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A light-hearted look at the fast and furious world of Formula 1 including race recaps, news and trivia.

A light-hearted look at the fast and furious world of Formula 1 including race recaps, news and trivia.
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Melbourne, Australia


A light-hearted look at the fast and furious world of Formula 1 including race recaps, news and trivia.




114. Bahrain GP (Clap your hands emoji say yeah)

Was Bahrain a rorschach test for Bottas fans? With the race delivering on all fronts, we dive into the action on and off the track (insulting half of the grid in the process), look to social media for likes and quiz inspiration, and wish Zach bon voyage as he sets sail for next week's Chinese GP.


113. Australian GP (Confused by colours)

Vettel claimed the biscuits in Australia, leaving Hamilton to settle for the water-crackers and Bottas picking at the crumbs. After a polarising race, we make wild judgements about the remainder of the season, shine a spotlight on grand prix promotional events, and we get to the bottom of just how many Verstappens are on the track at any given moment.


112. 2018 Season Launch (WhatsApp group tensions)

F1 roars to life as racing returns to Albert Park. With testing in Barcelona run and done, we discuss who is on form, who has their work cut out for them and how things will shake out on track this season. All that, and we learn about F1's latest rookies, unpack the implications of the F1 drivers WhatsApp group, and Rod shares an update about his latest personal project.


111. 2017 Season Review (Get some awards up your grill, w. Box of Neutrals)

Who was the biggest whinger of 2017? What about the best actor on the grid? Who made the least gracious exit for the season? Will the new logo finally be put to rest? As always we finish the year with a bang as we join forces with Box of Neutrals for our fourth annual roundtable discussion of the F1 season.


110. Abu Dhabi GP (Logo breaking my, logo breaking my, logo breaking my heart)

To wrap up the season we spend longer talking about F1's new logo than the race. We dissect what little action the race provided, speculate wildly about next year (so what's new? Kubica? Yeah... it's looking likely isn't it), farewell Felipe Massa and the season that was F1 2017, but fear not! We'll be returning for our annual season wrap-up/Christmas episode with some surprise guests (yeah, those guys). Join us, won't you?

109. Brazil GP (F1 means undue pressure)

What would you pay for Felipe Massa's underwear, could Hamilton really have won in Brazil (really?), and get the skinny on Rod's fake beef with an official F1 news source. As we crawl toward the finish line this year our tense and weary hosts are digging deep to expose the chocolatey tip of the Cornetto that is the 2017 Formula 1 season.

108. Mexico GP (DJ Lippps Inc.)

We look back at what could be Hamilton's best championship winning year, learn about Brendon Hartley (and induct him as an honorary Australian), update everyone about our latest season of Race/Off, and is Rod a crotchety old man for not liking the podium DJ?

107. United States GP (Firm for Verstappen)

It was hyped to within an inch of it's life, but the US Grand Prix did deliver some interesting talking points even if the drivers' championship remains on life support. We discuss which drivers are staying put, which are moving on and which new-comers look like existing drivers. Did you like the pre-race hype-o-rama? Us neither, and we work out definitely "Which F1 Driver are you?" via a highly scientific measure (the results may surprise you).

106. Japanese Grand Prix (Science Vs Formula 1)

Hamilton has pretty much wrapped up the championship, leaving us to do all the work hyping up the rest of the season and picking through the remains of the Japanese Grand Prix. We farewell Jolyon Palmer, dream of Jiro dreaming of sushi, debate the virtue of taking cameras into the driver briefings and Zach brings peace and enlightenment in the return of the Haikuiz.

105. Malaysia GP (Sebastian with a Vengance)

Verstappen claims his second career victory, Vettel has a mega comeback driver after starting last and ve-ry strange things happened on the cool down lap. This week we look at the race, discuss whether "taking a knee" is a problematic for F1, put qualifying performances under the microscope and unlock the secret to Kubica getting a seat once more.

104. Singapore GP (A bit of crazy crashing)

Who was to blame for the first corner incident in Singapore? Should Kubica replace Palmer? Will Sauber become a Ferrari b-team? As the fireworks subside around Marina Bay and the last of the chilli mud-crab are consumed, we learn the winner of our Driver of the Day poll, and reflect on the silliest crashes in F1 history.

103. Italian GP (Where's Palmer?)

Italy delivered back-to-back wins for Hamilton who also cruises into the lead of the championship. We discuss the race, search for answers to F1's engine penalty crisis, flesh out a McLaren-Renault union and look back at the career of a prominent driver from Ferrari's past.

102. Belgium GP (Montage of Failure)

Recharged after the "summer" break, we return to talk all things Belgian. Zach gets stuck into a former legend's career records for the Superquiz, the Force India drivers get stuck into each other and Rod gets stuck in an uncomfortable position only moments after starting Career Mode in F1 2017.

101. Summer Break (A Finn amongst the pigeons, w. guests Sidepodcast)

Lean back in your deck chair, close your eyes and catch some summer rays as we present an oasis of relief during the F1 drought. With no race to review we invited our new friends from Sidepodcast to join us, and we discuss everything under the sun. Will Robert Kubica pull off the greatest come-back in sporting history? Which F1 driver was once paid not to race? And what do the drivers really get up to during the off season?

100. Hungary GP (Thanks a tonne)

For our 100th episode spectacular Rod and Zach reflect on what could be yet again the turning point of the season. Will Hamilton rue the day he sacrificed points to his teammate? Will Ferrari being Ferrari give them the edge in the championship battle? And how much has the show really changed in the last 100 episodes?

99. British GP (A son, a daughter, a pineapple)

Hamilton completely bossed it at his home race and reduced the championship deficit to almost nothing. From the Toro Rosso kerfuffle to the Force India predicament, the boys churn through the entire race weekend, reflect on F1 Live: London, and smash out a Superquiz that'll bring you all up to speed with a gifted driver of prominence.

98. Austrian GP (Hashtag it's not a corner)

Austria was a good race if your name rhymes with Saltteri or Flebastian, and damage control at best if it rhymes with Kewis. In F1 news we ask is Verstappen headed to Ferrari, is Silverstone headed to the scrap heap and is Italian F1 Racing a thing? With some lackluster races of late, Rod looks into some examples of when Formula 1 failed to deliver (clearly they need to find some weird grip).

97. Azerbaijan GP (Giving no quarter, whilst also giving some)

Baku turned up an embarrassment of riches for your humble podcasters. Emotions aside, we pick apart the Vettel/Hamilton controversy, dig into the history of disqualifications in the Superquiz and toast the reversal of fortunes for the race in the land of fire.

96. Canadian GP (Middle-aged men in moustaches making dad jokes)

Stroll in the points, Hamilton on point and everyone else pointing the finger at Sergio Perez. Hear the latest F1 tradition that Liberty Media have revived to improve the show and if you get every question right you will receive your very own, 100% legit super licence(*). * - Subject to your satisfying the remainder of the FIA's conditions, obtaining their approval and you bankrolling all expenses incurred.

95. Monaco GP (A Taki Inoue Baby Onesie)

So Controversy. Much Outrage. As usual, it's up to Rod and Zach to cut through the nonsense to deliver the cold, hard facts of what really went down on the streets of Monaco, only for the banter to dissolve into a completely different kind of nonsense. For Zach's birthday race, Rod delivers a quiz takes you back in time, and find out who won (or lost, most accurately) the Monaco wager.

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