dating for men vs. women.


EP246: Leopard Print, Bad Dads, & Headlight Theory

Today we learn about P. Diddy's time living w/ an Amish family. We discuss how J.Lo keeps getting better w/ age (& so does her taste in men). We hear about the biology teacher who rowed across the Atlantic, & why his technique is a good lesson for life. Hear about a bush that keeps getting "molested," why having a common name might help you get out of a speeding ticket, & why a guy made his suicide look like a murder (w/ a weather balloon). Plus, we interview Jo Weldon, author of the book...


EP 245: Big Dick Energy, Breastfeeding, & the Pink Tax

Today we find out about a group of American who are replicating K-Pop, & why some people think it's racist. Susie talks about the mom of a Columbine shooter, & her advice for people w/ kids. We discuss the allure of abandoned malls, a Burger King ad that exposes sexism, & debate breastfeeding. We explain Big Dick Energy & who we think has it. And we celebrate a badass bitch who body-slammed someone for pinching her butt.


EP244: Body Modification, Tickled Kink, & Duct Tape Bathing Suits

Today we learn about people who modify their bodies in unconventional ways & we debate whether it is healthy behavior. We discuss the documentary Tickled, which blew Susie's mind. Sarah reveals how the Hasidic Jewish community is flocking to BDSM. We learn about duct tape bathing suits. Plus, we interview Jell-O Girls author Allie Rowbottom about her life as an heir to the Jell-O fortune, the "Jell-O curse," & how she overcame her family's painful past.