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ideaXme's mission is to Move the human story forward!™ ideaXme. Here, you'll find the humans behind the big ideas that shape our world. Help and inspiration for future creators and provocative entertainment for all those who are fascinated in what's going to happen next and love big ideas and great stories.

ideaXme's mission is to Move the human story forward!™ ideaXme. Here, you'll find the humans behind the big ideas that shape our world. Help and inspiration for future creators and provocative entertainment for all those who are fascinated in what's going to happen next and love big ideas and great stories.
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ideaXme's mission is to Move the human story forward!™ ideaXme. Here, you'll find the humans behind the big ideas that shape our world. Help and inspiration for future creators and provocative entertainment for all those who are fascinated in what's going to happen next and love big ideas and great stories.








Using the power of art and science to fight climate change

Using the power of art and science to fight climate change Ben Whitehouse, artist and founder of SkyDay talks of his global mission and citizen art work, launched on 21 September 2017 and installed on the International Space Station in 2018, to tackle climate change. ideaXme asks why and how is he using the power of art and science combined to fight climate change? What gives him hope that this initiative will change people's behaviour? How did he become so brave? Why fight climate...


Caroline Dubois, boxing gold medalist Youth Olympics 2018 talks of Tokyo

On 18 October 2018, Caroline Dubois, 17 won boxing gold in the women’s lightweight boxing category at the Youth Olympics, Buenos Aires against Porntip Buapa, Thailand and is now unbeaten is 35 fights. Photograph Credits: Team GB/Lumix UK photographer. Pictured above, Caroline Dubois in the ring with Porntip Buapa at the Youth Olympics 2018. Sincere apologies for the quality of the sound on the audio interview here. It was conducted via mobile phone whilst Caroline was in transit from...


David Grevemberg CEO Commonwealth Games discusses 'Athletes' Voice', creative sports funding, resilience and fearlessness!

Mica Moore, ideaXme sports ambassador interviews her first sports industry influencer Mica Moore, ideaXme sports ambassador and bobsleigh PyeongChang Winter Olympic Games 2018 finalist interviews her first sports industry influencer David Grevemberg CEO of the Commonwealth Games Federation shortly before David plans to set off for the Youth Olympics Buenos Aires 2018. David Grevemberg, CEO the Commonwealth Games Federation talks of athletes voice, values and whom he would like to meet They...


Healthcare for Mars, secret research and teetering on the edge of infinity!

Here is a rare opportunity to learn about the human who for many years was responsible for overseeing NASA astronauts' health in space, that is healthcare for mankind's journey to Mars. Discover the details of John B Charles' work before his recent retirement, as well as what occupies him now, an intriguing art project based on declassified secret research. Moreover learn of his human journey, what he has learnt both professionally and personally and the questions that still remain. Dr...


Why we ALL need to be scientists to take part in the future!

Taking part in the future Huge change is underway within the academic fields that govern how we live. Most change will spring forth from the science and technology community. One of the most important vehicles for managing change is open dialogue within the scientific community and from the scientific community to the Public and vice versa. We interview Dr Ellen Jorgensen, founder Biotech Without Borders to find out why we all need to be scientists to take part in the future. Genome...


Disabled gaming community set free!

15 percent of the world's population of 7.2 billion people are disabled. Many are highly intelligent and trapped inside bodies that have great difficulty in performing basic tasks. One of the most harrowing and frustrating things for them to cope with is the effort to communicate. A UK based charity, SpecialEffect , is opening up communications for people with severe physical disabilities. They're doing this by helping individuals and global technology companies with assistive technology...


The Power That Moves Books!

From neighbourhood book corners and social networks to city transport systems across the world, a power is moving books. That power is people. Ordinary people who find it irresistible to share their love of books. They are doing it, on and offline, in huge numbers. And jump at the opportunity when inventive social influencers provide new and imaginative ways in which they can do so. This pleasant past time has a huge impact on big business and in turn the economy. So, Hollie Fraser...


Alchemy moves fashion forward!

Designer Corie Ruochen Fan graduated from Central St Martins in Fashion Design with Marketing, BA Hons in 2018. She has produced a vivid, exquisite collection, rich in texture. Corie's inspiration is drawn from an opposition to the materialistic societal views of modern-day China and a nostalgia for the past. Her objective is to challenge the established definition of ‘luxury’ by creating ‘luxury’ out of cheap materials, that is, by performing a little alchemy. Materials include faux lace...


This is grown!

Learning from scientists to create a sustainable material from bacteria Jen Keane is a designer and researcher who has just graduated from the Material Futures MA at Central St Martins. Coming from a sports design background, her work looks at how new digital, material and biological technologies could change our approach to design and making. Her project focus has been on microbial weaving, learning from scientists at Imperial College to create a new kind of sustainable material. Above...


Sustainable jewellery designer disrupts the landscape

Maeve discovers how Matilde has used layered cardboard, to create an award winning and unique sustainable jewellery range. Maeve Rosemary Millwood, ideaXme's rising fashion ambassador's mission: I’m on a mission to track down the individuals who move the world of fashion and design forward. I speak to the people who disrupt the landscape in which they work. "I have a particular interest in sustainable fashion, this includes sustainable jewellery and fabrics." Maeve Millwood Interviews...


Be heard, make a film!

Be heard, make a film! Filmmaker and activist offers free filmmaking for people to voice their opinions Charlotte Knowles is in love with film. She is a film collaboration advocate. She is an activist. Her objective, to help minority groups to "be heard". How does she do this? Free filmmaking skills are offered through her initiative Film School In A Box for people to make a film to "be heard." Charlotte Knowles is a factual filmmaker. For the past 12 years she has worked in film and...


Lead Engineer at NASA’s Virtual Reality Lab Inspires Women in STEM While Keeping Ahead in VR Software Development

During Women’s History Month, I was lucky to sit down and chat with Evelyn Miralles, Lead Principal Engineer at NASA Johnson Space Center’s Virtual Reality Lab. I say lucky, because she was able to squeeze in time for this interview between busy schedules of training astronauts for spacewalks in current and future missions! Evelyn’s path to success is a perfect example of what we call an American dream. Immigrating to the United States from Venezuela as a teenager, she had already developed...


What's a thing and why does it need a low cost, low powered network?

ideaXme talks to Wienke Giezeman, initiator of The Things Network and co-founder of Things Industries. Wienke is a catalyst in The Internet of Things, (IoT) world. He is a creator who is shaping our world. By 2020 Gartner, Inc. a leading research organisation, predicts that over 20 billion things will be connected and more than half of major new business processes and systems will incorporate some element of the Internet of Things (IoT). This development will have such a large impact on...


You catch me at a time when I am coming back to life!

Stephen Spender ideaXme arts ambassador interviews Tara Travis actress, comedian, puppeteer and writer. Stephen Spender: [00:00:00] Hi everyone! This is Stephen Spender, ideaXme arts ambassador and today we are interviewing performing artist Tara Travis. [00:00:07] Hello Tara. [00:00:11] Thanks for sharing with us. Tara Travis: [00:00:13] It's my pleasure. Stephen Spender: [00:00:15] So, first question - who are you? Tara Travis: [00:00:20] In short, I am an actor, writer, puppeteer -...


Making Strides in the Advancement of Human Spaceflight

University Professor Making Strides in Advancement of Human Spaceflight Technologies and Educational Outreach Recently, I had the pleasure of interviewing Dr. Ryan Kobrick, Assistant Professor at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Daytona, Florida to talk about spacesuit technology testing and Mars simulation missions amongst other interesting topics. Ryan keeps very busy wearing several hats as a leader in organizations that help further the advancement in aerospace technologies and...


Quantum Bits, Microchips and JK Rowling!

ideaXme recently interviewed Winfried Hensinger, Professor of Quantum Technologies and Head of the Ion Quantum Technology Group Sussex University. Hensinger has created the first practical blueprint for a super quantum computer. We found out how this master plan to construct a large-scale quantum computer has the potential to change our world. As with all ideaXme's interviews, this conversation will appeal to both the experts who work within the field, as well as the general public, that...


Raising the dead: Regenerating, reawakening and repairing the human body!

ideaXme interviews Ira Pastor, founder Bioquark, US based biotech company and thereby launches the new series of interviews to evaluate the impact of exponential technology. Recently, Bioquark, announced its involvement in a ground breaking trial to see if it is possible to regenerate the brains of dead people. ideaXme interviews Ira Pastor, to find out more. Andrea Macdonald: [00:05:40] It's so lovely to meet you. Who are you? Ira Pastor: [00:06:41] I'm Ira Pastor, the Chief Executive...


The superhumans are coming!

An audience with a superhuman! On 17 July 2017, I interviewed Liam Malone, Rio Paralympian gold medalist. He was on a lightning visit to London for the World Para-Athletics Championships. Liam participated as a commentator for the event and appeared on Channel 4's The Last Leg. The pinnacle of Liam's sporting career as a blade runner was at the Paralympics Rio 2016. He won gold medals in the men's 200 T44 and men's 400 T44 and the silver medal in the men's 100 T44. This interview, covers...


Catching Fire and then I just couldn't stop!

Below, Uli Beutter Cohen explains how she became hooked on talking to strangers on the subway. She talks of how this process has become central to a huge social movement which is expected to become the subject of a documentary series shortly. Hollie: This is Hollie Fraser. I am the ideaXme ambassador for reading, writing and literature. ideaXme provides access to the creators who shape our world. It is a podcast, social media campaign, ambassador and mentor programme and will soon launch...


An award winning filmmaking career begins with compulsion to tell story of a man who stops people from committing suicide!

Stephen Spender, ideaXme arts ambassador interviews filmmaker. Stephen Today, we are talking with a multi award winning filmmaker. Hello! Thanks so much for doing this! So, who are you? Jordan Horowitz My name is Jordan Horowitz. I'm a filmmaker. I write, direct and produce movies. I have two feature films at the moment, one is a documentary called Angel of Nanjing that was released last year and I have a new film called Painless, which is a narrative film that I wrote and directed,...