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Car Buyer's Etcetera is a consulting group designed to help people purchase an automobile, who have trouble buying on their own!

Car Buyer's Etcetera is a consulting group designed to help people purchase an automobile, who have trouble buying on their own!
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Car Buyer's Etcetera is a consulting group designed to help people purchase an automobile, who have trouble buying on their own!




"Car Buyer's Etcetera Helps Aspiring Young Employees w/Sponsorship Program!"

Car Buyer’s Etcetera has been helping women purchase cars since 1995? But, did you know that we also help young adults needing a good start in life? The CBE, Inc Sponsorship Program runs for 90-180 days; & designed to do the following. Support, both financially, for housing when they move into areas outside of their family & friend circle of more than 600 miles, and; Studying to achieve a degree, or furthering their education. Our 2 Newest Recipients are; Nicole Richman & Debra Brennan of...


"Are Black Women Gullible in the Business of Buying Cars?"

A Sincere and Honest Talk about the Buying Strategies Black Women Can Use When Buying a Car!


Buying Your Car Just Got Simpler!

On today's show we will talk about why women get hit the hardest when trying to purchase an automobile... How to avoid been taken advantage of, and what not to do... We will also introduce our new Executive Assistant in the Car Buying Industry, Ms. Nadia Edison. Ms. Edison comes to us from Omaha Nebraska and will be heading up our division for Women Auto Buyers. We feel under our tutaledge and her efforts, we can make a winning team for this entity of our business.... Please help us...


" Our 17th Year in Business, and Still Going Strong!"

Today we'll expound on the past years of Success, and how we are moving forward... without giving up too much info. We are sad to announce that Jannelle Gray; aka Gray Jaguar on Facebook, no longer represents (in any capacity; and for quite some time) Car Buyer's Etcetera, Inc... due to personal issues.... Admist the Holidays we were not in the Studio to make the announcement. Check with our office before engaging with "any person" whom may claim they represent us! We wish her the best! Now,...


Car Talkin' "Live" with co-host, Jannelle Gray!

Today is all about women trying to purchase. Call 347-202-0582, and tell us why its diffult to buy, and let us help you. Your concerns and questions will be met with Expertise! Jannelle


Car Buyer's Etcetera Introduces a New Executive

On today's show we will be introducing our Newest Representative in charge of our Pampered Women's Division, Ms. Jannelle A. Gray, of Houston, Texas. Welcome her today on our show, and help us to create her a new cliental base through your friends and family, in the Houston Texas area! Call into the show today at 347-202-0582! Ms. Gray, a native of Virgina Beach, VA; is an acquired addition from our North East locations, and is currently in Houston. She has extensive background in the...


Car Buyer's Etcetera Supports Facebook Friend, Tiffany Cole!

Today is yet another epidsode of How to help Tiffany Cole, our FB friend, get back on her feet, literally; and find some mobility to recover. If you've got an idea to help, or know of some services you can do, call it in! Tiffany suffered an injury to her leg and has underwent surgery, and is in Herman Memorial Hospital, Southwest. Full mobility is a ways down the road for her, but we're determined to help her! Call into the show today; at 1-347-202-0582, and show your support, if you can....


Car Buyer's ask for Help for Tiffany Cole!

Today's show is to continue to ask for help for Tiffany Cole; a Face Book Friend to many! She was in a car accident and suffered a broke leg and knee on Oct 7, 2012, and is expected to be in the hospital for a period of time, and may be needing a complete blood transfusion as well. We are asking for your help in getting her the Financial Assistance she needs. And we are calling on her Friends on Facebook! Car Buyer's Etcetera has donated a special button on their website's webstore for Ms....


"Car Buyer's Etcetera Helps Tiffany Cole, a Facebook Friend"

The person we'll be asking for help for today is Tiffany Cole, an acident victim on 10/7/12. Go to, and look for her special tab.. Thank YouCar Buyer's Etcetera


Car Buyer's Etcetera, Helps a Facebook Friend, Tiffany Cole!

Today's show is all about Ms. Tiffany Cole, a Facebook friend, who has been hospitalized from a terrible car accident, which has left her with rods and screws in her leg from the hip down. She is in Herman Memorial Hospital Southwest; Rm 958. On top of this, Ms. Cole; Tiffany, has to try and recover without her son, who had to be taken to California, while she starts to heal. This could take several months, and is long and painful, at best. Well, we saw her post on her page, yesterday, and...


What the Dealer's Are Afraid of You Finding Out!

Why dealerships don't want you with the Buyer's Guide on your phone; today we'll learn some of the things you may here, to keep you from buying, using with this guide! Also, we'll visit with a special guest Car Buyer's Etcetera


College Students; Buying a Car in a Grueling Economy

Today on our Show we have a guest speaker who will be our Account Executive for our Houston Area Offices, Ms. Lathishe Criner, from Crosby Texas. She will touch basis on how younger college attendees are having some difficulties in the car buying market, because of what they don't know! It's promising to be a great show! Call in Number to the show is 347-202-0582; for today! The Staff


"Speak to An Expert; With Car Buyer's Etcetera!"

In today's show we will demonstrate how to use our Speak to An Expert Feature, and why it's becoming so Popular! Call into today's show at 347-202-0582 to find out more, and have your questions and concerns addressed. We want to know how we can help you, and your suggestions are always welcome! Special Announcement: Just to Show You it Works! Today, and until Sept 30, 2012, everyday you listen to the show, which comes on between 2:00 and 4:00 p.m. on, central/standard...


"Is The Buyer's Guide Going Virual?"

Listent to the ways you can make money getting our buyer's guide on every person's phone you can, and become involved with the movement of helping 1,000,000 women become Empowered with what they need before going to a dealership alone. The Staff


"What Every Woman Needs to Know Before Visiting a Dealer!"

On today's Show, our topic will be discussed by our Guest show Speaker Mr. Gabriel, and Miss Ritta Crowley our co-host, also, Our New National Spokes Woman for Car Buyer's Etcetera, and Divisional Manager of Pampered Women; a Subsidary of Car Buyer's Etcetera, Inc. We will discuss the "In's and Outs of what to do at the dealership", and more importantly, what not to do; when visiting a dealership, alone! Ms. Crowley wants you to know, this segment is pointed towards all Female Auto Buyers,...


Car Buying for Today's Busy Women

Today our show is going to feature the newest member of Car Buyer's Etcetera, Ms. Ritta Crowley of St. Joseph Missouri, who will be broadcasting from our Missouri Affiliate location. She will be weighing in on our show today about some of the pitfall that women are going thru with buying cars in her area. If you are wanting to call in and talk with her, welcome her, and or just have a comment about what you're going thru with trying to purchase, please call at 347-202-0582. Attention: Due to...


The Buyer's Guide; A Great Fundraiser!

Today, we'll talk about 2 topics! 1st. How to purchase your car and leave the hype behind. Learn what to do, and more importantly, what not too. Listen to our shows on ITunes and Face Book, and go to our specials offered for Use of our Buyer's Guide, "What the Car Salesman Won't Tell You~We Will!" Learn today, give yourself a better tomorrow with buying your car! 2. How to use the Buyer's Guide as a Fundraiser Tool for your events this summer! Call us at 281-397-0633 for information!


The Buyer's Guide, & How it's Affecting the Way Women Buy

In todays' segment, we are going to speak on the topic of How the Downloadable Auto Buyer's Guide, "What the Car Saleman Won't Tell You~We Will!, is affecting Female Auto Buyers in a Positive Way. You are Welcome to call in during the show for questions to be answered. Your Host ... Mr. Gabriel Car Buyer's Etcetera


"Getting the Word Out!"

Today we are happy to announce that the two missing children (we offered a $1,000.00 for information leading to them being found), has been located by authorities and are re-united with their mother. The kids were located in Houston Texas. This should make for a very Happy Mother's Day! Car Buyer's Etcetera would like to say, Thank You to all who helped in the search, and those who came forward with Information...Way to Go; Houston! Now... As promised we said we would resume our broadcast,...


Dedicated to Finding Lost Kids; still not found!

Interview with Mother of Missing Children