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11: Your Month Ahead: December 21 2018 to January 19 2019

As one year comes to a close and a new year beckons, Christina & I stop at the symbolic turning point of the Solstice to chat about the astrology over the coming month. This is Capricorn season when we hunker down in the dark and cold and wait for the return of the light (not quite the same experience if you're in the southern hemisphere - enjoy the Xmas BBQ's!) Yet, all of us can take this opportunity to celebrate whether alone or with family, review the year that's gone and prepare for...


10: A Jupiter Special + Your Month Ahead: Nov 22-Dec 21 2018

Jupiter, the planet of exuberance, excess and bounce, is now in its own sign, Sagittarius -- our sign of the month. We take a look at how that might work for each of us by Sun sign. Where can you exceed your expectations? And where are you lucky? Plus a quick look at the month ahead -- with those two dynamic lunations and the Mercury Retrograde. Busy, busy, busy. Unsurprisingly, Jupiter expanded our podcast, so it is longer than usual. Get yourself a cup of tea -- or a stiff whisky, and...


9: Your Month Ahead: October 23 to November 21 2018

Christina and I dive deep into Scorpio's realm to unravel some of the mysteries of this dark and spooky season in the latest podcast. We talk about what it means for women with Venus retrograde in Scorpio until Halloween, October 31st, then retrograde in Libra until November 15th. Venus moves from evening star to morning star in the night sky and this is a powerful phase for women and female energies. Sex, money, power & healing are all under the cosmic spotlight as Scorpio's theme is...


8: Your Month Ahead: September 23 - October 22 2018

It's the equinox! Hooray. One of the four corners of the year. Here, we are turning into autumn. Sally and I met for our monthly chat at Cliveden, a very beautiful stately home outside London, famous, or infamous, for political intrigue. That seemed appropriate for the month ahead with Venus, the planet of love, digging around in sexy, secretive Scorpio, while the Sun sails through social, polite and political Libra. It's all pretty intriguing to say the least. Our astrology websites:...


7: Your Month Ahead: August 23 to September 22 2018

Christina & I, Sally, met at the sublime Watts Chapel in Compton, Surrey to record the latest podcast. The chapel is an arts & crafts masterpiece, an ideal setting to talk about the perfectionist, attention-to-detail star sign, Virgo. There was a lot to reflect back on – discussing Mercury retrograde, the eclipse season and Mars returning to earth sign Capricorn. We both agreed that it's an exciting month coming up and one we're more than ready for. With a strong emphasis on earth signs,...


6: Your Month Ahead: July 22 to August 22 2018

To get in a regal, Leoish sort of mood before this podcast, we looked at the castle and had cake at Madame Posh's tea rooms in Windsor. Then, in traditional podcast mode, we sat in a car -- with air-conditioning -- and recorded our conversation about the month ahead. It's quite a juicy one. With two interesting eclipses and two inner planets turned retrograde, there's a lot to discuss. What is more those eclipses and those planets become curiously entangled -- creating ripples around the...


5: Your Month Ahead: June 21 to July 21 2018

We record the latest podcast on a narrow boat rocking gently back and forth on the canal sipping cups of tea, a fitting tribute to the Sun's move into Cancer, one of the water signs and lover of all things cosy and traditional. In our talk about Cancerians, we discuss their sensitivity, their talent at mimicry and how the reflective nature of their ruler, the Moon, draws them towards the artistic realm. They are the keepers of the past. The month ahead isn't geared up for push and shove or...


4: Your Month Ahead: May 21 to June 21 2018

With some pretty Italian footballers to watch in one direction, and a frighteningly muscled Russian strongman in the other, we recorded this month’s podcast in the beating heart of the metropolis — London’s busy Regent’s Park on a hot, sunny spring day. It seemed appropriate to soak up the atmosphere of a famously Gemini town while we talked to you about this month (rather lovely) ahead. Listen out for the local colour and the many distractions — so Gemini! Retrodiction: Sally spills the...


3: Your Month Ahead: April 20 to May 20 2018

**Taurus Month Ahead:** April 20th to May 20th 2018 **Please note:** The monthly podcast includes astrological insights for every star sign, not only the sign of the month. This month's podcast was recorded in Christina's garden shed, as the flowers are starting to come into bloom and we enter into Taurus' season of fertility and abundance. Make yourself a cuppa and join Christina & Sally in our latest astrology chat. Here's what you'll learn in this 35 minute recording: **Retrodiction:**...


2: Your Month Ahead: March 20 to April 19 2018

After our first 2018 Year Ahead astrology podcast at the start of the year, we are now recording for you monthly. **Please note:** the monthly podcast includes astrological insights for every star sign, not just the sign of the month. **Aries Month Ahead:** March 20th to April 19th 2018 This month's podcast was made at a glamorous location on the top floor of a car park in Reading. In true Aries fashion, we sweat it out in the car and 'fast and furious' Aries was recorded on the first take...


1: 2018 Year Ahead Astrology

Our first podcast is about 2018 and the astrology coming up in the year ahead. We talk about the major astrological shifts and which star signs will be most influenced by them. This will become a key theme of our monthly podcasts, looking at what the astrology means for you, depending on your Sun sign or Ascendant (Rising) sign. Chatting together led us to some interesting insights — including the notion that it’s going to be quite a year for Aquarians as well as Capricorns, and that we’re...