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BAWL! on Bulls is a Chicago Bulls podcast hosted by Big DAVE and C-Dub of Rookie TV and their flagship podcast BAWL!. Listen for insightful and entertaining conversation about the NBA and the Chicago Bulls from your hosts and many guests.

BAWL! on Bulls is a Chicago Bulls podcast hosted by Big DAVE and C-Dub of Rookie TV and their flagship podcast BAWL!. Listen for insightful and entertaining conversation about the NBA and the Chicago Bulls from your hosts and many guests.
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BAWL! on Bulls is a Chicago Bulls podcast hosted by Big DAVE and C-Dub of Rookie TV and their flagship podcast BAWL!. Listen for insightful and entertaining conversation about the NBA and the Chicago Bulls from your hosts and many guests.






110: Everybody Fault. Everybody Gettin It.

Yo. BAWL! On Bulls Presents: The Massacre. We are taking down the whole team. Top to bottom over the ridiculous practice fiasco and much more. Buckle up. Nobody Safe.


109: He Gone!

Well this is awesome news. On this show we discuss/celebrate the firing of Fred Hoiberg, discuss if Jim Boylen is the right coach and if Lauri Markkanen and Zach LaVine can take that next step 2 Elite NBA players. It's a happy day people. Rejoice!


108: That Escalated Quickly

Yoooooooooooooo!!! Thanks for checking us out. We got what you crave. All Bulls all the time. On this one, we discuss if Hoiberg is the answer, Dave issues a challenge to WCJ and we tell you why you should relax on the Jabari Parker hate. And a whole lot more. Sit back and enjoy. We got you covered like a blanket.


107: Blade Runner

Got another great show for you lined up. On this one we have straight from the inside the Green Room with Danny Green podcast, co-host Harrison Sanford joins us to talk not only Bulls but also the Toronto Raptors. We had a lot of fun this show. Enjoy. Laugh. And enjoy some more.


106: Billy Ray's Vase

Yo! Good people thanks for stopping by. On this one Dave makes a pretty big announcement, the fellas discuss the preseason, if they are still on the Jabari train and should there be any optimism for the young core and the rest of the Bulls. Lotta questions that only the season can answer. It's BAWL! on Bulls! Enjoy!


105: Black Superman

We back at it! Aside from arguing about having a Black Superman movie and talking Breaking Bad & Jason Kidd vs Stockton, we discuss the upcoming preseason for the Bulls. What we're looking for, how many wins this team will have, and what Markkanen's injury will impact going forward. Lotta fun on this one. Same as it ever was. Enjoy!


104: Round 4 - 4th Annual TournamentOfTrash

The Podfather Doug Thonus himself is our guest. Find out which "Worse Lebron is Better than Jordan Argument" moves on to on to the Finals. Enjoy and make sure to vote next week for the winner on our Twitter page.


103: Round 3 - 4th Annual TournamentOfTrash

Good people! No need to waste your time so here it is. The great Fred "See Red Fred" Pfeiffer is our guest. We talk WCJ, LaVine signing, ESPN having the Bulls winning 28 games (SMH) and Denzel Valentine getting cooked and filleted in the Drew League. Plus we get to Round 3 of the Tournament Of Trash. This is in my opinion the toughest round of them all. The arguments are greatly ridiculous. And as a bonus, Fred tails an awesome story about the time he was benched by Bill Wennington and...


102: Round 2 - 4th Annual TournamentOfTrash

Ring the bell cause once again it’s on. Back with Round 2 of the BAWL! TournamentOfTrash. This time around we got a special guest from out West Baylor The Great. He gives his 1st hand account about what he saw from WCJ at Summer League, how far the Bulls can go and he tells us how fans in Cali are reacting to LeBron being a Laker. Plus, he chooses what trash argument moves on to the next round. Enjoy this one and get ready for Round 3. It’s on!


101: Round 1 - 4th Annual TournamentOfTrash

Ladies and Gentlemen let's get ready to rumbleeeeeeeeee!!! We are back with a vengeance. Tournament of trash season is upon us and we are here to bless you with the foolishness. For this one, we have show Regular Dee Jackson & Tone AKA FeastisFamine. We talked pop culture for about the first 20 minutes, then Dave apologizes to Wendell Carter Jr. We also talk the signing of Jabari Parker & Zach Lavine, if this team is good enough to win 40-plus games and do the Bulls have the best 2 big men...


100: Centennial AKA "Ehh"

It's our 100th show, good people. And we brought you a gift. We got podcaster and Writer from Bleacher Report and The Athletic Will Gottlieb rolling with us. We break down the Bulls draft picks, tell if we should be excited about them or not and what Bulls fans can look forward to from Carter and Hutch. Also, we talk to Will about how it is covering the Warriors and we ask him the only question that matters: Pancakes or Waffles?. Thanks for listening to our show and all the Love you give....


99: #GetDubOnTwitter

Soooooooooo... A thing was done. In an effort to get Chris on Twitter, Dave took it upon himself to start a hashtag. And within that hashtag Paul Bunyan-Chuck Norris type things were said about Dub. Are some true? Are some false? Great question. Also on the show, we discuss the Bulls draft pick options. We break down the two main players we think the Bulls should be looking at. And that is not Wendell Carter Jr. TuneIn and enjoy. Oh, and feel free to add to the hashtag. Any story that you...


98: Justice League

Well you did a good thing and should be commended for it. You tuned in to a great episode of BAWL! On Bulls. That's called intelligence. On this one, we have host of the Above the Rim podcast Just as our guest. He's from New York but loves Jordan so we hit it off from the jump. We talked his feelings on the Bulls from the outside looking in, where his Love and admiration for CP3 came from, who he has going forward in the NBA playoffs and he brought his world famous Crossover Segment where he...


97: Full of Smoke

You know good people, every once in a while we do a show that just clicks. Everything falls into place, all the takes are hot and hilarious. This is one of those shows. Dre and Christian from the A2Sources podcast are our guests. We talk the Bulls season, the NBA playoffs, are we expecting too much from Lebron, is Jimmy Butler setting up excuses for not playing well and a ton of hilarity. Plenty of laughter on this one. Hope you're ready.


96: Bulls Season Recap (Bob McNair)

It's over! It's finally over! Hooray! The Bulls season has mercifully ended! After expressing our joy we recap the season, discuss our surprises, go over Zach LaVine's impact, Lauri Markkanen emerging and who we want in the draft. Also, Dave goes to New Orleans for Wrestlemania and meets Bob McNair... hilariously. Plus we pick our season award winners and there’s some disagreement. Full show and more to come. Thanks for tuning in!


95: Dr. Noh

"Do you expect me to talk?" No Mr. Bond I expect you to BAWL! Welcome to BAWL! on Bulls. By now you know the drill. We cover the Beloved and do our best to entertain and inform. No exception on this one. We got writer for The Athletic and Co-Host of Bull Court Press podcast Stephen Noh along for the ride. We ask his feelings on the tank, who is the leader in this team, Cam Payne looking competent and what he's enjoyed about covering the Bulls this year. Plus, we ask him the only question...


94: 2017 Credentials Fantasy Footbawl Champions

Thanks for stopping by and enjoying the ride. On this we we got Dre from the awesome podcast According2Sources with us talking everything from the state of the Bulls, the League issuing a warning about the Bulls tanking and Lavine and Dunn battle for who is the “lead dog” of the team (Lauri). Plus Chris and Dave finally address their Fantasy Footbawl title victory. It's hilarious. Pull up and stay tuned. We got more coming at you soon. Enjoy!


93: The Remote Part 2

Welcome to the final show of our 2 night podcast remote from the awesome Piece Pizza located 1927 West North. Today we got the man, the myth, the Legend SeeRedFred himself, Fred Pfeiffer and his co-host, writer, blogger, The Podfather, Doug Thonus. We discuss it all from The Bulls tankathon, the maturation of Lauri Markkanen and the best fit for the team from the NBA Draft. We also have a nice discussion about Colin Kaepernick and which league is more progressive, the NBA or NFL. We had a...


92: The Announcement

This is a special one. On here we announce our 1st ever BAWL! remote from Piece Pizza Feb. 15th and the 22nd. If you in the city stop by and say “hey”. But don't worry, we got down to business in this episode talking building around Lauri, LaVine a star or piece and Niko days being numbered. Sit back and enjoy. You know how we do. BAWL!


91: Return of the Zach

"So I'm back up in the game (Hustling strong) Running things to keep my swing (All night long) Letting all the people know That I'm back to run the show" The lyrics of Mark Morrison have never sounded sweeter. Welcome in to the show that is ecstatic to have Zach LaVine back. We discuss his 1st game in action and his future with According 2 Sources host Christian. We also talk tanking, Niko trades and The Last Jedi. Also Dave asks a question he's been holding in for a while. Find out the...