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Above The Rim Ep 76: Panic Season

This episode I'm joined by Fred (@Fleezy4reel) from the Unnecessary Roughness Podcast. We are roughly 25 games into the season and some of the teams in the NBA are in panic mode already. Fred & I discuss some of the underachieving teams on the borderline for panic mode. Can they can turn their season around? Or is it R.I.P? We also dive into Kawhi staying in Toronto, the Nuggets, Kemba, Melo's unemployment & a whole lot more... Tune in & drop that 5 star review! Twitter:...


Above The Rim Ep 75: 1Q Check In

This episode I'm riding solo and it's time for a 1st quarter check in of the young NBA season. I discuss a multitude of topics including Kemba Walker, what the Rockets need to improve, Philly moving on from Fultz, Celtics slumping, Giannis being the MVP frontrunner & a couple of guys who have been balling this year! Tune in & drop that 5 star review! Twitter: @Jusblaze_513 IG: @Jusblaze513 FB: "Above The Rim Podcast" Feedback VM #: 908.718.1592 Email:...


Above The Rim Ep 74: Melo Mood

This episode I'm joined by the homie Reem (@Riche_Threads) Carmelo Anthony is gone from the Rockets after 10 games and we are not cool with this quick decision. What went wrong? Who's to blame? Yall still disrespecting a top 20 scorer all-time? Reem and I discuss Melo's short tenure, what the Rockets need to improve, the drama going on with the GS Warriors & Jimmy Butler's fit with Philadelphia. Melo doesn't deserve THIS much smoke... Cut it out yall Tune in & drop that 5 star...


Above The Rim Ep 73: The Clutch Gene

This episode I'm joined by friend of the show Damo & BTG (@BaylorTheGreat) from Open Run & BTG for President podcast. You think you know what the clutch gene is? Well you gone learn today. We discuss D.Rose dropping 50 & shutting up Damo, the scorching hot coaching seat that Luke Walton is about to be escorted out of & our interpretations of what we consider to be a clutch player. Which players really have that ice in their veins? We throw out our top 5 current & all-time clutch...


Above The Rim Ep 72: Play That Man

This episode I’m joined by Zak (@ZakNoble) from the 4 SNZS NBA podcast. Every week there is alot to unpack in the NBA and this one is no different. We discuss the Ty Lue firing in Cleveland, what’s happening to KAT in Minnesota, the best deals to get Jimmy out of town & a couple of players who we feel deserve more shine & playing time. Most importantly, I had to start off the show with a PSA to all the Laker fans out there... Tune in & drop that 5 star review! Twitter: @Jusblaze_513 IG:...


Above The Rim Ep 71: Opening Week Views

This episode I'm joined by my "League Office" partner Jarv (@Chet_Ohara) & friend of the show Damo. I told yall last episode to buckle up, and here it is... The NBA season is underway with no shortage of drama & we are here to discuss it all. We focus in on the Rockets-Lakers brawl and all of the events that will transpire in the aftermath, Rondo's weak move, CP3 getting aggy & Ingram taking it back to the projects lol. We also discuss the Boston Celtics issues, the APB out on Markelle...


Above The Rim Ep 70: See You In June

Join me on a solo ride this episode as the NBA season is about to tip off! You thought i was joking when i say the Rockets will win the title this year? I'm not playing & this episode I tell you why & how they can get it done. My thoughts on the new roster additions and why I believe H-Town will upset the applecart this year. I also discuss the players & teams I have my eye on this year as well as giving my NBA season awards predictions. This season is about to be spectacular, buckle...


Above The Rim Ep 69: Put Up or Shut Up Vol 3

This episode I'm joined by the homie Ray Jarvis, (@Chet_Ohara) host of "The Gray Area". As the compilation continues, it’s time for volume 3. I'm bringing back the ATR pressure cooker scale, and it's time for certain NBA stars to “Put Up or Shut Up” this season. We go through each star and rank their level of pressure coming into the season, our expectations and season outlooks for them. No star is ever safe as there are plenty of legacies on the line... If you missed vol 1 or 2,...


Above The Rim Ep 68: Sacrificial Lambs

This episode I'm joined by friend of the show Damo. We talking sacrifice this time around as we dive into the players who we feel must sacrifice certain aspects of their games this season to succeed. Sometimes you have to sacrifice a piece of your talent for the greater good.. We also discuss D-Wade's return, Russel Westbrook's knee issues & the time bomb that is the Minnesota Timberwolves. Tune in & drop that 5 star review! Twitter: @Jusblaze_513 IG: @Jusblaze513 Feedback VM #:...


Above The Rim Ep 67: Health Is Wealth

This episode I'm joined by my homie Devin from the According2Sources podcast & Seneca Athletics. Switching gears this ep as we focus in on health, fitness & the dieting of today's athletes. Many of these guys go the extra mile to maintain their physique and maximize their effectiveness. It's all about the work you put in. Is this Anthony Davis last season in New Orleans? You better believe it... Tune in & drop that 5 star review! Twitter: @Jusblaze_513 IG: @Jusblaze513 Support the...


Above The Rim Ep 66: The Disrespect

This episode I'm joined by Josh Rodriguez, host of "The Dime" NBA podcast. (@Josh_Rodriguez_ @TheDimeNBA) A couple of NBA stars are entering the category of being disrespected too often. Disrespect comes in many forms. It could be from the fans, could be from your teammates, or could be from your own organization. So this episode we're going to be discussing some players who we feel have been the most disrespected this off-season... Some of these guys have been given crumbs to work...


Above The Rim Ep 65: Dapper Season

This week I'm joined by Rich Taylor (@Gentlemanspodcast). He's an entrepreneur, author & podcast host of “The Life of a Gentleman”. This episode I’m switching gears a little bit as we talk fashion in the NBA. We all know how basketball & fashion have become synonymous with the culture. But who's the pioneers? Why did NBA players decide to step up their fashion game? We discuss the most stylish in the league now & all-time. We also get into some Detroit Pistons talk and they definitely...


Above The Rim Ep 64: Rental Season

Rentals, rentals, & mo rentals… I know we all have rented something at some point, but what’s the limit? Teams are renting players & players are renting teams… It’s the new wave in the NBA with the excess of 1 year deals signed this off-season. This week I’m solo as I address how the Melo disrespect is getting out of hand, K-Love’s new deal & my thoughts on the blockbuster Kawhi-DeFrozan trade. I think there’s a chance he could stay in Toronto if they play their cards right and I...


Above The Rim Ep 63: Red & Gold Vybez

This week I'm joined by Ray Jarvis, (@Chet_Ohara) host of “The Gray Area”. This episode I’m focusing in on 2 teams we care about the most, Jarv’s LA Lakers & my Houston Rockets. Both franchises have had very interesting summers thus far & it’s time to evaluate. We discuss the current mood of Laker nation as LA Bron was born, the new roster godfather Magic has put together, which young prospect is higher on the trade watch alert & more. On the Rockets side of things we discuss the loss...


Above The Rim Ep 62: Godfather Moves

This week I’m joined by my homie J. Oden (@Oden2218), host of the “Call It Whatcha Want” podcast. We were patiently waiting for free agency, and we got dam sure got it. Mafia Magic has delivered on his first promise, luring Lebron James to LA. We discuss what that means for the NBA, his legacy & our reactions to the King heading west. We also dive into every big signing, including Boogie to Warriors, PG 13 back in OKC & i'm sick of the Kawhi train to LA being stalled. As always...


Above The Rim Ep 61: Power Moves

This is the time of year when all of the season long plotting forges into a plan. Some of those plans are power moves... Jay-Z teaming up with Puma, LaVar opens up the JBA, Kawhi requesting a trade from the Spurs, Melo opting in & even PG13 is having a 3 Pt off-season TV documentary. Smh I discuss all of those as well as my NBA Draft takeaways. Oh yea, i may or may not have had a few angry VM's... Listen every week & leave a 5 Star Review! Twitter: @Jusblaze_513 IG:...


Above The Rim Ep 60: Put Up or Shut Up Vol 2

This week I'm joined by the homie Jarv, (@Chet_Ohara) host of The Gray Area Podcast. It’s time for volume 2… On Ep 51, I debuted the ATR pressure cooker scale, and it was time for certain NBA stars to “Put Up or Shut Up”. Well now is the time we re-visit that list & give slander to those who didn’t meet our expectations. Slander is at a premium so buckle up. We also discuss this weak NBA finals & how much I didn’t care for it. As always rounding out the show, the “Crossover...


Above The Rim Ep 59: Nostalgia Season

Ahhhhh the NBA Finals has disappointed me thus far but don’t worry, I want to take you all on a trip with me down memory lane.No special guest joining me this week, so i want you guys to morph back in time & get the feeling back from some of these memorable finals moments. I also break down the first couple of games from this series & go over what the Cavs need to do to win at least a game against these Warriors. Baby steps yall.... Listen every week & leave a 5 Star Review! Twitter:...


Above The Rim Ep 58: Conspiracy Season

This week I’m joined by my NBA sparring partner Ray Jarvis, (@Chet_Ohara) host of the Gray Area Podcast. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but something smells like a conspiracy to me. Jarv isn’t trying to hear it but we battle it out anyway. We discuss the tired & recycled narratives of the NBA & put a bow on both conference finals. Disclaimer: JusBlaze is not happy. We have Lebron (not the Cavs) vs Golden State in the 2018 NBA Finals. Stop me if you’ve heard this record before,...


Above The Rim Ep 57: Salty Season

This week I’m joined by my homie Chris Lehman (@BrothersLehman) from "The Brothers Lehman Sports Happy Hour Podcast". I’ve been noticing there’s too many of yall cooking with Salt lately. So bitter that you don’t even know why you are rooting for certain teams or players to fail. Players, fans, so called “analysts” in the media & for sure on twitter… It’s not a good look. Chris & myself are here to tell you how and also go in depth on the both conference finals. We also re-visit our last...