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AD #1549 – January Sales Breakdown, Toyota’s Profit Soars, Renault Introduc

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Autoline This Week #1802: The Top Truck? North American Truck of the Year 2

It’s award time again and Autoline has the scoop on the biggest prize for automakers each year: the North American Car and Truck of the Year awards. Joining NACTOY founding member John McElroy on this week’s truck panel are fellow jurors Jack Nerad from Kelly Blue Book and Chris Paukert of


Autoline This Week #1801: The Top Car? North American Car of the Year 2014

It’s award time again and Autoline has the scoop on the biggest prize for automakers each year: the North American Car and Truck of the Year awards. Joining NACTOY founding member John McElroy on the car panel are fellow jurors Larry Webster from Road and Track along with Matt DeLorenzo of Kelly Blue Book.


Autoline This Week #1739: Autoline Executive of the Year

This week Autoline unveils its first annual Automotive Executive of the Year award. Joining John McElroy to sort through the short list that his expert panel has winnowed down over the three month process is Dave Cole, former CEO of the Center for Automotive Research; Neil De Koker of the Original Equipment Suppliers Association; and Edward Lapham, retired columnist from Automotive News.


Autoline This Week #1737: Opening to the East: The Booming Chinese Auto Ind

Join John McElroy for his first broadcast from behind the Great Wall of China as he talks to automotive executives and experts at the Global Automotive Forum in Wuhan, China on Autoline This Week.


Autoline This Week #1728: Cars and Personalities

Why are men attracted to a certain style of car? Why do women buy the type of car they do? And what about teenagers? Are there circumstances that drive what you buy or is it something unique inside each individual person? The latter is what the personality gurus at Myers-Briggs think and the folks at Ford are ready to run an experiment to test this theory. On this week’s Autoline we examine if people buy cars based on their personalities. Joining John McElroy are Lori Costew from Ford...


Autoline This Week #1722: The New World of Auto Electronics

As smart phones get smarter and more powerful, more and more people are relying on them to get through the day…in much the same way they have relied on the car. But now the trick is to integrate both. On Autoline This Week John McElroy explores what manufacturers are doing with today’s electronics both in and outside their cars and how they are coming together. Joining him on the panel are Danny Shapiro, from west coast-based chipmaker NVIDIA, the head of Chrysler’s Uconnect Systems,...


Autoline This Week #1721: Improving the Car-Buying Experience

If you’ve ever walked into a retailer like Nordstrom – which is known for its outstanding customer service – and wondered why buying a car couldn’t provide the same type of experience, you’re not alone. In fact, some manufacturers have thought the same thing and are attempting to upgrade the buying experience. On this week’s Autoline, John McElroy is joined by Jeri Ward, Audi’s Director of Customer Experience, Audi dealer Chris Consiglio (of Rochester Hills, MI), along with Customer...


Autoline This Week #1720: Today’s Powertrains: Efficiency and Strength

More than ever before, engines across the world are becoming more efficient with better gas mileage while not sacrificing performance…and we’re not just talking about those small 1 or 2-cylinder jobs either. No we mean the 6-cylinders and even the big boy V-8s as well. But what magic are the manufacturers using to achieve such a hefty cocktail of efficiency and power? On today’s Autoline John McElroy is joined by three experts who drive the engine business at the Detroit Three. Jamie...


Autoline This Week #1719: Rare-Earth Metals

Today’s hybrid and electric cars are famous for their double digit mpgs. They get those great numbers, in part, by a combination of products under the hood that start in the earth’s crust. That’s where 17 chemical elements in the periodic table are found which go into lasers, rare-earth magnets & batteries that help power our 21st century transportation. Joining John McElroy on our Autoline expert panel is Kevin Moore, a Rare-earth metals consultant, Dr. Edward Becker who was GM’s...


Autoline This Week #1718: Lightweighting

Everybody in the auto industry is looking to lose weight these days. With CAFE requirements creeping ever closer, all manufacturers want to improve their miles per gallon average. And the best way to do that is by lightweighting – finding lighter materials that are just as safe to use in production. And since everyone is doing it, John McElroy has put together the perfect panel to touch on the topic. Joining him is Carla Bailo the head of R and D for Nissan Americas, the CEO of CSP...


Autoline This Week #1717: GM By the Numbers

Though not as big as it once was, General Motors is still a formidable global corporation with offices and factories all over the world and the numbers and financials to match. And the man in charge of making sure all those add up correctly is John McElroy’s special guest on Autoline This Week. Joining GM CFO Dan Ammann is Jeff Bennett from the Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg’s Tim Higgins.


Autoline This Week #1716: Today’s UAW: A Struggle for Stability

The United Auto Workers is going through an identity crisis. From the bankruptcies to the VEBA to the loss of over a million members, the UAW is plotting its future path. Will it unionize transplant factories in right-to-work states? Maybe expand beyond automotive and bring in other industries or services? The man with the answers – UAW President Bob King -- makes his first official visit to the Autoline set on this week’s show. Joining John McElroy’s panel are Brent Snavely from the...


Autoline This Week #1715: The Truth about Autonomy

Regular viewers of Autoline know that few topics get host John McElroy’s attention like autonomous cars. He can’t wait for a Star Wars world here on earth. To get the latest lowdown on what’s going on with the self-driving set, John is joined by three special guests on Autoline This Week. Christian Schumacher runs Continental’s Advanced Driver Assistance Systems while Annie Lien - a veteran of the DARPA Challenge - now works for VW’s Electronic Research Lab in California and Gary Silberg...


Autoline This Week #1714: Ram’s New World

2013 has been a pretty good year so far for Chrysler’s Ram brand. It started with its 1500 winning the North American Truck of the Year award before unveiling two new Cargo Vans at the Chicago Auto Show. Fred Diaz picked the right time to be in charge of a brand that’s clearly on the move. Join John McElroy and Ram's Fred Diaz along with panelists Scott Burgess from Motor Trend and Car and Driver’s Tony Swan as they talk trucks on Autoline This Week.


Autoline This Week #1713: Liquid Propane: The New Ethanol?

Automakers are still hunting for the 21st Century Holy Grail – better known as the next cheap energy source. With the jury still out on petroleum -- and ethanol, electricity and natural gas all having their issues -- what’s a vehicle manufacturer to do? Well some, like our three guests on Autoline This Week, say check out liquid propane. Join host John McElroy along with Wayne Moore from CleanFUEL USA, Ford’s Rob Stevens and Joe Thompson from ROUSH CleanTech for a look at what may be the...


Autoline This Week #1712: Dick Dauch’s "American Drive"

I guess when you’ve been a Plant Manager for Chevrolet, a VP of Manufacturing for VW and re-engineered Chrysler’s operations in addition to founding American Axle and Manufacturing, it’s time to write a book. And then when you call it “American Drive” with a subtitle that states “How Manufacturing Will Save Our Country,” you better have the experience to back it up, and Dick Dauch sure does. This week he joins John McElroy, The Detroit News’ columnist Daniel Howes and Jeff Gilbert from CBS...


Autoline This Week #1711: Right-to-Work

Even the home of the UAW wasn’t safe from Right-to-Work legislation. With Michigan’s law taking effect last month that makes nearly half the country covered by the right-to-work umbrella. Just how it will affect unions and the car companies is still up in the air. Join Autoline’s John McElroy along with his panel Kristin Dziczek from CAR, Robert Chiaravalli of Strategic Human Resources and legal expert Gary Klotz from Butzel-Long as they talk about the auto industry and the impact of...


Autoline This Week #1710: Purchasing the Cloud

Automakers buy from all sorts of suppliers – from global-sized to small “neighborhood” parts producers. It’s a complicated system, especially for purchasing, which is why many of these companies are turning to the Cloud to improve everything from information flow to payment. Joining John McElroy to discuss the advantages and potential dangers of this 21st Century system is Fred Hensel from the number crunchers at KPMG along with Tim Burke from Plex Online with its ERP or Enterprise Resource...


Autoline This Week #1709: Automotive Next

For more than 100 years, it’s been a man’s world in the auto industry. But if the business leaders from Inforum have anything to say about it, that’s all about to change with programs like “Automotive Next.” On Autoline This Week John McElroy talks to four participants in the program; two professionals – Nancy Gioia from Ford and Maximiliane Straub of Bosch – along with two students – Alicia Luzkow from Michigan State and Laree Gardner from Wayne State, to hear how female executives are...