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Episode 44 - I Can Tell We Are Gonna Be Friends

Watch the Video On this week’s podcast, I spoke with the AJ Amyx, a growth strategist for creative entrepreneurs. I’m a big fan of AJ’s energy and insight, so I was glad to get him on the pod. I’m really happy with this episode and the CLARITY it brings to some life concepts that are important to me. Get This Episode's Cheat Sheet AJ Amyx Recap One-Sheet ** Key Takeaways • Being the Same Person • Understanding the Drama Triangle • Expectations Vs Agreements • Connect with AJ I love...


Episode 43 - Brand Value Through Recessions

Watch the Video Right now, there’s all sorts of talk and murmurings about a coming recession. If you weren’t in business ten years ago, then you might not really understand what it’s like to do business in that sort of climate. From someone whose been there: It’s a weird time to see stock prices drop, sales plummet, bailouts happen, etc. When there’s all sorts of upheaval in the marketplace, everyone gets scared. Those conditions create a lot of fear and that makes doing business harder in...


Episode 42 - New Friends, Same Message of Clarity

Watch the Video This week we are welcoming LOTS of new friends in to the COMPRESSED community. Why do we have so many new friends you might ask? Well, because Gary Vaynerchuk featured us on his podcast and released some co-produced content about the work we’ve been doing together over the past 7 months in the Vayner Mentors program on his social media channels. More friends pursuing the message of CLARITY is always something to be excited about! Now is a great time to re-calibrate and...


Episode 41 - Thankful For Growth

Watch the Video Since we’re all thinking about gratitude, I also wanted to bring up a topic that I feel is related. This is related to last week’s episode where I talked about the importance of having tough conversations. Everyone here knows that growth takes hard work and some pain. I call this pain the TRANSACTION OF GROWTH. We all fall into different cliche traps when we talk about business. 10x’ing growth. Grinding. Leveling up. But we don’t always talk about the pain of it. The...


Episode 40 - Turning 40 and Taking the Time to Think

Watch the Video Turning 40 on the Dealers Compressed Podcast has me a little introspective this week as I discuss managing the speed of life in a way that isn’t so…well, URGENT! I visit the thinking of a couple of leaders/authors I respect greatly. One old, one new. Steven Covey’s The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Leaders introduced me to the concept of breaking life into four quadrants. This simple principle has helped me size up what I’m spending time on and recalibrate. I can really say...


Episode 39 - An Open Letter to Mark Wahlberg

Watch the Video Dear Mark, Every week we push our community of auto dealers to be better. You do the same to inspire your community. With the launch of Mark Wahlberg Chevrolet, we'd love to introduce you to our audience. I think you'll find yourself in good company. Let's connect! Paul J Daly Here is my current itinerary: January 24-27: NADA Convention, San Francisco: (Speaking: Time and location TBD) Good Vibrations by Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch. Copyright Marky Mark and the Funky...


Episode 38 - vAuto's Big Secret is About to Be Revealed

Watch the Video This week feels good. We are fortunate enough to be one of the first outlets in the country to cover a bomb-drop of an upcoming product release from vAuto. We have Dale Pollak as a guest talking about a big secret which is about to change the auto industry…again. There have been whispers in the industry regarding what is going on and my hope is that this interview brings some much needed CLARITY and expectation. I have a little bit of an advantage on this one since my...


Episode 37 - Is Your Messaging Clear as Mud? (Interview with Oli Gardner)

Watch the Video Clarity is something I’m obsessive about. Not because it benefits me, but because it benefits everyone; Your customers, your team, and yourself. When any type of communication isn’t clear, things begin to go wrong. Assumptions and misinterpretations often take over and we end up with a mess. At best, we’ve wasted a lot of time. This week I had the opportunity to sit down with Oli Gardner, co-founder of Unbounce, a company whose vision is to empower businesses to create...


Episode 36 - Meet The COO of the Agency Gary Vaynerchuk Built

Watch the Video If I had to describe this influential COO in one word, it would be balanced. No... maybe it would be intelligent Or maybe poised. Open-handed might be a good one. Anyway... you get it! I had the privilege of interviewing one of the businessmen I look up to most, James Orsini; Chief Operating Officer of the explosive, game changing empire that is VaynerMedia. Sure... millions and millions of people know and follow Gary Vaynerchuk. But a visionary like that needs someone to...

Episode 35 - Go. Do.

Watch the Video There are two words that have always reaped more return for me than any other. Go. Do. For those of us who are immersed in a fast-paced, competitive world, they are essential. Because life and business are competitive. If we aren’t progressing, growing and intentionally seeking out improvement…well, someone else who is will take what we once called ours. First, Go. I find that when I get out of my usual routine and change my scenery, new ideas and fresh perspective begin...

Episode 34 - Exclusive Interview with Gregg Ciocca Jr.

Watch the Video (Psst…there’s promo codes for some upcoming auto dealer conferences at the bottom of this!) Speechless. That was my response when I was asked by a co-worker about my trip to the Ciocca Auto Group based in Allentown, PA. Now I’ve had the privilege of being in and out of hundreds of dealerships throughout my career in automotive. I’ve seen all types of leadership. Good leaders, dysfunctional leaders, brilliant leaders, co-dependent leaders, temperamental leaders and on and on....


Episode 33 - You're Never Gonna Keep Us Down

Watch the Video (Psst…there’s promo codes for some upcoming auto dealer conferences at the bottom of this!) We made it one-third of the way on our journey to episode 100. We’re on the path. We’re IN process. It should be no surprise to anyone in the automotive industry that things are changing…again. As a matter of fact, if you don’t understand and embrace the nature of the change, it might be a great time to find an exit. The truth is, it’s not just automotive, it’s life. Today we talk...


Episode 32 - Reaping and Sowing and Reaping

Watch the Video (Psst…there’s promo codes for some upcoming auto dealer conferences at the bottom of this!) We pass along some ancient advice this week…wait for it… You reap what you sow. I love this phrase so much. It has the word “you” on both sides of the equation. There is no room for the blame game. No room for excuses. Nowhere to run. Only accountability. You know that I like to talk about things that are truths which can be applied in many areas of life. Truths which are...


Episode 31 - Throwback 31 (Remembering When Everything Fell Apart Back in 2008)

Watch the Video (Psst…there’s promo codes for some upcoming auto dealer conferences at the bottom of this!) I remember September - December of 2008 VERY clearly. Now that there is a decade between us, I thought it would be a good time to do a throwback to a time when we set off on an incredibly turbulent season in the car business and the economy in general. We hit some of the highlights (or more appropriately, low-lights) as I talk about the EXTREMELY important space between when a...


Episode 30 - Thank God Hurricane Season is Only A SEASON!

Watch the Video (Psst…there’s promo codes for some upcoming auto dealer conferences at the bottom of this!) Sometimes you just need a moment to catch up. That’s just what we did on Episode 30 as I went all in on the reality of seasons in life. Everything in business and life submit to the basic principles of the “ups and downs”, the “ebb and flow”, the “wins and losses”. There aren’t many exceptions. We face seasons in personal growth, the weather, our careers, changing consumer sentiment,...


Episode 29 - Fear, Change, and Miltary-Grade Auction Equipment

The future belongs to the courageous. I hope you find a little here. TWO IN A ROW! We have another innovative thinker/operator on this weeks show as we talk about some high-tech push back in auction level acquisitions. Jonathan Hakes, the used car director of the Dorschel Automotive Group in Rochester, NY tells us all about his experience hosting a Mannheim physical auction at the dealership. We discuss how this is a response to the disruptive approach of ACV auctions and similar...


Episode 28 - North of the Middle of Nowhere

Its a special day on the DC Pod today as we welcome a very special guest, Brandin Wilkinson. Brandin is a young, innovative dealer who convinces customers to drive lots of miles just to do business with his Dodge store. Heres a hint…it has to do with CULTIVATION of his team and his brand… I kick it off with a few words from my 15 years of experience playing the long game in entrepreneurship, business and life in general. I’m not the sharpest pencil in the box…but I’m making my mark. You...

Episode 27 - The Beatles Said It Best

Come together. Without a doubt, humans crave community. Its the counterpoint of relationship, safety, provision and progress. It is where we find meaning. The brilliant thinker, Seth Godin simply encourages us to “Find the others.” Well, that has always been the goal of the Dealers Compressed community and this week we go a little deeper. Come Together copyright The Beatles and Apple Records This week’s reading list: Tribes by Seth Godin Hireology Elevate Conference - Use promo code...

Episode 26 - The Holy Grail of Communication

As business becomes more relational and engaging, communication plays a heavier factor in how we interact with our customers. Empathy is the key to hacking these interactions. Beat It copyright Michael Jackson and Epic Records This week’s reading list: Gary Vaynerchuk’s 51/49 Principle The Case for Empathy in Marketing Sonic Sells Stores Watch the Video DID YOU KNOW that the Dealers Compressed Podcast started as a creative visual production around the book “Like I See It”. We created...


Episode 25 - An Exclusive Interview with Dale Pollak

Last week we talked about process. This interview is the result of a long one. We’re (especially Paul) excited to release this exclusive interview with Dale Pollak, automotive visionary, Founder of vAuto, EVP at Cox Automotive and all around caring man. Sitting in the game room of the vAuto headquarters in the Chicago area, Paul and Dale talk about automotive, working together and of course many of the topics in Dale’s recent book, Like I See It. The interview goes a little deeper as Dale...