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Welcome to the Ford Mustang The First Generation, The Early Years podcast, every week we will have conversations with collectors, experts, weekend warriors and those in the know when it comes to First Generation ponies. Start your engines and let’s go!

Welcome to the Ford Mustang The First Generation, The Early Years podcast, every week we will have conversations with collectors, experts, weekend warriors and those in the know when it comes to First Generation ponies. Start your engines and let’s go!
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Welcome to the Ford Mustang The First Generation, The Early Years podcast, every week we will have conversations with collectors, experts, weekend warriors and those in the know when it comes to First Generation ponies. Start your engines and let’s go!






One Car One Family, Chris Hince Shares His Classic Mustang Story

Some of the questions I ask Chris on today's episode: Information about today’s guest and any special links will be in the show notes. Have an idea for the show, want your classic Mustang on the cover of our weekly show or think you'd make a great guest, send an email to me: or check out the website, Thanks for listening, keep it safe, keep in rollin’ and keep it on the road! Until next time. Chris' Back Story: On a rainy Sunday...


The Doc is In, Chris Ingrassia Talks Bitchin' Rides

I’ve had a chance to talk shop with replica makers, full service restorers, parts specialist, museum directors and concours experts, but no one drives traffic like Chris "The Doc" Ingrassia of Mustang Restorations, Inc. Website: Mustang Restorations, Inc. Talking with Chris about: Audition link: Bitchin’ Rides, Bitchin’ Bootcamp Cool stuff Chris and his team at Mustang Restorations, Inc do: classic...


K-Code Mustang Owner David Stewart Shares His Relatable Journey

Every once in a while you run into a great story, and today is a great story. It’s the story of David Stewart, a K-Code Mustang owner that got the car from his dad, who got the Mustang in the late 80’s. Today's episode shares the journey David took to ownership and his love affair with his dad's Mustang. David Stewart - Guest Interview Application What do you do for a living and is it related to classic cars or Mustangs?: My career is not really related to cars in any way. I am a city...


Concours Expert, Boss and Shelby Specialist Marcus Anghel Interview

Marcus Anghel Anghel Restorations Email: Websites: Anyone that has gotten the attention of Jay Leno has got my attention as well. Marcus Anghel of Anghel Restorations specializes in quality concours correct first generation Mustang, Boss and Shelby restorations, parts and services. Here to share his expertise. If originality is your goal, you are in the right place today. Questions I ask Marcus Anghel on...


Mustang Owner's Museum Executive Director, Steve Hall Interview

Welcome to Ford Mustang, The Early Years podcast. After 55 years, the Mustang World now has a dedicated Museum located in Concord, North Carolina. The 40,000 sq. ft. building showcases between 55 to 60 Mustangs. These Mustangs will include classics, modified, racing and a few unique versions. The goal is to show the automotive world the many reasons why the Mustang is one of the most popular "pony cars", across the world. Here to talk about the museum is Steve Hall, Executive Director of the...


Jason Engel, Classic Recreations Founder Interviewed

Jason Engel Classic Recreations Jason Engel of Classic Recreations has had a love affair with Shelby Vintage Mustangs as well cars since he can remember. Building these from the ground up, he and his team are doing approximately 30 cars a year putting 2500-3000 man hours into each one of these ponies and he is loving where it’s all going. Questions I ask Jason: Interest in more info on Classic Recreations, contact their media support: Kahn Media,...


Thom Singer, Great Mustang Story, Then and Now

Of all the guests I’ve interviewed since starting Ford Mustang, The Early Years podcast, my guest today, Thom Singer is the only one I have knew before launching this show. As the host of widely popular Cool Things Entrepreneurs do, I’ll add a link to the show notes for that show, Thom is a fellow podcaster, Mustang enthusiast, amazing story teller, very funny comedian and all around good guy, excited to chat, welcome Thom to the show. Topics Thom and I discuss: Special Links: Thom’s...


Bill from CJ Pony Parts Interviewed

If you ever browsed around the CJ Pony Parts website, chances are good you have seen today’s guest Bill Tumas. Bill makes everything look ultra clean, easy and laser focused. His video content helps CJ sell tons of parts and honestly without Bill’s instruction I am not sure I’d be as loyal as I am to CJ Pony parts. Here to talk shop, pieces and parts, welcome Bill to Ford Mustang, The Early Years podcast. Questions Bill answers on today’s show: WEBSITE: EMAIL:...


Rich, Founder of Mustang Connection, Interviewed

Rich Golisch (don’t share last name) Phone: (714) 875-7615 Email: Website: With over 12 million YouTube views and what seems like hundreds of videos and close to 30,000 subscribers Rich from Mustang Connection is no accidental celeb. He’s turned his passion into a business. Not only does he collect and restore classic Mustangs he provides pre-purchase inspection for private and auction sales. Anything involving Mustangs, he’s into it....


Most Popular Mustang Questions Answered by Chris "The Doc" Ingrassia

Chris Ingrassia He has our most downloaded episode to date because he is “The Doc.” And while this doc doesn’t make house calls, he does make car calls. As president of Mustang Restorations Inc., Chris “The Doc” Ingrassia is back today to answer your questions. Questions we ask Chris on today’s episode: Mark Carbonaro Important Links from today's show: TMI interior Products Chris’ YouTube Channel - Steal proof your...


Tom Scarpello, Revology Founder, Interview

Tom Scarpello, Founder of Revology Cars, interview Email: Website: Imagine being able to create your dream car, old school looks and new school performance, handling and systems. Whether it be a 1965 Mustang Coupe, a 65 Fastback or classic Mustang 66 convertible. Tom Scarpello has created this dream, and made it available to the world. His dream. The market seems to agree. – His company Revology has had a backlog of orders since they launched....


Steve Linden, Classic Car Expert

With over 28 years of hands on experience, Steve Linden has built a solid reputation as the “go to” source for classic and vintage vehicle services. In the conversations I’ve already had with Steve, his attention to detail and focus on the customer experience has helped him build his business to where it is today and it’s easy to see why he’s a huge success. Steve performs vintage and classic car appraisals, pre-purchase inspections, export services if you want your classic ride to be...


Mustangs are a Girl’s Best Friend, Interview with Lindsey Curcio

Lindsey Curcio considers herself a rabbit hole researcher who would rather do all the work herself then pay somebody to do work she could do herself. And she has proven it, taking her broken down, barely breathing 1966 Mustang Coupe from its previous owner and rebuilding, restoring and repairing nearly everything...herself. Before purchase, her Mustang was deceptively pretty but looks can and in this case were very deceiving. Join us today as we talk about her experience with her first...


Buying and Selling Your Classic Mustang. Interview with Bob Mueller of Streetside Classics

Bob Mueller is the Director of Sales and Marketing for Streetside Classics Imagine being able to work and play around classic cars all day long. Bob Mueller is the Director of Sales and Marketing for Streetside Classics, a woman owned business founded by CEO Donna Robbins. Streetside Classics is also known as the Nation's Trusted Consignment Dealer, providing sellers and buyers alike with the peace of mind that only comes from partnering with one of the largest classic car dealerships in...


David Shaulter, a GT Fastback Owner's Experience

Guest Name: David Shaulter Why are you reaching out today?: I'd like to apply to be a guest as a proud Mustang owner Share your story or specialty here or provide your comment in the space below: Proud owner of a 68 GT Fastback. Lots of improvements on my toy. An email exchange that leads to the invitation on the show: Hello Doug, I've been a car guy for as long as I've been able to walk. The Mustang story started about 20 years ago. From a business associate that I had known for 15...


What’s Up Doc? Chris Ingrassia from Mustang Restorations answers your questions

Chris, “The Doc” Ingrassia is back again to answer all of your questions relating to your classic Mustang. His knowledge of the business is second to none. At any given point he will have 20-30 Mustangs in his shop. He is the president of Mustang Restorations Inc and his family has been in the restoration business since 1980 although his love affair with Mustangs goes back well beyond that. Chris runs the show at Mustang Restoration and is here today to talk shop. Questions answered today...


James Thompson from Gear Jammin Classics, Interview - Restoring Family Memories, One Classic at a Time.

He has spent most of his life working on muscle cars. James Thompson is owner of Gear Jammin Classics, started as a solo shop and has evolved into the go to shop for full restorations, repairs and expert in the world of muscle car face lifts. Excited to talk shop with James on the podcast, welcome James to the show. Directly from James' interview application: How long have you owned or worked on Mustangs? I've owned and built Mustangs for more than 50yrs. If you've made improvements to...


Barry from Jo Daddy's Garage, Interview

Some of the topics we talk about on today's show: Directly from the intake application for the podcast: If you own a Mustang, have you named your car? If so, what is his/her name?: The 68 coupe I have is "Jade" Simply based on it's color and uploads for youtube. The 65 has been tagged "Stray Pony" How long have you owned your Mustang?: The 1968, 9 years. The 1965, 2 years Do you work on your Mustang yourself? I do all work myself. Everything. What plans do you have for...


Chris Slee, Kiwi Classics and Customs Interview

Chris Slee, owner of Kiwi Classics and Customs in Franklin, Tennessee and host Doug Sandler talk about some of the key "How To's" for buying a classic Mustang, what to look for when shopping and how to find a safe early generation Mustang. More about: Chris Slee PHONE (615) 516-3838 EMAIL Instagram @kiwicustoms Facebook: Kiwi Classics and Customs Have an idea for the show or think you'd make a great guest, send an email to the host: Thanks...


Chris Ingrassia "The Doc" from Mustang Restorations, Inc. Interview

Here's what questions Chris Ingrassia, President of Mustang Restorations, Inc. answers on today's episode: Mustang Restorations Inc website: Phone: 847-428-9889 Email: Questions, comments or advice about the show. Send an email to