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Former cast member of MTV’s Road Rules host Susie Meister covers the latest in pop culture, current events and literature with her characteristic wit and irreverence.

Former cast member of MTV’s Road Rules host Susie Meister covers the latest in pop culture, current events and literature with her characteristic wit and irreverence.
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Former cast member of MTV’s Road Rules host Susie Meister covers the latest in pop culture, current events and literature with her characteristic wit and irreverence.




EP214: Girls Incarcerated, Jewish Mysticism, & Fish Plastic Surgery

Today we discuss Jewish mysticism (and Jewish people who eat bacon), and why Susie is taking a class on it. They talk about the Netflix docuseries, Girls Incarcerated, and why Sarah should work at a jail. We learn about a Mummy who might be a mommy, and science is on the case. Plus, we are shocked a new grammatical trend, we find out a tragedy with dairy farmers, and we talk about bananas (not that Banana though...).


EP213: Failure, Snorting Condoms, & Reality Face Plastic Surgery

We discuss the new Cristiano Ronaldo bust, and why the man who sculpted the original terrible bust dealt with a lot of pain after his failure went viral. Sarah talks about the new "reality face" trend in plastic surgery. We debate whether parents should post pics of their toddlers on social media. Plus, we talk about the strange trend of snorting condoms


EP212: Panties, Dirty Bath Toys, & the Roseanne Reboot

Today we talk about a strange new product designed to make women more confident, but we have our doubts. We talk about circumcision, and whether we agree with the practice. We discuss the Roseanne reboot, and whether the political stuff ruins it. Sarah tells stories about dirty bath toys, a duck murder, and a man who got a chip implanted in his body to help him ride the subway. Plus we find out about the first American female Olympian.


EP211: Cheerleaders, Promposals, & Polygraphs

Today we talk about our mutual anxiety about taking polygraph tests even though we aren't lying (or are we???). We talk about professional cheerleaders, and why the cheerleaders are claiming their contracts are sexist and discriminatory. We debate the new "promposal" trend in high schools. Plus, we talk about a book Susie read about mental health and the prison system and Sarah shares about why we're all embarrassed by our bodies.


EP210: History of BBQ, Hillbillies, & Trump Country

Today we learn the history of BBQ, and why it is steeped in racism. We talk about the creepy way Amazon's Alexa keeps laughing at people. We discuss the self-driving car who killed a pedestrian, and why we're freaked out by it. We also talk about the recent Nat Geo cover that showed twins who have different skin color. Plus, we interview Elizabeth Catte about her book What You're Getting Wrong About Appalachia.


EP209: Sarah's Ferrari & Other Mortifying Moments

Today we hear about Sarah's recent ride in a Ferrari, and why she hated every second of it. We find out to our delight that wine is good for your teeth (despite those pesky stains). Susie shares a controversy with the Joy of Cooking, and why faulty science is to blame. We debate a restaurant that charges differently based upon skin color. Plus, we interview the creator of Mortified, Dave Nadelberg, about how the show came to be, why we all write such embarrassing stuff in our journals, and...


EP208: The Case Against Education, Women in Hollywood, & What's in the Bible

Today we debate the virtues of weighted blankets, we find out how much Dolly Parton's boobs are insured for. We hear about the astronaut twins who now have different DNA because of their work. Hear what the most popular perfume of all time is. We learn about a mystery woman at a Smithsonian conference, and why people are trying to find her now. We talk about librarians, and we hear the case against against education. Plus, we talk to Christian leader, Rob Bell about what's really in the...


EP207: Sarah's Sorry, Superstitions, & STEMinist Dr.Kate Biberdorf

Today Sarah talks about how she enraged some Brainiacs, and apologize for her "happy ending" story. We read some of your superstitions, and reveal our own. We talk about International Women's Day, tattoo parlors for women, and the science of tattoos. And we interview STEM enthusiast, and Smart Girl, Dr. Kate Biberdorf who teaches the fun of chemistry and does amazing explosive science videos. For a 30-day trial of premium Picnicc service (the awesome app that totally organizes your life!),...


EP206: Gender Reveal Parties, Badass Barbies, & Realistic Strippers

Today begins with a discussion on something called the Family Cloth that replaces toilet paper. Then we learn about the new Barbies featuring historically significant women. We debate a new trend of history books "outing" gay people. We talk about gender reveal parties, and whether we like them. Sarah talks about nursing homes bringing strippers in to perk up the men.


EP205: The Challenge Behind the Challenge

Hear some of our favorite (and not-so-favorite) moments from our Challenge days, but more importantly we talk about some of the most inspiring, cringe-worthy, scandalous, and silly moments on the show that you guys sent to us. Danny's mom dying, Diem taking off her wig, Bananas backpack, and the moment we thought Veronica was going to die. For 30 days of Premium Picniic, an awesome app that will get your whole life organized, go to and use code PODPIC.


EP204: Sarah's Sexuality, Strippers, & the Streisand Effect

Today we analyze Sarah's sexuality, and why she can't find the perfect label under which to identify. Susie talks about a strange Chinese funeral custom. We discuss the future of depression treatment. Sarah tells about the time she went to Coachella, and it made her anti-drugs. Plus, bong cleaning, Barbra Streisand's dogs, and a strange divorce settlement. For 40% off digitizing your memories go to For 15% off your order of $100+ go to and use code...


EP203: Bachelor Nation, Royal Gifts, & Regional Slang

Sarah shares some of the country's most bizarre regional slang, and Susie thinks this means it time for her to demonstrate her Pittsburgh yinzer accent. We hear about royal gag gifts, and what the Megan Markle bought the Queen for Christmas. Plus, we talk to Amy Kaufman, author of Bachelor Nation about America's guiltiest pleasure. We hear what goes on behind-the-scenes, and why we should all be disturbed.


EP202: Island of Dolls, Olympic Ambition & the History of Dice

Sarah creeps us out with the story of the Island of the Dolls. We debate the legitimacy of doll hospitals. We are loving the mediocre skier who made the Olympics by using loopholes in the qualifications. Sarah talks about a documentary she watched about drugs that has her freaked out. Susie shares the history of dice. We debate adult thumb-sucking.


EP201: The Color of Tennis Balls & Doritos for Women

We discuss Doritos for women (and get hungry just thinking about snacks). We hear about the science of eyesight, and why some people think tennis balls are green and others don't. We get confirmation that laughter really is the best medicine. Sarah gets sad about the loneliest bird in the world. Plus, we interview Sarah Stone Smith who "won" a season of the Bachelor. She shares some behind-the-scenes stories from the show, and why it isn't always what it seems.


EP200: Naked Mice, Allergy Uproar, & Waterbeds

Sarah claims McDonalds french fries can help bald people. We debate whether the epipen scene in Peter Rabbit was inappropriate or not (and we do not agree). Susie shares the history of waterbeds, and it's not as sexy as you might think. Plus, we hear from a Brainiac who is living with AIDS.


EP199: Exorcisms, Happy Endings, & Performance Anxiety

Today we discuss teens consuming porn, and the effects it has on their expectations of sex. We hear about Sarah's happy ending massage in Thailand, and why she has no shame about it. We discuss the way podcasting can create an intimacy with the audience, and what that says about society. We debate when life ends, and whether leaving people in a vegetative state is a good idea. Plus, we interview a real-life exorcist to find out what's involved in this controversial practice.


EP198: Swimsuits, Sewers, & Secret Talents

Sarah kicks off today's show with a situation going on in New Orleans where Mardi Gras beads are causing a huge problem. Susie shares the history of the paper jam. We hear about celebrities with secret talents. We debate the virtue of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition and whether it goes against the feminist movement. Plus, Sarah shares a recent "Stop Being Polite" moment she had.


EP197: Essential Oils, Breathing Competitions, & Celebrity Therapy

We discuss the naming of the next generation (& why it relates to capitalism). We find out why breath-holding competitions tell us a lot about our bodies' limits (how David Blaine was able to hold his breath for over 17 min). We discuss essential oils' newfound popularity, and why they're so popular among Mormons. We learn how movies affect behavior and how a video game prank went wrong. Plus,, we talk to Dr. Jenn Mann from Vh1's Couples Therapy about reality TV, and how she helps...


EP196: Emotional Support Animals, Racist Cartoons, & Interview w/ Legend Jane Elliott

Today we talk about the recent scandal involving an emotional support peacock on a plane, and whether people should be allowed to bring animals on flights. Hear about the woman who married a 300-year-old pirate ghost. Sarah reveals why cartoon characters used to always have gloves. Hear about the race debate involving King Tut's mom. We also interview living legend Jane Elliott who invented the Blue Eyes/Brown Eyes exercise about the state of race 50 years after Martin Luther King Jr.'s...


EP195: Real World Furniture, Flame-Throwers, & Clown Murder

Hear about the fault line discovered under Rodeo Drive and why billionaires are becoming doomsday preppers. We talk about Elon Musk and his weird flame-throwing invention. Sarah talks about a murder committed by a clown, and it turns weirdly hilarious (all things considered). We discuss the history of Ikea, and why the founder who recently died was kind of a dick. We also hear about the ex-dominatrix who is turning the #MeToo movement into an empowerment opportunity for women. Plus, we...


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