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Former cast member of MTV’s Road Rules host Susie Meister covers the latest in pop culture, current events and literature with her characteristic wit and irreverence.

Former cast member of MTV’s Road Rules host Susie Meister covers the latest in pop culture, current events and literature with her characteristic wit and irreverence.
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Former cast member of MTV’s Road Rules host Susie Meister covers the latest in pop culture, current events and literature with her characteristic wit and irreverence.




EP 245: Big Dick Energy, Breastfeeding, & the Pink Tax

Today we find out about a group of American who are replicating K-Pop, & why some people think it's racist. Susie talks about the mom of a Columbine shooter, & her advice for people w/ kids. We discuss the allure of abandoned malls, a Burger King ad that exposes sexism, & debate breastfeeding. We explain Big Dick Energy & who we think has it. And we celebrate a badass bitch who body-slammed someone for pinching her butt.


EP244: Body Modification, Tickled Kink, & Duct Tape Bathing Suits

Today we learn about people who modify their bodies in unconventional ways & we debate whether it is healthy behavior. We discuss the documentary Tickled, which blew Susie's mind. Sarah reveals how the Hasidic Jewish community is flocking to BDSM. We learn about duct tape bathing suits. Plus, we interview Jell-O Girls author Allie Rowbottom about her life as an heir to the Jell-O fortune, the "Jell-O curse," & how she overcame her family's painful past.


EP243: Millennial Nuns, Pay Gap, & Japanese Friendship

Today we find out what it's like to be a millennial nun, and Susie talks about her theory on why the Catholic Church is having trouble recruiting clergy. We find out why women are better surgeons, why income inequality isn't improving, & why people are pissed about the new Netflix show Insatiable. Susie reveals why Japanese people have more security as they age. We find out whether everyone has an accent and why children's book are a great way to learn about another culture.


EP242: Mr. Rogers, Terrible Turtle Scientist, & Clean Jeans

Sarah saw the Mr. Rogers documentary, and is getting all emotional about it. Susie talks about an award-winning scientist who would present his findings on turtles w/ scantily clad women in the pics. We learn why some people refuse to wash their jeans and put them in the freezer instead. Plus we discuss doomsday prepping and why Sarah is suspicious of her neighbors.


EP241: Hollywood Sex Dungeon, Upskirting Karma, & Would You Rather

We find out about a mystery pooper VERY close to home, and we are disturbed. We play a women-specific version of Would You Rather. Susie talks about a Hollywood Sex Dungeon gone terribly wrong. Sarah reveals the hidden danger of drinking margaritas. We learn about an upskirting criminal who got what he deserved. Sarah talks about the time she was threatened over Christmas music. And we find out why crimes are prevented due to sporting events.


EP240: The Wizard of Oz, Spider Bites, & Dangerous Neckties

Find out what the latest is in Sarah's medical mystery tour (plus, the theme song she created for her ailment). Susie tells the history of the Munchkins from the Wizard of Oz. Sarah reveals startling science on the dangers of wearing neckties. Susie talks about all the royal rules Meghan Markle has to follow (and Sarah is none too pleased). Plus, we talk to Alice Bolin who wrote our July book club pick, Dead Girls.


EP238: Beauty Pageants, Buffalo, & Bubonic Plague

Today we discuss beauty pageants, and whether we agree with them (and the elimination of the bathing suit competition). We discuss why women should brag about their accomplishments. Sarah claims the Bubonic plague is back. Susie reveals the history of the term "86" and more diner speak. We mourn the loss of hundreds of barrels of bourbon that crashed to the ground. We debate whether kids should be allowed in museums. Sarah claims the word buffalo means a lot more than we think.


EP238: Whispers, Hot for Teacher, & Mystery Smell

Today we talk about Sarah's ASMR, & why she needs certain sounds to fall asleep. We discuss the legacy of Bob Ross, & learn things we never knew. Susie reveals what that smell is in thrift stores. We debate about the name of Rock, Paper, Scissors. Sarah talks about books made of poison. We debate whether its appropriate to date your professor, we discuss the 30-year-old whose parents evicted him, & Sarah discusses the World Series of Poker.


EP237: Backstreet's Back, Buried Alive, & Las Vegas Time Warp

Hear why Sarah hates a parade and Susie didn't practice her mantra of "stop being polite," and she has regrets. We follow-up on our highly unscientific asparagus pee study. We learn theres a literal time warp near Las Vegas. Hear about a woman who was pronounced dead only to be found alive in a freezer at the morgue. Susie reveals her fear of being buried alive. We learn about a man who was poisoning his co-workers for 20 years, & Sarah tells us why office food is making you fat. For $5...


EP236: Pixar's Problem, Cross-Dressing Confusion, & Gratitude

Today we discuss how an award named for Laura Ingalls Wilder was renamed because of racist elements in her writing. we discuss the misogynist culture at Pixar. We discuss cross-dressing, & Susie admits to not really understanding it. Sarah learns about the Pittsburgh Potty, & we discuss its origins. Plus, we interview Diana Butler Bass about her book Grateful.


EP235: Get Smarter, Radium Girls, & Grievances

Today we find out how you can get smarter everyday according to experts. We hear a story about a man who almost died because of 55 pounds of poop in his body. Susie talks about women who were poisoned w/ radium during WWII because of factory conditions. She shares several things that kids do that she hates. We discuss a new Civil War discovery that reveals how medicine was practiced at that time.


EP234: Masculine Energy,, Musical Sabotage, & Fatherhood

Today we discuss our Great Debate episode w/ the woman who didn't support feminism. We learn the science of why people faint at the sight of blood. Sarah discusses her first bra, and why her boobs are still a source of consternation. Susie talks about a musician whose career was sabotaged by a girlfriend. She also talks about a tragedy at Costco. We find out what happens in kids' brains when you read to them, & why books w/ pictures are ideal. We interview author, Val Brkich about fatherhood.


EP233: Love & Reality TV, Mr. Rogers, & Queer Eye

Today we find out why you should eat popcorn with chopsticks, & why novelty is the secret to happiness. Sarah tells us the history of "new car" smell. We learn about a fish that carries weapons (what?). We find out why women are often forgotten in the design and architecture fields. Sarah talks about why eternal sunshine of the spotless mind might be possible. We discuss the success of Queer Eye. Plus, we interview author Lucas Mann about his book Captive Audience: On Love & Reality TV.


EP232: Marilyn Monroe, Grandma Susie, & Mysterious Wetness

We find out about the crazy Cannes Festival shoe policy, and why Kristen Steward bucked the system. We talk about late night talk show hosts, and debate who the best is. We hear how a Marilyn Monroe statue is causing controversy at a local church. Sarah talks a woman who SHAVED HER LEGS in a public pool! EW! We discuss why it's not fair that they don't put changing tables in most men's rooms. Find out which wine pairs best with Cheetos. Hear the scammer who called Susie and tried to get...


EP231: Phone Scams, Armchair Experts, & Fear of Failure

We debate the virtues of audio books, and announce a Brain Candy event coming up. Susie shares the history of counting and numbers. We celebrate the recent success of Ocean's 8. We learn about a man who planted flowers to cheer up his blind wife. We talk about how parenting has changed over the years including the role of fathers, the helicopter parenting style, & how we're making kids afraid of failure. Find out why no one answers the phone any more.


EP230: Inside the Real World, Psychology of Karaoke, & Tiki Bars

This is one of our favorite episodes because it includes so many cool topics. Hear behind-the-scenes of the Truman Show. Sarah describes the set of Real World Brooklyn. Hear how scientists discovered a new color. We learn about bees. Susie shares the psychology of karaoke & she gives the history of the pink flamingo. Find out why tiki bars are coming back into fashion. Plus, we interview author Janna King, who talks about her writing process & how her kids help her career.


EP229: Kissing, Orgasm Equality, & Allison Mack's Sex Cult

Today begins with info on a very strange side effect of getting bit by a tick, but quickly moves into a more saucy conversation. We debate whether kissing is hot or gross (is this really a debate?). We learn what personality traits predict whether a person has been kissed by college. Susie talks about why orgasm equality is so important in our discussions about sexuality. We find out the history of sex studies, and why they're sometimes not reliable. Plus, we talk about Allison Mack's...


EP228: Evil Genius, Hecklers, & Miscarriage Closure

Today we discuss Sarah's vacation, which was supposed to be a Babymoon, & how she handled the reminders of her pregnancy. We find out a strange side effect of going to high altitudes if you have breast implants. They discuss the Evil Genius documentary, white people's baby names, and why Sarah would be good at trampoline.


EP227: Dollar Store Tips, Moms Night Out, & Wine Tasting

Today we discuss Carrie Underwood's recent accident & how it was a mystery for a while. We debate Instagram sponsors, & whether it's annoying or helpful. Sarah reveals her childhood career as an actress, & why it made her hate mayonnaise. We talk about moms night out, & why we hate it. Sarah offers tips on what to buy at the 99 Cents Store.


EP226: Sarah's Acting Job, Mythbusting, & Mommy & Me Fashion

Sarah busts out a food fun fact that blows our mind. We learn about a company that will rent a family to you if you've lost a loved one or are estranged from your family. Sarah talks about how an airline keeps a dead body closet in case somebody dies mid-flight. Susie shares the history of Mommy & Me fashion. We debate the Yanny/Laurel phenomenon. Plus, we interview Mythbusters star, Kari Byron about her career, being a woman in a male-dominated field, & being pregnant on TV.